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The Grapes Of Wrath Review

note; if I wrote the book it would have typoes. like this
the grapes of wrath
this is my review on da graepd of warh (40s ver)
its got henry foonda who was in the swarm (the one with bees nuking cities)
its based on a book by john Steinbeck who did easty of ecden and of mice and men
both those were based on actual events
I read mice and men in high school
ooh, its by john ford
he's good
it starts with names in front of a pictuire of a tree for credits
this guy tries hitch hiking on A GUY with a delivery job
but no passengers allowed
yet the driver breaks the rule
they talk and its revealed the hitch hiker was in jail for years
whjat was his crime?
oh f!
hes a killer!!
I thought it had to do with b0ning
hes dropped off at a farm
he walks by a guy who its revealed baptized him
he was a riest but lost his way
too bad
he did crazy things in service like hanging off a barn
what kinda church does that?!
he rambles on about maybe there being no sin or virtue but only tastes
that's what the fat gay guy said in Spartacus while taking a bath with tony Curtis
the killer sez he was in a barfight and the guy shanked him so he smashed his head to mush with a shovel
but it was self defence so he got 7 years
shouldnt he be aquitted?
I mean he was defending himself
maybe the knifer was a protected or superior group and there was a hate crime enhancement
so ex priest and killer return to killers rents home and its empty
theyre stuff is there though
I assume a sasquatch or space demon got em
didn't THEM start like this?
a ex farm hand comes by saying they went to California
there was some natural weather thing that iced the crops
cant be global warming
this is da 30s
plus global warming is fake lol
so after the land bit it the bank that owns the land cant afford to keep paying the people working on it
so they're replacing them and bootin em out
why does the bank own their land?!
are they renting it?
why don't they own their own homes?!
are they gaijin?!
so the farm hand goes on a tirade about how owning property legally with a deed isnt right
and how existing on land makes it yours somehow
spoiler; that's not how it works
so if I go to school and sit at the same desk every day that makes it mine?
so then the bank sends catterpiller machines to bust the property to get the squatters off'
he tries to cap one but is talked outta it by a guy with a job on the caterpillar machine
gonna take a mans life for inanimate land?
this guys f'd!
so his fam ditched him and now he haunts the place he used to live
then the super intendant comes by and they leave cuz its bank land and they trespassing
they hide in the plants as farm guy nailed a guy wIth A fence stake once and they don't want that again
later a fam talks about the paradice of being a california orange picker
spoiler; its not so great according to known liar morgan spurlock
bt you cant rust him so maybe its good
killer comes by the fam and its his fam
his mom asks if they hurt him and made him mean in jail
I think that's the 40s way of asking if he was b0ned
don't drop the soap tommy!
then more friends come by and this girl who was a kid when he went to jail is now married and pregnant
then a car comes by and what looks like mr potter rom its a wonderful life is driving with a cigar
he tells em to be out by tomorrow
so they reveal later they saved some cash
later this manly woman burns things to sad music
then the fam gets ready to drive off
they can afford a car
but what about gas?
and repairs?
and insurance?
and other cr-p?
this is why I don't drive
so grampa wants to stay even though the place is going up soon
he goes mental about not wanting to go to California
so they get him drunk with soothing syrup
I assume that's slang for narcotix
after hes OD'd they gon leave and another guy comes along
so many people traveling together
its like shining force
later along the way grandpa bits it
they bury him and leave a note in a jar saying who it is
later theyre stopped at some place on the road to California
an ex store owner sez the orange picker job has 800 openings and 20 000 have seen it
his fam bit it from hunger when he hunted for work like the main guys are doing here
later the fam is driving and stop by a drive stop
a guy asks for bread for free but a blonde sez no
but the owner sez yes
they wanna buy 10 cents of the 15 cent loaf
they get it all free
he buys the kids candy sticks; 2 for a penny
but its really a nickle each
2 guys leave their change for the store to help em
I can see as a jab at government mandated minimum wage laws
as paying higher keeps poors out
later they're driving and go by Arizona
they reach california
man we're an hour in and it felt like nothing
later theyre in California water (ewwwwwwwwwww!!!) and swimming
might as well be swimming in medical waste
later they are at a gas station and the gas man is amazed they made it across the desert in their cr-pmobile
I think theyre going across the desert
the kids wanna see human skeletons in the desert
those were humans like u!
freekin monsters
they gon grow up to be serial killers
later they get to an inspection to keep seeds out of calidfora
they say grama is sick and the guards take pity on them
nowadays people on airplanes get mo les ted by security despite begging and good reasons not to be cavity searched
later they get to soviet California and its rich and green
in real life its got serious water and crime problems
they care too much about criminals rights
we need judge dredd to shred some candy a55!
