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Space Battleship Yamato Review

 note; i spell like i blaze stars

Space Battleship Yamato

This is my reviews on Spacve Battleship Ysamato the live action movie ftromn the distant  future year of 2010 (Like Robotech and Transformers G1 Season 3 in Japan)

Itds based on the anime by Leiji Matsumoto (Like Rangoku Maysumoto fro Bleach?) and is directal by Takashi Yamazaki who did Stand by Me Doraemon 1 and 2 and 2 Parasyte movirs and Dragon Quest: Your Story and Lupin III: The First

It stars no one i nheard of and was dubbed by the hated funimation

i never saw this, or the shows, or star blazers, but heard its like robotech

so it starts with space fighters in a battle like if star wars were good and fighting an ewvemy

its 2199and the human ship fires canons that don't do much, then fire is returned that f''d the human ship[

the ship gets a hole and a guy is sucked out and the main captain gets a message fromn a fellow ship that the ship is gonna sdacrifiice itself to buy time for the main aship to escape

they go onn into ther boundless abyss of space and we get the title

in 2194; aliens attacked by sending mwetewors to earth and 5 years later; da urth is f'd by radiation like it japan after truman nuked em in ww2

now 5 years later the earth humans live undrerground like the matrix ripped off and people scavenge scrap as threy hope for space help like in Robotech Seasoin 3

a geezewr tries to get help from a scrapper but is slugged out

the seas have dried up from the nucular attacks like hokuto no ken and 1 guy is ouit in a radiio active suit and a thing falls from space like the sdf-1 in robotech ir the ark in transformers

wghen he wakes up, his  mask is oif but he finds he dont need it and finds this metal thing b4 blacking out

hes found by a flying ship and they get the metal capsule that has some data oon it

scrapper comes onto the bridge of the ship and the experts who thought he'd bite it were wrong and he's mad at some guy for hisa brother biting it as bro was the captain of another ship

scrapper is susumu like the go nagai character who keeps getting it

oh his bro was the other captain ewho sacrificed himself to save em and tries to attack the captain b4 a chick slugs him out and mouths off to him

susumu is dragged off to be b0ned dead or w/e and dr sado (like, madio mas? like, sm? like, cutey honey and yugioh?) sez she told susumu opwe his bro went to h e douyble soviet california

captain and dr dont know how susumu survived the radiatioon as dr's are people weho make misttakes like anyone

captain meets a guy about howe his attack agauinst the aliens did jack sh-t and their fights are doing worse each time

btw the "swending metertors" wasd used in starshp troopers

so the other guy sez they otta ditch da urth and captain wants to use the new ship they're making to try to bring hope


so the other guy rreveals to the people that the capsule had an alien message saying on ther planet iscandar is a device that cures radiation and they can go there with theiur best ship to get it

the news guys think it might be sa trap, wait, isnt this 2001 a space odyssey?

so he sez he cant tyell em as its confidenbtial and the aliens sent a  way to get to there as in around a 1  year, humans will be extinct

oh and he's not wasting time on a vote as he's mussolini(in a good way)

also this was ripped off by armegeddon by michael bay with a space crew senbd on a last ditch mission to save the planet

so susummu registers and has o radiatiuon issuies and dr sado mas  is surprised

he used to be in the fighter squad but quit biut kept his uniformne anbd joins

chick fighter who slugged hium is suurprised to see her there and an attack happens and he sez hes her squad leadwer

also; this "clashing couple in the service" was laTER done in robotech and top gun

so the ship takes off from the underground as the yamato ship from ww2 bnut remastered, lkike the sdf1 in robotech

then thery tryt the wave motion gun on an enemy attck like the sdf-1 firing the main gun on the zentraedi in robotech

after a long start up, thry eventuaslly fire after putting on shsasdesand blast a white light beam to nuke the missile

it looks like theres no sign of the ship, butr it emerges from the smoke like in dbz and captain sez now the enemy knows they have the wafe motion cannon

captain sez bye to the army guy and goes off to space to test the warp drive in a 24 hours

later susumo talks with a guy about how guys son is 5 and susumo's homies got assigned to his thing and they like him as their cool hero

but chick fighter gets b--chy over them having a good time and the homies poike fun at her

fighter chick gets b--chy over him not being with em in space as they fought and thinks he queered out

