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An Officer And A Gentleman Review

Notw; i spell military but bad
an officer and a gentleman
this is my review for an officer and a gentlemN FROM 1982
its got richard gear, robert loggia, victor french, ND ED begly jr
i nver saw this b4 so i know little of it
its directed by Taylor Hackford who i never heard of or saw anything by
so it starts without 3 mins of logos and has gere getting up and i thik fleshbacks of his childhood with him and some military guy
join the robotech defense force! fight the zentraedi!
so military guy is his dad and i think kid gear is illegitimate and his mom went to h-ll and da was in te forces and sent him to boarding school
when living in the 3rd worl, some slum scum attacks him and takes stuff from him
if he had a strong firearm he could take em out
so in the present hes with his riom mate and sez he joined the navy
yvan eht nioj
and room mate thinks its cr-p
so 10 mins in he goes to danavy and we get opening credits
they get a harda55 drill sergent who rides their a55es
he then warns them of slummy chicks who wanna seduce the men
like a succubus
nowadays they'd have feminazies whining about making 5kanks look bad
manwhile, a chick comes over in a car and is changeing as somone else drices
later after talkin in line, they are made to do 50 push ups and theres also a chick soldier in here like dana from robotech
so as gear pushes up, the car chicks come by and he notices em
as they run and chant a thing about the dangers of 5kanks, the one chick in here sez its not rigth to say that about 5kanks
5kank right are human rights
her mouthing off gets em another 2 miles to run
later gear has contraband in his ceiling and sells it to guys
a big black guy complainbs it mught get em in sh-t but he dont care
after an obsticle course the chick soldier cant habndle the wall and drill says stuff about her being a chick
so later a guy wants him to get more boots that are non standard or w/e
later its a dance and the car chicks are there and gear talks to 1 and sez his history
his dad ios a rear admiral
but i think its all lies!!
she sez she workd for the paper and gears homie and the girl he's dancing with say their bros got it in nam and they get along
later eletemtal hero drillman has a martial arts class where he beats on homie i think and lets him go
later in a ba, gear sez he spent 6 years abou=ve a wh0re house and meets hthe car chick and they get along
he goes out and gets in a fight with some guys and back at this room later they bicker and he tells car chick to get naked to b0ne
she gets b--chy at him and goes out but he stoops her and they patch things up
i think they b0ned as now its day and they play romantic music (i;m watching the edited tv ver) and they have breakfast together
then they cuddle and kiss and in the real version i think b0ned again
later they are doing an underwater training thing whee they get in thisfake cockput and are duunked in da pool
the chick does it but homie f's out and drllo pulls his a55 out and does cpr to revive him
later big black guy needs a buckle and gear wontr help him cuz hes racist
drillo comes in and reveals he knows of the contraband by hitting the ceiling and boots fall out
because gear wont quit, rilldo tries to make him quit by tormenting him with making him jump around and be hosed off and doing pucsh ups in the mud
you know its just fgonna make him stronger
like with korins towr in dragon ball and goku climbing it
then sez he looksed up gerees files and that his dads a drunk and somehting about his mom
later droll and lock bird rides hears a55 about why he wanys to be in the forces and gear breaks down sayong "i got no where else to go!!" like in waynes world gx
this moves drillmans heart and he lets gear stay in the forces
later hes in bed with car chick and she sez she wood like 2 fly but it would be too hard 4 a girl
her moms  woorking at a ffactory and she dsont want it and gears mom suicided by taking pills when he was at school
later car chicks are chatting about getting pregnant and blonde wants to get pregnant to shackle a guy into her forever
thats trechary
all cuz she dint like the gguys she chooses to spend yime with who she lets b0ne her
so later gere has 3 weeks to graduate (which means something gonna f him up soon)  and eats with his gf's fam (dad played by the guy from highway to heaveb) and dad dont trust him
they go out abd chat about the ffuture and she wants a fam and kids
also sshe reveals her real dad didnt wanna marry her mom and he was a navy guy
so shes illegitimate too
imaagine if her dad was also gears dad?
