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I Want To Live Review

note; this story is fake
I want to live
this is my review on I want to live (60s ver)
it starts with text saying its a true story
then credits to smooth jazz
I actually looked it up
spoiler; she did it
in the true version
so its directed by Robert wise
then we see a tilted angle widescreen black/white thing of people in a club
its like if a bucket of blood had a budget
very pre hippy 60s
some dude and chick leave the club
upstairs is a wild chick in a hotel with a guy
I assume they just b0ned
a cop busts em for taking a girl across state lines for immoral cr-p
but she sez she was gonna pay for the hotel room
so only she does time
we then see pix of her in jail then on vacation
shes kind of a party 5kank
this sailor shes making out with wants to spend a weekend with her
she sez hes too young
some guys wanna use her as an alibi
she partys with guys and somehow gets a year in jail and 5 years probation
btw I'm trying to write this with my fat gf bugging me about cr-p on skype and some dink I know b--ching about some nerd who p-ssed him off
soe starts hanging out with some crooks
and shes the getta way driver
later she wants to get married and leave the crime
them shes married and has a kid but her husband is a junkie or something
hes a gambling addict
hes on a tirade and she assaults him with a slap
so he returns the favor
she threw the 1st punch
she escalated it
answering words with a fist aint kosher
she tells him off and I think he ditches em
later she's writing bad checks and needs cash
she calls her crime homies
she winds up living with crooks and the cops are after em
she wants to go off with a crook and leave her kid with the grandma
later the main chick and the crooks are on a bus and the cops follow
good music
btw they are in Lynnwood
where weird al yankovic is from
later b4 the chick returns home a radio sez someone got iced days ago
and they picked up a suspec
wait, the crooks wernt on her bust
she comes in and the cops cut the power and turn on the spotlights
da cops followed her
they call the names 1 at a time and the crooks walk out
1 guy beats up the main chick
she cleans up b4 going out cuz u gotta look good for the cops
and she takes a long time too
women always take too long to do stuff
she makes a face and holds a stuffed animal for a newspaper picture
the cops interrogate her
she gets sassy with da cops
when they offer her a deal she turns it down
oh and she sez she dong do drugs but her husband does
they check her clothes and give her a shower
they also check er naked bod in the shower
but we don't see her t-ts
she's a real smarta55 the whole time
then shes in prison
hope they don't turn her
she finds out shes charged with murder and goes mental
btw her victim was in Burbank
that's where slappy and skippy squirrel from animaniacs live
later main chick has a visit from a nice girl she knows
she  but turned good
later she b--ches about hating her lawyer and wants a public defender
he tries to help cover the hole in her story
is this a... WOMEN IN PRISON MOVIE?!!?
this might go female convict scorpion
so she has no alibi
some blonde sez she can get her a fake alibi for cash
if this were made today she'd be b0ning dat blonde
she consents to the fake alibi and meets with the faker
they make a story of being at a hotel together
she admits to being with the homies to get the alibi to help her
as he needs to know where she really was
only the movie tries to make her look innocent
then theres the trial
the homies say the main chick was the one who pistol whipped the geezer they iced
one of em was made a deal to get off to testify against his homies
later she finds her kid is waking
she tells off da press with attitude like a 90ds mascot
then the alibi comes in and reveals he was a double agent
her lawyer wants to quit
but isn't allowed
like in Yugioh how u cant surrender on ur opponents turn
so if they attack with a card that if it beats them, you win the match, they cant do sh-t
so things fall apart for her and her story crumbles
she was home with her husband but he was out and her kid is 1
she sez as she couldn't prove where she was, she needed fake proof
the lawyer also says she was convicted of perjury b4
that's the end of her
give her the gas
or the chair
or guillotine
or just use a big a55 microwave
ahhhhhhhh! bloom!
