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Mean Girls Review

Note; i spell better than most high scgoolers
mean girls
this is my review on mean giels
itsgot lindsey lohan, rachel mcaddams(the macaddams family?! like that addams family 90s ep??) daniel de santo from beyblade and are you afraiod of the dark, and david reale from beyblade
and no one else i know of
its by tina fey who a lot of gay guys like and was filmed in soviet canada
ew, its by lorne michaels
saturday nuught live s-cked!!
mad tv is better!
so it stars starts with lindsy going to school for the 1st time as she was home schooled while her kids i mean rents were in soviet africa
so tina fey is the teacher and is kkind of a loser
shes not used to rules and structure and they try to make it look bad
she makes friends with a gay guy and a sarcastic gundge girl
they get her to skip class and say shes hot
theres a group f popular chickkks who are blonde and cool
so of cource they are the bad guys
imagine if they made barbie th bad guy and some losers were fighting her
main chick (imma call her regess after the robotech character and her name is rrgena) is the most popular girl in school
so shes the worst bad guy
its like if miss yvonnee from pee wees play house was the bad guy and pee wee and reba had to stop her
daniel desanto/ray from beyblade hits on lisndy and the cool girls start getting along with her
so grundge girl hates regess and her, lindy and gaymo chat in the little girlds room
then lindy falls in love with a guy
so later the cool girls give her the rules ad regess is trying not to eat fatty food
but fat has little impact on weight
alsi the guy linsy likes is regess's ex so she cant have him
later a nerd asks liindy for a spot iin the mathlete thing as they get 2x funding if they have a girl
thats racist
imagine getting more funding iif you had mexicsans on ur tean?
later the cool girls go shopping and tell lindsy to not join mathletes
rehess sees her ex with a girl and calls girls omom prwtending to be from planned parent hood to ruin her dating
thats pretty dark
rehess's mom is trying ti ve a friend instead of a mom
the cool girls then whine about their flaws
they have a book where they write cr-p about teens
later tina fey comes by and dont synchro with the lindsrey and the losers
she wants lindsey to join matjletes but gayboy tells her no
later regess calls lindey ND sez she found out se likes the ex but is ok wth it
later theres a halloween party and all but insey dresses like a h00ker/fighting game girl
also the bimbo has made out with her cousin
snl was always pretty progressive
regess tells ex thatindsey is totally into him
then kisses him and lindery seez but bf didnt consent
she goes back to her loser friends and the girl loser plans to ruin regess
so later regess seems to be back with her ex and the lindsey and losers f=do
later regess tells linsey she used to be friends with loser chick but loser was mental and had turned queer or something and she dfitched her
then its christmas and gayboy fakes being santa and gets lindey a candycane saifd to be from regess and tricks the 3rd cool gorl into thinking regess hates her to get her secrets
the cool girls do jingle bell rock dressed as h0kers/anime chicks but wearing more
but the tape screws up and 3rd girl accidentally kicks the boom box out
so lisndey sings the song and they contrinue
so 3rd girl turns on regess and outs all her secrets like regess b90ning some guy a lot
so they send her ex ex to the place where she b0nes hom but it fails
then they give her swedish weight gain bars for africa kids
why not slip her hormones to turn her into a hermaphrofdite?!
then they spread gossip about her and lindsey turns more into one of the cool girls
loser girl sez lindsey's perfunme from regess smells like a baby prostitutie
well, a lot of hollywood is into that
woody allen, roman polanski, ect
also lindey trys seducing ex ex and he declines but she sez regess is xheating on her
so he dumps her and shes bummed
plus the bimbo sez her b00bs can tell when its gonna rain
so lindey dates tthe ex ex ex
so they nominate all the cool girls and the loser for prom queen and regess is getting fat from the bars
but i dont show
so linsedy is f'ing out at math and she writes that tina teacher is failing her cuz shes doing drugs in the book
so indey is becoing more like regess and they are falling out
so later regess is too fat to wear her real clothes and has to wear sweat pants and the cool girls kick her out
like taking out the czar to let in stallin
so is this like a teen citizen kane?
where this good person turns rotted after a while for success?
later lindey has a party and everyone came
also rehess comes uninvited and ex ex ex finds lindsetys innocent pictures as a teen
btw this kinda happened in real life
lindsey lohan kinda went off the chain from fame
but not as bad as miley cyrus
hope the girl from andi mack dont get into p0rn0
so ex ex ex has enough of lindey and ditches her
then loswrs come by and loser chick is b--chy over not being invited
also over lindsey being one of the cool ones
then regess finds out from her new bf the bars are weight gain bars and she snsaps
she shoots up the school and ends herself
really she writes a mean thing about herself andputs her picture in it
then gives da book to the principal and sez she found it in the giirls bathroom
then he calls the 3 cool girls for not being in it
then regess spreads copied pages of the book on the school and everyone goes ape over it
its a brawl like in urotsukidoji V where the chojin made everyone kill each other
btw this happened but less mental in harriet the spy
principal hits the fire thing and the water and bell stops the fight somehow
so they have a thing where the gitls go in the gym and talk
they do exercizes and talk their issues out
oh and the gay guy is there for sopme reason
are they saying hes not a real man??
thats racist
they do this thing where they confess their feelings and fall into the crowd
loser chick comes out about all the cr-p she did to regess and regess runs out and gets hit by a bus
so the school investigates every claim in the book cuz 1 tewacher was into asian students
so lindey comes oyt and sez its made up
esp the teacher selling drugs
and lindsey joins mathletes to atone for her sins
and its the same time as the prom
so lindsey realizes bringing others down womt makre u better
nd wins the mathlete thing
so they go to the spring fling and lindsey wing prom queen
also sge went there after mathletes
she gives a speech how everyone is a winner for showing up and breaks the crown up and throws pieces around
so she makes up with ex ex ex and the nerd indian huy trys dating her as he likes non whutes and ses lebanese
but north africans count as white
like greeks and turks and italianos and egrypions
white isnt just blonde hair and blue eyes like sailor venus and rangiku matsumoto
also; thats racist
later regess gets into sports
bimbo gets into wether as her b00bs controll the weather
3rd girl hangs with asians
exex ex goes to another school but she still has him
then jr cool girls come in
but lindsey sez she can handle em
the end
that wasnt so bad
i mean it didnt make me laugh but it was a good teen movie
a lot happens in 2 hours with adds
its got that mid 00s feel like when i was in high school
i remember in drama class a guy who later went gay did a monologue from it
its not awful and has quotable lines
too bad snl dont got this feel
foor mean girls 2 i want the new cool girls to start their rise to the top and ascent to becoming the new coolest girls in school. but the losers try to stop them with rumors and pranks. so one of their parents is a hitman and they have him sniper the girls who go against them. but not to kill, only to blow off parts. also its a horror movie where the coool girls dad being the hitman isnt revealed until the end. also its a 32 bit light gun game on sega saturn and playstation where you play as the dad and gotta take out the limbs and noses and stuff of the teens who wronged his kid and friends and you get more points for accuracy but its game over if you ice em.

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