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Narrow Margin Review

Note; I spell better than those candy a66 canadiuans and their extra U's
Narrow Margin
this is my review of Narrow Margin from 1990
its a remake of The narrow margibn from 52 and stars gene hackman and no one else i know
its directed by Peter Hyams who did end of days and 2010
so after credits and a really 80s opening this chick meets a guy for a blind date
he needs to use the phone and invites her up as he'd be a while
she goes up and he b0nes her dead
rally she goes into a room and the guy calls but theres no one there
then some guys come in and 1 sez this guy borrowed cash from him, blew it on bad investments, and ran off
its the date guy
he begs sez he was gonna pay him back
the boss guy who gave him cash tells him to sell his place and get out but he wont harm huim
then sez he lied and caps his a55
and the date saw it all from the shadows like a ninja
so after hiding in the closet for an hour she goes out and they get her and b0ne her dead
she gets away and donty see em
later gene is cutting newspapers of crime storys and he goes to a court guy
they found data on the prints of the chick ewho was an anti nuke nut who was arrested in the 80s
so offscreen the cops found her and got her info abou the wacking
she fled and is now in a cabin in soviet canada and told em she saw the boss in the hit
theres no phone in the cabin and they need to bring her in to give evidence
So they go up in a chopper to da kabin but she don't wanna go with em
eventually a chopper machineguns the cabin and takes out their chopper
they come out the back door(that sounded wrong) and escape in a pickuptruck in da woodz
hope sasquatch dont get em
he'd b0ne em dead
it finds em but they go down and ditch the truck to go on a traine station
btw gene hackman sounds like rainman in here
so for the train he needs a private compartment but theres none
so the chick fakes being pregnant and a good geezer couple give em their p c
gene tell her go go w/o him and stay locked in the p c
the hitmen follow and gene gets on another train segment(i dont know what they are called)
speaking of trains
Why do all these people who make shows think autistic kids are into trains?
I go to Yugioh tournaments and know several and none of them are obsessed with trains.
But in Big Bang Theory and Arthur the autism guy in there has a train fetish.
As for Anna for Yugioh ZeXal, I like her card's power and her toughness with no interest in the fact they are trains.
gene goes to a different car saying its his to the mom and kid there and ats time with cr-ppy storys
eventually he goes to the right one and she wants to skip out of testifying
he trys to convince her to do it but 2 guys i think hitmen come in looking for a breifcase thats missing
later they stop at a train station and its nighte
he calls his boss and his name is caulfield like the wiener holden from catcher in the rhye
he tels em the other cop bit it as did chopper pilot and he thinks the court guy is behind irt as he tried to stop him 2x this year
on da traine the hitmen check rooms with a master key
so gene gewts back and she sez she wants to go as the havent seen her
but the gene sez they might've seen her photoe when looking here up and he goes to get foode
at da bar he meets a blonde who does something to his foot by mistake and they chat
so eventually gene goes back and gets past a huge larda55 like mr heart from fist of the north star but with hair
also this girl is caught by the 2 guys i think
at their room gene whines about the cop homie and pilot getting wacked and how his cop homie was 2 years from retirement
and their assassins are gonna go free cuz no one saw em
as in he didnt see their faces
at the next bus stop he meets the guys sent to help but theres 2 of em and he dont trust em
he tells em he has the hitmen on a 314 but they just want the chick
so jean fakes having the runs and gos back
also the guys claim to be mounties but dont ride horses or wear the uniforme
maybe their gods dont like the uniforme and they get special treatment?
when god gives you lemons you find a new god!!
1 mountie comes in after jean but jean beats him dead
314 is indecent exposure and he knows they aint real cops
he takes out the other guy and kills him with a knee in the crotch(i'm not kidding)
then more gonna come in and he jumps out the window like in the wiZARD of OZ and theres a hunt for him in the dark woods
good scenary and lighting
its not that late 80s look like season 1 law and order or the bodyguard
so he runs back to da trane and i think larda55 is in on it
train starts and da men go back on it
hitmen search da trane for her and gean is stuck on da outside of da train
until a guy lets him on
so hes sitting at a bar and a hitman offers to bribe him
gene sez no but they say someone f'd the train radio and theres badder dudes waiting for him at da next stop
hes only deputy D A but only cuz he likes putting away scum like them
he dont consent and laffs em off
later he goes back to THE ROOM and fills her in
she gets b--chy and tels him she wast the date guys gf but only met him once and saw him get iced and it f'd her up
also she has a 10 year old who she sent to his dads place after seeing the boss was a crime lord on the news and her date bf was defending
and went to her brothers cabin
jene knows the fat guy is working for em and they gotta do something 1st
da next day its sun up and he bumps into the kid of the mom of the cabin he eat time in
kid pulls a toy gun on him and it looks real cuz people weren't candya55es in the 80s
he tells kid hes a cop and needs his toy gun
he deputizes him and gets his gun(it should've been a megatron toy) as the bad guys took his gun
a cop w/o a gun?! what is this? candy a55 england?!
at the food box he chats with blone and they chat
then geezer comes by for one more scene and asks about his wife
then the hitmen see them and they try to escape
they run into larda55 but larda55 is a cop and he tells him the woman mix up
he gets to chicks cabin and is gonna take her to larda55es cabin but at there larda55 is dead nd the blonde is gone
they escape to the top of the train and she is too freaked out to do it right
gean sticks up a guy with the toy and takes his gun but sez his is a toy and they fight
jean throws him off and i'm pretty sure he's ok as its ike a 6 foot fall and he landed not bad
they walk across da roofe and duck through a tunnel like in revenge of shinobi or mcdonalds treasureland adventure or some sega game i cant recall
1 hitman gets on da roof and fires but totally moises and they go past abnother tunnel
they hide on the side, crawl around and jene sneak attacks him from behind
they fall off and gean holds hitmans legs as he holds train and they climbv up
they fight on a glass ceiling and jean throws him off
just grab his parts
that'll stop him
then outta nowhere blonde comes up and is a bad guy with a gun
but she gets iced by standing as train goes under a tunnel
then we get a voice over of gean calling a guy saying a guy is crooked and he stopped the train 100 miles from soviet vancouver and to meet him at da boarder and he contacted soviet canada'ds cops
then its da trial and she fingers big boss
the end
that was pretty good
i never saw the 50s version but i hear its better
but this was well done
good music and acting and twists
good tension and feels
its a well done film i thought and better than most of today's cr-p
pretty bada55 too
Good pacing and no drag feels
for narroew margin 2 i want gene hackman to have another case were hes after a secret super criminal who was in charge of the crimelord from the 1st film. he ratted him out as he didnt wanna get the chair and figured either way he's dead, might as well take out his boss like starscream. so gene and crimelord are a buddy duo trying to get through soviet california and take out the super criminal with all his minions after em. also its a 16 bit  2 player run and gun o sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba with 1 player as gene and one as the crimelord.

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