Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Johnny Mnemonic Review

note; i spell like the 90s future
johnny Mnemonic
this is my review on joghnny mbnonicoc
its the extended cut im watching on youtube and is set in the distant future year of 2021
the year before the sdf 3 left to find the homeworld of the robotech masters
so it starts with ntext saying corporatuions run things now and the yakuza defends em
also cyberpirates and hacketrs fight em
what is thus? shadowrun?!
also theres a new disease called NAS (like Nihon Adds System? The copyright holder of Yugioh?)
and special data is kept in human brains called Mnemonic courriers
its directed by robert longo (which sounds like a p0rn0e name)
and stars keanu reeves, dina meyes, dolph lundgren, Takeshi Kitano (beat takeshi), ice t, Denis Akiyama (whi was malqachite in saulor moon), and knoown commie Henry Rollins
huh, its based on a book or story or something
so then we see the internet and it looks like cybertron in that beast wars ep
keeanu wakes up and has some bimbo ion his room
his job is data storage and dont know where his home is
so sghe goes out and keanu makes a video call to a guy to set his job up
he wants his brain fixed but has to do 1 more mission
its always 1 more mission
we need the old blade runner
keanu go through a crowd protest as cops take em down
keanu goes to get a brain upgrade and the guy dont have the good enuff one
he uses a cr-ppier one to double his memory to 160 gigs
btw, him plugging it into his head was ripped off by the matrix
and both got it from ghost in the shell
soo he meets some guys who are new at it and they want him to carry 320 gigs to newark
but if he overdoes his storage max it kills him in 3 days and f's the data
he has to do a mission b4 this thing on him kills him?
like escape froom new york?
or ninja scroll?
he consents and they get 3 frames from, tv to act as a code
but keanu dont know what they are
they stuff it into him as he grits his teetgh and groans in pain
after iit, keanu goes to the toilet as the guys destory the original and fax the images to newawk
fax machines in 2021?
then the yakuza comes in ands kills everyone
also theres anime clips edited in like with house of the dead and game footage
keannu fights em and a guy has a laser whip thumb that slices through stuff like that monowire cyber city oedo 808
keavnu gets away to newark and in the fight, the code images were destroyed
but thumb gets the info after totrturing a guy there
keanu hasd 24 hours before his brain f's out
meanwhile, takeshi meets thumb and cuz thumb has cr0ppy japanese they speak english
the guys he iced has jacked their data and he has to bring back keanus head
but the guuys he iced wiped the data
so the last copy is keanu
like final fantasy adventure where the last mana tree is the thing
and thumb has part of the code
meanwhile, keanu needs the code out and only some special guy can get it
meanwhile, this boduguard chick wants work from the guy who got keanu his brain thing
but she's f'd up and he can't use her
also he's got some possible hermaphrodites as gfs
later ice t watrches in binoculars keanu comes up and suspects him for wearing a suit and not bad mad max fashion
keanu goes to some guys but dont trust em so he wastes em and escapes
1 survives and comes after him but ice t's homie makes a sound and gets capped
who dont keanu have a gun?
he's john wick!!
the shooter nearly caps ice t but keanu wwastes him
then ice t easaves keanu byu wasting another guy
ice t vanishes and sez his name is j bone
sounds like he does p0rn0e
meanwhile, takeshi watches home movies of his kid who just bit it and a video chick talks to him
then keanu confronts his employer over being set up to nearly be iced and the hermaphordite knocks out keamnu
the chick bodyguard goes through the ceiling and keanu wakes up tied to a table with thumb guy and employer and hermaphrodites
they are gonna take off his head and freeza it
but body gusard chick (b g now) comes in and saves him after he agrees to pay her 50 000 $
i like the lighting and set design
its dark but bright
its got life to it
and isnt just bad cgi
sorta good 80s/90s
so bg and keanu escape and thumb slices apart employer like rei from hokuto no ken
btw i was inspired to review this after i saw a vid by fugitive redeye mentioning hes gonna review it
check him out on youtube
he does things well
so ice t and his pack hold off thumb at gunpoint but dont kill them for some reasin
keanu and bg go to the sewers and she wants to stay with him til she gets paid
like misty staying with ash cuz of her bike
so keanu spazzes out from da data and the cyber chick warns takesgi that thumb is gonna turn on him
so hes starscream?
so thumb returns to takeshi and takeshi wastes 2 guys wiith a ssamurai sword but gives thumb another chance
later keanu wakes up and is p-ssed she let hin sleep
he sez he cant see what they put in his head and had a part of his brain that had his childhood memories cut out to fit the cuber implant
good metaphor for how we throw away out childhoods for work
so they go to a place with a computer and set up a vr thing with data gloves to have him manually go through the web
its pretty cool and is done with 90s cgi
btw i think beast wars did this in an ep with tigertron in the predacon ship
he finds a name and the yakuza is tracking him and sends a virus
he asks a malcontent who owes him for help and malcontent sez its pharmacon data b4 the virus gets him
then cyber chuck tells keanu "theyre comming" and they leave
bg uses a grenade and pblows the place
then takeshi calls dolph who's a religuious nut to bring in keanus head
this is really trying to be an anime
so keannu cant use credit cards as the yyakuzas  looking for him online so keanu uses a phone card from bg to call some guy at phaermacon
he tells em he has their data and arranges a meeeting
bg dont trust em as they migfht ice him but hes dead if he dont get the data
then she spazzes out from NAS and sez Spider can hellp them
then dolph gives a sermon and sez hes been cybernetically enhanced
keanu is driven ti this place by a car that we never see who is in it
did he pay for it? cutz his cards were marked
so spider sez nas is made by information overload and electronics poisoning the airwaves
btw, in sonic maria had NIDS which was a medical issues
Aids + NAS = Nids!
