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Monster A Go Go Review

note; I hear this film s-xked. good thing my spelling doz
Monster a Go-Go!
this is my review on Monster a Go-Go! from 1965
I 1st heard of it when someone was bashing the 2004 Yugioh mobie
the film was half made in the earl 60s but they didn't finish it and later another guy needed another movie so he got the rights to it and finished it with different people
Its directged by hershal Gordon lewis who did Scum of the Earth!, Blood Feast  Two Thousand Maniacs! Moonshine Mountain,  Color Me Blood Red and A Taste of Blood
those sound like troy McClure films from the simpsons
its also directed by bill rebane who did Invasion from Inner Earth, The Giant Spider Invasion, The Capture of Bigfoot, The Game, Twister's Revenge! and Blood Harvest
those sound so bad theyre good
It stars people I never heard of and weren't in much
so it starts with a shot of space and a guys legs walking over it
seems kinda anime
then da title to what sounds like surfer or early rock music
maybe jerry lee lewis
then its urth and da narrator sez theres a space capsule in orbit to check for cr-p coming toward earth
but they lost contact with it
so these guys look for it in a forest as something fell near there
a chopper lands near it and the guys there get iced offscreen
so da cops in the area go there in an unmarked car
guess they couldn't afford a cop car
so the cops find the capsule and I guess it was manned as they keep taking about a guy calle douglas who went up in it but is gone now
hes batman
or beetle jouuice
also da chopper pilot is fd dead
meanwhile, in this 50s style home these white people talk about how they cant find frank after the capsule came back
who da f is frank?
they mean doglas?
oh and frank has a kid named jimmy who's this golly gee wiener kid like jimmy olsen in superman
the guy there gets a phone call saying they found da capsule and him and 1 of da chix goes with him
wait, I think both dames go
they drive there but after him driving em, the blonde wants to come with him and he sez no
then why'd u drive her there you dink?!
they meet da cop and they find da cop and pilot
pilot is sed to be shriveled up like a prune and be burned yet he looks ok
also theres burns on da grass
1 guy sez diuglass couldn't survive but another guy sez theres no proof he didn't
at da crime lab, they find the guy was cooked in seconds by radio active cr-p
but I think theres no sign of radio activity on the area
then then aruge over if duglis survived
they say not to tell someone
the youtube vid i'm watching this on is cr-ppy audio
then I think the main guy (he's got blonde hair) meets the head of the project chris manning
like craig manning from degrassi??
then we see cr-ppy 60s dancing by 30 year old teens
they dance so uninterested
maybe i'm spoiled by Michael Jackson and fred Astaire
a white straight same age opposite family same species couple goes out in a car to make out
after they make out for a while, she stops consenting and gets out
then she screams after seeing something and we cut to the cops finding em iced
but da girl is ok but in shock
we're 20 mins in
that felt like nothing
good pacing
even though not much happens in it
the next day logan the dr goes out to where the capsule went down and the narrator sez he bit it b4 writing down his crazy theory
so he goes out with a scan gun or w/e and theres no music or talk
just nature bird sounds
Its kinda relaxing
then this 10 foot tall abe lincon looking guy with herpys on his face grabs from from behind and I thin b0nes him dead
later chris is on a date with this blonde chick and se sez she sensed the capsule coming back and people biting it
does she has psychic abilities??
maybe it her ki?
