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Sleepless In Seattle Review

note; my dad likes this movie. will I? not enuff to spell well!
sleepless in seattle
this is my review on sleepless in eattle
its from 93 like Aero the Acro Bat and Awesome Possum /Kicjs Dr Machino's button sega genesis
I never saw it but it starts tom hanks meg ryan bill pullman rita Wilson and rob reiner
its directed by nora ephron who did you've got mail, bewitched and Julie and Julia
Speaking of tom hanks, I had a demented idea
a mash up where they edit tom hanks from big having fun then he goes in a room and its a clip of the da vinci code where ian McKellen pulls a gun and sez "on your knees"
It fades out. then shows the cops taking him away. then we get a law and order thing saying its a trial.
then it shows clips from Philadelphia and talking about him having aids.
he opens his shirt and has aids sores. then it shows him biting it from aids after another law and order title card.
pretty f'd huh?
so it starts in Chicago where him and his son remember his woman
sorta like in the late mathias pascal how it too starts bummer
a guy tries to offer help but hanks has had enough suggestions
so he moves to seattle so he wont keep being reminded of her
that'll be good for his son
losing all things familiar to him
then credits to a picture of America without Canada or mexico
I guess they got nuked
mean while, meg and bill go somehere as their relative lost all their cash in a pyramid scheme
her and bill are engaged and announce ity at a dinner party
bill has a sneezing attack  as he's allergic to everything
this is why people practice selective breeding
oh and fraisers tv brother is in here as megs brother
they met at a sandwtch shop and got eachothers orders as they ordered the same basic thing
she chats with her mom about their husbands
also its Christmas
she drives home and da radio plays cr-p
this kid calls and sez his dad needs a wife for xmas
radio lady asks to put tom hanks on and he does
its been 1.5 years since she bit it and tom hasn't been sleeping
he starts letting it out and she puts him on hold for other people to comment on him
she calls him... sleepless in seattle!!
they call me... murphy!!
I wanna take his face... off!!
Call me jack... call me violence jack!
thanks to these... mystery men!!
also that name reminds me of desperately seeking susan
later meg goes to a diner and chats with some chix
meg drives more and tom talks more about his woman
the show finishes for da night  and a black guy sings over da rainbow
for a sec I thought that would be the movie and they'd meet at the end
just hik on the phone and her listening
later at megs work its revealed phone service was tied up when 2000 chix called in for tom hanks number
then its new years and they watch the light thing drop
tom has a vision  of his wife which I think is either his memory or a ghost
later he goes to see friends and they reveal they all know hes SIS
later tom hanx gets mail and items from the chix into him
1 of em is his 3rd grade teacher who sent him a love letter
what is this? that adam sandler movie where he gets his teacher pregnant?!
my internet explorer refreshed and I lost half da revirew
gotta redo it from memory
I cant remember it
gonna redo this when I get more time
nah i'll type the rest and go back and watch it later
k I found it online as youtube was full of spam vids that say its the movie but its just an hourlong add of "go to this site to see it"
those people should be b0ned dead
so tom talks to his kid about him b0ning his new gf and kid asks if she's gonna scratch up his back like they do on cable tv he sees at his homies place
dat kids gonna grow up to be a purvo
later the meg goes to listen to the radio about SIS
later she chats with her bro fraisers bro about if she loves bill pillomon
later rob reiner talks with tom about how women like guys with cute butts
then they go to a bar and chat about how dating is different in the 90s than the 70s when tom last dated.
