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9 To 5 Review

 Note; i woek bad at spellin

9 to 5

this is my review on 9 to 5 from 1980

it stars dolly parton, jane fonda and liily tomlin and was directed by colin higgins who inspired losers like jud apatow and paul feig

apartently this was a popular fuilm and eventouhgth i never saw it b4 heard it was good

its pg in america and soviet australia and 15+ in soviet sweden and england and iceland

buncha candya66es

Even the honorable american hero President Reagan liked it, eccept for the chronic scene

so it starts with the dolly parton song to credits and showing chicks getting ready for woork

so lily has totrain this new recriut who never worked b4so after a few hints, lily takes her up and gets atalking to from a superior over being sloopy

lily warns new girl that superior is the boss's spy and whines about someone getting a promotion over her despite her having 12 years exp

yeah but theres more to getting a promotion than being there long

a gguy could have more natural skill

otherwise the oldest guy on the football team would be the star player

so boss gives a soeech about teamwork and when he asks lily to help him get a present for his wife but she whines about it

so then dolly comes in and is a cheerful confederate chick who was just helping boss gas his car's a55

so jane s-cked at work and at lunch, the other co workers gossip about dolly b0ning the boss

jane dont like it as her husband ditched her after cheeting on her with the secritory

btw everyone has dana sterling hair like in robotech

so boss has dolly take a letter and he knox over pencils so he can look down her dress as she pix em up

then sez sorry about hitting on her b4 and she's forgiving

he gets her a gift and admits he's gay for her but she dont consent as both are married

then his wife comes in and she gets along with dolly and dont know her husband is gay for her

so wife wants to go on a 4 weel cruise and he dont wanna

dolly walkx out with the scarf gift and lily and jane recognize it as the one they got

later janeis showed how to use the cop machine by liluy and it spazzes out when jane trys it on her own

boss comes in and gets p-ssed at her for f ing the machine andshe gets bummed

she coems to work the net day with a shotgun andstarts blowing holes in everyone


really she comes home and her husband is there to give her divorce papers

so its work da next day and dolly trys being nice to jane bbut she dont like dolly

at night she tellls her husband shes nice but  gets treated bad at work and he comforrts her

so then its work and lilly sez to boss  she gave him a color coding thing that could make thinggs 20% more efficient but boss didnt see itr yet

then we see boss gave the color coding thing to the chairman of the board and took credit

she b--ches to er son aat home about it and how she didnt say anything as she wants the  promotion

her son offers her chronic as i guess hesa junkie

then its anotther day and another guy got tthe oromotion

boss explains he  had a college degree and clients are more comfy with men

she gets b--chy and goes on a tirade and when dolly comes in, lily sez the whole companny things he'ss b0ning her

dolly gets p-ssed over  him spreading lies about her and sez shes gonna use her 2nd ammentment item to blow off hhis  huge man parts

then spy  reveals sheheard an employee talking about stufff against company protocal and boss is still p-ssed s he has her canned

later the 3 leads are in a banand bummed over boss annd lily pulls out a chronic cigarete

they go to dollys house  (the dioll house) and smoke chronic and dolly pulls out her gun

once dolly had 2 guys  bugging her homie in a  parking lot  and shhe was gonna  pull a gun on em, but blew a hole in her purse

this is how thelma and lousie started

whileon drugs they fantasize aboit getting the office to hunt downn boss like the mmost dangerous game where that gguy  hunted man

in the phantasy, jane pulls a shot gun on him and busts up the offfice taking shots at him

is tthis where scrooged got it ffrom?

huh, in this bblue hint, jane fonda looks kinda like molly ringwald

so she  wacks  him andd puts his head on a wall

drugs make people do evil

dollys phantazy has her as a cowboy chick wo treats him like she treats him

in heere she compliments his bod and hits on him and squishes his  face in her b00bs

oh noes! someone finds me hot! thats triggering!!

after hee turns gay annd rejeects dolly patton, she hogties him

lily has a phantasy aas her beiing aa disney prrincess with animated animals

etf that raccoon has a  bow and arrow and clothes and the rest are nude

is this bambi or robin hood?

so she poisons his coffee and steamm poots outta hhis ears andhis hhead spins

then fires  him out  da wwindow andthe sllave womenn are freed

how 30s

wtf the castlee  flies  in the clouds

this is ddrugs

so da next day and many brain cells devolved later, boss's wifevis on a 2 month cruisse

lily b--ches about having to get coffee and how shees gonna snap

but accidentally puts rat poison in the coffee and when he trys to drin it, he falls over in his cr-ppy chair

dolly finds him and helps him in the ambulance too the hospital

lilly comes back from bein out and hears it but only when she sees the rat poison on the counter doe sshe figger  it out

an employee sez he fell and busted his head when drinking coffee and as the cups empty, she thinks he drank it

at da hospitalhe comes too and thinks the dris gonna swindle him with unneeded tests

meanwhile a guy whos gonna testify has heart sh-t and a cop is there

lilly and jane come by and hear cop saying the guy bit it from poison

the chix talk about their pot thing and how lily's gonna do hard time

dont drop the soap!!

