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Fargo Review

note; I never really saw this b4 but I heard of it. also; expect typoes
this is my review on faego from the mid 90s
and no I never saw the tv series
ooh its by mgm
he text sez its a true story from 1987
and they changed names
then credits
William h macy and steve buschemi r in diss
its set in fargo north Dakota
was that union or confederate?
macy goes to steve in a bar and finds hes an hour late
hes giving a car and 40 000 $
and he wants them to kidnap his wife
and h4e gives em half the randsom from her rich dad
later in minesoda macy returns home and dad in law is watching the game
after dinner macy's son leaves dinner early to go to mcdonalds with his homies
macy talks about a business thing with dad in law
later its day and macy deals with a couple he sold a car with something they didn't want
later its night and steve buschemi and his blonde homie are b0ning chicks in a hotel
the next day mom b--ches at her son about getting a C and she wont let him play hockey
if he's getting C's the brain damage from hockey will end his grades
later macy talks to his worker who set him up with steve and blonde and sez he might not need em
but worker don't have their number
also on of the guys he contacted he don't know and knows the other guy he knows
on the car ride steve buchemi is too chatty and the blonde b0nes his mouth
he really just sits there as steve goes on
later macy is on the phone with a guy who needs serial numbers of cars he got paid for
phoner cant read the fax and macy keeps trying not to give him em
later steve and blonde break into the wifes place but she bites 1 of em when grabbed
she hides in the bathroom and opens da window
they break in but shes not there
turns out she's in the shower and freaks out
she gets caught in the shower curtain and runs around, only to fall down da stairs
what a dumba55
later macy talks with his bosses about a deal but they want him to have a finders fee
he wants to be the one who does the thing (I don't get business) and they say it would be like a massive loan
he needs the cash but they turn him down
later he comes home with groceries and finds the place f'd
he calls dad in law
he practices 1st
later its night and buscemi and blonde and driving with the wife in the back seet
the cops pull em over and steve realizes he forgot to put tags on the car
he tries to bribe da cop but the cop is honest
cop notices wife in the back and leans in
so blonde grabs him and blows a hole in his head
blood water fountains out
bad a55
big buff blonde makes skinny a55 steve buescemi move the body for some reason
then a car comes by and he drives after it
they saw buscemieci with da busted cop
the witnesses car accident off the road and blonde caps em
the next day this pregnant cop is called in and goes to investigate the witness car scene
she deduces what happened easily
iced cop wrote notes about the car type and plates
DLR means Dealer
later in a diner, macy dad in law and a 3rd guy talk about what to do about wife
dad wants to go to cops or negotiate
macy and 3rd guy sez the kidnappers have all the cards and should pay
later dad talks to his son about it
later the kidnappers get to their bae and wife is masked and arms bound
she runs around and stumbles
r pregnant cop comes to the station and gives a guy nightcrawlers
not the x man
the big worms
after the cops get a lead on a car like the one reported was seen at a motel
so they go talk to the 5kanks they b0ned
when asked oif they looked weird one sez steve bescemi isn't circimsized
how is that weird?!
that's like saying; he has all his toes is werid
later pregnant cop gets a phone call form a guy with a Japanese sounding name
hes an old friend from a while ago
later macy is selling a guy a car and gets a car from setev bsicueni
he wants more cash for having to ice 3 people
then the guy needing the cars serial numbers calls in and sez if he don't get em soon hes going to the cops
hope macy's like tracey and don't go gacy like spacy
later dad in law wants to be the one to deliver the money
later preg cop goes to the twin cities and calls someone
twin cities?
like in jingle all the way?
steve buscimi goes to a parking lot and gets tags from a car covered in snow
when he leaves without parking hes gotta pay 4$
preg cop comes by macy's work and talks to the worker and macy
asks macy if he had a vehicle stolen
but macy sez no
pregcop meets her Japanese friend and a restaurant
they catch up on past events
later steve buscoieni is with a blonde chick (oh she's a h00ker) at a club
later he's b0ning her and worker comes in and beats him and a black guy who investigated the noise up
then whips steve buscheimi with a belt
stevei bicniea calls macy and tells him he wants da cash or he's gonna ice them all
dad in law is on the phone silent and goes after him
dad in law gets there and after some b--ching, steve busicni caps him in the torso
so dad in law caps him in the jaw(but it don't do much damage)
so steve buecki empties his gun into dad in law
why didn't dad in law take a few more shots on steve when he had the chance?
stene busciei also ices a gate worker in a parking garage
macy sees the after effects of both after driving around
later a guy tells a cop about how steve buscini asked him for h--kers and said the last guy wo wronged him bit it
also he admitted to being near a lake
later stens bcuinine burys the box of money under da sbnow by the side of the road
and plants an ice scraper to mark it
yeah that'll make it easy to find
esp if it snows again
man we're like 1 hour 30 mins in with adds
hat felt like nothing
later preg cop finds the Japanese homie was lying about his pasty and has mental issues
later pregcop sees macy again hassles him about how they really know if they aint missing cars
he gets p-ssed  d leaves to do a lot count
but really drives away
so steve buscinoi returns to the cabin and wife was knocked out by blonde for shrieking
shriek if you know what I did last Friday the 13th
beucninei gives 40 000 $ for blonde and 40 000 $ for himself
he wants the car but blonde wants steve to pay him for it as he wants to split it
beucnincie goes on a profanity filed tirade and goes out
so blonde comes out and chops him with a garden hoe I think
oh and dad in law paid em 1 million $
or O M Dollars if this were that rankin bass new year Rudolf thing
later pregcop goes by the cabin and blonde is feeding buscinei into a wood chipper
sounds like a cannibal corpse song
he runs and she caps him in the thigh
should've got him in the parts
on the ride back pregcop bashes him for icing those people for money
later in bismark the macy is caught by the cops
later preg cop and her husband are in bed and he reveals his design was chosen for the 3 cent stamp
and they have 2-3 months b4 she poops out her baby
the end
oh and this was by the coen brothers
that was actually pretty good
good pacing
good setting
good flow
its a subtle movie
not much high octane action
and it works
I liked it
for fargo 2 I want it to be set in the 2010s and the kid of the pregnant cop is now a detective and pregnant cop is the commissioner. the blonde guy has gotten outta prison and several people are found cooked with a new prototype microwave gun. he goes around checking clues and trying to find a connection to the people cooked til they bust open. also its a 16 bit sega genesis, super Nintendo and Gameboy advance game like Carmen sandiego where you go to various places and find who's behind it. and the game has alternate endings depending on who you talk to and what you say.

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