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Hanover Street Review

 Note I spell like Hanover Fist

HaNOver Street

This isa My review on Hanover Street from the distant future year of 1979(20-30 years b4 Robotewch Season 1)

Its dirttectal by Peter Hysmds who difd TimeCop, Sudden Death and EWnd of Days

it stars sovioet hartrison ford from star wars the holiday special, Lesley-Anne Down from Countess Dracula, Christopher Plummer from The Sound of Music/An American Tail/Rock-a-Doodle/Star Trek 06/Malcolm X/Wolf/12 Monkeys/Alexander/The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Adam MacAdam I mean Alec McCowen from Gangs of New York, Michael Sacks from The Amityville Horror 001, Openly union Richard Masur from The Thing/Rickety Busuness/Multiplicity/The Man Without a Face/Encino Man/My Girl 01, John Ratzenberger frok the Toy Story series// The Incredibles/Spirited Away/Finding Nemo/Monsters, Inc./A Bug's Life/Gandhi/Superman 01 and 02/Valentino/Star wars 05, Jay Benedict from Aliens/Project A-Ko/The Dark Knight Rises, Patsy Kensit from the 70s The Great Gatsby, Max Wall from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Shane Rimmer from Dr. Strangelove/The Dirty Dozen/Rollerball 01/Star Wars 04/Souper man 01 and 02 and 03/Gandhi/The Hunger/Batman Begins, and a bunxha brits i never saw in anything

I never saw this b4 but its on Amazon Prime and my dad wants to see it

so then we getta logo and its quite widescreen and in color, then credits to soft msuic over cloudsx and sky

man this goes on for a while

si trhen its the soviet republic of london in 1943 and we get text abiout how this is about 2 perople in a dangerous time in lobe

this feels like a silent film, then we see london and theres all grtays and dulls around as the brits have no souls

han solo is there and foloows this chick ands waves to her and gets on a bus, btu she fakes having womb issues and he gets off and limps off

when she goers to say sorry, he prances around all prissy and invites her to coffee but she drinks tea, while REAL guys drink pop

they are in a cafe ort restaurant and her dont like tea, even though samurai drank tea and were manly and sissy boy band guys drink starbucks

they chat and she was in lndon since birth and workjs in a hospital and deals with people going to h e double france

she wants to know about America but he dont and she ditches himas she sez she has to ditch him

then the Axis attacksd and blows those brits back to h-ll where their devolved kind came from

this is for 1776, 1812, oscar wilde, war craimes in ww1, king henry's victims, queen elizabeths victims, and paying forweard for the royal wedding, the other royal werdding, the queen wacking diana dn charles other women, that irish kid they wouldn't let get medical help in America, and every time one of those c-ck suckers poops out nothe rkid

so han solo find her in the busted city and they make out as secks and violence are linked

she wants to go home and he sez his namres david and is from chicago and wont let her go

she wont tell her name and he tells her to meet him there in a fortnight but as she puuls out, her glove comes off and we  see a wqedding ring and she goes

What would king David do? wait, he wacked the husband!

what would j fk do? wait, he iced marilyn

whatr would gacy do?

so han solo is being breefed on his mission and is in the air force

they gets in the prain and eventually go up as a guy says metal shou;ldnt be able to fly as its heavy

so while out, the Axisdd attacks and they retun fire but get nailed and gotta slow it up

they got 3 miles and 1 guy says "i hate you lukas" like  he';s a star wars fan and says "were over it" but he's  lying to get it done sooner

they drom the things on em and return and now han solo is back in the towen to find the chick he wants to b0ne and stays therew smoking, but only tobacco, not chronic or meth

there's noinmwords and its all to soft piano music, then evantually she comes for him and they hhug and smooche

at dinner she goes on about someone getting it and then they go up to a room and b0ne to soft music for a while

there a slot of cross fades or w/e its called when they have 2 images overlayed

so they drive back and she wont tell him her name like its dolores from king of fighters 15 i mena seinfeld

then han solo takes the sdf-1 to take on the cylongs on planet vulcan and something about that show V that I never saw, but they release the load and something bad happens but i dont get it

then theres a little girl with plumber and main chick and plummer is in intelligence and i think is main chicks husband

when he mentions kissing her with faslse teeth like clark gable in gome with the wind asd he smoked a lot, she drops a bowl of surgical waste or jam or w/e

