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Flesh And Blood Review

 note; i spell right si;ently

flesh and blood

this is my review on flesh and b.ood from the distant fture year of 1922

it stars lon chaney, noah beery sr, ralf lewis, Togo Yamamoto, Wilfred Lucas and other 1800s uys i never heard of

its directed by Irving Cummings who did The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (who was big on eugenics)

I never saw this b4 and was considering reviewing the paul verhoeven version instead, but thought, I'd do rhis

so it starts woth a bold but silmple ritle and then thete's a prison like riki-oh byt lwss cannibalism

so chaney, dressed like a civil war guy, is yrying to escape from some guys

not to be mean, but lion  chaney was 1 ugly dude

i mean it works as he's usually the bad guy, but he's no lilliaN GISH

so this guy in da road is pickinh up app;es that spilled (road apples??) adas chanen counts them, he sees it as the signal to run over and idein da cart

pretty clever

so then its in soviet chinatown and a dectictive is looking around

ed gein; private dick

so this cop was the one who nailed chaney in the 1st place and wants to sed him back again

also this guy li fang (sounds like a double dragon guy) rules chinatown and ants chaney safe

so thr mario cart of food comes in with chaney in it anthe cop does a looksy and lets em through

li fang was once saved from ruin by chanel and is repaying him by keeping him safe

but chaney's womN Is sick and he wants to see her

also she changed her name

laatter some guys doo the 1 2 3 signal with blowing smoke from a pipeand tapping stuffto sig nal these 2 guys to fake a figtr  in tthe sstreet

lon channey escapes in a hidden passage and sneax  out annd eventually onto da roof of a building

he sees his woman carried out on a strewtcher into a truckk and i think she bit it

he goes bby there and asa who was that and finds its his woman and her daughter is out and not reyurning

he  goes back to fangg and lames a guy named fletcher burton for framing him (chevy chace in flrtch directed by tim burton)

fang li sez lans daughter thinks hes in h-ll and  he wants to clear his name so there wull be no scandel

later lon difsguised hiimserlf to avoid da cop aand fakes being a cripple

he's aleays handicapped in one waty or abother and is the baddest a55 in the movie

nowadaty's he'd get endlass oscars for playing all those cripples

so burton is a  high rank lawyer or w//e and his son tes is a jr partneer

teddy goes to this place to help theslum bums and its managed by a chick called the angel lady wjo ted is into

better than ted kennedy, leabing that cick he was b0ning to bite it in a car he was drunk driving in

burn with ur devient bros and dad you c-ck sucker!!

so burton is worried about lon chaney comming for him and lon is searching for his daughter

angel lady is nice to lon and he thinks she's his kid as she has her moms fake name and looks like his woman

will lon bite  it saving her?

blace bets now!!


lon talks to a 1 leg kid who was hit by an ice wagon (like that guy lon played in the penalty)

then lon plays a song that angel lady''s mom liked (anngewomon??) and she has feelings and lon comforts her annd reminds her of the Bible verse of Jesus  giving rest to those who come to Him

she tells him that burton is buying then a new building

good web of characters this film builds

all connected together and all with motivves

its like a non X rated version of that ausatraliann women in prison show wentworth

so angel ladty plays the song for ted and lon plays it to himselff and ted is in love with her

its kinda nice

and he wants to announce their engagement tomorrow night

later at the place, 1  leg get carried away and lonnie  finds out shes engaged to ted

kinda like if Pan fwll in love with Giryu in DBGT

Ancient enemies merging families (Saiyans and Tsuffles)

so cop nails the guys who drove da fruit wagon and is getting closer to fang and lonand

thren goes in the fang house but a signal is given that gets lonniee  to escape b4 cop gets there

cops named doyle like that cbc show in soviet canada republic of doyle

cop loox aroound and leavees and goes back but a guy at da door gives a signal to warn fang

cop puts hand on fake wall to lean but dint find it and arrests fanng

fangs butler lets out lon annd i jest noticed lons disguise  dont  cover  his  face

its just crutches and a cripple walk

burton chats wuth angel lady to try to make noot wed ted but she sez she womt w/o his consent

burton goes but lon comes buy and she sez teds dad sez no andsez if only her dad was here

lon sez he's watching over her and wants regenge for burton not thining his kid is good enuff for his son

lon busts in to burtons place with a tommy gun and shreds him with bbullets as he screams like stallone


really he goes to see him and burtons  freaked out like freezza seeing trunks go ss

lon shows him a forged dsigniture llon made and givves burton a confession he wrote of whhat burton really did 15 years ago

how  old is anngel lady??

was she born after lon went to jail?

iff she's 14 and hhas work and hetting maried its like an anime

brton sez he tried to atone by donationg  80 000 $ to the slum place but lon sez its a btibe to God

burton begs  for forrgiveness as it would ruin his fam but lon sez its burtons  fams turn as llongs got f;d

burton wont sign and lon gets in his face

if this were rriki-oh, he'd be deboning  him with his bare hands to make him sign it

soo burton ssiyns it and the cops grill fang by rocking  him sideways in a chair

then tted thedore logan aand his babe come in and ted is  p-ssed  dad told  angel lady not to wed him

burton sez sorry and consents to them wedding

she sees lon and is  happy and  they go off

lon sees his revenge will f their lives and he rips up the confession

he tells the burton to look after theiir kids and goes back to jail

and a Bible Quote of how Greater Love is a man giving up his life for another

he sez he let hunted and returns  free

then a quote saying strange paths men take to happpiness

thr end

that was well done

good heart, good story, cleever stuff, good twists, no swearing or violence or nde scenes or devients

good redemption story and showung how even those who did wrong can still do good

like lance armsttrong cheating in that race everyone cheated in and raising cash for research

good acting and lon chaney is good in here and a good sense of innocence and hope

i liked it and I'm glad i saw it

plus  its only  like an hour and 13 mins long

ffor flesh  and blood 2 i want lon to be in jailand dealing with a new prison gang that is  rising. so he has to foorm his own gang and  take em on. Its also an 8 bt beat em up on sega master system snd game gear, atari 7800 and  lynx, nes, tg16 and game boy where its like river city ransom but you go to different wings in the prison and fight the rival gang while boosting stats and eating the fallen.

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