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Alexander And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day Review

Note; i spell like this kids day is
alexander and the terrile horrobale no good really bad day
tgis is my review on Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day from 2014 (When the SDF1 and 2 was busted by Khyron in Robotech)
its based on a book i never read and is directed by some mexican sounding guy who did cr-p i never saw
its got steve carell, jennifer garner, donald glover (don g ,lover) jennifer coolidge, dick van dyke, and no one else i know of
i never saw this b4 but reviews said it was mixed
ooh, its fullscreen! no black bars!
so it starts witrh kid saying his rents say there no suchh thing as a bad day but he knows better
threy drive a f'd out car home and he introduces his fam and he sez this was the worst day and its all his fault
thgen flesh bavk to a day ago and kid is woke up by his bro blowing his digery dooo
wait, that shounds wrong!
its someones b day and dad made a frittata aand has  leveled up in cooking skillz
nothing wrong with guys cooking
look at chef boy ar dee and col sanders
so kid sez this guy is having a high end b day and he wants 1 like it but his rents are more modest
also a teen girl drinks coffee
in a few years, when sciience sez coffee is bad 4 u, this will be seen like smoking or drinking or nose candy
so kid is bring drove to sschool and they play that "whats going on" song that was used in a he man vid
also a girl is reading lord of the fles
eat it piggy! ya fat f--k!
kids big bro's gf is  bossy and pushy and at kids school this other kid send edited images of him in a dress
thats cjhild p0rn0! soneone might j-rk off to that! the kid who sent em might be arrested!! hate crime!!
meanwhile dad is at a baby class with his baby and sez he got canned and now  might have an interview
also mom is at work and nmight get a promotion iiff things go right
she has 4 kids but isnt fat
at school kid wants australia for his project but gets some sh-t hole country in africa
1  guy geta austealia and thinks its got arnold schwatzennegger
in science klass he  lies to this blonde he likes to get her to his cr-ppy party and accidentally burns her lab book
maybe it said theres only 2 genders and he thought it was hate speech?
or it talked about how animals do slavery like the ants that raid other colony's for larva to use as workers?
so after dad gets him home late as he was busy, dad accidentaly garvage ddisosals an action figure of bumble bee from transformers
spoiler: dai atlas is cooler!
soo big bro is getting his liscence test and kid sez how his day s-cked and hes jealous his fam are winners
so in bed he bbickers with his  big broo and after beiing kinda  b--chy,, wishhes his fam would have a cr-ppy day like him
what logic
I s-ck so instead of making muyself better, imma drag everypone elsae to my level
what is this? the USSR?!
bro gets a huge a55 zit and the fam f's around and screws up a lot
oh and the baby p-ssed on the floor
the car light was on all night and the batter f'd out and they all take 1 car and dad trys to be positive
at school, big bro's ggf duumps him cuz shes kind of b--chy and self absorrbed and moms book she worked on sez dump instead of jump
also the kid with the mega radd party got chicken pox and his party is off so kid is gonna starscream his guests
and the kid who texted images of him as a crossdresser got busted and is pronbasbly doing hard time and put on the registry
soo bro gets back with gf but accidentally busts a big gllass thing and dad has to pick him up
trab pu kcip
then mom trys to stoop dick van dyke from reading take that jump but it says  take that dump but sahe cant and after reading a few lines, gets offewnded
takke that dump in the pool! take dat dump pn the bed! d0nt tsake that dump on ur brothers head!!
at the interview, dad brings baby but baby f'd his chances to work on a space station to fight the zentraedii
so dad pix up bro and kid and calls alecander salamander, like the konami game, but i'd go with power sander
so dad trys to get a new bumble bee pacifier (spoler: fortress maximus is cooler) and sister od's on cough syrup and tells her of baby eating a green marker
that kids gonna hhave brain ddamage and grow up to be a purvurt
kid trys to stop bro from his drivers testr but he dont listen abd gets thicc blonde jennifer coolidge as his instructor
his gf calls as hes in the car with that cougar and he answers it, only to get into an aaccident and nearly krlls everyone
after he f's out of the driving test, he opens da door and a car goes by sand busts it off
isnt there some OTHER way to pass this test??