haN SOLO GETSB BREEFED ON THEUIR NEXT MISSION AND mouths off and makes smarta55 coomments and the breefer has him stayt after class

he says "if you wanna keep your jjob, you gotta let me put this thing in yyou" and whips out his thing but its also a vaccine needle

jk thats weinsten and biden and candya66 truydeau

really he tells him off andf sez if he keeps on being a wisea55 hes gonna nail him(oh f--k! i was right)

later han solo burger is with main chcik and talking abotu cr-p and driving in a jeep, then he's back in breefing, then on a date, then in the skys on am mission and its a montage of his love and war life

later hes in bed with the girl... IN BED!! and she sez she can't stop being with him

brokeback mountain butt buddy; i wish i could quit you

they say they love eacho other and i think he calls her mary and they naked smooch and maybe with theirt parts offscreen

then plummer is told his agents he sends in are iced and he knew adn traind em

so theres a leak and someone is killing costumed heroes, we need the watchmen

1 guy saidf he'd getta list of double agents in soviet london ad he gotm it, som someone needs to get ther list

also 1 guy had 3 kids and they wont let anyone outide the room knoew of it, then they got 2 guys and they choose one to do somretyhing

then its Brittish Christmas, not Yiddish Christmasd, as I misread the movie wedding crashers

main chicks kid wants a oll and they talk about buyiung her husband something, then kid wants to know about the Germans and if they buy theirt dads presents

Good humanization of people on both sides of the war, instesad of just killing them for being "the enemy"

more Robotech or Gundam than G I Joe or Thundercats

So han solom is gonna take off and he senses something with hsi engines and drives off the runway

kid is toold that Santa wont bring her anything til she's asleepm and she dont care what she gets as anything will make her happy

she wants a friend to play with and her rent storn off the lightsd so the monsters can get her

main chick sez kid seems smaller  in bed than outside and she got her a good present and plumer sez war at Xmas seems wrong, then wonders what the otehr side is thinking

like joyeux noel the ww1 xmas truce movie?

i cried at that one, my great grandpas wer ein that war

they go to bread and then we see a bar band and soldiers having a time and han solo, wait, noot han soolo tries to seduce a chick by saying he got shrapnel

another army guy asks this giuy for advicxe and as he walks, he acts like its a miracle he was cured

those guys, i think hans co flyers on his plaine suit witrh han solo and try seducing chix and han wants his gf to come

the other pilots come by and he asks where the guys on the mission he skipped went and he finds they got blown out

This is like how Hitler nearly goty iced by a shell but a voice guioded him from it

han cant take it and goes out to attack the repairman on his engine and keeps saying he heard it

then we get a German soldier being grilled and he sez he was only told to deliver papers and he is breaking down as they dont buy it

he's told "dont smoke" in english and its revealed its plummer testing him to be a fake german and not to do anythiing in english as his character never learned it

then chick and han are in bed and she tells of her 1st love and marriage and how she went to him, but he thinks how he cares about living nkow that he has love wityh her

he don't know her last name and then we see this cickney c=cksucker going on about combination locks and cionmbo locks and the brits want him to getthis safe contents

he teaches how to jimmy a lock and tthen breefer tells han colo the meechanic found nothing wqrong with the engine

then sez theres a special mission and hunts at how he thinks han queered out and wont tell if he goes on this mission

tthen we see 2 brits, i think plummer is there, and 1 sezx thery are not using a brit aire crafte for this mission tio send a guy in

chickk is in the hispotal and serving guys and plummer sez he loves her but hes a cr-ppy a55 brit and she comfiorts him and goes back tio work

what a beta male! ITS All te blkood the brits drink in their pies! devolves them!

then hans olo is goinna fly a night mission and is flying plummer as a german officer

1st tthe sound of musuic, then this, then that thing whgere he's a geezer with menory issues wasting retred nazies?

