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Four Weddings And A Funeral Review

Note; im on a new laptop and not used to da keyboprd so imma spell bad
four weddings and a funeral
this is my review on four weddings and a funeral
its got hugh grant and some brits
ooh its fullscreen
so it staerts with people going somewhere and high grant woke up late and they get to this wedding
thats 1
they sing a song about God and englasnd
in good countries thgey dont bring theur country into church songs
but the regent (i think henry) trtied to put his will above God's
Sorta like Mao putting himself above nature
both turned out the same
also theers an american there
t the after party hugh hears this guys girkl aint his gf so he sez she liked anohter guy
shes not the ex gf's guys wife
thats like seinfeld
i want a seinfeld ep where elaINE bashess george for liking dbgt as its not as dbz
but when dragonball super comes on she hates it as its cr-p and cant admit it as george would never let her live it down
so this mr bean looking c-ck sucker sez hes gonna be a priest
later the hugh grant gives a best man speech and sez he cant go through a marriage
then they dance like they got brain damage
1 brides maiid is disgruntled cuz no one b0ned her
thats how the aids spreads
later hugh talks to a chick i think american and hes kinda befuddled
they;re turning him hetero
they leave and bridesmID IS MAKING out wiyth an ugly guy
they go in a big jeep and its the woods at night
look out for spring heeled jack
they leave hugh in da woods to return to the h-llgate he came from
he stops at a castle or hut or ghotel or something and one guy saw the american chick
he talks with da owner but amewicnan chick sez shes his woife and wants him to her room
they make out and probably b0ne
but hes a brit!
he gon giv u da aidz!
\da next dae she has to go back to america
freedom from soviet england!!
but she wants to marry him cuz they b0ned
thats not how it works you 5kank!
1st u marry, then u b0ne!!
its like if you go into a story and opern a bbag of chips and eat some then say "i'll pay for it if i like it"
also hugh dont wanna marry. just b9ne
so they run to this church for another wedding\
thats 2
and mr bean is the priest
he pronounces bernard as burn nerd
this is why he dont speak as mr bean
also he f's up the wedding guys names
after da wedding high meets america girl and she shows him her fiancee
later hguh wines about how he isnt married yet
this hag askes this shick if shes martried and shwhen she sez no she asks if shes queer
chick sez she was queer for 15 mins at school
they turned her
well, she is english
at dinner they talk about women who hugh grant b90ned
then this best man tells about da grooms past gf who dumped hyim
is this a roast?
then hughs past gf comes by, sez hi, and leaves crying
crazy b--ch
also 1 guy is deaf and people talk sigh language to him
later ex gf talks to hugh over him f ing her up
its like that sailor moon ep where mina was dating tigers eye and hawks eye at the soome tinme
rini; its not nice to play with peoples hearts
then they b0ne
a month later they are living together
in sin!!
and the american is getting married soon
high goes to buy a present but its too expensive in the soviet republic of england
and he meets american there and they go choose dresses
surprized hugh isnt wearing a dress
you know how those brits are
after it they tallk abouyt marriage means forsaking allk others
and how they might not be abole to do it
freekin wh0res!!
she talks about all the guys she b0ned
she had 33 guys
shes gonna get hiv
then they meet deaf guy hughs bro and he is pretty lusty
imagine him doing sigh language and j-rkin off
latert hugh branch (remember that one?) goes to american and spends like a whole minute saying nothing with a lot of words
candy a55 english
she gets what he means and i think they groe cloeeser
so then theres wedding 3 and america chick marrys some scott
after that the guys talk about finding true love
what is this? wedding peach? sailor moon? robotech??
hugh meets a girl he b90ned or something and they chat
then another gfirl who likes him he b0ned
ametyican chicj gives a speech and sez someone sed if things dont work out, he'ds take care of him
then this geexzer bites it
they had a ceremony for him and we get a long srs sad moment in what i assume is a comedy
afterward high sez to an ugly guy about how they were proud to be siongle but wewre sorta married to each orher the whole time
well... it IS england
they talk about getting married (to chicks) and hoping to find someone to love
what is this? sailor moon??
10 months later its hughs wedding
hes marrying one of the cggivcks he b0ned b4
they calledd her duckface
probable f--lkface in the real version
after what guys do with her
at da wedding all these minor characters who met over da filme reunite and will probably b0ne
oh and american chick dumped the scott she married
so the hugh is hving 2nd thoughts and deaf bro gives advice
so he goes up to get married and prieest asks if anyone has just cause not for them to marry, say so
how about; they aint virgins??!!
deaf bro sez high has to marry someopne he loves and he loves someone else
his bride punches him out and he goes down like a little b--ch
well he shouldn\t have broken her heart
she loved him and he f'd her
if she did it to him and he slugged her out it would be da same
he lead her on and ruined her wedding
f this guy
i hope he gets the aids
then america girl comnes by and is wet from the rain
btw, were he a real man (an american) he'd have counterted her attack and took her out
but brits aint known for being manly
he sez he loves america girl and they stand in englands cr-ppy rain
he sez he dont wanna marry her and they just wanna live in sin
and she consents
then they kiss and lightening flashes as God hates sin
that was only 3 weddings
bait and switch!!
then we get wedding photoes of all the minor couples marryuing
i think a hetero couple had a 3 man marrisage with a dog
oh and hugh has an illegitrimate kid with american cahicik
the end
that wasant so bad
it was soft and lite but had a down moment
yeah it had awfukl morals and the main cast was 5kanks
but it was a well made film and had good early 90s lighting and filmibg
i didnt hate it
its watchable
with brittyish humor
but not stuff that makes u laugfh like monty python
for four weddings and a funeral 2 i want hugh grant to start rotting and its revealed one of the many women he was with gave him hiv. so he goes on a quest to find out who. turns out it was his wife. also its an 8 bit text adventure game ojn sega master system, atari 7800 and nes where you go around finduing clues like in carmen csandiego.

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