1 homie comes at her but she slugs him out and goes off

so then they go by msars like in robotech, ytransformers ther headmasters,m and zone of the enders, and are gonna use the warp drivwe for the 1st time

chick  goes to a fighter bay and the ship goes through a white blue cloud

thery comne out in h=ll ands there's daemonbs b0ning them and doing amputee p0rn0 of em

jk thats event horizon

so the warp worked and then the enemy shows upo and they can't use the wave motion cannon after warping as both use the same power source

threy got 20 mins b4 they recharge and tthis reminds me of Voogies Angel how Hyer had the super cannmon that they couldn't use in ep 2

so they sebnd out fighters and chicjk fighter goes out asa she was in her veritech already and fights enremy crafts

we get good space battle stylew things like robotech or if star wars were good and susumu's droogs are the black tigers, like the robotech squad, and help her

tghe yamato fires lazers andit nukes trhe enemy ships, rthen its 5 mins til they can warp

but i think fighter chick is shup damaged by enmermy debris  and shes running outta air

susumu is gonna go to save her but captain sez no, so he sez "i'll be back in time" even though they dont have any reason to rush aND CAN HOLD OFF A FEW MINS FOR saving another crewmember

so susumu chiba  tells her to eject and the enermy ships are going kamikaze as the mother ship blew and they got nothiing to go back to

anmd now a squad is comming of 2 dozen, and there's 28 seconds til they waRP

IN A TOTALLY POSSIBLE WAY, fighter chicvk ejects, ands on the susumu fighter, is caught by these 2 metal armns, anbd he drives back

so the ship ia  gonna move fast and evetyone tiesa sh-t down and hangs on and they tiilt the ship as the fighters just go by, then opens a hatch, lets in susumu, then warps out

da f--ks going on here?!

Oh and in 198X: soviet disney wanted to do a live action version of this with it being a rebuilt US Ship Arizoina and having an original character group

surprised they didn't just rip it off and say its an "original project, do not steal" like The Lion King did Kimba The White Lion, Atlantis the loist empire did Nadia TheSercret of ZBlue Water, and Finding Nemo ripped off that fish thing

so the ship did a spasce fold and susuymu does cpr on fighter chick, oh her names Yuki, and turns her heart back on

captain f's his a55 over risking the ship for 1 pilot but susumu sez leaving others behind is sissy AND HAS HIM THROWBN INTO THE BRIG

HE PULLS OUT HIS GUN AND, hands itr over as its protocal to disarm those you want to imprison for geingh against you

im,agine if he put it in his mouth and his head blew off like in speciies 2?

so hes in space jail and a guy chats with him over him getting in trouble for doing good, and fat guy sez susumu is like captain and may be captain one day

so dr sadomas comes in with sake and a cat but they are not chinese so they dont eat it, like how poles don't eat dandilions, slovenians do

huh, accortding to imdb; this was like the 1st anime not based on a manga and started the term Anime instead of tv manga

also things in here like a soldier blaming another captain for his bro biting it was from a thing told to Leiji Matsumoto's by his WW2 dad

put it on the history channel

so while driinking and talking about how they all lost people for a bit, susumu thinks things over

captain sez they are going past the solar system and they will be too far to contact earth,m so the crew can message earth one more time for 60 seconds per member

the guy wiuth the 5 year old son talks to him on skype and his kid is mute like Lynn/Rin in Hoikuto no ken, but he sez he'scoming home soon to save the earth

then the call automaticallly cuts him off, as does a guy talking to his mom or sister or grand,mma or aunt or daughter or w//e

susumu  is doing curnches to stay in shape in his cell, wait,m how is there gravbity here? is it automatic?

hes taken to do his video calll like in pokemon or metropolis and while going, sees Koda who wait, susumu is  koda FAMILYY NAMWE and this guyb is cr-ppy at doing their salute thats like the bison thing in the street fighter movie with jean claude

b4 he goes in, yuki comes out and is kinda b--chy for hm saving her "i didn't ask to be saved" 

he sez she owes him and  sez sdhe otta bust his b=lls a little less, like 10%

then he goes in and in the food area, yuki is talked to about susumnu and its revealed that she was on susumu's tewam but he quit seoon after she joined and was reassigned soon after

she joined cuz his heroics affected her and she don't want suusumu to know

the guy talking to yuuki sez when the enemy 1st attacked, he did missions to intercept their attacks and susuumu was their hero who lead them

