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The Frozen Ground Review

note; I spell warm for Alaska
the frozen ground
this is my review on the frozen ground fro m2013
its got Nicholas cage and john cusack
and 50 cent
its based on a true story about some killer
after like 2 mins of logos we get a bible quote from matthew I cant really read and that this is based on a true story
ten this cop busts into a room and a chick is handcuffed and f'd out
after the hospital the cops interview her and she was b0ned w/o consent by this guy and nearly iced
he wanted to take her to his cabin
but the accused has 2 witnesses who alibi him
then we get cage who is a family man with a wife and daughter
he goes up Alaska in a chopper to find a rotting corpse
later da cops at the station don't trust the handcuffed girl cuz shes a h00ker and the guy she accused has no priors
later da cops and the cage have a the conference saying the iced girls were str-ppers at a club but theres no evidence of a serial killer
later cage talks to a guy about what he know of the killer
cage has 2 weeks left (til retirement??!!) but gets this case
he goes over the evidence and a girl goes out with some guy in a car
well, that's the end of her!!
later joan(I mean john)  is at a bakery and helps a chick put icing on cookies
later cage sez this guy who in 71 grabbed a h00ker and chained her up or w/e just had a run in with another one
the left says we otta ban smoking and things they claim are "toxic" as they are "dangerous" yet is ok with legal h00kers and drugs despite the higher anger they have
so cage chex it out and go to a bar or w/e looking for a girl (I think the handcuffed one) but none know her
the next day cage talx to a chick who knew this corpse who they identified by dental records
this is why you hammer smash the faces of ur victims after you b0ne em dead
or do what they do in mexico and boil em in aid drums
she gives him a bracelet from her friend b4 and leaves
later cage talx to this h00ker (I think the handcuffed one(ok it is her)) who sez shes 18 now and not 23 like she sed b4
this guy offered her 200$ to b0ne her and she went to his place where he had a secks dungeon where he chained her up
sje begged him for freedom but a guy comes over
is this happening now or a fleshback?
he goes up and gets his homie out
then she in the station sez he b-0ned her but she got away
later the cops trace his past movements and find it synchroes to where people got iced
but its not enuff evidence to convict
then they find another body that was sawed up
huh the handcuffed h--ker was the chick in high school musical 03
later handcuffed h00ker is dancing at a str-p club and her p-mp 50 cent confronts her
later john captures another girl and takes her in his plane saying she wont get hurt if she complies
never go with em to the 2nd location
get em in the eye or neck or knee and gtfo
im srs
a good hit to the temple or nose can kill if done right too
so he takes her to da woods and handcuffs her to a tree
a plane flies over and she screams like they can hear her
but I guess they can as he covers her mouth
he lets her go and hunts her with a rifle
he caps her but she's not iced yet and he takes a necklace and finishes her
later at a roller rink cage chatz with the handcuffer h--ker and she sez she saw a bullet hole at the guys place
he asks of her fam and she don't wanna be friends and don't wanna go home
she has a bad view of her rents like most malcontent teens
cuz them not getting you is worse than being a h--ker and being b0ned by smelly ugly guys with hiv
cage sez how his sister bit it at the h--kers age
later at the club, handfcuff sees john and has viet nam fleshbacks
he calls her h--ker place and wants to order her but hangs up and goes mental
cage sez john is da killer but they need more proofe
then he stops hand cuffer from leaving town on a plane
he trys reasoning with her using guilt over his other victims
she recalls one of em and sez the guy who iced his sister got out in 2 years
he was probably b0ned every one of em
then cage has the h--ker stay with his fam but his wife don't like it
h--ker books it and goes back to her p-mp 50 cent
cage goes after her as does john
she was in a bathroom with a shower or something and cage saves her but something wrong
later a guy pulls a guy on 50 cent and tells him to get his money or w/e
later cage and a cop watch johns house and follow him
he gets away in a plane at da air port
cage and da cops go over the evidence and theres not enuff evidence to get him
also according to Wikipedia, I missed a part where john offered 50 cent a ot of money or something for giving him the handcuffed h--ker
cage brings in john and grills him
at the sametime, the cops go through johns place but cant find a gun matching the bodies caliber
cage eggs on john to do stuff to him but john has enuff and wants a lawyer
cage arrests john
the cops cant find any evidence but cage senses something and has em keep looking
then visits hand cuffer and comforts her
later they find a trap door and find the evidence in it
clever girl
gets eaten by raptor; ahhhhhhhh
later a cop tells john in jail that these trials are rough and esp on his fam and he could get 99 years
is this like in get rich or die trying how da cop wanted 50 cent to seppuku?
later hand cuff goes to this place
turns out the guy in da jail was his brother
but he don't got one
its a lie
h--ker gets in a car with 50 sent and he takes her to some place
btw this movie is dark and hard to see
at the place a guy comes and pulls a gun on her but 50 pulls a gun on him to rob him
she gets away in the car and the guy caps 50 with his hidden gun
she gets into a building but hes after her
he gets and bets on her but cage is after em
cage holds em at gunpoint and saves her h--ker a55
later it looks like they cant get john but they find a bracelet like the one that chick gave him 2 hours of movie ago
cage sez the grounds frozen now but when it thaws hes gonna dig it up
john goes on a tirade and sez to handcuiff h-0ker when she shows up "i should've killed you when I had the chance"
its like the simpsons
i'll kill all of you! especially you in the jury!!
then text on screen sez he got put away for almost 500 years
he admitted to icing 17 h--kers and b0ning 30 more
cage is retied and the h--ker is married and has kids
then a buncha pictures of his real victims and some song
the end
that was pretty good
it went by at a good pace and didn't drag
well made and had good twists
like beatlejuice the ending is fast paced and I had to keep up typing and watching
I watched it on fox29 so theres no b0ning or nips or swearing or gore
I like historical movies and stuff from the 80s and snow and night so this was pretty good
some parts were hard to follow but I managed
not too bad
for the frozen ground 2 I want Nicholas cage and the h--ker to team up in the 90s and try to catch a gacy copycat who is b0ning teen guys dead and leaving em in the alleys. turns out, its a Hollywood producer and he's rthe one who turned gacy all those years ago and is the original gacy inspiration. also its a carmen sandiego like game with side scrolling run and gun levels where you get evidence and cap bad guys in soviet California on sega genesis, Atari jaguar, super Nintendo, sega cd (with badly animated cut scenes and badly acted voices) and turbografx 16 (with a tg16 cd version that's got worse versions of the animation and acting than the sega cd ver) Oh and there's a radar that tells where the bad guys are of if ur close as cage's cop character can sense ki.

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