chick goes home and kid gives her a note from plummer, then we get han going over the german lands and thety take fire

his co pilot gets it and he ditches his drivbers seat to go in trhe bacvk and the other guy got it

he and plummer i think, jumop out and parachute as the plane blows

so now they're in tthe woods and walk on and plummer calls him LEFFtrennent as the brits are too devolved to sayLUTENINT

plummers leg f;d out and he don;'t know north from south and the han solo goes with him

chick gets a call saying the jet got iced and she tells her kid

then its day and han and plum goe to this town w/o people, but some germans come in and start b0nning or something, until 1 capos the other

the chickj is french and probably the bad guy, and she nearly wastes plummer but han tallksher outta it

han jacks her clothers and i think frenchie seduces germans and kills em like some kind of secks daemon

they take the murdered germands car and and han dont know german so plum sez not to talk to anyone

plum sez to ditch his amewrican smokes and lighter  and pilmer sez the guy he was training to do the mission was cr-ppy so he went

they go to German owned france, as the french were kinda cr-ppy toi the Germans in the Bros Grimm era

threy go in and find the Germans have a new safe woith a combo lock anbnd he cant open t

chick asks the giv whats up with her man and they say they dont know

so plummer goes in and giuves papers saying to get something and the guy there sez he needs authoriuzation

btw this movie shows the swastika flag and zee hewil, siomething modern day moviesqueer out OF AS THEY DN'T WANNA "OFFEND" ANYONE

EVEN THOUGH THOSE WHO WERE OFFENDEDWERE BORN DECASDES AFTER THE NAZIES WERE BEAT, what next? worrying about the viet kong? or imperiall jjapan?

so when a soldier opens the safe, the plum and the hAN BEAT OUT THE GUYS And han gakes 1 to have a smoke in his mouth despite him floppiung around and being out kold

plum takes photoes and they leave but as the gate opens, the germans who went in find the guy was out kold and the alarm goes off

han and pplum fight their way out and drive in a car chase with a motoircycle and sidecar with gunner thrpough the dark french streets

they bust througfha gate and all these barels fall and block the thing

chick goes to see the gov and they say han is taking care of him and they cant senbd searchers as it would reveal they sent a guy in

han and plummer gop to the frenchies place and talk about chicvks and plummer sez hans a goode guye

han thinks hes a candya55 bt plummer sez ur brave if ur scared and do it

plummer reveals his womans name and photo and has sees this is the guy weho's wiife hes sediucing

frenbchie  sez theres a resistamnce bridge near and han sees frenchies dad called the germans as in real life, ,many frenchjies were ok wuith nazi rule, like candya55 trudeau ands his oppression

han starts a fire in the barnanbd gets to a german bike but as a gertman is gonna end him, frenchie caps him

plummer and han drive w/o helmets in the woods like star wars diod several years later in ep 06

they clear a jump but a german man bites it and blows apart in a fire bal;l when he dont make da jump

han and plum are on a bridge andtheres a friefight and not omly does plum get it in the back, but the bridge blows and hes hanging

han tries to save him as plum sexz to tell his woman he was brave but hAN SOMEHOW GETS HIM UP AND ACROSS THE BRIDGE AS IT BLOWS ALL OUT

i think plumners butt gets it and then chick gets a phgole call and goes to the hsotilat and sees han is alive and so is plummer

he sez he loves her enough to let her go and she sez she loves him more than anyopne else

he sez think of me when yo drink tyyea and walks off and she goes to her husbands she cheeterd on for tghe whole moview

then we see han going off in the town of france

hay william hootn=kins from valentino and batman was in this

the end

this was pretty good

reminds me of those greta garbo films wher eht main couple dont get it

good moving msuic and feels and its well filmed with good effects and style

its about a guy seducing someone elses woman and a love triangle like in Robotech, but with more b0ning

I liked this one and it told a good story, plus didn't make the brits look like pure and the Germans look unredeemable

and it showed that the french were bad

For Hanover Street  2 I want iut to be in the late 50s and the new daughter of the chick doesn't fit in with her fam and one day, finds that her mom was b0ning harrison ford, so she tthinks he might be her real dad, so she goes to 19560s America to find him to find out, but America is a clean safe sane place as its the 50s, but the commies are trying to take over and going to infect the peiople with a prototype of aids that will devolve the brains and make em think b0ning and drugs are cool, So she has to work against them and find clues to find Harrison, Also its an 8 bit Text and action game like Phantasy Star Adventure on Srga Master System and Game Gear, Nes and Game Boy, tG16, Atari Lyn and 7800 where you play as the chick and follow the clues and have turbn based battles aagainst hippies who devolved into subhuman abominations from the side effects of the drugs

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