susumu's only family left is his cellphone with aI and is played by the voivce of Jinlong in Yugioh ZeXaL, Buccha in Venus 5, Nagumos dad in Urotsukidoioji, Ataru's dad in Urusei Yatsura, Blacky in Grendizer, Ranma's dad in Ranma 1/2, Apollis in Power Stone, Newspaper President in Nadia The Secret of Blue Water, king Dedede in kirvby the anime, Dr. Aikawa in Kama Sutra by Go Nagai, Myoga in Unuyasha, Dr. Vail in GUY Double Target, Ankoku Daishogun in Great Mazinger, General Bat in Getter Robo, Professor Hiroshi Agasa in Detective Conan, Kyomara  in La Blue Girl, and Principal in Apocalypse Zero

the guy shes talking to, who' i think is tthe dad of the mute kid, sez susumu's rentrs were iced in a thing hitting the colony they were on, but dad's pregnant wife survived but his kid never talked

after that, susumu couldn't stand to fly and we see susumu's time in the message box expire but i don't think he sent a message

also in the ioroginal idea; susumu or someone would lATER BEcome captaiin harlock, bjt after the show was cut from 51 to 26 eps, they changed it

so the Yamato goes onward and warp foldds around but a fighter coomes by, but dont attack

capptaiun has the people bring the enemy fighter onboartd and spazzes out so he goes to the dr

he's not got long and his meds wont keep him up forever

in the ship, they check the captured ship and dont find any life signs, but then this chgi thing like in monsterquest comes out, shankes a guy with a limb and runs on the ceuiling as the troops open fire

note; they brought guns on a mission to to to a place an unknown space message told em to, unlike 2001 a space odyssey

so they caP IT WHEN IT comes down, and this glow comes outt it and nails a guy aND HGE SPAZZERS OUT B4 BECOMING POSESSED


totally not like inddependence day, the guy tells the humans that THEY hsave come to plunder the planet

he sez his name is desla, not tesla like that evil serb from the 1800s, and he sez they are all of 1 mind and are the start and end

his kind are terraforming the planet for their own people to take over and whenyuki comes in, susumu wASATES desra

the jewel comes up and the team wastes it and later posessed guy is ok

Why noty pray it away?

they drink and i think this is jiros daD

what aboutr jiro shutendo from shutendoji?

so susumu comes to see captain and he weants susumu to replace him as captain, but wanted his brother mamoru to be captain

like with avatar and that guy who's called in to replace tyhe twin

susumu dont wanna be caPTAin as its too muych pressure but captain sez to be cvaptain like he wantws instead of like the msain captain

then announces on the p a that susumu is the new captain

so the alien ship they took on is sernding a message that has their location so they throw it out and blow it

the yamato is under attack and briodge 3 is f'd but dont have much air left

the el;evatopr shaft is f;'d and susumu sends a resacue squad

o susumu starts up the wave motion cannon whicch dont take as long to show this time and they fire itwhich causes a huge blast rthat nukes the enemy fleet

then bridge 3 is caught by an enemy about to blow asnd its gonnass take the whole shjip to h-ll

so susumu has yuki blow off bridge 3 at the joint and it falls, even though theres no down in space, and blows

susumu feels bad about having to cut off a fingerr to save the hand, but i say, why was bridge 3 attached in that cr-ppy wayt?! 1 elevatort in or out and hanging off the bottom?!

susumu tells captain it was a steath enemy and they lost 6 guys so he thinks hes not good as captauinb

main captain sez "why'd you reinlist" andsusumu sez he wanted to know what kinda guy main cPTAION is that his btro saceriuficed himserlf to dsave

also he weants the eart to be good like he was a kid

maKE earth great again?

captain sez not to dwell in the past and usde what hes given to make the best choice he can for the most

susumu thinks captaiun donm't feel for the menb who get it but captain sez he does and thinks siuusumu is doing well

then captain sez theres something susumu needs to know, then it cuts to susuumu going toi comfort yuki and saying sortry for ordering her to cut the 3 section loose

she sez if he sez sorry that means hes wrong and hes the captain and they did what they had to do

she's all f;d up over having ended those guys and susumu comforts her and when she sez "soirry for not being professionalk" he smooches her and sez "don't ever be sorry"

they smooch and warp and itr changes scenes so i think they b00ned

so then they made it to iscandar or w.e the planet is called and 60 missiles are heading foir em

