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Black Narcissus Review

 Note; spelling wrong is not a sin

Black Narcissus

this is my review on Black Narcissus from the distant future year (to jules verne) of 1947

it stars deborah kerr, sabu and jean simmons (not the kiss guy who looks liek tommy wiseau) and was directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger who did a bunch of films together

it won oscars and had great colors and effects and was based on a book i never read

i saw this b4 but not all the war from start to end

the leage of decency had issue with this for making Catholics look bad but after a fw edits, it was ok

so after opening credits we get calcutta in soviet india in a coonvent of nuns

they are teaching the 3rd world kids math and 1 nun is called to be thhe head of a new base and the youngest head nun there

also theres a englishman there whohas sent a letter explainign  she's going to a place in the mountains and it used to be a palace for a ruler for his women

also theres a chick there who caretakes it for years and theres constant wind

btw, there was a gay xxx of this called pink Narcissus from the 70s

so da ruler of the area tells his workers he invited nuns to make this place a school and hospital and monks tries doing it last year

ruler sez the europeans eat sausages all the time(is that racist?! what next? italianoes eating pizza?)

so the currest bases head nun tells the new places head nun  stuff and assigns her several nuns, including sister honey(like sister jill and honey kisaragi from cuteyy honey?!) and one nun is sick and is being sent there to recover

current head nun thinks new head nun isnt ready for it and then we see da nuns at the palace fixing it up and new patients for medical care and comin

also joseph anthony (jo an)  is the son of the rulers cook whos a translater and is 6 to 11 as his rents goot married 11 years ago and he's not sure

head nun uses jo an to inrerpret what the people say and she makes a registry

this working together with different guys to solve a problem reminds me of robotech ii the sintinels where cabel and the REF beat the invid persuer

head nun meets the englishman (now called britmo as its easier to spell) and they clash a bit

he sez the palace was known as the house of womena nd nun se its not the house of Saint Faith

later its night and sick nun is having issues and head nun chats  with another nun abotu all the cr-p going wrong with thsi place

also they are getting spots on their skin from something probably in da water

is this cabin fever?!

later these midget fata55 hoeses and the people work to get the place shipshape

if this were an 80s movie we'd get a monntage and a cool song

1 nun has issue with britmo working on plumbing in some pplace and they still got a lot to do to get it up

also the people are being paid to come here until it becomes a habit

then a nun comes in saying a chick was cut and hads bad bleeding and she stopped it

also theres a teen who the people wanna marry off whos acting out to avooid it

what is this? world vision maury?!

also shes got a nose ring and dresses light

just like maury teens

soo the nuns takke her in and give her work (like a slave!!!)

wait, wwhat year is this?

huh, its the 30s

before ghandi drove out the brits and the country massacred eachother for  worshipping the wrong gods

later head nun goes to da bell and its aat the edge of a mile high cliff

who designed this nuthouse?!

then 2 nuns talk and 1 is disgruntled about returning memories and feeling disenfranchised

bwaaaa! her hands are all f'd up!

later we see some dogs running around 

thenthis guy i think might be sabu comes over wanting to learn from them but they dont teach men, only women and he sez its not nice to men ad The Savior was a mam

so teen does a weird bollywood dance in this room and probably sabu comes in, they notice eCH other and she evebtually leaves

britmo worrues probably sabu will fall in love with teen and theres a holyman  sitting out by a tree and never speaking who's the rulers uncle

later 1 guy makes black narcissus which is a  cologne or perfume

then head nun has vviet namek flash backs  to her childhood aandxmas andgetting jewels for when she'dd marry andgoes out the door into the darkness to meet don

later probably sabbu is learning soviet french or something and sees teen under a table

then its Christmas and they sing Noel Noel and in the next song, head nun flash backs to going caroling

later Sabu is intetested in Jesus and head nun gets mad at britmo for being drunk or something

later sick nun i think isnt doing well and they want her to see a dr

head nun thinks shes getting obcessed with britmo and sick nun i think is going kinda nuts

good acting. she really seems unbalanced

later teen is getting the whip for stealing and when this hag who was there for a long time wants him to finish her beating he spares her

hay, just like the chick caught b0ning that guy who Jesus said "Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone"

later sick nun is unhappy and feels she lost her way and the spirit of the order and this baby is fatally ill and they cant save it with 1930s tech

later jo an sez everyone fled cuz they think the nuns iced the baby

and probabbly sabu ran off wirh teen to live like amano and mimi in urotsukidoji; b0ning in lava

britmo sez once saomeone accidentally iced a kid and got eaten alive for it

he drank the medicine caster oil nun gave baby to proove its safe to the localls

later sick nun sees a nun annd britmo outsde and gets disgruntled

head nun tells britmi her bf ditched her forr America and she went nun o da rebound

and now her memories are returning and cant deal with it

britmo sez she gotta get out as something here intensifis things and sck nun i yhink watches creepily

is this a horror moviee?

later sic nun is out of her nun outfit and the lighting looks creepy

it looks more like an 80s movie than a 40s ones

shes wearing clothes though but has hair like the chick from candyman 01

so shes unbalanced andputs on lipstick and makke up and ants to ditch the order and fears she's be sent back

she locks the head nun in her room and runs around haing gone nuts

the other nuns search for her and head nn wants to have jo an (like jo jo in jojo's bizzare adventure) ask the holyman

sick nun comes onto britmo and he dont consent and when sick nun sez he loves head nun, he replies do dont love anyone and she snaps and sees red literally

after leaving we see her looking int da camera with stringy hair like the chick from the ring and its kinda freeky

eventually its daybreak and 1 nun in the chappel goes up to ring da bell and sick nun trys to shove her off

she gets bback on but sick nun falls andsplaters on the floor like a sack of chef boy ar dee

later da nunz are leaving and probably sabu returns to say sorry about b0ning that teen

soo head nun sezto britmo shes going to be demoted and go to another convent and asks him to look after sick nuns grave

when she looked back at the palace a cloud covered it witch means something but i' not 100% what

as they leacve the rains start and gget hard

the end

and in the scitrpt there was a scene where head nun is comforted by 2st base head nun but they thought the rain scene was a better ending

that was pretty good

great color, music, acting and flow

its not boring and dont drag and can be creepy at times

soome sites say this is a lust fillm but i didnt see anything like that

theres no sweariing or naked chicks or talk about crotches

then again its from the 40s so things were cleaner then

it looks great and has a good feel

yah the nuns have crushes on this guy but its not graphic

batman in the 90s on fox kids as more graphic and that was bada55

i likec this. it worked

for Black Narcissus 2 i want it to be the 70s and this paranormal explorers group go into the palace to find what it in causing the issues there. turns out; all the lust of the ruler and his girls summoned daemons and its haunted. and they gotta fight illussions and spirits while wearing psy armor to counter the ghosts. also its a 16 bit gamee like  splatterhouse or shinobi where you go through this decroding building and fiight monssters with various retro future tech on sega genesis, snes, tg16, gba and atari jaguar.

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