so everyone b--ches about how if it wreent gor kid, this wouldn't jave happpened as he ddid little things that lead to this
like the serbs capping franz ferdinand abnd starting ww1
he admits to wishing they''d s--ck for a day and they say he dont got dat kinda powwr
what about in robotech wiith peryton and the cr-p they didd?
soo they decide to try to make it work and be positive
btw, why not pray it away?
rebuke the bad with holy words?
soo they get sister too her play of peter pan (pan?! but this has don g lover whho was lando who wad panseuxal in disney star wars!! maybe he likes pan from gt??) and she f''s up  the play by being high oon cough syrup
after science sez cough syprp is bad 4 u, this will be seen ike cocaninum in cola
then sister barfs on dad
dad ggets a callback for the intervieew and kid sez to take a chance to makke it all the way, take a chance today
dad wears a  pirate shirt (but i dont wamna be a pirate) and mom comforts sister and sez shes proud of her
so bro gooes to takke  his ggf too prom in a  bllur tuxeddo like dmb and dumber 1 and fam takkes em to a suushi place for the meeting with dads calllbackk
hrs gonna  workk on the space weapons to attack the earth when they get putta hand like in contra shattered soldier
so bros gf is b--chy oover being at a sushhi place and is allergic to shrimp(thats racist) and dad catches just cooked food in his mouth by the chef
his stoolen pirate shirt catxhes fire andhe puts  it out in the tank but thinks it cost hhim the intervuew
he gores ouyt all p-ssed off and kickks gsarbage cans (hate crime!!) and kid sez  he dont gotta be positive and some days  are just bad amd with themm the good days shine brighter
like birth of a nation; sahow the dark side of wrong to illuminate the bright side of light
so bro realizes his gf is a p o s and lets her go too jr prom as the real one is next year
i never went to my prom. i had no use for it
i hate thhe music, i dont dance and the kids were c-ck suckers
so they get home and theres a gater in the house
and a kangaroo, emu and cockatoo and other austrailia monstrs
its for an autrailian pettin zoo
but these are deadly beats
dad goes after da kangaroo as it escapes to b00ne some kids dead and it kicks him oout as the keeper arrives
so tey have a party and theres a gater in a cage that kids can reach into
but dogs bite off limbs of kids too so i guess its ok
the blonde kid alexander likes comes by and he has a good day at the expense of his fam getting f;d
ddad gets the rocket team job and can choose his own hours and mom sez the reading of sdick van dyke gotr 500 000 hits online in hours and now i guess everyone wants the book of dumping on kids
then the australian cowboys are str-pper and dad tells em to keep it pg as they dance to inxs
male str-ppers in a disney movie?!
walt would thrash about in his grave is he knew of that!!
so kid realisez that bad days can lead to good things and this worked out good
then credits to ghem goofin around
the end
that was pretty good
nice, kite, clean, fun, silly, good message, some heart, good msuic and actin
i liked it
its onlyy like 80 mins amd has good flow
its got positivity and good feels and its no the best, but its good enuff
i enjoyed it and its worth checking out
for alexander and the terrible horrible no goo very bad day 2 i want it to be a few years later and dad is working on this space project and a guy he works with comes to him and tells him the gov is working with space daemons and is gonna use a weapons test to wipe out most of the earth. he has to get this info out and escape the agents after him and his fam. and he's got a powersuit that lets him fight off the agents he jacked from the project and uses it to fight the modified humans and space daemons. also its an 8 bit action game on atari lynx and 7800, tg16, gameboy, game gear, nes and master system where you play as dad and fight through levels like in strider or something and get  to releasing the date to the world.

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