Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The One Review

note; I spell like they do in other universes
the one
this is my review on the one from 2001
its got jet li, Jason srtatham and archie kao who was the blue ranger in power rangers lost galaxy and the hills have eyes 2
people say this movie s-cked
I saw it once and thought it wasn't too bad
it starts with cops suiting up for a mission
they get jet li outta a cell and as they bring him, a guy throws a kunai at him
it looks like theyre trying to protect him but jet's faceplate gets a bullet hole and the cops open fire
they shred the airvents and out comes another jet li who is like dragon ball strong as he dodges bullets and beats em down
its cool how they show him moving at faster speeds than the humans
how'd they do dat?
so he runs down a highway at night like sonic adventure 2 and goes after the cop car with the other jet li
I just rewatched it and it turns out the jet li the cops were guarding got iced and the other jet li was running away
so Jason catches him at gunpoint but jet uses a machine to send em through a worm hole
I think it was jet li
maybe Jason did it
i'm watching this in bad quality on youtube
they land in a silver sci fi area and jet li is arrested
turns out he's been killing other reality versions of himself and is charged with much murder
isn't it more of a suicide??
a black guy talks to jet but I cant hear it cuz da sound on this vid s-cked
its all static
so they strap jet in this chair and are gonna teleport him to some prison dimension
the hades dimension
are they sending him to h-ll??
oh and this is directed by the guy who did a few final destination movies and dragonball evolution
jet sez he will be the one (like tha matrix?) and this blonde chick releases a white mouse
the mouse blows and jet breaks put and kills everyone
then escapes in a worm a55 hole to some other universe
I think Yugioh arc v ripped this off
parallel universe guys trying to absorb eachother and sh-t
at least the main hero isn't a candya55 like yuya
then these cops take this guy outta jail in protective custody and a guy gets a kunai thrown at him
only jet li is one of the cops now
a guy in the vents opens fire and the cops ice him
they don't
its the bad jet and he gets away
and last jet sees him
hes the last jet li the bad jet didn't ice
bad jet jumps over a wall and last jet climbs over it
only to be shot by bad jet
good thing for his vest
b4 bad jet finishes him, the other cops open fire and he gets away
later last jet sees his gf and they chat but I cant hear it cuz youtube s-cked a55 after google gacy'd it
both good and bad jets do kung fu but their styles are different
good jet is more graceful and bad jet is more rough
later at a hospital or cop station or w/e good jet chats with 2 guys and his gf
using wikepedoA I found for the last few years, good jet is getting stronger faster and more alive than ever b4
like an action master transformers
they got da pow er
so they run tests and hes afraid of his reflexxion
jet gives his gf his ring and a medallion and they hug
oh its to do an MRI
the guys from b4 who I think r his cop homies are worried about him and in da mri bad jet shows up
but Jason and friend come in
theres a gunfight and bad jet dodges bullets
bad jet trys to ice good jet but good jet and him fight
also bad jets gun gets caught in the mri
also bad jet is in black and good jet is in white
Jason and homie catch jet at gunpoint but cant kill him
bad jet gets away and the hospital camera don't catch him
good jet changes into his black outfit and his cop homies think hes the bad guy
a dr trys to needle his a55 but he counters and kung fu fights em into being tied up and gets away
his gf helped him and tells him to run
Jason and homie talk and according to wikipedea, cant kill either jet as the surviver would be the one and it could f up the universe
also bad jet hid in a body bag and got out after things cooled down
then hopped an ambulance as the back doors aint locked while driving
Jason and homie split up and jet is now driving the ambulance
he gets out and Jason tails his a55 but bad jet beats him dowb and hods him at gunpoint
I think its this universe's Jason
wait, I think that was good jet
and the real Jason
as bad jet is held at gunpoint by jasons homie
Jason explains the situation and I think that theres like 120ish universes and each time a guy in 1 universe bites it, his ki goes to the others equally
so if bad jet ills all the other jets, he'd get all their ki
and good jet has half of it as hes the last one
if you get all the ki u become some kinda ubermench
btw this totally isn't highlander
so bad jet li drives bad and throws off jasons homie and they kung fu fight
but homie cant keep up with jet as he's got over 60x the ki other guys have and he easily kills his a55
but homie put up a good fight considering the advantage
homie trys to set off an item to end it but jet stops him and finishes his a55
then bad jjet gets his watch
jasons watch shows his homie got iced and he nearly iced good jet but don't
da cops see bad jet hads a bdy by him but he kicks their a55es hard
beating em with motorcycles and dodging bullits
like that simpsons ep where homer stars a biker gang
so gf and da cops come to jets home and after like 8 minutes of looking she finds jet in the ceiling
jet tells her to cap the other jet but the ceiling jet is the bad one
she senses it and pulls a gun on him
bad jet ices her and a cop and good jet sees him do so
the cops come in and he gets away
good jet runs and Jason gives him a lift
oh and Jason is part of the dimension cops
that sounds like a Yugioh card
they go to a gas station and jet kicks over a metal sign pole and gas station guy is this universes ver of jasons homie
so later jet and Jason go to a factory to stop bad jet
but he has that item homie tried to use on bad jet and it nukes the facotory
Jason goes on through the factory level and fights bad jet
he gets his a55 kicked
also just like in riki-oh bad jet punches a boiler and steam comes out
the good jet comes out cuz he was j-rkin off or w/e and faces bad jet
good editing btw
and good jet wears a lighter shirt
its pretty cool with them moving at different speeds
good jet nails bad jet and it look over
but bad jet gets up
round 2! fight!
I think they use each others kung fu styles and bad jet gets the edge
who don't Jason just shoot through bad jets leg?
so the factory is raining sparks cuz its cool and starts blowing into fire blasts
good jet gets an axe but bad jet gets it and nearly berrys the hatchet in his face
but stops and drags him away as he wants to do something
the factory is blowing and Jason sets up a worm hole to send em away
both jets are caught and go to the silver sci fi place
Jason 2
the dimension cops are gonna send a jet through but Jason sees he don't got a tan line from a ring so its the wrong one
they send the bad jet to h-ll and are gonna send good jet home
but he'd be jailed for bad jets crimes so Jason has him sent to another universe where he meets this universes version of his gf
meanwhile, bad jet is in this prison mortal kombat dimension and fights he other inmates as he sez hes nobodies b--ch
I assume they were gonna b0ne him
the end
that was pretty cool
simple plot
good ideas
jet li in a duel role was good as both and played em both different
even their kung fu was different
although jet li's real gf is in heaven or h-ll or w/e waiting for him and i'm not sure how that works with other universres
the fights were cool and the effects were good
its like a hard core power rangers
good turn of the millennium movie
I liked it
yeah its not got a forced lesson or moral or anything but its entertaining and bada55
not every movie has to be ben hur or birth of a nation
this was a cool action kung fu sci fi film
sorta like demolition man a bit
for the one 2 I want the bad jet li to have become a union boss to the inmates and started a union where they fight as one to overthrow the guards. they break out and go around killing their other universe selves to gain more power eventually the dimension cops gotta recruit good jet li to fight them as hes the only one strong enough to stand up to em. also he's been training his powers and can use his ki to attack and defend. its also a 16 bit beat em up on sega genesis, turbografx16, super Nintendo and Atari jaguar where you play as jet li and fight guys in various universes with various individual powers as they got more ki rom their other universe selfs manifested in their own way.

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