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Santa Fe Review

 Note: I spell like Santa from Dragon Pink

Santa Fe

Tis is my review on Santa Fe from the duistant future year (To Ben Franklin) of 1951 (50 years b4 Apocalypse Zero said the earth would be f'sd by quakes, annd the live actioon Riki-Oh Movie)

Its dirctakl by Irving Pichel who did The Most Dangerous Game/the 30s She/The Great Rupert

It stars Randolph Scott from Dynamite in 29/The Last of the Mohicans in 36/Jesse James/Abilene Town/Thunder Over the Plains/Captain Kidd/Seven Men From Now, Warner Anderson from Blackboard Jungle, Roy Roberts from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Billy House from A Tale of Two Cities/Bedlam/Touch of Evil, Olin Howland from the 30s Little Women /Treasure IslAND/A Star Is Born/Boy Slaves/ the 40s Two-Faced Woman/Angel And The Badman/Little Women/A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court/ The 50s Them/A Star Is Born/The Blob, abnd most of the cast I never heard of

Its based on a novel by James Vance Marshall who's real nane is Donald Gordon Payne who did nothing I heard of

I never saw this b4 but its 87 mins so Grit will add a half hour of adds

So after logo and title we get credits and its in color but not super vivid and in proper fullscreen

then a quote from lincon and his statue and saying how things were rough for the south after the attack by the deviant unions but some were still mad about the war

4 guys come b on horses and see a mom and kid and i think they are confederates

they go to a bar and soem malcontent yankees mouth off to em and try to make em feel unwelcome for their nationality and the barkeep falseley accuses them us using counterfeit money

they tell off those janye c-ck suckers and the yankees open fire on them, so they defend themselves and send one to h e doubl;e california

they run cuz you gotta have action at the start of a film and its a car chase with 1800s cars; horses a55es

the southerns ditch their horses and jump on a trainand find theres 200 men wanted to work on the railroad

the train is going from sea to sea to link america and its going to Santa Fe

so the ladies go off toi make dinner and they make the guys swrear loyalto to the united states and fight those against it

1 guy recognizes main guy as a southern warrior and he's staying under cover to avoid bigotry against the south

the recognizer wants to help and is high in the comnpany and all but main guy dont wanna let go the damage trhe north did to them

1 guy in the railroad who reminds me of the penguin from batman has plans to make money off yankees in the rail road

that was 11 mins?! that felt like nothing!

so then they are doing wrailroad work and 2 train comic relief guys are comedic for the 50s

all these guys working on the railroad reminds me of blaazing saddles

What in thew wide world of sportsa is a going on around here? I paid you people to getta little track laid! Not dance around like some kansas city faeggitz!

I told that line to my missouri friend and hes like; wait wait? I live in kansas city!

so main guy talks with this chick who's husband got it in the war and shes mad at the south

Then they go on the railroad through kansas ( did not know that was comming) and they are heading for the kansas boarder

main guy i think will be given a new job and its what her husnband would have if he didnt gut wcked by da war

so theres pay comming soon and 1 scum f--k has been spreading gambling to the workers and luring them astray, so maiin guy sends his a55 out

just waste him! he's gonna come back and do it again!

so then some indians come by and fear the iron horse that is the snake i mean train and main guy sez "if ur not araid, you drive it"

the indians take main guy captiuve and the cheef drives, wait, main guy is on the train

he drives up to a crowd who scatters like junkies at a drug bust and the cheef had fun

main guy sez one day they'll name a train after him (in real life they did) and they see hes got bellls on his staff that some guy had at the bar b4

cheef sez its from a guy who gave em booze and said the train was bad

so then main guy goes to a casino or gambling area and saw it was his brother with the bells who was trying to stop the railroad as they gotta get there soon or they lose the land

the owner of the casino night zone confronts main guy and takes a swinbg at him but main guy counters and kicks his candy a55

later main guy and the comic reliefs are out and a snipers is gonna j fk him but theres bells jingling and the sniper is wacked

so they gon on and make the deadline and the workersa getta week off

the comic relief guys platy cards as the fit one claims not to play but in the card game, cheats and swindles him

theres a sandstyorm and they find that its actually 4 miles off and they got not long to get track laid

but as they're outta materials, and the track dont gotta be continuous, they take track bfrin b4 and nove it up

thats like something Yugi would do

so main guy goes to da casino and tells em off for tryiong to f em with the 4 miles thing, then they torch the place

so latter they are, somewhere, i dont know, i wasnt paying attention, i think santa fe and the owner tells em a speech

ait its dosddge city and2 of main guys 3 other brothers got married and wabnt him to come with him but he likes being in the rail road

then we see chick putting away her husbands photo and going for a walk with main guy

so then the train gets robbed, or is it the station, and main guys gonna fire but hears the jingling bells and thinks its his brother

he goes to see his bros and they're eating and have a gun on the table and he accuses them of the train hold up

main guy sez a man was iced in the hold up and even though they didnt fire the shot, they can still do time

he sees his wounded brother in bed whos repentant and don't want a dr as he'd ask queastions

