Monday, June 3, 2019

Collateral Review

note; i spell wrong but its righter than most
this is my review on collateral from the 00s
i've never seen this b4 but heard it was good
its got tom cruise, jamie foxx, mrs will smith and mark rullfolo
its directed by mixchael mann who did manhunter, the last of the hohicans and maimi vice
it starts with tom getting to soviet los angelas
jamie foxxx is a taxoi driver and deals with a55 holes
he pix up a black woman  and drives her around til its night
they argue over what road to take and he sez if his road is a55 the ride is free
he wins and they chat
he has an island cab company dream and shes a lawyer
she sez he got her there fast even though it went from sun up to pitch blacok night on their trip
also she is f ing out of being a lawyer
foxx has a picture of an island he mentally goes to whewn he's f'd
she leaves and gives him her number or w/e
later he gets tom crooz and tom sez this guy bit it on da subway and no one noticed for 6 hours
they chat and at his stop tom wants him to drive him around to get 6 signitures and get to da plane by 6 am
he pays foxxx and foxxx consents'
later a body falls on his windfshield and tom sez he iced the guy
tom pulls a gun on foxxx and they put the body in the trunk
foxxx offers tom da car but tom makes him drive him
at the 1st crime scene this mexico finds that tom iced this guy and cals da cops
while driving tom reveals he didnt know the guy he iced and how after rwanda no one cared about all those wackings
also the guy he ice was a crook
then the cops pull over foxxx and tom tels to to talk his way out of it or he'd ice em
he sez he hit a deer and da cops gotta impound it as its unsafe as its got a damaged windashield
but i think tom does something as the cops leave
i was reading sometying
tom tapes foxx to the windshield i mean wheel for styeering and foxxxs boss calls
tom fakes being a lawyer and gets boss to back down
and tom makes foxx say hes gonna jamm da car up his fat a55
tom goes to ice sum goons and jamie asks strangers for help
as its los angelas, they threaten and steal from him
tom kills em and gets back his cr-p they stole
but both r bad guys
los angelas thugs and a hitman
mexicop an other cops at da 1st crime scene check things but find no body
then tom and star foxxx go to a jazz club
they talk with a guy who met miles davis prowler
then tom has to ice him
but gives him a chance to live if he answers the question about jazz right
he gets it wrong and tom pops his head
foxx walks away but tom grabs him by the throat and starts b0ning him
he just grabs him
so the boss calls jamie saying his mom wants him and tom makes him go as he visits her every night and breaking routine arouses suspicious
tom gets mom flowers and is nice to her
she embarreeses foxxx and foxxx jacks toms bag and runs
on a bridge foxxx throws the bag into traffic and it gets run over
tom puts his gun in jamie foxx's a55 and empties it into him
turns out the guys who tom iced were connected
they go to the next place and talk about past and future cr-p
cuz toms items were f'd, he has foxx do a thing for him or hes gonna ice foxxx's mom
foxxx goes up saying hes tom and they let him in
he asks some drug boss for info on his targets and gets it
but now everyone thinks foxx is the real tom who iced a cab driver and took his place
so they go to this partyy and tom tells foxxx that if he wanders then innocenrt bystanders will get it
then tom beats a guy dead
da cops get there and pull guns but in the chaos they go off and when a guy aims at foxx, tom capps guy and saves foxx
some asians grab tom and a cop gets foxx out
but tom breaks free and wastes more dregs b4 leaving
as foxx gets out, toim caps da cop and they get away
foxx is disgruntled over tom wacking the cop and wonders why tom didn';t ice him
tom sez cuz foxxx is goood
foxx drives fast and tom pulls a gun on him but foxx knows if tom shoots, they both bite it
he crashes
a cop comes by but is gonna arrst foxx
foxx sees on toms laptop that toms final target is the black lawyer he drove and he takes down the cop and goes to save her
so foxx calls her but she dont think its real
until he sez the guy in her case is taking out witnesses
then tom busts in woith a gun
but i think hes in the wrong room
hes 2 floors below her in her office and foxx can see em
is this rear window?
i think hitchcocks corpse is gonna sue
the tom figgers out shes up there but the phone connectoon is f'd
foxx runs as tom closes in
you expect to run to the building, up 16 floors, and save her, before he gets there?!
tom kills the power in the building by axing a cable
fox kids finds the guard iced
so tom gets her but foxx saves her by capping tom
tom gets up and shoots at em but it was reflextions like goku's after image in dbgt
they run when foxx had him dead bang and could've executed him then and there while he was shocked by getting capped and ended it
they get to a subway but tom hitches a ride on the back
he gets in and they try to escape
eventually they stop and shoot at each other through a door as the lights flicker
then sit down  as they outta ammo and tom bitrs it on the train in soviet los angeles
see you in h-ll tom cruise
so foxx and lawyer walk off as the sun comes up but in the next shot its darker where the train goes
the end
that was pretty good
the ending was sorta like nosferatu or sunrise by f w murnau with the dark night ending with the new day
good action and tension
good story
fel kinda 80s like that other tom crooz movire with he had h--kers
for all we know its the same guy who moved up
tom biting it and foxx surviving with his woman was later done in law abiding citizen with gerald butler
i liked this one
shows how dark l a can get
even tom cruise was good in here
for collateral 2 i want tom to make a pack with a daemon in the after life to come back to finish the job and every bad guy he kills goes to h-ll. he hunts down jamie foxxx and his woman and they gotta try to escape but hes got daemon powers now. also its a 16 bit action game like phantom 2040 on sega genesis, tg16, snes, atari jaguar and gba and you find clues wile blasting people with daemon blasts and h-llfire shots.

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