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16 Blocks Review

 Note; I spell like i'm 16

16 blocks

this is my review on 16 blocks from 2006 (The year of transformers season 3 in america)

Its directed by Richard donner who did the GOOD Superman, The Gopponies, Scroged, and a bunch of Twilight Zone eps

Its gotr Brucve Willis, Mos Def, Cylk Cozart from Eraser and Slam Dunk Ernest, David Zayas from Gotham, Sasha Roiz from the day after tomorrow, Scott McCord from the cr-ppy a55 Bakugan show from the 00s, and a buncha guys i never heard of

I never saw this but its always giving on bounce so imma watch it finally

so after a bunxh of logos, we get bruce recording his will and how he tried to do well

then title and a police raid in a guys apartment with a dead mexico in there

this cop has to watych the cr-ppy apartmentr and takes one of the dead guys beers and reads the paper

imagine if he wasa b0ning the dead guy?

so cop bruce is worn out and looks kinda like walt disney and is assigned to do an escort mission to bring a wuitness to the grand jury

he wwas up all night and has toi bring 1 guy 16 blocks

Who am i? i',m spiuder man!

it will be called; beast wars!

i wanna take his face... off!

So the witness mos fdef has to getta suit thats not there and is kind of an urkle nerd

ne needs his book and is handcuffed and taken to the cop car and dtiven around

mos def starts j-rkin off in the car and blasats a lot of goo on the floor

jk really he's talking about some cr-p no one understands and cop bruce closes the window to the back

good f--k this c-ck sucker won''t shut his sh-t hole!

bruice takes him another way, parks, locks the car and goes for some booze

at da car a guy trus to ice mos def but brice gives him 1 threw the head

another sniper like in texas cmes at him and back door bruice gets in da car and gets off

they hit a dead end and ditch da car and run to An empty place

some guys come in and 1 omforts bruice AND 1 offers himbooze but he turns it down

then sez mos def is gonna treestify against a cop who comfort guy likes so he's here to end him

another guy was gonna drive but got traffic and they make mos def  shoot the wall to fake him going mental and they can iuce him

thats new york; corrupt and evil

but the unborn have it worse

so bruce caps a cop to save mos def and escapes with him

THE COPS KNOW BRUCE GOTTA BE IN COURT BY 10 ANd send another copto cover the cop being capped

man mos def sounds devolved

like a f'd up muppet or something

so bruce goes home and gets guns

mos def goes top the toilet and drops fries in it, eats one, and a cat bites jhis parts

jk thats  deuce bigelo 02

mos def asks why bruuce capped a cop to save him and this italiano cop comes in and bruce stops him at gunpiont

he sticks the gun in his a55, sez "time for a sippositoey" and his torso blows apart with him in 2 parts

j rwally he hand cuffs him to the wall and mos def escapers

bruce calls comfort guuy who bad guy and bad guy seez he losat mos def 

mos def goes to the train station and no pushy new yorkers will give him a ride on the train but a biug blaack cop helps him

bruice finds him and sez "if i found u, they'll find u" and mos def wants to run

they bicker and bad guys come for em and they run

the cops use a gps system to find em in chi na town and mos def has business plans to start a bakery

briuce sez mos def is a thief and wont change

bruce realizes they tracking him by itakliwanbnoes cell phone and drops it and runs

shoulds've dropped it in a traxy or on a dog and sent em on a wild gopose chase

they get to da rooof and eventually a gunman comes at em

bruce got hand damage and they escape through these buildings and in a place with White Sheets where e gunfights more guys

main bad guy comes back and they on opposite walls and he tries to get bruce toi gibe up the mos def

they talk about being friends and bruce has a grufge with him

bad guy wants to protect bad cops and sez mos def is a crook

also there'svgot on the other sideof the door where briuce is gonna escvape out

but bruce shoots em and escapes

they get to a geezer place and mos def trys top talk to him

bruce calls the lawyers and tells em that cops are after em and they got 7 blocks left

mos def keeps jabbering on anbd mentions yugioh and there's guys comming for bruce abd riends

but bruce game em the wrong room

bad guy gets bruce at gunpoint but mos def gets bad guy at ginpoint and might ice him

they leave him and take his gun and get on/take over a bus and the cops shoot the bus tirews

the bus plows into a fence and cars and the cops shoot out the other tires

bruce has the bus people stand up in front of the windows as they wont shoot em(but tel;ls mos def:not u!)

