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The Ox-Bow Incident Review

note; my bad spelling doent negate the good lesson of this here ffilmy
the ox -bow incident
this is my review on da ocks bo insidint
its got gary cooper or something in it
ive seen it b4 and spoiler; its good
oh its henry fonda
and based on a novel
and directed by wlliam a wellman
and its set in 1985
I mean 1885
so some guys come to this town and stop in a bar
they're waiting for a guy
1 guy finds out the girl he wanted went off to san fran Sodom with a guy a while ago
the only thing to do in town is eat, sleep, drink, play cards or fight
they could b0ne eachother
some guys come in b--chin about russlers
the only strangers in town are the 2 guys who came in
after they're implied to be russlers, the one who's gf went beats a guys a55 but gets a whisky bottle bust over his head
but is revived by water splashed in his face
later he cant recall beating up the guy
then a guy runs into town and sez this farmer got iced
he was found with a bullet hole in his head
and it was probably russlers
now the town wants blood for it
1 guy suggests getting a sheriff and judge to do things legal
but the town don't care.
they rile themselves up into lynching the alleged killers
and only 1 geezer don't consent
he asks the main guys to get da sheriff and judge
1 guy makes jokes about lynching the alleged killers
1 guy wants to manly up his sissy son by taking him to a lynching
main guy goes to da judge but hes out
a stand in sheriff sez hes gonna deputize the lynch mob even though he don't got the authority
btw William a wellman also directed these films
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The Ox-Bow Incident (moose p0rn0)
and Buffalo Bill (bison p0rn0)
geezer asks the deputy sheriff to give the accused a fair trial
he sez he's gonna go by majority rule
but if the majority is wrong, the bad side wins
also deputy's cant deputize
but they don't care
they go out and at night they stop
1 guy disagrees with this the people running the lynch mob
also its cold at night and some wanna quit
but other say don't be a wiener
1 guy sez as a kid he saw his brother lynched
also everyone starts smoking
nowadays lighting a cig gets a film an instant R rating
but they can have purvursion, drinks, chronic and teens being dumba55es and its only pg13
oh and b0ning
so 1 guy gets shot in da arm
the chick who went to san fran Sodom comes by with her new man and his sister
new husband chats with the main guy but it rubs main guy the wrong way
btw the film is in proper 4 ; 3 and has great black and white looks
so they find a camp with guys they suspect of icing the guy
they ready their guns and go in
good tension
this Mexican guy wakes up and pulls a gun but drops it when seeing his outmatched
also he claims not to speak English
then whats he doing in America?!
the men say they are innocent and get tied up
the other 2 guys are a guy and his son
1 guy suspects the Mexican of faking not knowing English and tries advanced interrogation
but is called off
the son ants a fair trial and a proper hearing
1 guy holds a rope to his neck and laughs
what a d-ck
he sez he got the cattle he has from the guy said to be shot
geezer sez if they don't give him a fair trial then its murder
son sez he bought the cattle w/o a receipt as its gonna be mailed to him
a guy who knew the allegedly dead guy sez he never saw him sell w/o a receipt(or any cattle in the last few years)
main guy sez theres not enough evidence to hang em but the deputy sherrif sez to f off
the dad sez the Mexican did it and told him
son sez the dad is senile
1 guy ercognizes the Mexican as a gambler who iced a guy
wait; I think the senile guy aint related to the guy
also the senile guy might be ret-rded
and served in the army during the war
but not sure if union or confederate
they're gonna string em up but choose to wait til sun up
sorta like in dbz how vegeta gave the z warriors 3 hours to wait for Goku to arrive
one guy wants to write something
the Mexican asks for food in Spanish
then they all eat
main guy hopes the sheriff arrives in time
1 guy sings about heaven with the people he's gonna execute
good f--k that's awful
and people laugh at them
geezer tries to show the guy's letter to the deputy and the writer gets p-ssed
aw f he's got a wife
and kids
then the mexican tried to escape
but the lynch mob gets him in da leg with a bullet
and he has the alleged dead guy's gun
and he speaks English
and 10 other languages
they let him knife a bullet outta his leg
he sez he found the gun in da road
but they don't buy it
geezer sez the letter is proof the accused is not a killer or theif
they have a vote to see who wants to give the men a fair trial
most vote against it
the Mexican sez h wants to give confession
so a guy is told the stuff to bring to a priest
dos that work?
the senile guy breaks down at his life being over
they get volunteers to string the accused up
1 hag wants to
and the sissy son is conscripted into doing it against his will
dad; i'll have no female boys bearing my name
me; he's a hermaphrodite??
the Mexican prays in Spanish
they tie the accused up and the writer tells em off about how they don really want justice, only vengeance
and they don't care if they got the right men, only that someone pays
this is like with the malcontents whining about a cop shooting a drugged out punk and wanting the cop lynched even after bein found not guilty
they people are hung and the horses they stand on are scared away
sissy son cant do it and his dad beats his head in
then the accused are capped
why not just cut em open and b0ne their guts while ur at it!?the sheriff comes by and tells em the guy they thought got iced is still alive and was never dead at all
the lynch mob iced an innocent group
they go back to town and 1 guy suggests lynching the guy who got em into this
main guy tells off the deputy sheriff and sez if he had more cutzpa (oh its the sissy son to his dad )he'd have iced the dad with a gun to save the accused
once in the mid 80s my dad was in japan on a business trip
in America this guy was accused to stealing money from some company he worked at
he had a press conference and said he's innocent
then ate his gun
dad said in America it only showed the gun or the guy holding it
in japan it showed him blowing his brains out
years later I found out he was falsely accused
and only ate his gun so his fam wouldn't be poor
as if he died in office he don't lose his money
at the bar main guy reads the letter
its really heartfelt and talks about how the law must b followed or its chapos
and taking it into ur own hands is a bad thing
and without morals theres no civilization
he says it better in the movie than I do typin it
but its really good
also it doesn't show gary cooper or w/e's eyes while he reads it
really powerful
then main guy sez he's going to help out the writers woman and kids
and rides off with his homie who I don't think really did anything this whole movie
the end
that was great
showing the dangers of mob rule and taking the law into your own hands
its like how all these celebs are being accused and losing their careers over rumors
I know some of em did mo lest the people they are accused of
but not all accusations are true
and without a fair trial, civilization means nothing
I actually was called for jury duty recently and I thought it was a big responsibility
having a man's future in your hands
I wasn't called but it was a big deal
it also shows how some people wont be satisfied until those they see as unworthy of their world are removed
this movie stands the test of time and is as true today as it was when it was written
now to ruin it with as cr-ppy sequel idea
for the ox-bow incident 2 I want the sissy son to gradually go mental and start having psychotic breaks where he black out and wakes up covered in organs. also people keep being found gutted and missing most of their organs. turns out the sissy kid's mind snapped from being part of that lynching and another him was created from his inner self and is out getting revenge on those who lynched the accused. also its an action game like shadow of the beast on sega and you play as the sissy son who turns into a more rock star style version of himself and you gotta go around hunting people down and eating em. its on sega genesis, super Nintendo and Gameboy advance and you can collect organs and use them as weapons or items like intestines as a rope or stomachs as acid grenades.

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