they can't use the main gun as they just folded so thety use lazers but a piece plugs the wave motion gun right in the hole

the enemy fleet attacks andd more missiles attack  so they're f;d

so he puts in random coordinates anbd warps agaiunst the resistance of the driuver

driver sez if theywarped intoi something with matter they'd be dead but susucmu sez they'd be just as dead if the missiles hit

they warp aND THEY THINK ITS  NEAR ISCANDAR but its rea.lly the other side andthe planet is all f'd over like earth

they think its the enemy using a trap to lure yamatop off and the anti radiation devoice might be made up

some think the captainb lied and weanna askk cvaptain but he's not doing well, but susumu sez to go to the coiordinates the capsuile sent em

its probably not a trap if they attacked from space and the real trap was on the planet, and they dont want em on the plane

unless the coordinates were just to lure em in to be attacked in space

suisumu believes in the captain and that the tech was greayter tech than anythng man knows

he then briefs the team on the mission and hes going in yo take out the air defence system

totally not like with star wars and the force fiekkd or tractor beam

so he can't use his engine on the planet or they will see him so he gon do it in freefall;

i see suisumu as a bit of a  roy fokker figure; confident, in love, brave, cool, and skilled

so susumu gives a speech on this being the lasy battle and in april 1945; the yamato was Japans ray of hope when they needed it

anbd as long as there's a small chance, its worth it, like with Kenshiro saying: if theres a 99% chance i lose and 1% cjhance I won, i will do it

also this "we will dsave the world ands our people" was ripped off by independence day as roland emmerich is pretty devcolved

the soldiers pump themselves up to waste bad guys but are told its a 1 way ttrip for many, so they say "thats why its so fun"

like g i joe extreme; the odds of survival are a million to 1!  AND THATS THE WAY WE LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susumu puts his tamagotchi phone pet in his fighter and star wars ripped this off with r2d2 in the xxxwing

so susumu launchesand goes to the planet that looks like dune, then after fallingh a bit, turns on the engine after locking on all the turrets and cannons

they are gonna fire but the yamato comes iin and nails em with lazers, then wartps off as the fighters go in the planbnet

1 guy sez hes gonna break susumus record and is taken out like not ben dixon in macross do you remember love

they fight inside the planet like the 1st ep of reboot with the jets thing and by the end, theres 3 fighters and 1 troop carrier left

thery find a high tech city indide the planetand the troop carrier lands anbd the soldiers fire at the enemy comming for em

an enemy takes out the drtivers so his phone robo comes ouytin a humanoid robo body like oatmerel in dragon ball super  and fights ewm off, but is taken out

i figured hge's get it like in most shows with a robot buddy

so the troops drive the truck and it gets blown and the troops go on

btw this is colored and widescreen

so the troops find the place the cooirdinates say and yuki goes to it, gets her armor blown off, and is posessed by it

so then we getta fleshbeck where captain tells susumu the anti radiation thing is fake but the blueprints and cooirdinsates is true

but as susumu survived the radiation, captain thought there might be something wirth getting there that could help

as long as hes aliver heres on the winning side

so in the now, posessed yuki sez their race is all of 1 hive mind like the democrats, and their kinfd is 1 aspect of trhis united existance

but the opposite is iscandar which was part of the bads guys like the opposite side of the coin, but the planet is gonna bite it and iscandart is  cool with it, but thebad guys aint and wanna take earth to replace it

like gaijin ruining their own country or statre, then coming to a good one, then ruining that

but both siddes might survive, so the bad guys imprisioned the iscandar here and broke away

the iscandar send part of themselfs to earth as a good will token, but theres no anti radio active device, but the iscandar can remove the radiation

the earth men wabnnt proof so the iscandar denucuilarize the air so its safe to breathe in the cave

yuki is unposessed and the iscandar wiull cime to the earyh to fix it

then they find this huge cgi thing thats the cenrtal core of the bad guys, but the bads attack em

2 guys are gonna sacrifice themselves to stop the core despite susumu not wanting em to

