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Death Wish Review

note; my spelling is non violent or good
Death wish
this is my review on death wish from thr 70s(the 1st one)
its got charles bronson and no one else I rcognize
except fjeff goldbloom
its based on a book by some guy who I think hated the movies
it was inspired by his stuff being f'd by crooks and him wanting to waste em
so it starts with Bronson on a beach with his woman
after their vacation they g home to new York or some crime cesspool
so Bronson is an architect like that Seinfeld guy wanted to be
at the grocery store these violence jack like punks trash the place and no one stops em
they follow bronsons woman and daughter back to their place
at their apartment they say they are the grocery guys and are let in
they bust in, trash the place, steal their cash, beat and b0ne em
the son in law calls Bronson and tells em
at the hospital the cops fill em in
bronsons woan bites it
after the service Bronson chex with the cops and theres a lot of hp00kers there
is this mad bull 34?
the cops have little hope of catching those guys
so later his daughter is having freakouts and Bronson gets 20$ in quarters to use in a sock to fight
son in law wants Bronson to stay away as he remoinds her of mom and that reminds her of being b0ned by all those guys and girl
its better to tough it out and get over ur issues instead of hiding from em
later Bronson prctices swinging his quarter sock and drinks
later he has a meeting with a texas guy or w/e about the building his planning
btw this is directed by the guy who did parting shots, the movie where a guys gonna bite it and decides to ice everyone who wronged him
at the Arizona guys town theres a fake wild west town where texas guy shows him a show with cowboys fighting
and gunfighting
later they plan the thing hes building and texas wont bulldoze the hills and don't want it to be a slum in 20 years
just keep the democrats out
texas tells him how guns are just tools like axes and hammers
and did much good in American history
but Bronson objected to korea and never served his country
texas take him to the range and does well
bronsons dad was a hunter who bit it after someone mistook him for a deer
it poisoned him against guns
I know how it is
putting up with my aunts dogs made me hate dogs
later Bronson finishes the architect thing better than planned
later he goes back to soviet new York and son in law sez daughter went nuts from trauma
for insurance reasons son in law gets Bronson to have her sent to he nut house
later Brinson gets a firearm and goes out at night
later a guy pulls a gun on him and wants his cash
so Bronson caps him
he goes home and gets freaked out
nexrt day cops check out the mugger who was an ex con
later Brinson sees some punks and takes em out
1 was running away but brnson iced him
later an ambulance trys to save em and 1 is still kicking
they grill him and cant get any info on the guy who capped em
also a guy who saw Bronson wont rat on him
later daughter is sent to the nuthouse and Brinson talks with son in law ABOUT if the cops wont save you then you gotta defend urself
to be fair, the courts have ruled that cops are under no legal obligation to risk themselves to save u
im not kidding
call the cops and maybe they'll clean up whats left of you after you've been b0ned dead
after they take 45 mins to get to your place
this is exactly why we have the right to bear arms
except in Canada where its limited
and England where even the cops aint armed
and even if guns are banned theres still illegal ways
and they'd just knife people
so the cops search for the guy killing crooks instead of stopping crooks
typical new York
its like soviet California banned plastic straws but decriminalized aids spreading
so later bronsons on the subway and some crooks pull knives on him
so he caps em and walks of into a crowd at the next stop
so the mayor tells the crookslayer to stop for law and order
cuz new York is doin such a good job at that
so the cops d-ecide to check familys who lost ones to muggers
you know, in soviet Canada, this Asian store owner was tired of this junkie stealing from him
so he chased him down and tied him up for the cops to arrive
but the cops arrested HIM for infringing on the junkies rights
also they charged him with "carrying a concealed weapon" fir having a box cutter in his pocket as he didt have time to empty em b4 the chase
and they got the junkie to testify against his victim
then again, new York is a yankee state
so it might as well be Canada
later Bronson takes out 2 muggers
but I think he takes a knife hit
he gets away by train b4 the cops can finger him
so the city tries to save the mugger but cant
the news sez people are fighting back against crime
just carry as samurai sword
btw this whole "standing up to oppressors" thing was how America started
the new Yorkers chase down a mugger and beat his a55
later the cops are getting closer to bronspon
but mugging is going down
but the cops don't want people solving their own problems
and if they arrest him he'd be their martyr
so 1 cop has to scare him off
I assume they mean the diana way
as in; make it look like an accident
cop calls Bronson and tells em hes being watched
he lox up his firearm
at night is an 8 year old on the new York streets saying EXTRA EXTRA! READ ABOUT DA VIGILANTE!
1st; what is this? the 30s?
2nd; he's gonna be b0ned dead!!
Bronson goes out and da cops stop him
he goes in but sneaks out
and the pay phobe the cops were gonna use is f;d
when cop tries to go in, a BUNch of furrys come out
well, this IS new York
a cop uses a later payphone and gets no aweser but he could be in da shower
bronois goes to some safe storage space and gets his gun
cop follows later and hears he was there
I just realized that this movie is basically ivan the terrible and 30s batman
when he capped people
while out Bronson is on stairs and 4 thugs confront him
he takes em out
they called hi "honey" so I think they wanted his butt virginity
send em back to h-ll!
he has a standoff with the last guy but blacks out
the cops find him and hes takes to the hospital
oh and the 4 guys on the stairs1 got him in the leg
at the hospital co shows him the gun they found nd tells him to get outta new York and he'd drop the investigation
then he tells the press Bronson was a victim of muggers
so he moves to Chicago and sees thugs hassling a blonde and he helps her while making a gun motion to the thugs
the end
huh, Christopher guest was in this
that was pretty good
nice pacing and themes
good story
good acting
shows what new York was like in the soviet era
Bronson is cool
the writer of the book hated this
like mary poppins writer
or dragonballs writer
or myra Breckinridge's writer
or the watchmen's writer
or the shinings author
but I liked this
it was cool and simple
easy to follow
and the tv version cutz the swearing and b0ning and gore
the 1st death wish I saw was 4 and it has Bronson having his camera purse snatched.
he pulls out a huge gun and takes out the thief
then the whole slum cheers
good times
for death wish 2 I want his daughter to be recovering from her insanity and she has gained psychic powers and knows her dad iced those thugs. she sneaks out to join him but finds he left new York. So she takes his place and gets a leather outfit made with spikes in that swing out and eject. she goes around taking out crooks and in the end her dad returns and helps her feel loved and comforted. also its an action game like phantom 2040 where you play as her using gadgets made of trash and clearing each level of thugs on sega genesis, super Nintendo, Atari jaguar and turbografix16.

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