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Scalplock Review

 Note I sdpell scalpalicious


This is my review on Scalplock from the distanbt fduture year (To Zee Kaiser) of 1966 (40 years before American Transformers season 03)

It stars Dal;e Robertson from Tales of Wells Fargo, james doohan from star trek, and no one else i recognize

its directal by James Goldstone who did 2 eps of star trek

this was a tv movie that was a pilor for the 60s show Iron Horse

also theres like no infor for this online, its not even on wikipedia

I never saw this b4 but its giving on Grit todday

so it starts with a train going on a thing to msuic and then theres a poker game where this dark haired guy is winning and the irishman hes facing bets ownershjipm in his railroad to counter it

dark hair bets it all and wins and laughs like a nut

so he goes to the telegraph offuice and tells them hes coming, and sends another message to president grant

also this is in proper fullscreen and is 60s colored

the irish is busted up by a guy who wanted the railroad, an englishman, and wants to take him out

masin guy with dark hair celebrates and lives it up buying high end cr-p

he wants a private car for hhis train thing but hears it can take like 6 months, which would be less if non union as they dont laze about on their endless breaks

main guiy goes into a private car and finds a chick who sez it belongs to another guy and shes blondde and in undies and shows her armpits

the other guy, standish, is in the union paccific and he tells the scot there that standish is his olde friemnde

he bribes the scot 10 000 % to change the title of the car to him and this tanned guy sez if scot don't, he'd get scalped and gutted

he is coerced into doing it and main guy keeeps sending messages to the prez who isn''t responding, and its not like hes senile like some irishmen in charge

main guy gets over 20 books on railway cr--p and plans on opening up the country with da railroad

imagine if he made The Gustav like in WW2 and battled using this building sized tank?

a guy brings him a messege from grant as he leaves and her throws moneyu out for them

is this where rodneyy dangerfiend got it from in bacl tio school?

so tthen standish and the brit are thewre and brit wants to takke main guys scalp

so later main guy wants the blonde to cook but the younger guy is a skilled cook and can write well and wanted to build the railroasd

he nade dinner and chick wantsto learrn to cook and they stop to change traCKS OR SOMETHING And main guy flirtswirth blonde and mayube b00nes her on a moving train,, likepeople b0ning in jets a mile up

we''re half anm hour in already? wow, that felt like nothing

so he is gonna make 130 miles of railroad and goes in to smooch her and i huess they d0ned

they get to the part where the track ends and the workers stopped working as they weren't paid for a 1 month aand need 500 000 $ to get to work

turns out the railrooad is low on dough as is main guy and they're f'd now

he gives a speech and gewts em to be paid in stock and they'll work for him

this religious guy and abnotherr guy think hes not doing well but he sez he plans to get the railreoad built even if hes outta dough

the other guy agrtrees to work but the religious guy dont like it and wants toi get him on the right ppath

so later main guy wants to get started on work and they do, then its raining and main guy goes to town

in this storre he meets a woman who runs a store and wants her business for the railrtoad

so main guy goes to a bar and a big tall guy wants money he sez hes owned and main guy slugs him

big guy gets upo and they fight and big guy is suiper strong as hes a few inches taller than main guy

i guess hes part sasquatch

sop main guiy kicks his a55 AND HE TELLS THEM HE'S STANDISH'S BUDDY ANDTHEY AGREE TOO HELP HIM as he said the union pacific is on his side

then he fflirts with woman but she dont consent

so hhe gets back and englishman comes by sayying he owns the railroad and offers him a lot of money to buy the railroad

he looked into main guy and saw hes a drifter and gambler but main guy believes in his dream and skill to make da railroad

he meeets a gguy who dont know english andis bask and is loyaL

chick meets woman and is kinda bummed andenglishman asks if shes giving credit to him

she sez she requires money and main guy tries to win her back and it works as he promices more later

maiin guy sez hes gonna make the railroad any way he can and nnot to let anyone coerce her into making choices

maiin guy owes the workers money and sez hes going for a bank loan

so the workers work and talk on if main guy can pay em

at night main guy come by with the bucks and its in paper and gold

but then a guy with a wood hook caTCHES a guy and throws a towel over his head and takes the money

main guy sez he's gonna get more money and these sheep guys come by saying how the town hates em cuz a sheep hook was used and they think the sheeple did it

a fight breaks out aND its kinda cr-ppy at times

word is out that the bridge they made is cr-ppy and the mainbb guy and workers run a train over it

it works as this isnt that buster keaton movie where the train f's out the bridge as it goos oover

the train comes in to town and is celebrated as theres a connection to the town of scalplock

so later englishman is gonna take the railroad from in in court and woman comes by blonde and main guy in blonbdes room where blonde is kind of a 5kank

he goes out of the room and smooches woman and i guess its like sailor moon when mina dasted 2 guys at once

the judge is comming in and main guy wants to stall and come in late anmd the teen who cooks be;liueves in him

he goes on about how hes becoming a self made man and had \no fam growing up and looks up to main guy and he wants to help so he can do something as a man later

this makes maiin guy go to the trial not late and at there; he's charged wioth not paying debts and the englisdhman wants to take the railroad to equal it

main guy sez he will pay but was busy makinmg the rail road and copurt takes a recvess

standish comes by and main guy offers to team up with him anmd english wants it

english offer an a55 load of money and i think main guy asks for more and englishman cant pay so he walks off

main guy walks on and the tanned guy sez hes heading for the moutyains and gives him chasmpain

as trial is gonna go on and religious guy offers to buty some stock and believes in him foe doing so well so far

the judge gives main guy the rail road and i think he agreed to sell it to standish

he goes to giver a speecvh and sez hes gonna build the rail road and jusge, who works for standish, sez; thats not what ur spupposed to say

in his trailer; standish sez now its a high stakes poker game and now hes gonna do his best to end him

so now its more railroad being made and blonde goes off to be standish's woman and main guy smooches her as she goes

main guy goes to woman and they talk abouty how blonde is done and they go to his cabin and invites her for a dance and a walk and she sez she'd rather make love

then they make out and the track blows for a few seconds like sovierrt sodfom and gomorrah and i think that means they b0ned

the end

That was pretty good

nice story and hope

Shows American Spirit and confidence and hope

Its cool and the main guy is Charismatic and fun

The characters stand out and have personality and defining traits

Overall its well made and I liked it

I never saw the show its a thing of but this movie was fun and mostly clean

Its got good flow and doesn't drag asnd goes by at a good rate

For SCalplock 2 I want it to be years later and the main guy has made a contract with the miulitary to ise his tracks for a buildingf sized rail cannon tank that caN tAKE out targets from miles away, Also the engkishman has revealed himself to be an agentb of the brits and was trying to get the railroad to sabotage it, Also the brits have regained control of xcanada and are gonna try to use it to take over America, and the raul cannon is Americas secret thing to take em out. Also its a 32/64 bit on rails gallewry shoo ting game for Pl;aystation, Sega Saturn, N64 and 3D0 where you play as the rail cannon and take on big brit mechs made of steampunk metal and somew are madde of canadians surgically combined into 1 huge body and shocked with electricxity to make them move in unison and you gotta face these abominations and get em in the key points to blow em apart

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