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The Winslow Boy Review

note; I like the 1900s but I don't like England. so either way I spell bad
the winslow boy
this is my eview on the winslow boy from 1948
it stars a bunch of brits I never heard of
its directed by Terence Rattigan who did a buncha films I never saw and remade a few this century
its produced by alexander korda who was good
I saw this a few times but never got around to reviewing it
its directed by Anthony Asquith who did Pygmalion
so this brit family is doing ok in soviet England in the 1900s
dad busts teen sons a55 over wasting his time and money at oxford
his tween son (now just called son) is in the naval academy, I assume to learn how to play card games on battleships
after a montage and narration of sons life at duel academy, son comes home but hes f'd out
if this were made today, he'd have been b0ned by a classmate
so a guy wants to marry dads daughter
dad grills him as his teen son plays radio too loud
so dad accepts guys bid for his daughter and they gon wed
but son (now I called boy) returns with a note he was gonna rip up
not sure how he'd keep it a secret from dad as they'd probably call him about it
hes been accused of theft of cash and was kicked out
at least they didn't crucify him like the romans
or use him for weapons testing like the Japanese
but in Canada they'd arrest the guy he stole from and call the theif as a witness if he tried anything
so boy went through h-ll for 10 days and I think they were b0ning him
probably did in the real version
dad finds out and confronts boy
he beats him til he's a pile of mush and starts eating it
really hes firm yet gentle
so dad goes to the academy to tell them his boy is innocent
later dad goes to a play or whatever they had instead of movies in the slavery days where a guy sings "who were you with last night?"
that's pretty 18+ for the 1900s
its the daughter and bf
dad is there too and he meets a guy to make a letter to the academy
he meets the higher ups and ants a civil trial
but they don't wanna open the oppertunity to let commoners sue em
dad sez as his son is a subject of the king, condemned w/o a trial, he has rights
in America, its we the people. in England its we who are subservient to the regent
wasn't this king Edward?
the obese purvo who went to p0rb0 shows and gorged on high calorie foods?
so dad sees his member of parlement and does other things to get his trial on
and has the press hear his story
later he reads the lawyer won in the paper
then has his son examined by a lawyer
he hears boys story and grills him hard
but its only to see if he's really innocent
its pretty harsh
he finds issues with the kid that make him look bad like im practicing signing signitures and flaws in his words chosen
the kid breaks down but doesn't admit to stealing
later dad finds hes burning cash
and takes teen outta oxford as its a waste
later a higher up sees a show where they sing "just, you, wait and see" and talk in rhyme about current events like the winslow boy
also dad and wife are having issues with the stress of defending their son from false accusations
so is this like a brit version of to kill a mockingbird?
I mean now with people falsely accusing anyone to get ahead or get revenge we need films like this tpo show how bad it can be
not just for the accused, but their loved ones
so the fam suffers from it and daughters future husband dumps her over it
and the maid or slave or w/e has to be let go
dad wants to end his attempts to clean his son as his daughters bf is ditching her but daughter don't care and wants to battle on
so the trial starts and lawyer sez its boys right to defend himself as otherwise it assumes the king can do no wrong
he wins the right to try the case as the gov wont block it
its the case of winslow vs the king
its like that fight where a 150lb mma fighter fought a 700lb sumo
so the trial goes on and lawyer seems to be a master of twisting the court
acting volatile one moment and peaceful the next
hes like trump a bit
but trump is manlier
also kid is cross examined and he revealed he smoked
also lawyer sez the bad lawuer will say finding the kid innocent will make England go to h-ll and the germans to celebrate
zee kaiser is cooler than the king anyway
so da next witness reveals he was court martialed at 22 for jackin a cops helmet
but he got away with it as he had homies stickin up 4 him
but boy had none and was only 13
then the handwriting expert who nailed the boy is revealed to oly do things by his own method and he was wrong b4 and nearly sent an innocent man to the noose
then bad lawyer introduces cr-ppy evidence that's basically "he looks better than him"
also its revealed that lawyer turned down the job of lord chief justice to continue the case vs the king
sounds like the king might've been using it to keep him from beating him
this was based on a play that was based on actual events
but the kid bit it in ww1 on Halloween 1914
also the trial scenes were offscreen in the play
so later dad and daughter talk and she feels it aint worth it
then this cockney chick comes in and sez winslow boy was found not guilty
also the trial and ordeal took 2 years
isnt this around the same time jack the ripper happened?
like a few years off??
dads cripply so he has teen help him walk to meet the press
also lawyer is kinda f'd out and needs brandy
the drink, not the h--ker
although naga from slayers likes 1 and looks like the other
daughter tells him she knows he gave up that cushy job to save the boy
also he hides his emotions
but cried at the verdict
that's the britz
gotta act like they don't got souls
then he and her have a smoke as he sez her feminism is a lost cause
yeah shes a feminist
but despite that hes not evil
she walks back to him and it fades to credits
I think they b0ned in the real version and they had to cut it to avoid censors
the end
that was pretty good
its over 2 hours with adds and don't feel like it
good clean 40s film
I like films set in the 1900s and this had class and kinda heart
good acting and writing
good protoculture
important lesson on how bearing false witness against ur fellow man can cause damage to those who love him
thats why theres a commandment against dat
I liked this
and its public domain so you can legally watch it for free online
or get a cheap vhs or Betamax or dvd or laser disk of it
plus its based on actual events
sorta like law and order
and show how people lived at the turn of the century
for the winslow boy 2 I want it to be him returning to the academy but the other guys there hate him for going against the king. they torment him and mo lest him and try to drive him out. eventualy he cant take it and snaps and goes berserk and mutilates one of em with his bare hands. he tears him open and eats his organs. the hunters have now become the hunted. he realizes he's f'd if the higher ups find out so he hunts down the rest of the witnesses until he's torn em apart and eaten em. also the tormentors cant tell as they'd have to admit they drove him to it. its a slasher film. aso its a 16 bit game like shadow of the beast on sega genesis, snes, Atari jaguar and tg 16 and gba and you go around as the winslow boy hunting down the teens and tearing em apart in various levels at the academy. Oh and he tries to make it look like jack the ripper is back.

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