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Cry Danger Review

 Note: I spell Dangerous like Darkwing Duck

Cey Danger

This is my review on Cry Danger from the distant furure year of 1951

it was nearly lost and the last copy was remastered and now its back(i heard it on tcm)

its directal by Robert Parrish who did The Wonderfil Country and Casino Royale 1

its got dick powell, william conrad, jean porter, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Erdman, and other 1920s born people who made it to the 2010s

I neer saw thias b4 but heard it was good

so it starts with da RKO logo andopening credits and a train going by and eventually pulling into a statipn

a guy gets off and along his wwa;lk, 2 guys tail him

da guys name is rocky  and he chats with a newspaper hobbit about how hes outta jail after 5 years

the tailers chat with him annd they are past homies and they go ffor a drink as hobbit makes a phone call

at da bar its revealed he was doing life until his homie came up with an alibi after years and the taiilers want the cash he jacked from the bank jhob he did  tthat sent him to da slammer

1 tailer was his homie and just got back and alibied him but they only met now and he was a marine

he read da files and found he could fake being his alibi and did it to get the 100 000 $

rocky didnt do da crime but knows who did

they drive in a car andthey alk about danny and his wife (touettes guy??) and go to a triler park and see a  blonde dooing her hair i a 50s bikini

alibi hits on her aas rocky goes to da managwr to rent a trailer for a few days

also alibi lost his leg in nam or italy or w//e

manager recognizzes rocky aand dont want any ttrouble and trys to get hi to not be there

after blonde hits on rocy to set him up with better chicks than the one hes looking for (P-MP!!), magager sez to rocku a cop was around asking aabout him

this chick nancy (like dale gribbles woman? feed her alien urine!!) comes by andis glad to see roclu

he tellz her danny will be out in 06 months (dannys her husbando) and they reveal rocky wanted her but danny got her

latwr alibi comes by and revealsblonde tries to pick his pocket and he smacked her for it, bartender attacked him and he busted his a55 too

alibi sez he'dd ay the  bartender gave him a strange drink and he dont remember the rest

what is this? Kizuna?! The yaoi anime with Dan gHreen?!

da cops come by and rickky stands up for albili and blames da bartender

if this were made today, he'd have been b0ned by the bartender

later, rokky (the 2nd red ranger??)goes 2 a bar and talks to a guy who set up da crime and wants his cut for being in jail

boss gives him 500$ and sez to bet on a horse that will pay it to 4000$

huh, his name is castro, like candy a55 trudeaus real dad

after leaving he talks to da cop tailing him and later is shot at and chades the hitman but he gets away

a  neighbor thinks he was firing but he has neighbor smell his gun to prove its not been fired

da next daye blonde and allibino reonsiled and tells nancy about the lat night wth the meeting and hitman

she wants to go with him but he dont want her iced if the hitman returns

they go together anyway to see a witess and she sez shes shes a secritary now

he drops her oof at wurk and he goes to the witness place where he chats with witness wife who sez witness hit it years ago

but he got an inheritence from someone he ever talked about after da trial

hes gonna go butshe hits on him which he dont consent to

he calls boss and asks about the horse and after that, she suddenly wants to not b0ne him

she already gave consent! its too late to take it back! no backsies!

so he bets on da horse and goes to castro's place and rthey losten to da radio of da race

i think his horse wins  andhe goes and gets da cash and returns to da trailor parke with a bunch of cr-p he bought

later blomcde and alibi and nancy and rocci go to a club to dinner and da cops come by to grill him over the cash as its from a robbery

they go to check the places the roki went for da bet but its not there

even castro turns on him and sez he was never there but cop knows he was as he saw him there and lets rokly  look into it

later liko sneak attack soviet castro and while e's on his a55, grills him

he knows witness was bribed to finger him and he tells castro to get all da cah even though he's only got half of it

rocko beats him up and books it and castro call someone

he goes home and theres a sniper near by gonna pull a j fk

alibi and blonde go out for a drink and nancy is p-ssed at rc's cape for f--kin everything up

then theres shots and when they get out another cop is there and alibi is wounded andblonde is in h e double california

later in da hospitalthey visit alibino and other cop sez he knows aliboone gave a fake alibi

cop gets castro, namcy and roc's cape or feather (i forgot which i used lasty) and grills em

he lets rocku andnancy go and sez in front of soviet castro that he's calling off ca cop dat follow  him

so after nancy trys to talk out rocky of going out,  he goes out, getys astro at gunpoint and plays the ussr's national past time; russian roulette with him to gethim to admitdanny WAS in on it and has the other half of his cash

for 1951, this was pretty bada55

castro alls cop and sez he wants to coonfess bit its really his hitmen

so rok tmakes him call da real cops and when the hitmen get there they open ffire on da cops

after da cops get th hitmen, they come in and rocky sezhe don't know where the non castro half of da dough is

he gets back home andfakes not knowing where castro is as they don't got soviet CNN blasting the sam cr-p non stop every time anything happens and she don;t know

she eventually tells hishe has da cash andwants to dtch her man while sayingcastro would have her nailed for the illegal dough

he agrees to run off with her but walks out and tells da cop where da cash is

oh an alibi is gonna ne fine

he alks offf intothe day as cop goes to arest nancy

the end

that was pretty good

nice twist with the guy being guilty and the dame  being in on it

pretty bada55 and it tells a clear story

it dont drag and dont feel long and has good paacing and acting and feel

i liked it and think it did a good job

good crime story mystery and i'm glad they were able to keep it from being lost

it deserves to exist

for cry danger 2 i want alibi to be recovering from the hit andfinds he's prtty f'd up. but the dr's offer a new treatment to give him metal limbs and bones to replace the ones blown off. he gets cyberized and the movie is him regaining use of his body through rehab. also its an 8 bit mini game collection thing like that japanese Bonk game but on Nes, master system, tg16, gameboy, gamme gear, atari 7800 and lynx where you do different obstacle couces and mini games to unlock higher difficulty ones and at the end you fight an ape as the game boss to see if you are better than the average human.

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