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Scarlet Street Review

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Scarlet Street

This is my review on scarlet strert from the distant future year of 1945 (the year Go Nagai was born)

its got edward g robinson, joan bennet from disreali, and no one else i know of

its directed by that famous austrian silent guy fritz lang who did Dr Mabuse, Die Nibelungen and Metropolis

i never saw this b4 but if Fritz Lang did it, Im interested

it was actually banned by soviet new york (aka new sodom) as t=it was too much for their candy a55es to handle

They went on to be the home of Anime 18 which dubbed La blue Girl, a tentacle p0rn0

ooh, its got that 20s uniiversal logo

walter rwanger? is this a p0rn0 too?

hh, this is a remake of a movie based on a frenchie book

i mean soviet frenchie

so after credits on a panning image, its a gentlemen party where the had of this thing gives edward a watch

edward is named christopher cross like the singer from the 80s  and is a gret employee and hard worker

oh snap, its set in soviet new york!

so cross gets a special 1 dollar a piece cigar and the head boss leaves in a car with some 40s babe

but this seems clean and wholesome and cross's demeanor is really nice and pure

so cross and his homie charlie go out in da rain under 1 mbrella and cross is bummed he dont get chicks and wanted to be an artist as a kid

chuk takes da bus and cross finds a chick with a guy on da ground

cross goes for help and wait, i missed a bit and its  revealed corss shoved down the guy for hasslibng the chick

after sending the cop after the guy who was after the chick, cross walks chick home and they go for coffee(spoiler; pop is better!)

at the bar she gets him to have rum and she reveals her name is kitty like kitty media, the p0rn0 company that does anime

he's ggay for her as he thinks she''s hot and she sez she likes him being mature

whats a male cougar?

its implied shes a h00ker and he sez h paints and she thinks hes a pro painter

remember crayola scoot? the sports game by crayola? i hear its actually good. like tony hawk with color

he goes with her thoughts instead of telling the truth and contridicting her and she thinks he's loaded

he walx her hme and when he asks who johnny is, she gets on eddge like a spider you just blew on but sez its a friends bf or w.e

she asked where johnny was at the bar

greg sestero; johnnys my best friend

later cross stayed up painting and chuck comes by

its revealed cross is married and his woman's previous husband was a op who bit it saving a chick in da river

bte, walter anger also produced; the shiek, queen chrisrina, the bitter tea of general yen, algiers, stagecoach, tulsa and the 1963 cleopatra, oh and invasion of the body snatchers

so kitty is living with johnny who was the guy cross fought off as i think the mugging was a scam

and he wants kitty to take advantage of cross and his love

thats like something the sailor scouts or wedding peach chicks would waste a guy for

also kitty has a female room mate whos into modekling

sailor venus in that eop she dated tigers eye and hawks eye; maybe even nude modeling!!!

later hes having a soft moment with kitty about how paintuing is like love

she sez she needs cash and he eventuslly reveakls he's married but don't like his b--chy wife

she sez she needs 500 bones and he tries to get an advvance but needs a cosigner

later his woman is b--ching at him for not buying her a radio and b--ches at him about wantng to throw out his paintings

he rreads of a guy who icced his woman and the nypd cauught him

in ammerica thats a crime, in the 33rd world, its an honor

so he tells his woman he''d get a place to store the paintings abd she consents and he gets kitty the apartment she needed

so later kitty and jonny are in their new plaace and onny needs 1000 $ and tells kitty to black male him by saying his woman will find out if he dont

this is seeming like the Bible with her as Eve, and jonny as da snake

also the modell friend comes by and so does cross with his paints and cross meets jonny and senses he's seen him b4 and don't trust him

cross is happy for once and sez if ht werent for his b--chy wife theyd marry

she sez she needs 1000 bones and suggests she'd get it from jonny and cross volunteers to get it to keep her safe

later jonnny wants to ssell the paintings and assumes if cross was working hee'dd not have the bbucks he's giving em

at night, cross missappropriates cash from his boss and jonny tries selling cross's paintings but gets jack sh-t as they aint worth cr-p

he tries another art guy and lets art guy sell the painting for him but dont give his name or address so if the guy forgets him, he''s f'd

jonny tells kitty the paintings are woorth 25$ each (as 1 junkie on a cork=ner  is a good judge of appraising art) and thinks cross isnt really a big a55 painter

when johnny returns to the art guy, the painting sold to a big a55 art expert

later the art expert comes by jjohhnys placea nd jonny sez kitty made em but she resists

she uses what she knows of art from cross (cross? like the vilence jack guy or mazinger guy?) to fake knowing painting and art expert sez he  sensed a msculine energy from the paintings

imagine if the energy o the paintings, combined with her guilt, made her devolve into some kinda crotch monster?