then bat mackral i mean bat masterson comes by and even though 1 of the brothers womean and other brothers dewfend him,  bat arrests the kid brother as a witness saw him and her

also the shot bro got it

so 1 bro left tells main guy how the yankees swindled the south and their dad til he bit it from stress and they were just getting even

so the cops grill kid brother anmd chick sez they got a telegraph saying they gotta make it to the next part or they'll be replaced by another railway being made

now maiin guy has to choose between hiois bro and his job

main guyhas the witnesslook at a guy for a sdec and describe him and hes cr-ppy at it

also he sez he was drinking b4 it (which is why its best to stay sober)

so the kid bro is let off and railroad work contrinues but a snipers fire on them from above

i think 1 is the penduin guy from b4

if the workers had firearms they ciould defend thenselves

a court issues an njunction to stop the rival company from making the passage and turn it over to the santa fe company

so ain guy i think rides off on his horses a55 and changes horses in a jump like in roots b4 his foot got the axe

theres 2 carts by horse pullings going on a run

then its night and main guy goes to saee someone doing a fiddling contest where 2 guys fiddle untiol 1 gives out

the people wont let main guy in tiol the fiddlingsd over and then it is and main guy taLKS to the JapaNESE owner about selling his road to Santa Fe raiolroad for 50 000 $

japanese looking huy sez he made the money to get this road by beringing sheep to hhungry miners andcarved it by his own hand, bnut accepts the offer

the people in the place are gonna woerk on the raIL ROAD and then the cards of people come overb like its a mad mad mAD MADF world and the owner sees that the snipwers were send to hold em up until main guy could get to the guy to buy his land

he realizes its over but its the people who really win as the rail roasd will help other

ib the real version hre probably stuffed hisd a55 with dinmo might and jumped on the rail road and blew it to h-ll i mean h e doubleww soviewt calfoprbnia

so main guy sees chick who shows a wanted poster w/o a photo and he says it was self defence and she believes him

i kinda forgoty about that thing with the yankees 80 mins ago

so Santa Fe is riunning outta dough and the workers want money, which wouldnt be an issue if they used slaves

chock sez they'll get paid and main guysez the money will be here in the AM

but it turns out the thing is a trap card aND THE train has 20 of bat mackral's best

chick shows the head guy the wanted poster abnd he is mad at her but she sez hes full of hate like she was but she got over it

so main guy goes to warn his bros that the train is a trap card and if they dont go, he'd go back to the american state of virginia with em

then this bad guy comes out and black males them into going to jack the dodge city place with the money as bATR MACKREL's guys are out ot he'd tell the railroad main guy is their bro

main guy goes to write a letter but the bros jack the safe and get wells fargo cr-p andhe hears

main guy goes to their place and bros gfd tells him where they went as she didn't wanna be on the lamb her life

bat comes in and is gonna arrest main guy but gf tells em the situation and main guy wants to prevent anyone from getting wacked like Yuma in Zexal

so the bros and bad guuy are at the train station to flee and the telegraph is saying something so they tie him up

its clearly day but tinted to fake being not

1 bro ants his gf but the other guy sez its not good to bring a chick

then who will tney b0ne?!

a gunfight breaks out and main guy tells em to come peacefully and they;'ll get a FAIR TRIAL

bad guy caps 1 bro for mouthing off to him and as the train is comming in, the bads are gonna go but the last bro dont wanna

tnbey take his guhn and get on the train but main guy gebts on too

mmain guy fights a guuy on the train, which is kinda like star trek, and main guy falls off the train but gets back on

he has bad guy at gunpoint but bad guuy pulls a knife and they fight so main gujy pistolwhips him and he falls down a slight incline oin a dirt hill

well thats not gonna kill him

so main guy caps the head bad guy and then the trtain makes it to the santa fe mew mexico

wasnt 1 mexico bad enough? what next? new england?!

so the rich elites celebrate how the railroad made it and the head guy who hated the south said its not only him, but others who worked for him

the comic relif guys have 1 last scene mentioning main guy doing something i didnt hear

head of the thing says the trains will be bigger and faster, as seen in japan with mag lev trains, and it will continue

the end

That was pretty good

a bit hard to follow at times but not boring

sorta like a 30s movie but more modernish

good acting and msuic

good style and effort

randolph was good in it

i think i prefered Seven Men To i mena From Now was better but this wasn't badkinda like final fight to streets of rage

it tells a good story and has a few good clever moments

its worth a watch

Its got good flow and don't drag

For Santa Fe 2 I want the guy the main guy beat off the train and rolled down the hill to come back after being saved by jackalope people and treated by their black arts, he leasds an attck on the railroad and they eat the people on the trains, so the main guy from the last movie has to come back and take him on, and he uses a new suit of armor made by edison to fight them, also its aa 16 bit game like e eswat on Sega buyt for Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBa where you go through these underground cuities and bases to fight the jackalope peopole, no, make that prarie dog people, yeah thats better, and you gpotta fight em and the guy friom the 1st movie who's been devolved into some kinda squid creature as a boss weho you fight several times but he devolves more each encounter

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