they;d be inbreeding!!
not that theres anything wromg wiith that
love is love
its natural
animals do it
later gf calls the base but gear sez to tell her he left
but she ssenses he didnt annd laves work eurly
her mom tells her not to go aftergear and she ssez she loves him
later the men aare in dinner and a guy sez bavk in his day you couldnt just ddrop out or they f'd you
also homie hasnt written his blonde bimbo in 3 weeks
later gear and homie chat about chix and go drinking at a smokey bar where gear seez his gf
he sez hes leaving soon and he sez hes graduating soon
she sez shes got a date and e thanks her for helping him through his cr-p
but she didnt do aything!!
later blode is with homie and its implied she might be pregnant
that kid in ur guts in a human being
dont use him to entrap a man
later at the obsticle course, gear stops and goes back to help chick recruit get over da wall
later homie sez the chick hes b0ning is pregnant and he wants to kill their kid but she dont want to
but he also dont like the idea of his kid being in this world and him not being part of it
so killing it is better?
he sees hes responsible and is gonna marry her
btw;what did you think was gonna happen with all that b0ning?!
its like saying; i kept injecting human waste into my body and got an infection!! how could this happen?!
later they get ready for air ttraining and they need ai masks at 30 000 feet or they expand like a balloon and cant focus
body expansion?! what is this? Deviant art?!
they train in a pressure chamber and do basic things and 1 guy spazzes out gear saves him
so with 2 weeks left, homie is getting canned for spazzing out and gear sez he got a girl pregnant and was under stress
gear mouths off to drill guy and homie sez he chose to quit and run off
btw, dont they call the place where this guy came from the home of steers and queers?
so homie goes to blonde bomvo and proposes to her but when he sz he quit the foces she isnt pleased  hes going back to oklahoma too work at j c penny
sshe admits she lied about being pregnant and he sez he still loves her
but shes a b---ch and sez she only wants to marry a pilot and it destroys him
he gi8ves up everything for her and she ruins him
i can see vfemninists either hating this or loving the chick for being independent of her own choices
gear sees blonde and she sez whhat happened and hhe tells her off for  being awful but she sez shereally thought there was 1 but only got her woman womb thing today
so gear and gf gi to see homie and find him hanging in the shower
imagine if it was an accident and he was j-rkin off while doing it like that guy from inxs
gear sez to call an a,bulance as they can use the dragon balls to bring him back
soo the copas come and take whats leeft of him away to be used as a universal soldier and gear feels bummed about another person he lied  going to h e double california
gf sez she knew what blonde was doing and didnt stop it but she actually does love gere
he runs off daying he dont want anyone to love him as i think he thinks that makes the bite it like souther in hokuto no ken
so gear hasslles drillman and drill is busy but gear sez he wants to quit
so they go to the hanger and kung fu fight
charge ur ki!
do the spinning bird kickk
use the haoh ken!
despite getting a few hits in, gear gets his a55 kicked
so later they graduate and say thheir oath to defend Amercia against all enemies, forign and domestic (like the commies and media)
so even the chick and gear graduate and gear goes to gfs factory and they play "lo9ve lift us up where we belong" like i think the simpsons did and thhey smooch with consent as a kiss on the cheek withoutb consent is the same as a55 raepe)
he carries her ou and blonde who drove homie to suicide cheers for her
the end
that was pretty good
it seemed to be ripped off by top gun and i think the music and style was good
it has good flow and dont drag and has a good story
it shows the dangers of trusting 5kanks and how you gotta tough it out
Gear used to be buff in the 1980s
its not bad and the tv version was cleand up like from here to eternity was from book to moive
i liked it and tought it looked and felt good
for an officer and a gentlemman 2 i want it to be the 90s and the ww3 hass happened. he's fighting commies and they are using advanced aids gas to rot people into black foamy mush. also his woman is pregnant and has gains a lot of weight and is over 700lbs and he has to hire a maid to hose her off. its also a 64/32 bit ps1, sega saturn n64 and da and psp game where you play as him and fly around fighitn commies in a jet that can turn into a sub.

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