also he gives thom the number of a girl he knows
later tom gets home and sees his kid with a girl and kid talks about a beatles album
tom calls the reiner girl as I assume his kid is b0ning that girl
he sets up a date with her
meanwhile, meg writes a letter to tom and watches a cary grant movie
her homie gives advice on the letter and meg writes to meet tom at the empire state building at valentines day n soviet new York
later kid had a nightmare and tom comforts him
to isn't sure if theres heaves but has been having dreams of her
kid is forgetting her
later meg investigates and finds out tms last name
then uses her 90s computer to find out his info
then contacts a detective agency to track hanks
later hanks is going on a date with that reiner chick but kid has him read the meg letter
they got cr-p in common but he don't wanna date her in Baltimore which is 26 states away
later he's dating the chick but kid calls and sez meg wants to meet in new York on valentines day
tom tell him to f--k off (my words, not his, but the intent is similar) and goes back tio his date
but a guy is taking photos of tom
later date gf comes by and make em dinner
but kid don't like her
he's probably gonna ice her
later its night and kid sneaks downstairs and sees em making out
he calls the radio show and tells everyone
also he calls her a h0
meg homie calls her and tells her to listen to the radio and she goes in the closet so her bill pullimn don't hear
kid hangs up and screams and meg sceams as her husband opened the closet
kid said he saw a spider and toms p-ssed at him
in the real version they were probably b0ning but they wanted it to be pg13
on  degrassi jr high; arthur walked in on his dad and his dads woman in bed. imagine; son, what you saw was not meant for young eyes. so im going to have to confiscate those eyes for a while.
also meg makes up cr-p to her bil pikmin about her homie hearing an ex on da radio
later kid's gf sez to write a letter to meg and they do and mail it
later meg flies to seattle and tom and kid and date gf are at the airport to see date gf off
also he sees the meg at there
kid sez tom and meg were meant for eachother and were meant to be together in another life
so meg looks for tom and doesn't find him
until she does at the beach with his kid
but don't meet him
the next day she goes to see him but date gf is there and hugs him
they see eachother and it cuts away to her b--ching to her homie about how she ran off
also she was in da road like in pet semetary when hankx saw her
later she gets a letter from kid saying its hanks and finds out homie sent her leter w/o consent
now she thinks hes mentally damaged in writing
later habnks tells his homies of meg wanting to meet at the epire state building and on homie goes on about dat carry grant movie
later bill Pullman gets meg his moms wedding ring
what is this? wedding peach??
k. here is where I pick up from the internet f--king out
later she is with bill pollmin to choose a ring
later kid and hanks fight over him not marrying meg
so kid runs away
kids gf sez hes going to new York
tom follows him and kid goes to the e s b
meanwhile, meg and bill millior are having dinner and she sees the e s b
she tells him everything and its night
bill  poulion don't wanna be a silver metal andf lets her go
at the building tom finds his kid and is worried his kid might've been f'd dead by some sodomingus(my words. not his. but I know what he meant)
meg aint there but runs girlishly to the building
but the trips up to the observation deck is closed
so she sez da carry grant ref and the guard lets her up
just after hanks goes down she gets up
she looks around and finds a bookbag
then kid and tom come up (is this like tommy and denny in the room??) to get da bookag and shes there
they meet and its got heartfelt music and they hold hands and walk to the elevator
they get in and it plays this song I think sung by jimmy durante
then we zoom out from the building anf see America lit up and lights fly in the sky
still no mexico or Canada
I assume they are still nuked
then light blue tim burton text credits
the end
that was nice
not much happened but its got a good feel and flow
sorta like the late Matthias pascal from the 20s
its fun and has heart
it pays tribute to classic films while being a good modern late 80s early 90s one
I liked it and had a good time and feeling watching it
it was a good flashback to my 90s youth
oh and tom hanks is an architect like Charles Bronson in death wish
for sleepless in seattle 2 I want it to be set right after they get back to seattle and the date gf is there and disgruntled he fel in love with another woman. she kidnaps his son and if he wants him back hes gotta ice meg ryan. so him and meg ryan follow clues she left behind to get to her flying castle base where she destroyed Canada and mexico with nuke beams (micro waves). also its a 2 player run and gun game like contra where 1 player is tom hanks and the other is met ryan and they gotta shoot their way through the date gf's men on sega genesis, super Nintendo and Atari jaguar.

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