later cross offends kitty and she gets b--chy and she just wants him to paint

and all cross wants is to marry her

so cross paints kitty (that sounds wrong) and later cross's woman gets b--chy over something (i wasmt paying attention)

oh woman saw his painting in this guys window and when he chex with the kitty, she sez she needed cash and sold em and put her namer on em

he understands and is glad his painting sold and paints more of her

later cross's woman's 1st husband comes by and is still alive and revealed he faked biting it and wwent on a tugboat to some place for a while

as hher husband is still alive, their marriage isbt canin as in the 40s, its 1 man 1 woman

but the coommies wanna change that

imagine; 500 people in a  pit, b0ning as a human centipede of lust!

he don't wanna return to his wife and wants cash so cross agrees to let husband  in to get woman;ss life insurennce dough she got from him biting it

but his woman is still there and when husband comes in and wife spazzes out, cross books it

he arrives at the studio partment and sees kitty and jonny making out and books it

in the real version they were b0ning

they hear him and jonny slaps kitty and books it

cross drinks in a bar and hears Christians in the street praising rejecting sin and comes back to confront kitty

he pulls out a revolver and blows 5 holes in her, the putd it in his mouth for the 6th shot


he sez he wants to marry her and she laughs at him and b--ches out in a tirade attacking all hhe  is

he has enough and starts beating on her under the covers

wow, didnt expect that


that b--ch neded a beat down!!

so jonny retuns as cross is leaving aand cross hiodes behind da stairs as jonny goes up, they escapes

so later the papers say kity was shanked dead with an ice pick

burn in h-ll you sack of sh-t!!

hope karl marx is b0nio ur guts!!

then at woek boss and da cops know cross jacked 1200 $ from da company andboss lets him off but i thinkhe's canned

oh andwifes husband outed him

so jonny is arrested by da cops and da evidence is pretty f'd of him

at da trial all the characters from b4 say she painted it and cross sez he s-cked at painting

so jonny gets the gas at sing sing and on a train some guys chatting with cross say no one gets away with murder and ur guilt will f you in da end

although it was a heat of the moment thing that mae himwack her, he was out of his mind, he snapped after all her b--ching. if i keep slapping a guy and he sklugs me and i fall in a spike put, is that murder? besides, its justifiable homocide! she screwecd with his heart!

btw, wasnt eddy g robs in that dr cltterhouse movie where hes a crime dr or w/e?

so at home he's hauntyed byy kittys voiceand spazzes out

it looks like a good silent film

btw this is good b/w and fullscreen

also onnys voice haunts him for saying he'd be with kitty now

yeah... in h e double new york!!

so cros hangs himself and 2 guys save him and later he's in da park and da ciops tell him to gtfo

he wants to be tried and executed and its been years

that kitty b--ch ruined him

then he sees a painting he did of kitty being sold for 10 000 $

he walks the empty streets haunted by jonny and kittys words

the ebnd

that was pretty good

nice and cool, shows the fall of the guy and the bad guys get iced

kinda dark and depressing but not as bad as stuff like law and order

for the 40s it was too much but today its not that awful

good acting and directing and it tells the story well

glad i saw it. its worth watching

for scarlet street 2 i want cross to find a psychic and finds he'[s being haunted by the souls of jonny and kitty who have devlved into daemons and want revenge. so they team up and go across new york to find these ancient soul clensers hidden in the underground sewer areas of soviet new york to summon and fight the ghosts. its also an 8 but game like blaster master on nes, gb, master system, game gear, tg16 atari jaguar and lynx where you go through these underground castles in soviet new york and fight devolved people while each soul clender gives tyou a new ability to get to new areas.

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