oh and grandma bit it
they get to town and meet a cop also from Oklahoma
they ran outta gas and push the car
they want work... ANY kind
thart sounds like they'll do p0rn0
and theres no work anymore
and they gotta be off the streets by sundown or its jail
holy cr-p caloifornia used to have law and order!
now its gangs and drugs and aids and purvurts
so the fam gets to a camp and its full of poors and has cr-ppy food
later a business owner wants workers
the poors state demands about how the owner can run his business
one malcontent starts b--ching and trying to turn the people against him
a cop tries to take him in on suspicion for being a car breaker in-er
but in the scuffle the cop is hit and a gun goes off and iced some b--ch
killer books it to avoid going back to jail for parole violation and another guy confesses to the crime
later word has it the camps gonna get burned down
main guy wants to get his fam out on this rumor alone
later people are driving out
the fam stops by a place for work
but the work is full and they don't want any Oklahoma people around
California hates white people?!
I blame the liberals
later the car pops a tire
and the fams running low on food and grease
and the girls gonnna poop out a baby
but a guy driving by sez theres work nearby
they go there and there cops there
they get directed to a place for work
a guy gets their stats and sez they get 5 cents a box of picked peaches
no bruised fruit
a guy gets his name and car liscence plate
they try to make getting basic info for work look like a bad thing
later they bought food with their pay
killer goes for a walk but isn't allowed by a guard
I think this is a thing on unions
you gotta pay em to belong and they have strict rules that keep u enslaved to their way
then he meets a guy he knows
turns out theyre a striking union
they use their "living wage" propaganda to try to seduce him
he sez tonight they had good food from their job
oh the union commie was the priest
and the cops are gonna bust his a55
the commies run as the cops are near but the cops get him
one busts his head in with a night stick and it wastes him
but main guy killer gets away
he sneaks back into his fam new home
the next day killer has a busted face from the cops
oh I think he iced a cop too
cuz 2 wrongs make a right
he plans to run away
mom talks about how things were simple back then and now they aint
just wait til gender problems come
he decides not to flee
a new guy comes but but gets a lower wage
supply and demand b--ch!
the fam gets ready to leave and hides main killer
they tell the owners they found work and the killer was a hitch hiker who left
along da way da fanbelt snaps
so they roll it down da hill
they hit a speed bump and meet a guy who runs a camp that has toilet and running water
they are amazed by this
were they from Detroit??
he asks them for the same info the previous guy did
but hes friendlier
theres no cops w/o a warrant and the camp is run by the gov
they got dances and pay people to clean up
how can they afford it?
raising taxes on those with cash?
no wonder they pay their workers so low!
they gotta cut as much as they can to stay afloat!
the kids find a toilet and are amazed at it being able to flush
a guy sez that theres people fighting commies and burning down their camps
look how well chi na, north kor ea and the sovietunion did
the problem with socialism is you keep running outta other peoples money
later its a dance and they're worried about agitators
1 guy senses something about some guys coming in
1 guy smoking gets his smoke taken for "keeping the camp clean"
in prison you can smoke
is this worse than prison??
and theres some guys with guns ready to attack the commies
the gov owned guys are ready to beat up the invaders
then the cops come in saying to let em in cuz theres a riot
but there is no riot
they fake riot was averted
later at night main killer seez guys noting his cars liscence plate
they go through da camp and are told they cant arrest anyone w/o a warrant
but they gon get 1
btw this whole; they know my liscence plate so they gon get me" this is reason not to trust big gov
that's why I avoid google
go to h-ll google you c-ck sucker site!
i'm getting into duck duck go
and never get one of those google things u can talk to
so killer is gonna book it
hes killed another guy in the thing where the ex priest bit it
and the cops are on his case
he hates people being uneven in blessings
he suggests people banding together and revolting
like in the soviet union where they iced the czars fam
even 13 year old alexi
he decides to be around in the dark helping people
I think hes gonna be a serial killer taking out those he deems unfit
man this monologue goes on a while
he sez bye to mom and goes off saying hes gonna return
then he goes off to roam the wastelands like the chick in violence jack slumking
later the fam goes off to get 20 days of work
as they drive the mom who looks like a man gives a hopeful speech
thre end
that was pretty good
wtf; Charles d brow-
I think its Charlie brown!!
but I liked this despite commie sympathies
its well made and has good photography in b/w
I like the lighting and acting and good effort put in it
its pretty well made and you cant go wrong with john ford
for the grapes of wrath 2 I want the main guy from the 1st one to return to his home with the other guy still there and fighting off the people with jobs in guerilla attacks. he also has gotten into cannibalism as he has no food that can grow crops on his land and eats the people he wastes. its also a 2 player beat em up/ run and gun on snes sega genesis and gba with one player as the main guy and the other as the farm guy and they have to fight people on caterpillar machines by jumping on them and attacking the driver. also you get health power ups by eating people you beat dead.

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