we get a newspaper montage of how things go
they are found guilty
she freaks out on prison and swears like shadow the hedgehog (H and D only) when finding out she might get da gas
then she is sentenced
she gets the gas
in front of the press she makes b--chy comments at the people who convicted her a55
they could end this right now with her getting the chair
but it goes on for another hour almost
she goes to another womens prison
what she could do is bang her head on the wall to get brain damage
they cant execute anyone unwell
so she dances around in a lingerie or nightgown or w/e
but the guards say its too hot for their prison
main chick sez theres not a guy for miles
she doesn't know about the chicks who go prison gay
that happened in cutey honey btw
theres no boys here so we just kiss eachother
so shes given an ink blot test
the tests show shes amoral and a liar
so... a liberal??
the dr sez shes innocent
but her homies wont save her for some reason
and the evidence of what hand the pistol whipper used cant be used to appeal as it was available in the 1st trial
and theres not enough money for a investigation
maybe if they didn't blow it on failed social programs or public sector unions theyd have some cash left
so they try to appeal and she gives interviews with mags
but the appeal is denied and shes getting the gas
she goes mental
also they're fixing her teeth
she's going to h-ll in a few weeks anyway
its like painting a car ur gonna junk
later she wakes up screaming
later she sees her kid again
they try to make her look like a good mom with over the top cr-p;
she breaks down again and sez its better to get da gas as being alive will cause him harm somehow
but she gets a stay on her execution as the supreme court is taking a look at it
good luck. they hardly ever get anything right
esp in soviet Canada
oh and some guy trying to help her get appeals bites it
and the supreme court denied her appeal
and her son accidentally cooked himself in the oven
ok that last ones fake
but it might as well be
but the courts or governor might save her
shes taken to jail and is b--chy to the people there
so they gotta give her a cavity search to make sure she doesn't try to kill herself b4 she's executed
yeah, that makes sense
but she gets b--chy about it
then the people set up the gas chamber
I don see why they gotta use chemicals
just get a samurai sword
or a sledge hammer
its cheaper and less painful
now they use poison
expensive poison
she sez she wants to come face to face with the one person who knows she innocent
the chick she iced
yeah like she's going to heaven
its like saying oj simpson will meet the guys he iced in heaven after he bites it
she hears her boy is getting a good home and freaks out
what a b--ch
she goes mental for no reason often
the lawyer sez the kids staying with the grandma
and he gave a thing to the judge
she b--ches at him about not wanting him to beg for her life
so much for the title of this film
she chats with a nurse about husbands
and sez she left hers cuz he was up for vice presidency of a bank and they consider the wife in those things
wasn't he a junkie?
so they gon gas her soon
and her homies wont say it wasn't her
spoiler; in the real version its cuz she did it
but here they are just d-cks
so she gets a delay in her gassing
but its cancelled like the next scene
so she gets dolled up to look good for the gas chamber
and gives the toy stuffed thing to her nurse
that's her kids toy
she gave it away without his consent
they she gets in as stethoscope vest
shes about to get gassed when they get another delay
this is like a bad modern game with every time you are about to do something, text or a cutscene pops up and you cant skip it
so the delay is cancelled or w/e
she wants a mask so she wont see anyone
so the nurse gives her a sleep mask
then they show each step in how she gets gassed
I hummed the dbz theme they play when someone bites it as she got gassed(ginyu transformation)
afterward this lawyer(she had a different lawyer after the trial) gets a letter from the chick saying thanks
he drives off to smooth jazz
and text sez its a factual story
spoiler; 300 was a "factual story" too
it just f'd everything around
the end
that was actually a well made movie
It tells a fake true story but it does it well
I like the music, the camera and the style
Robert wise did well on this
even if its slanted to make executing killers look bad
in Canada they don't execute killers
just the sick and unborn
for I want to live 2 I want those who think the chick was innocent to start a big riot and start tearing apart the city. its a h-llish time of people b0ning and killing eachother and pulling their victims apart to eat their organs. the cops cant stop em as theres too many maniacs and ditch the city. so its up to the citizens to take back their city by splattering everyone against em. its also a up to 4 player sega genesis, super Nintendo, Atari jaguar and Gameboy advance beat em up game where you play as concerned citizens who fight their way through the malcontents and splatter em with sledge hammers and samurai swords.

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