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Overland Pacific Review

 Note; i spell atlantic

overland pacific

this is my review on Overland Pacific from 1954 (30 years beforew transformers season 01)

its directal my dward Small who duid the 3-s The Count of Monte Cristo/the 30s The Last of the Mohicans / propduced the 30s The Man in the Iron wait, these are ones he produced! Mask/

Its directed by Fred F. Sears who did The Giant Claw/Earth vs. the Flying Saucers/Teen-Age Crime Wave

it stars Jock Mahoney from Santa Fe/Joe Dakota/Bandolero!, William Bishop but not billy bishop the canadian sww1 flying ace, Chubby Johnson from the gayest p0rn0, jk from 7 Faces of Dr. Lao/The First Texan/Calamity Jane/Abilene Town, Walter Sande from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (But not the remake Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  and gets b0ned dead by a horse) Sergeant York/Apache/Bad Day at Black Rock, House Peters Jr. who was Mr Clean in the past, and was in The Day the Earth Stood Still/The Red Badge of Courage/Rebel Without a Cause/Black Patch/The Twilight Zone, Fred Graham from the 30s Mutiny on the Bounty/ the 30s Romeo and Juliet/Adventures of Don Juan/Tulsa/Samson and Delilah/the 50s Angels in the Outfield/the 50s wwar of the worlds/ the 50s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea/ Rear Window/Seven Men From Now/The Giant Gila Monster/The Alamo and a buncha 1900s guuys i never heard of b4

its only 73 mins lonhg so on Grit they'll add almost an hour of adds

i never saw this b4 but its on and in wanna vreview something

wait, it gfoes from 8 to 9 30? thats good

so after title and credits its  after the civil war and theres a railroad comming but Whites fought other Wjhites over it

btw its in dull cvolor and proper fullscreen

a guy and some chick are in a cart and guy is prsacticing his telegrap[h and the chick dont like it

theres a smoking sherrif who stinks up the place with his death stench

so the cart stops and they see a guuy with an arrow in his back on a pole and main guy wants t him down

the cart drivers dont wanna as theres no room and main guy cuts down the whiskey for room for the body to takje back to town

whiskey killed more people that homophobia and raP MUSIC

so they go on and the body falls off and they continue on

so at town they find the body is gone and main ghuy fights the driver

after the fight he meets an olde friende frome the ware and his woman is the boss of the main guys daughter

so friend i think owned the whuiskey barrels and he sends the guys to go back and get em and the body

alos main guy is named grander like tyson in beyblade

an undertaker chats with main guy and then we getta salloon anbd main guy charts with i mean chats with freunbed and his woman

dad comes in and is p-ssed that his daughter is in a salloon and gambling house and friend sez hes willing to give up the salloon and gambling and be a farmer

dad thinks you cant sdtop gambling but as his kid likes him, he cant be all bad

aldso he meets main guy granger whos not afraid of commanchees

the workers are thinking of quitting and dad goes out to the salloon as the gf and friend and main guy were in the clean room

main guy is in da salloon and has a booze and chats with a 5kank, wait, she was on the cart with him

so the railroad camp guys are making the railroad instead of prancing around lkike a bunch of kansas city f=gg-ts

then the commanchee attack and elsewhere the main guy and friend and gf wait its dad not friend, wonder whats with all the sabotage and how its probably not all comanchee

they go to thge gunshots and the workers are thiunking of quitting as the comanchee have repeating rfiufles and they lost a few guys now

main guy tleeltgraphs a message and bf chats with a guy about the railroad is gonna cost him money and they might have to change paths

a  bodyguard of the other guy comes in and bf sez after the last raid the dad might make a detour

later bf tries to get dad tyo change the direction fo the railroad as he's laying track over a comanchee hunting fround

dad sez this is the best place as in spring the guilleys ovberflow and they'd have to replace the tracks

dad dont care about going to oaktown as he had to pop a cop who didnt; give him his props there

bf tries to pay dad to change his path but dad knows bf is into evil

bf sez he don't do the indians as they are independant but when dad accuses him of giving the comanchees rifles, the body guard i thiunk wastes dad

later gf and main guy chat about where dad is and how the hoytel is fuill of bodies and i guess it stinks from the decay and bloating of microbes in the tract expanding it and relasing foul gas in bursts

she ta;lks about how she fell for bf and then they see bf btringing in the dads bopdy

after a Priest rreads from The bbile for a service for him, wait, we're only half an hour in? i thought it was more

so the main guy, bf and gf go back to town and the guys getta drink

bf gives the sherrif a drink and the undertaker says the dad was iced by a White Man as commanchee dont used psitols

lots of guys wanted him out and to take over the railroad and the barkeep says to sherrif that the tleegrapher isnt a real terlegrapher

so then main guy granger goes to his room and the 5kank is there and tries to seduce him but he don't consent as he's over her from b0ning in the past

as he's got into her, she insults  him, but tells him to forget the gf anmd go to the herd but he sez the only thing in a herd is cows

well, some guys like fat or beefy women

so bf comes to the commanchee who are sick of him and his promises but he sez they are winning and is giving them new weapons to drive the Whiter Man from his home