so a dr gonna do the autopsy is taking the body out and is called in and lily jacks the body

she jacks a coat andgoes around the hospital and a chick asks for help findign the coffe shop

adter getting through that, lily dumps the body in her car and the chhicks and her book it

she wants to ditch the body with cement bblox in the river and drives bad

jane wants to go back bbut dolly sez they in too deep

then they crash and f up da car and dolly ggets a crowvbar fro, the trunk with the body in it

but they see its the wrong body and lily wants to take it back

they bicker, fix da car and go back but a cop stops em for a busted tail light

she fakes being a dr and says the dolly ate rat poison and thought it was the sweetener the boss likes

so they go back and say boss has no word there

dolly has  thee body put in a toilet room with a cloth over it andthe nurses think its just another corpse that turned up

so da nest day they find out boss just bumped his hhead

they chat about it in da ladys room but spy heard it and outs em to the boss

he calls dolly in and tells her she knows of the poison

she sez it was an accident and he sez hhe'd let it go if sh b0nes him

she ggets p-ssed at him and ties him up with a phone chord and stuffs his mmouth with the scarf he bought hher

dolly tells jane boss knows of it and jane coems in and won untie him

she loosens his bindings and when he gets out and when he trys  to get out, jane pulls dollys gun and blows the window to the office out

these chicks are nutss

so they take him captive andbring him to a house and try to find a way too cover their crimes

1 suggests a photo of him in bed with a h00ker  but he's sell it as xmas cards

why not a male h00ker? that would stop him!

later lily finds an account at a warehouse and they go there and lilly sez she has what she needs

turns out he stole from the company and sold stuff and pocketed the money

so they go out shopping for stuff to keep him confined and get him into some kinda sm thing and set up a system to keep him there

at work thheykeep passing the buck to avoid lettting anyone talk to him

2nd spy is getting close to find him and boss trys to mythbuster his way out of the chains

he trys to nail her in the head with a piece of wood but she sees him comming in a mirror and uses a garage door opener to yank him up

later they hear due to computers, they need 4-6 weeks b4 they can get the warehouse things

they send spy to learn french at amission said to be from boss andshe goes off

at da office dolly lets  employees do stuff they couldnt do b4 lik have decoraions at their desksand raise saleries

not sure the company can do that

might cut into their ability to fund the companu effots

boss finds a nail file and lock pciks his stuff but theres a guy who looks liem chris meloni and ned eisenberg from law and order svu had a kid lurkin aorund

later janes husbandcomes bby and says his new woman diteched him

meanwhile bboss cuts through the leather cuffs and trys to gget free but janestrings him up

they fight and husband comes up and thinks shes into creepy sm and that she's into her boss

he trys to reason with her and she gets b--chy and reveals she smoked chronic and he sez he was gonna take her back

she tells him to get oot and thats the end of what could have been a healed marriage

so the warehouse papers are comming soon and  boss wife comes home and sees him in that sm hear

wife calls dolly and sez thnx for the flowers and that boss sed hes doing a new exercize thing at the hosue

so girls relaize boss is free for days and faking being improisined and when they get there, boss has janeat gunpoint

they go to the oriface and he sees things have color andllook more 80s

also theres flexible hours andthings are working right even thoguh they forged his name on things

so over da last 3 days he returned the items back to the warehosue and hes gonna send em to h e double jail

but the chairman comes by and looks like col sandders and thnx the boss for making things run better

he sez lily is his right arm and she sez they are doing job sharing

and a daycare center tat cahinman wanted to do is the war

i assume the civil war

also an AA program helped get this drunk off her booze

so chairman gives boss a new work, the brazil thing for 3 years

so spy comes back and we see what hapoened to em after

lily got to be vice prez, jane fell in love and dolly became a country singer

boss got caught by an amazon tribe and wasnt seen again

the end

that was pretty good

nice 80s fun

mostly light and mildand not too brash

not too feminist but for the 80s it was seen as that

i can see why people liked it

i like how dolly plays a curvy blne whos a wholesome woman and not a 5kank

nowadays there's be more swearing and b0ning and crude stuff

like bridesmaids which s-cked a55

but this was a nice film and has an upbeat tone

glad i saw it

for 9 to 5 2 i want it to be about the boss from the 2st film in the jungle and helping to lead the amazon tribe against a rival tribe of ape people over an ancient temple that was there b4 noahs flood and has black majic items in i that must not be used. its also a 16 bit strategy rpg on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you moe our units around the area and battle with different items and moves.

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