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The Bat Whispers Review

note; i spell bad but its not my fauult. if i cared more i could do better
the bat whispers
this is my review on the bat whispers from 1930
its a remake of the bat from 26 and was remade in da 50s with vincent price
this inspired bill finger and bob kane to make batman
i 1st heard of it in cinemassacres bat a thon and saw this bversion on tcm years ago
also its one of the 1st widescreen ffilms
its directed by roland west who did the monster with lon chaney and the 20s the bat
it stars a bunch of 1800s born people i never heard of
holy cr-p its got Gustav von Seyffertitz from Sparrows!
so it starts with a cool title card and credits that seem more silent film
then a cool pan from a clock tower to the city streets with miniatures
it looks really good
so the cops are on the search for the bat and they locked down the area where hes gonna jack a necklace
at the guys place, we get a good pan to the window and up the building.
impressive stuff for the 30s
so the guy has a letter from the bat saying to be in his library alone at midknight
so hes waiting and has a pistol and theres cops in da next room and good camera movement
usually in da 30s it didnt move much
then its past midnkight and he chex da safe and its still there
but the window is open and when he looks out it the bat catches him from above and jacks the necklae, them climbs a rope
the cops bust in and read a note saying the guys clock was fast and to stop trying to catch him
then we see a 1st person view of a train going down trax and going through the ceiling glass in a bank and a guy chex da safe
we see da bats shadow and he goes into a car and goes aftwr a guy while using a smoke screen
wait, i think he was the one being chased
its done with miniatures and looks great
they go too this house with 2 gross chix and the chix complain about cr-p and the main chick thinks the house is haunted
maid whines about how shes treated like cr-p and gross chick treats her like cr-p and maid sees a dude outside
the bat is also out there and covering his footprints by stepping with 1 and draging the otehr over the prints
gross chick makes her maid, who seems more like a slave, to use a ouija board to ask about the place being haunted
it warns em of b a t and a guy sneaks in their place but makes noise and sneaks in the vents or w/e so they find jack and sh-t
theres no sh-t
oh he went in the laundry chute
they see da bat and hide
then its a dark and stormy night and we get a camera zoom to this mansion miniature and through tthe house to see hross chick reading the paper of the bats heists
maID puts out a bear trap for da bat and da paper sez no one knows who is da bat
a baseball falls down da stairs and there a gross guy there who sez hes hearing thinghs around there
gross chick called for some detectives (like fron dick tracey comics? detective comics?)
this blonde chick and a thin guy come by and she gives him glasses and messes his hair so they wont know him
she goes in and is connected to gross chick somehow but she dont like blondes bfg
then i think the bat ices a guy
she invies the thin guy to be hired as the gardener and after an interview gets a room in the place
but she knows hes not a gardener as the interview she asked him about was diseases not plants
then a note comex in saying to book it
then a european guy shows up and tells her the place shes in is the bank owners place and and she otta get out soon
sh shows him the note and sez shees not leaving til she knows whats going on
oh european guy is a dr
she chats with a detectove i tthink and sez she said the bat might be there but he might not be
huh, this wwas based on a play that was based on a book
and the play had a 1915 lost film ver
and the book and 1915 ver didnt have the bat in it
oh and blonde is the neice of gross chick and they are renting the place
so dr chats with blonde and warns her something might happen in da house
gross chick thinks the bank ownewrs relative is trying to get her out and use the rent money
then thin guy is making sounds by pounding on da wall to check  for a hollopw spot
detective grills the maid and looks around and finds blonde on da phone with bank owner
maid sees the bat and hes got a jewerly on his wrist going up da stairs
she spazzes ot and is told to go to bed
bonde meets bank guy who comes in aand tells him she thinks the cash jacked from da bank in in da house
detective chases gross guy around and i think this is where scooby doo got it from
he eventually jumps down a laundry chute and escapes
babnk guy tells blonde to look somewhere for the hidden room as he rips up a map of the house to hide where the hidden room is
she wants to return the cash but he dont wanna and she wants to marry some guy connected to da bank
she trys to stop him with a gun and the bat caps him for the blue prints of the house
everyone shows up and he finds the gn she had was fired recent but geoss chick sez she did it last night
detective wants to arrest her and grills her as her bf the cashier who was the only witness to bank guys relative getting iced at da bank  is hiding and the blue prints of the house are missng a piece
then a guy shows up and gross guy drops a vase on his head
its a private dick who was hired by gross chick and detective is not keen on him being here
the phone has someone calling for help in the garage and detective runs to it with a cool camera following him through the zelda/castlevania 64 like garden
the lights go out and a painting moves and da bat behind it warns em to get out
pivate dick chex the painting but its sealed and they see da bat outside