the commish tells bad guy he f--ked up and people think bruce took the bus hostage

bruce has em put newspaper on the bus windows and bad guy trys to make em thiunk bruce went nuts

a cop throws bruce a phone and bruice counts how many people tghey got in here

the cops get snipers like with j fk 1 and mos def talks with a little girland shows her his book of recapies

is he supposted to be mentally rert-rded?

is this like The Room how Tommy never told Denny's actor he;'s playing a ret-0rded guy and the actor did the part weird?

bruce tells the cops to get a court stenographer and news crew to take mos def's testamony

bruce throws the phone out and tells mos def the cops are gonna ice them in a few mins

bad guy tells a sniper that bruce and mos def shot 2 cops and he understands his code

bruce has mos def wear a suit and glasses as to these cops, all black guys look the same and lets the peiople out

bad cop grabs guy wearing mos defs outfit but seess its a different black guy who sez the guy had a suit

so bruce is the last guy on the bus and records his will on a tape recorder likehow this movie started

on the bus is a beer add as i guesds the beer company wanted tyheir product linked to cooked cops and dark drame

sop os def runs out with his hands up saying dont shoot and gets back on the bus

commish stops bad guy from capping him

mos def sez people change and i think something abotu chuck berry and bruce drive the bus as they throw a flash bang in it

hr plows through cars as thery fire on it and through an alley and gets stuck

da cops come up and use another flash bang and climb in the broiken windows and find its empty

mos def and bruce walk on and mos def is wounded

bruce gets a guys cell phone and calls someone and he takes him to AN ALLEY AS MOS DEF JABBERS ON ABOUT HOW HE NEEDED 31 000 $ TO open a bakery and some cr-p i dont undedrstand

an ambulance coimes and this chick who was butt buddies with backdoor bruce treats him

mos def sez to her to give bruticuz another chance but bruce sez its his sister

well, new york is quite prtogressive, she could be both

they got 20 misn to stitch up mos def and get him to the court house

they talk about birthdays and mois def dont know his own birthday as he was in foster care

and he';s got a sister in soviet seattle who he never met

bruce sez he's not a good guy and mos def sez he aint either

so da cops catch sister and make her open the door but bruce is in another ambulance

he's pretty clever

like batman or something

so bruce sez that the cops mos def was gonna testify againt included him and he'd be testified agianst too

he did something 6 yerars ago and didn't testify and now he'd gop down witrh the bad cops too

he sez for mos def to skip town and has an ambulance driver take him off

bruce goes to a dark area and meets bad guy and tells him he let mos def out

bruce sez he's gonna come clean and bad guy trys to talk him outta it and if he don't, he;'s gonna get it

bad copexplains he stuck a gun in a guys mouth and his heart f'd out he covered it uypo so they woubldn;'t lose the case

bruce gives bad guy ther gun and walks to an elkevator

bad guy tells italiano cop to ice bruce and the good cops stop bruce

a sniper isd gonna ice him but the D A comes out and he sez hes gonna tell the truth in the witness tampering thing

he names names and sniper sees italioano copbehind him

he wants the mos def's record expunged and pulls a taper recorder

sniper sfires and takes out italiano cvop and recorder plays bad cop saying he iced the guy

bruce goes to the jury and then its snowing and his sister gets a box

bruce gets a birthday cake and it has names of people who changed and that people can change in time

mos def sent a letter saying he's a good baker and is happy

its named aftert bruse and mos def's characters and we get a happy ending

the end

didn't expect a good ending

another good richard donner movie

its dark, heavy, gritty and well made

i liked it and it holds up well

goood acting and writiung andeven though mos def is pretty annoying, you still like how he got a good ending

its donners final film and its a good way to end a career

its got heart and a good message And I'm glad I finally saw it

I only knew of it having a Yugioh mention but its quite good

imagine if this was marketed as a sequel to 16 candles?

for 16 blocks 2 i want bruce willis and mos def to go on a camping trip in the slums and get attacked by a bunch of drugged up homies and gotta fight their way out. Its also a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, snes, tg126, atari jaguar and gba where you platy as them and fight an urban sasquatch as a boss

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