then they get word of someone biting it and go to the site
they find the logan or w/e there with a f'd face look
so chis I think looks around and finds nothing
and cuz login never told anyone where he was going or his plans they gotta eat film to figure it out
if more people bite it, its kogans fault
then I think its 8 weeks later and nothing happened
the monster disappeared
these guys go see dr Kramer this chick and logans brother
she sez after they found the pilot his blood turned to powder
they now somehow know theres a 10 foot tall 400lb monster that's radio active
and its the guy who was went up
and they gave him a lot of radiation repellent
turns out he was using a new brand (brand x?? get joker brand) and its only in use or tests for 6 months
btw this lab scene is one long shot that just keeps going on
they put effort in this
also the chats saying how much they injected him with are inconsistent
they see the brother and he sez they gave him 2x as much
but the test animal injected with it grew 2x its normal size
but theres an antidote but it couldn't take the transformation and bit it
later the Kramer and brother r working in a lab and Kramer goes home
then narrator sez brother had the giant in a storeroom and kept it sedated
but tonight he's late for his dose
we get some cool 60s indie camera work as he goes to the monster
when he eventually gets there, the stuff hew used to make the antidote he sedated it with is f;d up
he calls some other dr and goes there and tells him what happened
other dr busts his a55 over not telling anyone of catching the monster and brother is like "I f'd up. but I just didn't think of it"
later some chix are sunbathing in bikini's and the monster finds em
they run away
then these guys get a all and hear where the thing is (near the blonde chick's place) and he tells brother a dozen people saw monster
he's the sheriff I think cuz he's got a hexagram on his shoulder and the gov puts him in charge
brother sez monster is getting worse and the antidote he gave him wore off in 5 days
and each injection wore off sooner
oh the hexagram guy is a colonel
also he took the remaining antidote and its running out and he's using it on himself
once its out and he devolves, he could infect everyone in 50 miles
so colonel decides to ice him
then its night and army guys look for him
1 soldier tries to help a 12 year old sneaking out, sees the monster, and fires
much of the battle is black screen night
also bullet's don't harm it
later this 50s dame's car f's out and a guy with a truck helps and fixes it
she tips him but he don't want her cash as hes a good guy and you shouldn't tip
then she smooches him
meanwhile the col and bro set radiation detectors everywhere but the thing still has antidote and oisnt radio active now
a radio broadcast warns of the monster and tells em to stay off da streets
but the thing was in the guys truck and got into Chicago
I always said we otta nuke the slums
and the monster has a radio active aura of 25 feet
what is this? dbgt where goku goes full power ss4 and his ki burns?
so brother sez to use detectiors in areas by where the driver was found to find the monster
and colonel wants to j fk the antidote into him
the soldiers set it up and clear da streets
eventually he monster shows up and the soldiers near it call for back up
but it drops off radar
they look for it with the camera speed meter gun the logan had and find hes in da sewer
1 guy suits up and goes in with another guy
but the radiation is spreading
but they have a decontamination spray
they eventually go in and find the monster but its suddenly gone and there's no trace of it
that's some twilight zone sh-t right there
then they get a note saying they found douglas 8 000 miles away in a life boat with no memory of the last few weeks
so its like with darien and tuxedo mask in sailor moon?
or limone and yanagiba in wedding peach?
or alice and maskerade in bakugan?
or yugi and the other yugi in Yugioh?
man japan uses that a lot
narrator goes on for a while about some attempt at being deep but it comes off more plan 9 from outer space than outer limits
then a bit of that go monster go song from b4 and feet walking in space
the end
that was interesting
yeah it kinda f'd out
but like sonic 06, they did the best they could at the time
its got a weird quirky atmosphere
long shots that have little dialogue to no
Its sort of a weird zen thing
the effects were minimalistic but it wasn't annoying or mean
it tried to be more artistic and twilight zone-y given the little budget it had
I didn't hate it and sorta enjoyed it
Its sorta like with mr rogers how he has long things of him doing normal stuff to soft piano
plus it sorta was a bit interesting
tried to have a big cosmic mystery twist and attempts at deepness
Its not as bad as everyone thinks
plus that whole "scientist becomes radioactive giant with no memory of his events" was sorta used by marvel with the hulk
and the lizard
and the alien costume
for monster a go go 2 I want it to be revealed that in the guy who was found had swapped places with an alternate dimension version of himself from the effects of the thing that caused it. so the army starts getting hobo's and experimenting on em to duplicate it. 1 hobo gets out and s able to swap with his 10 foot tall other self but retain a psychic contact with it and needs to escape the base. its also a Nintendo ds or game boy advance or play station portable game where you play as the hobo who at certain points to solve puzzles and use each characters abilities (monster strength or hobo smallness) to get past stuff and fight genetically engineered monsters to save ur hobo homies

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