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Pretty Bird Review

Note; i spell bird bad
pretty bird
this is my review on pretty bird from 2008
its got billy crudup, paul giamatti, kirstin wiig and a bncha guys i never heard of
it starts with text about the rocket belt, a sci fi thing they tried to make in thre past but didnt work
and this is based on fact but the story is fake
after a guy falling at the beach, we get credits of olde timey video of going through clouds in sepia tone
i never saw or heard of this b4 but according to wikipedia people hate it
so blly goes to a place and meets his best buddy who has a girly voice
billy wants to use his homie's funds and owned places to do something
homie consents
then billy calls around looking for a rocket scientist
he finds paul giamatti and asks over da phone if he had a dream of flying
paul sez he was a pilot billy wantas him
later billy meets paul and billy shows him scamatics
of a rocket pack
paul gets b--chy over the restaurant not having sausage patties
later paul comes by billys place and billy shows him a james bond foilm with a rocketpack
remember rocket knight adventures?
that was a good game
we need a new one thats good
so he wants to make a rocket belt and got blueprints rom the library
and paul knows of it
they set things up and make a list of what they need
then go around setting up company things like its name or promo cr-p
later billy is pitching to a guy who dont care for his model and wants the legs to retract
is he a transformer?
later billy dates a girl who likes the exorcist cuz her son got barfings when she 1st saw it
and if the fam in there could get through it, she can get through er son barfings
while paul is f ing with the jet pack, the date ends and billy takes the chick home to her son
they make out but she has him go b4 she b0nes him
later paul sez da blue prints are incomplete but crud up dont get why that matters
billy tries to inspire him by talking abouit alan oppenheimer (or whichever oppenhewimewr made da nuke)
so paul gets the jetpack working sorta
later paul b--ches at billy for not giving him credit on his pamphelts
they bicker over billy thinking he has charm that gets cadsh and billy keeps mentioning how paul went to college
so paul tells billy he finished it nd later they test it
it works
later billy sees his homie ho's running outta cash
later paul cant pay for his cr-p and wants to justy leave the maxed out card while he gets cash and they dont let him have it
so after a small montage i didnt pay much attantion to, billy is packimng up and wants paul to go home
paul goes in and some suits come in looking for billy
they comment on pauls swearing but in the tv ver he sez heck
paul scares em away with a fire extinguishers aimed at em
paul confronts billy over making back door deals with others in front of homie
after that dont work out he tries to sue billy for ownership of da jetpack
and homie cant getta lone as he just p-ssed away a lot of money o a jerpack
later billy took da jetpack and paul confromts him over it bit billy walks off
at home he gets his gun and wants to go postal
but acidentally caps his wife
later paul goes to the place they wortk but is a just a note saying s-ck it
he goes to this blondes place who sez hes not been around
he tells her to look out and implies hes a cop
then he goes to homies place and homie is cheerful the hole movie but paul wants him to accept billy betrayed them
he wants to get da jetpac back but homie wont betray billy
homie books it to billy and wants them to meet
billy gets b--chy over his company f ing out and not getting respect
i went to get my soup but when i got back homie was on the ground and billy drove away
larter billy gets a call from an invester about the jetpackl
he goes to meet em and i think he was flying a bit b4
he is captured and put in a box qand interrogated about de jatpnct
later he's let out and its revealed he pood a 1/4 pounder
also paul is on the bot they on and i think homie is too
paul sez he was in da box for 8-5 days
billy sez is dad was da janitor at an engininering fiem
psul sez sorry and hugs him but billy still wont tell wher the rocket pack is
in the tv version paul calls him a monkey farmer
billy b--chcakes jumps off the boat and coms on the shore as the filme started
later at night paul eggs a boat in a driveway
on da beach a ball hits billy and a big black dog barcks at him
then text sez da rocket belt was never seen again
the end
that was offbeat
not bad
sorta subtle in humor
entertaining and interesting
reviews said it s-cked
i didnt hate it
its not a big budget belly laugh movie
but its got spme good stuff
theres not a clear good or bad guy
sorta like robotech
it had some good twists and i 0nestly didnt know how it would end
it didnt have much music and the lighting was kinda low but i enjoyed it
it fit
if he made the jetpack once, why not just build another?
is this like earthworm jim where professor monkey fir a head cant make a new suit cuz his monkey ate the blueprints?!
for Pretty bird 2 I want paul gimatti to consult a user of the black arts to find his jetpack. she says she wil if he gets her a magic jewel. so he goes off to find it but the one who has it needs something in return. so he goes on a big trading sequence to find item too item to trade for the chance to get back his rocket pack. also its an 8 bit game on sega master system and game gear, NES, gameboy, tg16 and atari 7800.

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