then da painting falls and dr returns looking for his smokes and blonde fills him in as someone sneaks around
she sez she jacked a piece of blueprint and hid it in a roll on a tray
as dr covers da body, da bat pops in but leaves and only dr sees him
dr chex da rolls and detective chats with him and wants the blueprint he jacked
he gets it and finds theres a hidden room in a fireplace
he then argues with dr about being involved with the wacking of bank guy and dr books it
later, dr returns, busts detective in the skull with an item (hay! its clue!! who's col mustard?!) and hides the body
so the remaining guys wonder where the guy who went to the garage went, oh its detective, and they ask dr to search 4 him
gross guy is held up by da bat and spazzes out and is told to get out
then they see some guy come in and collapse
gross guy comes in and tells em to get out and who he saw
the doors close and the lights go out again and the bat takes a shot at private dick
on da roof da bat runs by and some guy sees him while looking out the roof hatch
oh its gardener
and hes really the cashier who is in love iwht the blonde
she admits she faked him beign a gardener and they are looking foor the hidden cash
gross chick sez gardeners dont have manicured nails
thats pretty batman
meanwhile the bat is creeping around like count orlock and we see his shadow on da walls
he sets up a wire to a light switch and to a chair and covers it with a rug
good camera work there
he hies in a hidden fireplace as the gang comes by and blonde sees the light from under the fireplace
she feels around it and the bat puts out his candle as she opens the hidden room
she goes in and bat is hiding in a wall door and she sees his shadow through the wall
he emerges and it looks really cool as he comes from shadow to light
waoh!! dats freeky!! his eyes in that mask
he tells her to keep silent or hed ice her and he wants the safe combo
he chases her and an unknown guy goes in and gets the cr-p from da safe as the bad wastes him and slinks off with his body
the others hear her banging in the hidden room and she gets out
manwhile pirvate dick, gross guy and maid and rdrinking and the bat puts out the candle and runs upstairs
gross guy relights the cadnle and in the room with fireplace, dr comes in
they go in the fireplace room now that they have dr to eat bullets and dr puts out the candle so bat flys out and dowen the staitrs
private dick fires 2 guns a lot and hits no one
dr sez he was freaked out but gross chick sez she saw him put it out
detective comes in saying dr tried to ice him and sez if dr's homie was caught, the chix wouldnt be scarded outta da house and they couldnt get the cash
and the bank guy jacked his own bank
private dick finds gorss chicks revolver on dr and detective cuffs dr andd locks him in da closet
doesnt this go against criminals rights?
so they passed out guy comes in and no one knows him
detective sez its the garage guy and grills him but he knows jack
detective tells private dick to cap him if he trys anything and the gang goes in the fireplace room
passed out guy gets the gross chicks gun
in the room theres no cash in the safe and gross chick sez a guy went by the skylight and detective goes on da roof
but gross chick was lying and wants to check the place herself
she finds the bag of cash behind an item and the bat grabs maidfrom behind a door
wait, its bank guy's arm and hes dead
and his watch was glow in the dark or something
then the garage is flaming and passed out guy stops em from going on at gunpont
he sez the fire starter wanted em out of da room and is coming back for da cash
they put it back where it was and out the lights and hide
da bat returns and they stick him up and on the lights
they disarm him and hes got a few guns
as they try to take off his mask h moves the chair and kills the lights and escapes
they split up to find him and private dick and gross guy stay in the hidden room
bat gets caught in the bear trap and pulls the chain tied to the bed the maid is in til she gets pulled out the window
the gang catches him but he gets a gun a guy drops
they unmask the bat and its detective
passed out guy sez he's the real detective and this guy knocked him out and immitated him
he sez hes got the greatest brain and pulls a gun on em
gorrss chick sez she removed the bullets and when he chex the real detective knocks it down and it fires
she sez she told her 1st lie in a stainless life
what about when she said theres a guy on da roof?
or using a ouija board?
bat sezs there sno jail that can hold him and he's gonna be cakc at night
then the curtains close but a guy comes in and sez its not over
a guy from da movie sez not to reveal the bats secret identity so ur friends can  be surprized
and in return he wont jack our cr-p or scare out kids
and the bat isnt a bad guy inside
oh its the guy who played the bat
the end
that was pretty good
it inspired a lot and i can see hints of it in the tim burton batman and batman returns
like the miniatures and good moving camera work
good twist i didnt see comming and some good comedic bits
good mystery and suuspecnce and detective work by th gross chick and each character is different and cool in their own way
i liked this and its cool fun and entertaining
for the bat whispers 2 i want him too break out of jail and to chop up his face so no one knows who he is. he also says h got those scars in the war and goes on more capers while the cops try to outfox him. its also an 8 bit nes, master system, game boy, game gear, atari lynx and 7800 and turbografix 16 gam wherew yoou play as the bat and gotta set up traps to get out and find ways through levels with spot lights and police blimps.

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