so ice t sees dolph and sez hes an assassin who ices guys to pay for his church
takeshi finds out cyber chick died in 2015 and her A I was uploaded to the pharmacon thing that advises the board
and has rights according to a ruling in 2006
giving riights to those who shouldnt have em
they nailed the future
so keanu sez spider his namme is just johnny and he dont got a last name
like bulma in dragon balll?
dolph meets tthis lloyd kaufman looking janitor and freezes his artm in liquid nitrogen, then smashes it, to get info
so spider (from mega man x?) scans keanus brain and examines him
bg wakes up and sez if he could get the data out, it might f it up
spider drives themn to the name keanu got from his web thing and runs over dolph
dolf; halt sinners!
spider; f--k!
runs him over
thats kinda funny
so they go to a clinic where all these ddecroding peiple are from nas
and pharmacon has treatment but its expensive
and the dr name kranu found is a name used when they're f'd but dont wanna spook the patients like if theres a violent crazy patient
so spider has keanu jack in like mega man and he scans his brain
and keanu only has 1 image from tv for the code sio spider uses decription codes
decode talker
so it dobnt work and spider wants to cut oyut the braibn implant which will f keanu's a55 up
somehow soider knows keanu has the cure for nas in his head
keanu dont care as he'd be dead either way even if it saves millions
then diolf comes in and busts a55
spifer sacrifices himself to tell em to get to jones as bg and keanu leave
yyhen dolf crucifies spider
imagine if he was b0ning him with scalples?
so keanu tells pharmacom guy to meet him but guy ids really a program controlled by takeshi
btw, why did the guys who got the cure wipe the database?!
if the cure is so good why not leave it in the companuies hands?!
better they have it than it stops existing
so bg tells keanu jones was in the navy in thge war
what war?!
they better make a spin off that shows it
like star wars clone wars
maybe it was the global civil war in robotech?
or 1st robotech war from 2009-2011
so at the place with jones the guards drop a flaming car on them and they dodge
keanu b--ches about his situation and haaving to slum with these dinks
i know how you feel
when i went to my 2nd high school it was like a slum or prison
like a demigod kicked outta heaven to slum on earth with mortals
so they meet ice t who was also in tank girl in a similar thing and keanu starts spazzing out
they bring him up to their base and takeshi is going in person to get the head of charlie brown
when kiyanoo wakes up he meets jones who is a dolphin with cybernetic implantrs
did they get this from ecco the dolphin?!
also thwy have a hacker base that sends data out to fight corporations
and theres a huge tower of 4 by 3 tvs
this is the good future
without widescreen or flat screen
btww jones is a puppet or w/e thats not cgi like they'd use today
also jones is a junkie
got hooked in the navy ike all those viet nam guys
so keanu dont trust jones but goes in anyway
also the yakuza is at the base and uses a batman brapple hook gun to go up
so joones hacks keanus brane and its got 90s cgi like a sega 32x game
so yakuza waste the guards abd 1 falls on a switch, which drops a car, which takes out a guy, which makes the other yazuka think they were spotted and use a bazooka on them
so they don't get the data from keaino  gotta take on the yakuza
btw that a i girl was from that macross sequel 1st
so takeshi gets in and holds keanu at gun/knife point (but not bayonette)
and cyber girl sez keanu has the cure and takeshis kid bit it from nas
as pharma com makes more money treating nas than curing it
and had the cure the whole time
takeshi cuits the cord keeping cyber chick connected and is capped by thumb
totally star scream
why didnt the bullets hit keanu or jones?
he was between thumbn and keanu
so they fight and keanu/thumb fall off a thing and are hanging on the ende of a hyuge drop
keanu grabs thumbs thumb and pulls it to take off his head
pretty bada55
then dolf grabs bg and takeshi isnt dead yet
he gives keanyu the code then dies
like uyghur in hokuto no ken how he came back for one last bit
so dolf starts crucifying bg and fights keanu while saying bible quotes like bibleman
bg gets jones to microwave dolf or w/e and keanu gives him the wires takeshi cut which makes him burn
cyber chick sez the dolphin can get the 3rd image
but ice t sez it might ice keanu
they use the code to try to get the data from keanu
ice t sez to the net that they have the cure and are broadcasting it so GET UR VCRS ready
they using vcrs in 2021?
this is trhe best future
then we get lawnmowerman like cgi of keanu in cyber world
this is liek atari jaguar cgui
they get the 3rd image and broadcast the cure
how is vcring a image let you have the data for 320 gigs of code for a medical cure?!
then the body of dolf starts moving
but its really cuz someones taking it out like trash
good fake out
and good effevcts
also somehow pharmacom burst into flames
thev end
lol stunts randy butcher
p0rn0 name
and good 90s musicx
animator; glenn campbell?!
the singer?!
legal affairs; andrea wood?!
moar p0rnoe!
scenes froom demon city shinjuku?
just like that janet jackson vid with akira clip
so that was pretty good.
i liked it
good 90s feel
it inspired a lot of stuff later
good effects and music
simple story that grows
i enjoyed it
yeah it had cg but it wasnt overpowering
they used it when needed and properly
and it can go on the history channel
for johnny Mnemonic 2 i want it to be revealed that the cure is actually a fake and using it causes people to mutate into big lumpy grotesque abominations that need to be in contact with ellectronics or it causes them pain. they don't have full minds or souls, but are semi ape like and often eat non-mutated people. and its up to a ice t to try to stop them wiith the dolphin in a mech suit to splatter em as they are mostly liquid now. its also a 16 bit sega genesis, snes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba game where you go aroujnd as them and fight em in a run and gun or beat em up thing.

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