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The Big Chill Review

Note; ur used toi my bad spelling by now right?
The Big Chill
This is my review on a big chil fro  1983
Its got  Tom Berenger, Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, William Hurt, Kevin Kline, Mary Kay Place, Meg Tilly, and JoBeth Williams
I know a few of those
also kevin bacon plays the dead guy but his scenes were cut
Its directed by Lawrence Kasdan who did the 90s wyatt earp and dream catcher
I never saw diss b4 but herd its good
it starts with a guy giving his kid a bath
then theres a phone call and da title/credits start to a song
man this goes on for a while
then all these guys meet and its for a service for some dead guy
a confederate sounding guy gives a speech
a guy shows up late
then another guy comes up and speeches
then they leave to a song
this movie has a steady pace
we're 15 mins in and not much happened
as they drive its revealed the dead guy suicided
and the last time this chick talked with him she yelled he was wasting his life
goldbloom sez hes a journalist for people magazine
later they're having food and 1 guy is revealed to be an actor
and goldbloom has a story on a blind baton thing and wants to do a story on his homies here dealing with the dead guy
the gang spnds the night at one of their homes
this is how horror movies start
maybe kevin baxcon will revive and start picking em off 1 by 1
later 1 chick sez she's a lawyer defending guys who beat up and b0ned this couple and tried to blow the place
goldbloom sez his writing rule is not make it longer than it takes to readf while ur taking a dump
they chat more and have sort of a daria attitude
later 1 guy does blow and his woman comes up and they chat
cocainum was big in da 80s so they gotta have it in here
blow guy tells her of his time in viet nam and we cut to screaming
but its cuz theres a bat in the attic
too bad this was b4 tom burtons batman
they open da window to let it out nd more come in
get the bat spray
later a guy is watching a 30s film on tv and don't get it
blow guy has emotional issues and gf issues
he's gonna snap and take em all out
then eat em
1 guy chats about having sleeping issues and having issues
he too might go nuts
later its not quite sunrise and 2 guys go for a walk in this empty town
its got fog so I assume its silent hill
they chat and its revealed him and a girl he was b0ning had a fight and she married someone else
later 1 guy goes home but his wife stays
later blow guy is filming himself talking to himself
later these guys are driving and 1 girl sez she b0ned dead guy b4 he bit it
meanwhile this chick sez she wants to have a kid
meanwhile, the gang in da car have stopped and went on a walk in this wild area and goldbloom pooped in da woods
he sez the outdoors is like a giant toilet
meanwhile baby wanter wants to b0ne a guy and get pregnant
later they all watch a vhs of goldbloom talking to one of em
later they watch the show the actor is in
later they have dinner then dance while cleaning up
later they smoke either tobacco or chronic (I think chronic ) to the song "my girl"
baby wanter tries to get actor to b0ne her pregnant
but he doesn't consent
later the next day 3 guys walk and talk about j-rkin off and the dead guy
also 1 guy brings over a bunch of nike shoes
blow guy likes em
and 1 guy wants to get his homies in on his business idea
later actor whines about his cr-ppy show and sez he tries to put something worthwhile in every show
later they watch football (not soccer you europedoes)
later 1 gurl sez b0ning a guy ruined their friendship
later goldbloom is gonna b0ne the baby wanter but she ant sure she wants his kid
then the guys play footall to gimmie sum lovin
later a confederate cop catches blow guy thinking hes a yankee drug dealer but actor comes by and impresses him with his tar status
then jumps into a car like on the show but f's it up and busts his leg
confederate cop sez sorry and leaves
then 1 guy bashes blow guy over his dumba55 ways
also baby wanter cant b0ne goldbloom as she don't wanna
you gotta get married 1st or ur babies are cursed
later baby wanter does aerobic stretching in an 80s outfit as she';s interviewed by blow guy
later 1 chick sez her life with her husband s-cked and she wants actor now
then the actor and a guy go driving in a jeep
actor sez he cant handle living in da south al da time
later they eat a dinner meal
later actor I think makes out with the wife
but cant be with her as his past marriage f'd out and he got bored
then she gets b--chy about something and storms off
later the gang chats about why dead guy committed suicide
he was a scientific genius (like goku's dad with that fake moon thing in dbz) but did construction and welfare work
things get more heated and they get kinda b--chy
actor walks out saying he loved them all and don't believe in negative cr-p
a chick follows him
later 1 guy and the curly haired chick make out in a closet and we get the song "you make me feel"
actor and that guys wife b0ne while standing up
baby wanter b-0nes the guy who called out blow guy
the next day the wife decides to stay with her husband after cheeting on him
2 of em are staying to renovate the house and goldbloom finds an old article he wrote a while ago
they all laugh and credits roll to 60s music
the end
that was pretty good and I enjoyed it
its subtle and mild with no loud or hard moments
not much thrilling happens but its not that kinda movie
its a good look at how 60s kids turned out in da 80s
good exploration of relationships and other things
I liked it and its got a good flow and pacing
it don't feel like over 2 hours with adds
for the big chill 2 I want it to be the next week and the chick wgho b0ned that guy to get pregnant is having weird pregnancy symptoms. turns out, the dead guy entered her womb as the egg was fertilized and is gonna be reborn as her kid. but its not natural and she's having weird visions from his life and feelings. also other ghosts are going on at the house and its haunted now. its also an 8 bit Gameboy and game gear and Atari lynx game where you play as the pregnant chick and gotta get through a level without absorbing too many ghosts as they make you expand more pregnant and slow you down. also he committed seppuku after getting sick of his life and wanted to try again and orchestrated the whole get together as he knew they'd be thee and she'd b0ne dat guy and it would be his chance to be reborn.

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