Monday, April 8, 2019

Bedtime For Bonzo Review

note; I spell ape style
bedtime for bonzo
this is my rebview on bedtime for bonzo
its got Ronald Reagan who was the prez who helped beat the soviets
as a 90s kid my rents kept saying "bedtime for bonzo" but I never knew what that was.
I sorta connected it to the muppet gonzo
after credits the cops go to Sheridan college
1st; I went to Sheridan college as  a 20 something
2nd; nowadays if college calls cops its cuz someone saw a note that says "its ok to be white"
the firemen came too
turns out theres someone gonna jump from the building
Ronnie is called to help as hes a pasycoloogisrt and climbs out on the side of the building
the jumper is a chimp
all this work for an ape?
to quote dbz; he was just, a monkey!
so ronny trys psychology to get ape bonzo not to jump
ronny carrys bonzo across the building and gets him in
meanwhile the dean talk with a guy about how theres a guy under a fake identity
the gu is called brekenridge like that queer movie by gore vidal
rons dad was brekenrifdges cellmate
imma call him myra
after chatting with ron myra leaves
ron is glad to know his dad loved his mom
but dean don't like ron cuz his dad was a crook
even though a lot of good people had bad dads
although j fk had an awful dad and he was pretty awful too
ron sez if his dad had better chances hed have been good
also his teacher and class aid crime is genetic
but they allowed disagreement
man, college allowing differing opinions
the 50s were great
oh and dean';s daughter is engaged to ron
dean don't ant his daughter marrying someone with bad dna
is this a eugenics movie?
promoting selective breeding and evolution?
cuz God can heal peoples genetic issues
plus brain plasticity
ronny tells the dean something off color off screen
I assume he told him to get f'd
later gf comes by and wants to heal the rift
but ron wants to elope
they agree to call of the engagement fore a while
ron wants to change deans mind and bonzo is on a hunger strike
I suggest rectal feeding
ronny helps bonzo by compforting him and bonzo thinks ronny is his dad
and ronny is gonna raise him to be a good boy to show environment is the biggest factor
later ron cals professer and sez 6 women he tried to hire to raise bonz9o turned it down
bonzo is going mental and a chick named jane comes by for da job
she raised her 5 bros and they talk with her thinking bonzo is a real boy
she seez bonzo and freaks out
she hears himn whining and sez its like a baby
also somehow he flipped his crib over
she helps dress bonzo
I assume hes in a diaper or he'd be sh-ting all over the place
man wer're 20 mins in
that was qwik
then gf comes by cuz he's been away for a while
he makes up cr-ppy excuses for the weird stuff going on
and claims to leave for a bit
later he returns like batman in 92 and jane put bonzpo to sleep
jane sez her bro gus wasn't as cute as bonzo
I assyume he has some bizzare x men mutation
later ron's shopping and tells  guy hes doing a experiment on baby food giving people higher energy
just charge ur ki
later they is havings breakfast and bonzo throws white goo on ronny
also cuz bonzo is jealous of ronny getting ore attention
they mentoion Oedipus, who wanted to b0ne his mom
also thy start caling eachother momma and poppa to help bonny feel more comfy
even though it has no language experience with those words
also they choose to show more affectinn
interesting themes
rony didn't now his dad and janes mom bit it when she was 14
now they gotta be parents w/o much role models
so later ron makes notes but its in handwriting
later ronny tells gf about the experiemt
she wants to come over and thought bonzo was another women cuz he was avoiding her
that's both gay, interspecies and pedo
later ronny mises dinner and later at night a bird scares bonzo at the window and hre runs to janes bed
later ron comes home later and thinks bon got out cuz da windows open
 after earing the story he finds bonny opened 2 doors to get to jane
later bonzo took a necklace outta a thing and she tells him to put em back
she acts sad to twist him
he gives em to her
later he opens the vacuum and its bag sprays dust when turned on
this freaks him out and he escapes out a wimdow like kaiba in Yugioh season 1
later the baby food guy is getting his energy raised and can ride a bike fast after eating baby food
placebo? or fact?
then ane sent a coded messaqge saying bonzo is in trouble
bonzo is f ing around in a tree
Is this where th4e james franco planet of the apes got it from??
scientists raising an ape in secret ad it gets out
eventually bonzo goes in a window and mouths a phone
operator thinks his gibbering is suffocating and they send da cops
jane goes up a tree but bonny knox over da latter trapping her there
ron comes in to save her
then the cops and firemen come in and save em
alaso bonzo hid so rons claims of the monkeymakes him look nuts
they leave and gf comes by and is p-ssed ronny has another woman
she sez her dad was right and rives off
women driving?
cant have that in north Africa
and this is da 50s
so later ron wants to end the experiment
but jane sez bonny gave back her beads
she runs out saying rons a quitter and fins bonzos gone
ron and proffer drive around at night and find him looking at a necklace in a window
later they do tests offscreen and film it and watch the footage
bonny didn't take a banana from a drawer that he knew was rons
later professer meets dean and deen sez hes gonna sell bonzo
gonna send him to medical research
preserrer trys to explain but dean don't get it
bonzo's gona get aids
later they give bonny a cake and trike
its his b day
later proefeser sez the'll get rid on bonzo and ron sez janes gonna go mental when they get rid of him
but she hears and goes mental
profferser tells ronny shes in love with him and it surprizes him
later bonzo gets out and rides his trike around til he gets to the necklace store
he sneaks in and jacks it but leaves his cowboy hat
ron finds him and the necllacre but cat get back in the store
he calls proff and proff comes with a note from jane saying she booked it
they go back to put the necklace back but a cop gets him and hes arrested
now he might get jail but they don't believe his monkey story
also bonzo wont eat
jane returns and finds bonnys getting sold to the aids factory
they tell da dean and he sez if true he could fire em
jane tells off gf for not being supportive of ronny
she and proff go to the cps to stand up for Reagan like real americans
she has bonzo return the stolen necklace to prove the story and he goes outside
yeah cuz da cops would let an ape run off with evidence
but bonny takes 4 hours to get to the story
but eventually does it
so the expirement is a success and Reagan is not guilty
then bonzo ronzo and janezo (jinzo??) go off in a car and bonzo isn't wearing a seat belt
its like phantasy star 03 where you get 2 chix to choose from and marry 1 at the end of the adventure
they smooch
the end
thar was pretty good
nice lite 50s film
good feel
good acting
ronaly reaon was nice in here
diferent than his 80s self
but still likable
and a lot of films ripped this off
i'm glad I saw it
its nice
good pacing too and good flow
for bedtime for bonzo 2 I want it to be the 60s and the animal rights hippys have taken over California. bonzo identifies with em and they make him their patron and use him to try to give animals rights. but bonzo identifies as a human and not an ape and wants surgery to transition to his inner self. he ets operated on to look human but people want him killed for appropriating human protoculture. so he has to escape to san fran sisko to avoid the haters in California. its also an 8 bit platform game with fighting elements on sega master system/game gear, nes and Gameboy and turbografix16 where you plat as bonzo and get through each level to get closer to freedom

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