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A Mighty Heart Review

Note; My spelling is more normal than angelina jolie acts
A Mighty Heart
this is my review on A Mighty Heart
I've never seen this but i got nothuing better to reaview
i'm not a fan of jolkie as she's kind of a nut
plus she dated brad pitt and seduced him away from another chick he was with
that chick dodged a bullet
i hear he's kinda f'd
and each time angelina makes the news her dadc Jon Voight has to put up with it
its like Charlie sheens dad dealing with his son
so on september 012 aneglia goes to the 3rd world and later theres a war or uprising or w/e
her and her husband stayed to report after the war
the natives saw the malcontents as the heroes and america as the bad guy
like cuba seeing the soviets as the heroes against america
so she's like 5 months pregnant and her husband gets captured by natives
should've stayed outta the 3rd world
so its jan 05 2002 and this guy goes to see angelian about cybernet
is that like the non-copyrighted version of skynet from terminator?
her husband looks liek that5 butt pope ben affleck
so her husband goes out in a taxi and goes to work
he talx to a giy about meeting a guy
angliena interviews a guy defending the malcontents and husband keeps looking for the guy who uses sybernet
husband goes to meet a guy and later its night and they eat dinner after dark
after dinner they find husband isnt here so angie chex his emails to fidn who he was meeting
none of the phone numbers they find there work and they find he was looking into violent drug dealing malcontents who assassinate people
but unlike when the queen or r fk did it, its seen as bad
so angelino calls the cops over her husband but they cant do sh-t
so later she calls the cops or diplomats or w/e and thsi white guy answers saying he met her husbansd
i wouldn't be surprized if the americans were behind it and the bad guys who did it for powers in this film
all these films hate america
we need more Schwarzenegger like films with bad a55 americans who fight for freedom
so then we see husband talking to a guy about meeting a big guy who don';t wanna meet journalizts
i think that was a flash back
so then the ciops or something come by angies place and check things out like ID or Passports
a guy calls angie saying hes worried of being wacked
just like daiaana and the queen in soviet england
oh i think the guys there are journalists
maybe detectives
so they all look for her husband but by janurary 025 found jack sh-t
and jack just left
the guy worried of getting wacked (who was asking husnand about meeting the big guy) meets angie but dont give her the name of the guy he was meetimg as he d0nt wanna be turned inside out and have his guts b0ned
so more investigation reveals hes kidnapped and is a hostage that they wanna use to get something so they'll keep him alive
they could still cut off pieces or b0ne him.
later some guys come by and 1 sez the detective or w/e is torturing him and others
later angies maid or slave or w/e sez someone can't come back as it would f their family or something
then a guy who looks like husband comes by
wait, its not him
they go over da evidence and its revealed a guy wired 10 000 $ to a guy in early september
i thought it was da gove that did the attack
later angie tells a guuy that her huaband is a non religious jew
as the people in that country dont like them
sp the malcontents say husband is CI A and send them a message
husbands mom calls saying she saw the photoes the kidnappetrs released and is glad hes alive
later a cop or w/e asks why husband met with those dangerous people and blames him for getting kidnapped
better idea; he shouldn't have went to the 3rd world!!
imagine if a guy snuck into a jail and got gang b0ned?
later in soviet los anhelas, reports report on husnand being caughtr and tells the kidnappers side of how they want more rights for their group
so i think the CI A confirms husnband is part of them but i mightve misheard that
So they go over the evidence and find 1 guy goes by several names
so eventually,the kidnappers give america 024 hours to meet their demands or they gonna ice him
so later its been 10 days and husband's corpse turns up full of bullets
american guy checks it out and its not husband
and the news reported it as him
more proof you cant trust the media
later this beardo is interviewed over husband and i think its a guy he wanted to meet. the big guy
turns out, he wasnt behind it and was just used as bait to get husband out
later the cops capture this sleazy looking guy and make him phone somneone
he arranges a meeting for the next day and the guy he called is the bad guy going by several names
1 cop presses a guy saying if they don';t save husband, their violennt 3rd world country will have bad press
then the cops bust in and shoot up a place
sleazoid is strung up by his wrists and grilled
i think hes naked as it dont show him below the waist
so then the cops bust into another areaand arrsst more people
later the team looks over ecidence and 1 kidnapper caught 3 americans and 1 brit b4 but they were released unharmed
later angelia has blatter and womb issues cuz she was holding in her whiz too long
then a montage of her remembering her husband
then the wall street journal tells everyone husband was in the CI A
then not husband but looks like him puts togetrher a conspiricy that the guy who got money might've been contacted as an exchange for america
1 guy the cops caught sez he kidnappped husband for being american
later the team learns the guy husband wanted to mee (i think big guy) was caufght for a week but im not sure if that was b4 or after husband got kidnepped
1 week caught guy goes on trial and says husband might be iced
wtf, according to imdb, jenifer anistan was gonna play the wife
one more thing angeklina stole from her
also people whined about anlinia playing the wife as in real lik=fe, the wife was part cuban or afircan but mostly dutch or something and angelina is a frenchie
yet anna karenina having slavics being played by irishmen is ok for some reason
its like casting mexicans as japanese
later theyb tell anglina that husband bit it
and i think this time its real
she freaks out
i kept saying it
never should've come to the 3rd world
its like russian roulette
yeah 5/6 times its safe
but every so obften someone gets their head blown off
she asks how they knew its him but the cops say they have a bideo where they took off his head
later the natives ritual sacrifice animals to their god
then she gives an interview and says 10 natives were iced the same month her husband was
sounds like a place to stay the h-ll outta!
interviewer asks if she saw the video of them chopping him up
she tells him off as the media is the enemy of the people
they milk pain and suffdering for ratings and twist things to fit their agenda
then theres a flasgback to their wedding
later she learns husband was chopped into 10 pieces and she wants to deal with her issues b4 her kid is born
1 time he tried to escape and they chaimed him to a car engine
after a few attempts they videotaped him and he admits to being jewish
then we see angilina pooping out her kid
ahh! its not done! put it back!
later we see her and her 1st grade or so kid walking in the street
then text sayingwhat happened to everyone
the end
that wasnt bad
it wasnt super great buut it told a story and didnt do much wrong
it didn;t synchro with me much but i didn hate it
its got that colorless look of mid-late 00s films as its made in 2007 and by then colors were illegal
but its a well made film that even though i didnt get into it, i got nothing against
plus its based on actual events
now to ruin it with a sequel
for a mighty heart 2 i want another journalist in the 3rd world to be captured and held hostage. his fam hires a mercenary team to bust5 him out while stalling for more time. its also an 8 bit run and gun game on sega master system, nes, atari 7800 and tg16 where you play as 1-4 players and go through slums, factories, slaveyards, jungles and gotta fight through various animals and people and each time you use a continue, the timer goes down 1 hour. use too many hours,. and the hostage is eaten alive and you get the bad ending.

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