but if Americans don't want gaijin coming to their area, THEY are the "bad" guys

also; the minortites being sent to attack on behalf of a rich elite coirrupt White guy to fight his fellow whites? kinda, yeah

main guy talks with gf about how the railroad is her dads legacy and the people on the trains comming will be cuz of him

gf rides out and meets bf and sez she wants to go someewhere and is gonna go alone but he tries to turn her from it

later main guy talks with sherruif and is revealed to be a railway agent

i got soul but i'm not a soldier, i got aids but i;'m not an agent

so sherruf says the rifles are sent in whiskey barrels and i guess it was bfd not dad who owned it

sherrif, played by chubby johnson, i assume the dad of magic johnson, shows whewre the commanchi get rifles and is gonna have a smoke but main guy dont wanna let him

then a smniper picks off main guy in the chest witha  blood squib pack to show blood

he's not dead as hes ther main guy and ytoughs out the guinshot like hes teddy rosevelt

sherrif fires on main guy and misses and sneaks around

sniper sez to give up and not dioe for the railway and main guy sees sherrif sneaking around

main guy throws his gun like 2 feet and surrennders and when the snioper comes to get it, main guy kicks him out and they fight

after busting in the guys head woith a rifle handle, sherruf coomes by and has main guy at gunpoint like a steven segal movie

he spits in the sherrufs eye and as he recoils, he choips his throadt and breaks his windpipe and kills him

jk really he reasons with him and says he can't live with the guilt and its  not coool to cap an unarmed man

yeah but you dont need a weapon to kill someone, in jauil peopel get beat dead all the time

in an age of technology, the deadliest weapon, is the human body

so sherrif offscrfeen brings main guy over to the salloon and gets a dr to treat his chest hole

imagine if he blew off his nips?

so gf and 5kank arer there and main guy tells them that bf iced gfs dad

bf came in and main guy puills a gun on him and sez he knows hes ppgave the indians guns but 5kank says that dont add up

main guy says how bf is doing this to somehow get money from the railroad and movcing it or something, i wasn't listening i dont know

they go to see the bf's whiskey barrels and as he checks em, gf sez shes not into bf

main guy finds only whiskey and beer or beerus and whis and he checks on sherrif and hes iced

i think he ate his gun, or maybe it was a hit like mary lin mon ro e and r fk

so gf later tells the people workingg on the railroad to do it for the future and live her dads dream

a new guy called perkins sez he was given command by the company and is going another way through oak town and is gonna rip out the tracks

so later in the salloon is bf saying he got a bonus and is gonna need to guive a kcikback and 1 guy comes in saying oaktown is getting a railroad

then says how bf is gonna call off the commanchees and 5kank hears and runs off and knows everything main guy said of him wa strue

he tries to make out with her and win her back but shes done with him even though she used to love him but knew deep inside he was filth

she pulls out a deringer and b,ows off his man thing in a spray of red and white and he screams as blood firehoses out of where his b0ner was

jk really she sez she s gonna turn him in and he caps her offscreen like the qween and diaaina

vf goes out and piano player goos in and sees 5kank biting it fromher bullet hole as shes not teddy rosebevlt and  tells him to tell main guy that perkins works fdor vf

and then, she died, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

so main guy talks with bf and sez if he had daughters, he'd chauin em in the celler til they were 30

like in those african fat huts where they feed em to enbiggen them for marriage to tall skinny guys into 500lb women?

so bf goes to meet the indians with guys and says he wants more people with him to share the blame if caught

the indians let bf in and sez to the leader that the railroad is going off and the indians dont care and the hiill where his son is buried is issued or something and the indians go to kill the Whitres for their Race

they attack the railroad and theres a gunfight with smoke like in birth of a nation with the battle field covered toio look bigger

gf and main guy are there and she wants top stay with him and help em right ike calamity jane or jun hono from violence jack

the indians use fire arrrows like in zelda and main guy uses dino might toi go mad bull 34 on em

if this were done today it would make the americans look bad and show the indians and their horses blowing apart in splattery bursts of chef boy ar dee guts

bf fights the indian head and in the fight shanks the leader and gets off but is capped by an indian

so the White man drives off the indians and vbf isnt dead yet and fires on main guy and misses as he's got a Guardian angel

main guy follows but vf tries to j fk him but then comes out to face main guy

bvf fires but f'd up so main guy takes him out in 1 shot and sends him to h e double soviet california

so main guy goes off with the girl and they still have the indians who wanna stop the railroad and they never  resolved it

the end

that was pretty good

went by at a good rate, didnt drage and had some flow

good acting and effects and story

good characters and twists

itys well made and holds up

for Overland Pacific 2 I want it to be about the indians being driven off so they summon a cryptid like sasquatch but with scorpion claws and tail and it helps them fight the White Man, so the main guy has to use a new steam suit to fight it that's runs on holy Water for Steam so it can fight the daemonic cryptid. Its also a game like ESwat on Sega Genesis but is a 16 bit one for for Sega Genesis, SNES, TG16 Atari Jaguar and GBA where you play as the main guy in a power suit and you got only a limit of holy Water to beat the scorpionsquatch and its 20 feet tall and so it your suit.

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