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Outpost In Morocco Review

note; i spell bad but not as bad as the frenchies. samoUrai?! F dat!!
outpost in morroco
this is my review on outpost in morocco from like the 40s or w/.e
it starts with text thanking the french gov for their help
not sure thats a good thing
look what they did im their revolution
its the bernie sanders ideal; kill the rich! but not the commie rich as they get to rule
maybe thats the soviet union
so in a frenchie base in morocco the frenchie army wants to send a guy on a mission
but his leave started today
and he wants to b0ne some chicks
1st; chicks?!
not dudes?!
maybre i'm thinking of the brit-mo's
2nd; i hope he gets consent
none of that dominic strauss khan cr-p
the svu pepe le pew!!
so main guy is dancing in a bar with some dame and a messenger is sent for him
in the real version they were b0ning
i cant tell if messenger is playing a real moroccan or a white guy faking it
aint the moroccans the moors from othello?
isnt that where thats from??
so after several mins of dancing but not very epically, he goes back to base
his missioon is to help this chick who vacations here get out safe
dont vacation in the 3rd world!!
people fight and die to escape those h-llholes
and you dinks go there for fun?!
why not use an iron lung for fun!?
plus there's always the chance of getting f'd or infected with hepatitus or stabbed or chopped up and boiled in acid
yeah most people get out safe from visiting there
but by that logic; russian roulette is a good idea as 5/6 x its safe and harmless
so they go to meet the chick and she's swimming nude
later chick is chatting with main guy and they clash
that means thewy'll fall in love
look at ash and pikachu
or ikki and metabee
or hunter and his ride in spider riders (i remember not his spider name(call ing all spi der ri derz!!))
i think she's not a frenchie
so they travel more an hes gonna deliver her to a city forbidden to frenchies
how can we make that happen in more places??
i hate how in Soviet Canada everything has to have french on it BY LAW
and its not even real french
its canadian french
like talking like a homie is to american
yo dawg lemmy ax u dis iz u ahh ite?!
imagine that on the side of the every item you look at when you pick it up
but worse
i can read japanese better than candy a55 french
not just english letters spelling japanese words
but the japanese characters
i even dream in japanese
oy! gaeru gaijin! jigoku irou jirou! Itsu made mo!! ima!! omae tachi wa jigoku no kuso! okama!!
btw i'm watching this movie on chch at 2 am when they air public domain films
its kinda cr-ppy video quality but it has charm
holy cr-p this as done by Robert Florey who did murders in the rue morgue and the beast with fve fingers
are these p0rn0es??
so this guy name emir meets main guy at this place called barbary
oh the chick is his daughter
so they drop her off and book it back to their base to report back
also an italiano seeming guy talks about his woman throwing irons at him when mad
thats spouse abuse and domestic violence
if a guy did it to a chick he's be hated for it
so much for equality
so chick asks her dad whats up and hes thinking of fighting the frenchies
i want a period piece of the uprising of the noble blonde poles, vs the ape like frenchies
well america had 1776 vs the brits
the original brexit!
later at night this frenchie gets iced
and the gunshot didnt sound like the natives old muskets
the bullet was from a new gun and theres snipers out there
check the grassy knoll
thats how oh bba mma did j fk
so they check it out by sending a guy to invesrtigate and at the checkpoint they have a wrist mark to show they are from the club
main guy i think slugs a guy out and fights his ay through the base
he climbs the buildings and runs the roofs like batman/the crow/daredevil
he fins his way to the chicks room and she hides him
i forggot to say they were growing closer b4
she goes to see her dad and leaves main guy there
dad knows she's gay for the french and he escapes back to base
also the italiano is a cossack and i thought he seemed like my dad's slovenian cousin joe with his moustache and voice and accent
so later dad tells chick not to trust the frenchies as they are the enemy of their poeple and he's gonna attck the frenchies!
its 1776 2
no more cr-ppy a55 french on all our food and signs
so later the frenchies are going out on the horses they like being b0ned by and the natives are gonna attack but its called off cuz theres too many frencheis
just attack. they'll surrender anyway
so the frenchies get to this run down fortress maximus and start squatting there
wait, it was a frenchie base and everyone there was iced by natives
later dad goes to see some of his people to fight the frenchies but they ike the frenchies and think the frenchies are too strong
what would mel gibson do??
if this were made later it would be the innocent natives and the lusty frenchies
meanwhile, later... yes, main guyb wants to go to send a message and if it rains they're f'd
but italiano slavic guy tells him to stay as they need him
so main guy sends some volunteers out
theres a gunfight when the frenchies atack and the arsenal of the natives base is empty of weapons
they go through the base and find the chick who sez dad left days ago
the volunteers return with the chick
main guy b--ches at em for taking her and later they run low on water
later at night theres a gunfight and wait i think its day as when a guy fell it was light skys
so main guy explains to chick if he can stop the new guns it can save more frenchies
frenchies against guns?!
thats double un-american!!
also the natives divert the river and the well goes dry so they get rid of the horses
they could drink their blood
the frenchies love eating blood
blood and kidney pie, blood pudding
wait, thats the brits
same butt different stink
or is it same stink different butt?
so later main guy sez anyone caught stealing water will be capped
if they do, they could drink his body fluids
they;re french
they like it
later cossak italiano sez this guy needs water as much as his gun and soldiers need their guns
what about england? they have unarmed cops
after a battle the cossack prays the Lords Prayer and main guy does the sign of the cross
nowadyas they'd be the bad guys for having faith
so after tongiht therres gonna be no more water
and dad is ok with chick biting it with them
well she did betray her people for invaders
like siding with the invid in robotech
btw you know they're drinking their own whiz
later it starts raining and they all run out to get some
waoh! that frenchie is f--king hairy!
who's harry?
harry potter? harry s truman?! harry and the hendersons?!
a frecnhie b0ning bigfoot
nah, bigfoot would be b0ning him!!
so the fortress is made of cr-p as it crumbles in the rain
and main guy let chick go to save her
so he prepares for one last stand
why not surrender? its kinda what they're known for
maybe they can be the natives butt slaves
so its win-win
they get to live and be b0ned by big buff bronze boys
so chick tries to get her dad to not waste the frenchies but it dont work
so later the natives charge for like 6 minutes and they see chick riding into the trap they set to blow the natieves
he doesn't spare her and they shred the nateives wit gunfire and mines
so they frenchies win and main guy feels bummed about icing the only woman who was nice to him (as french canadian women are awful)
and the surviving natives plegde alliegance to the frenchies
and their guns are surrendered to their new overlords
the end
that was a well made film
the love story was sorta like casablanca but with a bit of go nagai cuz it dont end well
its not a bad film and as much as i bashed those fruity frenchies, i liked it
the main guy george raft (whos german and playing a frenchie) was kinda like a clone of humphry bogart
like bubsy to his sonic
most films today have a feel good ending and the love story ends happily
this had the main guy icing his woman
it shows the dangers of oppressive gov like them taking their guns and how the frenchies are the bad guys
just lik in real life
esp in soviet canada
not a bad film
good solid 40s film
for outpost in morocco 2 i ant the frenchies to ramp up its oppression of the natives with them being publiclly b0ned for disagreeing with frenchies and them being used as slave labor and are often eaten alive by their french overlords for talkin back to them. so its up to the brother of the chick from the 1st movie to lead an uprising against their regents and rulers. also its an 16 bit platform game like the virgin disney games on sega genesis, gba, snes, atari jaguar and tg16 and you play as the brother going around his jungle and city country to fight the frenchies as a masked hero who has a magic chakram that returns to him. or maybe a kusarigama from ancient japan that is infused with ki.

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