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The Importance Of Being Earnest Review

 Notte: I spell earnestly

the importance of be8iing earnest

This is my review on he Importance of Being Earnest from 1952

its wroitten by oscar wilde who did doreian grey which was f-kked up

its dirtectal by Anthony Asquith who did the 38 pygmALLLION. which i liked

it stars micxhaelk redgrave, and a buncha britlers i never heard of

i never saw tthis b4 but heard its good? maybe? i dont know. i just know the title

and its not connected to hay vern itsd ernest nor earnest evans, although being in the 1800s, could be a prequel to it

lol,m edith evans is in this, earnest and evans

ooh, this has Joan Greenwood from barbarella and Miles Malleson from ther 40s theif of baf dad and Aubrey Mather from the 40s jekyl and hyrdesd and jane eyre and Richard Wattis from chitty chitty bang bang

ooh itsx fullscrtenn and color

so it starts bwith people at a play anmd reading the playtbill and its the credits

then they watch the play and this guys taking a bath but we dont see his 16 incher

this this dude is talking to another guy and its all brittish as he gets groomed

they talk about 1 guy flirtingh with gwen and eat sasusage

i know these guys are birts, but they seem pretty fruity

oh moustache guy is wanting to marry her and dude is her cousin

cousin readds a thing with an inscription frommoustache guy, oh its a cigarette case

also its vanentines day 1895 and the case says "to your uncle" even though its from mousaches aunt

alsdo they have fictional personas of maougtche being ewrnest and cousij beiung bunbery and go by therm in different places

moustache sez he was adopted and was guardian to some chick and fakesd being ernest,m his made up kid bro, to go incognito

copusin uses bunbury to use as cover to go places

later moustache goes out and goes to this place witha guy eating cucumber sandriches like that sonic guy and they eat the long food

1st sausage then cocumnvbers?! wehat is this? eiken?

so then these chicks come in, a hag and a young and oh the young is gwen

so cucumber guy whines thsat they are outta cucumbers and hag complains about bunbury

wait, i think sandwich guy is cousin

so cousin goes off with hag to b0ne or w/e and main moustache guy tyalks to gwen

i'm having trouble following this with its brittish talk

so gwen sez she heard of ernest and loves him

kinda like those dinks who love anime chicks and j-rk off on body pillows

oh she thinks main guy is ernest asnd he tryus to say if she'd love him if he had another name

also she hates his real name and only likes ernestg

he wants to marry her and probably have a brit mo daemon rityual weedding but dont get the words out right for a bit

he eventually doos and they say their love and almost kiss but hagmo comes back (oh its her mom) and b--ches at em

she dont consent to her legal age dughter engaging to a guy and sends her down so she can grill main guy

she's glad he smokes and thatt he knows nothing as its good to have a hobby and a man should know evberrtyhting or nothing

he tells her his money level and has no political leanings and he don;t knowe who his rents are as he never knew them and was found and given to some fam like Goku

she dont like not knowing his ancestry and dont let him marry her kid as i guess she wants to make sure they are relkated so they can magke inbred kids like all the blue bloods prefer

inbreeding, better known as "keeping it in the family" is a practice done by many elites and animals who like keeping their bloodlines pure. seer also; dogs of the highest petigree

so gwen still likes him and later in the country is getting flowers and talking with hagmo

wait, i think its some other chicks and other chick wants main guy and ernest to come by

they talk about some brit sh-t i dont get and she dont like happy endings in novels

better read some go nagai then!

a guy named canon according to wikip[edia comes by and is all fuddled like a brit

other hag is into him and wasnts to marry him

so later main guy sendz a note saying hes ernest and comming and cousin comes by and pretends to be ernest

she dont like him at 1st and grow closer after talk

later main guy comes by and sez ernest bit it in soviet paris last night

then cousin chick comes out happy saying ernest is here and the canon and other hag are happy hes alive and not questiong it

main guy dont wanna shake hanfds with cousin but she makes him by saying she wont forgive him if he dont

in a different room main guy b----ches at cousin for his acts and wants him to leave

main guy goes to get changed as cosuin wont leave him in black as its protocol to wear it when someone bit it

so cosuin goes to other chick and she writes in her diary about lovey dovvey stuff he sez

he tells her he wants to marry her and she reveals that she was engaged to ernrst b4 but brioke it off

also she revals she couldnt like him if he had another name, esp his real name

so main guy goes to a priest or something and asks to be Christiened

so later other chick meets hag and wait, its gwen shes meeting and they get along

they chat and find they are both in love with ernest and bother were asked to marry by him

they bicker over it and main guy comes over and kisses gwen but other chuick reveals he's really her guardian

then cousin comes in and gewwn reveals he';s now ernest either

they come out about trheir real names and the chicks dont like them cuz of tyheir names

but they wanna see the real ernest but he reveals there is none

so the guys say they made arrabngement sto be Christened as Ernest and come back insiide singing

the chix ask why they did the name game and they say tyo be with them

they reveal to the chix they are gettign their names changed and da chix love em now

they hug but hag comes in and is b--chy and bossy

main guy has enough of her sh-t and slugs her out and her jaw comes off in a spray of blood!

jk really he sez hes engaged to her and she sez no

cousin sez bunbury bit it and her nephew the cousin wants to marry other chick

tyhey reveal otehr chick is the adoppted kid of main guy

she grills main guy over the stats of other chick asnd sshe likes it

mainm guy dont give consebnt to the other chivk to marry as shes underaged (da f--k?! england noooo!) and reveals cousins lies about faAKING BEING ERNEST

hag ALLOWS MAIN GUY TO MARRY GWEN but main guy don't want  cousin to marry her

also other chick is akmost 18, which means shes the same as 8, but main guy rebveals shes of age at 35

man they got some crazy asge of consent laws up there in soviert england!

then again nowadays, 35 year oilds still live with their rents

wait, hag still dont want main guy to marry gwen and masin guy is holding his consent until he can marry

canon the priest is gonna rename em but hag dont wwant it but when canon sez the name of orther hag, main hag recognizes the namne

hag merets other hag and its revealed shhe had a bABy but was accidentally left in a bag when she had a bimbo moment and misplaced it

turns out, the baby was main guy and he breiings the bag he was found in down and she recognizes it as hers

oh and the mom was the hags kid sister so i guess they can inbreed now and his dad was the cousins dads brother

also he was named after his dad aND they look in the aRMY IST AS HES A GENERAL

turns out; its ernest as rich guys name their kids after themnselfes like Donald Trump Jr or J FK Jr or Garlic Jrt

he sez he finally sees the imporitance of being ernest and kisses the chickl

ther end

ooh, its made in pinewood studios in england like Batmaan

so that was a  pretty goode filme

good wit, good acting, good feel, nice lite humor

not dark or f'd up, clean, light and mild

it takes some getting used to but its got a nice warmth

i kinda like the late 1800s early 1900s and this has that classy vibe

good twists too

glad i saw it. its a wholesome film thats nice and well made

plus the bright colors look great

for The Importance of Being Earnest 2 I want the couples to be married but their kids are inbred and have weird mutation powers, also its ww1 and they gotta fight the germasns, but learn the brits are the bad guys so they defect to fight for zee kaizer. also its a 2 player beat em up thats 16 bit on sega genesis, snes, tg16, atari jaguar and gba where you play as the  kids of the inbreeders from the 1st film and are higher evolved from the good genes being consentrated and fight the germans at 1st, but can choose to join em and beat the king (who's got demon powers) or stay brittish and fight the Kaizzwer (with a metal gearspring arm)

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