1 sez if he had a brother he;'d want it to be susumu and not to waste hisd tears on them, then goes up to fight and die

uiki and susiumu go off as the White Vitrgin couplew has to live and thery fdind all theior men iced

the brother guy rigs a device to blow it and the other guy fightrs on despite his blood wounds like a Catholic Samurai

after takjing a long time to rig the device, its ready to go, but the triugger happy guy bites it and other guy gets shredded but blws the area

susumu and uiki escape in a fighter and susumu tells captain they did it but captain sez its not over yet

captain says bye to the dr sadoi mas and looks at a photoe and the ship unfolds back near da urth

they getta message from the army guy and tells em they havve a way to fix the earth and hes surpriosed and sez they're heroers

in a few hours, the Yamato will reach da urth and captain bites it

but then the ship is under atttack by a large enemy vesseland fts f'd

after much asplosions and people flying away, the engine room is f;d and cheif engeneer tokugawa bites it

they see a siuper coollossal space thing with a face, sorta like in independence day 2 or Dolzas fortress in Robotech

an enemy forms on the ship with cg like eternal championsd on sega cd and asks what would be a win for em? ending the bad guys planet? or healing their own?

its desla, no, its not no its both AS ITS part of the thing that sirvived and it forms intoa cg guy

most of their kind were ended on the planet the guy nuked the thing with trigger happy and now desla is gonna stop em from coming to earth

then phazes out after saying they have ancient prioide andare wrathful

the huge ship is gonna blow da earth apart and susumu wants to use the weave motion guin but the cannon is still jaMMED AS THEY UST NEVER TOOK IT OFF FOR SOME REASON and if they fire, everyone on board goes to h e double emngland

susumu wants to have capotain decide but hes doing time in h-ll now so susumu has to makje the decision

they have enough power for 1 shot but if they do the ship will blow so he is gonna evacusate and sacrifice himself to save eartyh like bruce willis in armegeddon

the helmsman wants to stay to steady the ship but susumu sez to drie the people to earth

uiki stays but susumu sez hgges gonna be rigt behind her if shge goes but she dont buy it anbd dont wanna save the earth if hers not there

they hug and he sez he was alone b4 her and he wanted to give her a better world and if he don't win, ewvberything isd meaningless, but here he can heal the earyhj

she dont want him to bite it anbd he sez he lovbes her, then kko's her with a laser blast and puts a photo on her asa they still use photoes in the 2190s

then has helmsmsan shima carry her off as japsanese chicks are like 4'9 and 70lbs

all the survivors, 12 of em, ditch the Yamato, and looks on at em from the window as they go by

uiki wakes up and freaks out as  the yamatoi goes toward the enemy thing and taks many hits, like sengoku wuth the computer in cyber city oedo 808

suisumu seers his friends whoi bit it in spirit like in robotech ii the serntinels with the dead guys from the 1st robotech war and eventually fires and the4res a huge blue light in space

then 90s music like in slayers where we seeyuki on green earth with a kid and the phopto of susumu and his bro and looking anbd the recovering planet like in robotech after the war

then clips from the fim we just saw showing the characters highlights

huh, theres a steven tyler song in here

at the end is a shot of the blue earth

the end

that was quite good

i never saw the show but watched the Toy Galaxcy thing on it and this was well done

Good art and style and feel and characters and story and effects

the storery was good and i can see all the things it influenced and that ripped it off

the dub was pretty good with the voices and not cr-=ppy like they did for dbz kai or most other things they ruined

its has good heart and good style and makes me interested in the 70s series

i enjoyed this and it holds up

Oh and susumu sacr8ficing himself to stop the en emy and his gf seeing it was like in robotech wiithjj Dana and Sonic X Season 3\

For Space Battleship Yamato 2 I wanta signal to be from Susumu to reach earth and say he's trapped in this dimension after being sent thewre by the wave motion cannon and sends the earth bnlueprints on how to open the dimnension gATE, but a number of people warn that trhis might be a trap, the gov don't listen as they treust susumu as he's a celeb hero and they open the gate, only for mostique people to come out and beguin feeding on the earthlings! turns out: the moastiuquew daemons faked being susumu and used his namne to get thew earth people to trust themn and were freed from their inprisonment, soon the earth is taken over by them and humans hide back underground. then fore Space Battleship Yamato 3: I wanmmt the humans to make wave motion armor with mini wave motion generators in the suits to fight against the mosatique people and splatter em in epic combat. its also video games 16 bit on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where 2 is a text adventure like phantasy star adventure where you talk with people for and against opening the gate, and 3 is a 1 on 1 fighter where you play as a huyman fighteror mostiqie man and take on a buncha foes to get to the head of the enemy force

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