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Angel On My Shoulder Review

 note; i spell shoul;der style

angel on my shoulder

this is my review on anmgel on my shoulder from 1946

its directed by Archie Mayo who did The Petrified Forest and nothing else i sawed

it stars claude rai8ns, p[aul mini Anne Baxter, and a buncha 1800s dudes

i saw this b4 and its pretty good

its in great b/w and proper fullsdcreen

so after creditts tyo good Dimitri Tiomkin music we get a quote aboiut livinbg

then mini gets ouytta jail and his homie drives him  while talking aboyrt a guy wjho"crashed out" (which i dont know what it means)

so muni minis gonna return to his crime life and his homie is smily like nico smily from candy a55 yugioh arc v

then smily emptries a gun inmto muni and minu is in h-ll

so hes in danntes inferno and its kinda freeky  and theres guys witn a T for trustee

3 minutes in and the main guy is dead

its dbz all over again

pmuni don't get that hes dead and there's other sinners there who try to get him to see

hes kinda slow and dont get it and wants to get smily but is carriied off big big muscley guys

meanwhile, ryo asuka i mean clauide rains is malcontentthat theres less people coming in and they can't keep the heat up

but what about in Dante's Inferno how the bottom layer is ice?

czuld wants to ruin judge parkrt to thwart God's plans and claude i mean muni escapes and busts inot claudes room

the muscle guys carrys him off to the 55th circle of darkness and claude is glad as muini looks just like jusfe parker who he wants to ruin

mini wants to escape aind is shoveling coalin the file like a dlave amnd claude offersd to make a pact with him to get out if muni works for him

muni agrees and tey walk through the fires and to an elevator

claude drops hintrs and throws low balls and they go over miunis head as he only went to 3rd grade

muni had nothing and wanted to make something of his life and they go to thje surface and noo one can se or hear them unbtil he has a body

parker is munis exact double oike in the flintstones or simpsons and muni thinks as he has no finger he has no finger prints

but clauide says hes got no fingers to pull the trigger

so muni agrees to work for claude(who is brittish liek all bad guys) b4 getting revenge on smily

they go to the courtroom and the judge blacks out muni sezx hes the boss and claude goes along with it to get him to go by easier

so they go to the judges room and parker looks just like muni

caulde sez parker wont remember anything and uses powers to fuse muni into parker

so parkers future wife worries about parker and sez the elecvtions only a few days away

she taks with a guy about parker needing a shrink and goes home

the next day patrkers butler wakes him up and muni isamazed hes alive

muni acts like muni and  it confuses his butler who calls gf

muni wants a plane and money to get to saint lewis toi meet judy garland i mean ice smily

muni cracks the safe using his ninja skills and goes out to buyt a fireaRM

HE TAKES A PLANE WITH A LOAded gun as the 40s were more free and claude shows up and makes egine trouble to bring him back to ruin parkers rep

gf shows up and talks to butler about parker being weird and she calls shink who sez  "just go with his changes and be p[atient"

mini shows up and comments on gf beiing sexy and wants to b0ne her asnd claUDE IS THERE BUUT ONLY MUNI CAN SEE HIM


man we're like 40 mins in with adds

elsewhere parkerrs rivals use parkers black out as a wway to beat him in the election and send guys to the speech to f with him

so at the speech tthis kid gives him a watch as he did so much good and its kinda hearetwarming

a guy sez how parkers organization has reduced kid crime and helped a lotta people, esp kids

clauide tells muni to hate the people there as its their kind who sent him to jail aND TO TELL EM OFF AS AWFUL AS HE CAN

muni goes up aND the rival xvandidates men shjowe upo mandf threw cr-p at him b4  he can tell em the sh-t talk

so muni goes down and kicks their a55es as claude sez to take the hits as the rival guys are his friends

he dont care as its him getting beat on and it makes parker look like a bada55

nowadays parker would be seen as the bad guy for fighting back

so the kids are nice to him  annd he goes home and gf sez to not be so rough

he wants burbon and cigars and gf and butler sez he dont smoke nor drink

he sends butler out and chuggs booze but camn't handle it as its not his body

same with cigars and she wants to go home but he thinks they live in sin

he blax out and  the next ddayt, muni and clauise take a cab and oh gfs there too

so they are gonna have a court thing and muni talks of smily and gf dont get it

the cab driver outs muni talking of smmily and his crime ring ti the rivals and the rival candidate wants to use this

caulde wants muni to work with this crook to ruin parkers rep

he is guided by claude tto know legal things like pascow in pet semetary and lawyer pays parker for aa ruling

tthey bring in the defendants and muni recognizes the girl as his ex gf who was cheeting on him

he tells em hes gonna throw da book at em and as a guy comes in, muni throws the money at em and sez he wouldnt take a million

clause is p-ssed ast muni inaADVERTENTLY F ING THE PARKER PLAN AGAIN

SO parkerr pretty much has the electtion and gf worrys about him and she talks to shrink about it

so laater the rival canditdates guys go to see smily (and claude rrains is called Nick so Nicko Smily) and claude sez them ideas about sending smily to the judges place

meanwhilegf shows muni the home they aRE BUILDINHG and plans a happy future

he's  moved by her wanting to have a family with him and how had he not been a thug, he could have had this good life

for once in his life(kinda ) he tasted goodnessand he loved it

but he don't feel right as he made a deal with dark ruler and claude comes out berhind a tree

you know, he was the invisible man and now hes invisible to all but muni

so claude sez smily is in town and is gonna use the money he iced muni for to start satuiff here

claude sez muni cant change and a hal;o wouldnt suit him (just like real life) and sesz he's yeellow if he dont ice smily

also if claue dont ice smily,m them smily will ice paarker and ruin gfs future

he is turned to buy it and iss gonna do evil to do good

he tells gf a scenario that if theres a poison rat comming for his kids, would he waCK IT?

she sez yes and he takes her car and shje realizes it

as muni drtives with claude, the cops pull him over and claude tellsa him to say hes in his fuiture wifes car and is going to give a speech

when he tells the cops hisa future wifes mname they say she called in the car stolen and bring him in

at the station claude tries to turn muni agianst gf and he dont buy it

gf coimes by and sez she donty know him and he trys to explain his situatyion to her withougn saying it

he sez hes channging for good and needs her to trust him and she asks him to make a deal that she;'d help him if he marrys her

so is this bigamy? 2 souls 1 wife?

so tney go to church and claude rians dont like it and the priest aks whhy they wanna get married

the priest has a wife?! thats not canon!

so priest recitres bible verses and muni knows aboutt the fires

when talking about the evil one, muni recognixzzes one of the names and priest says to listen to the angel on your shoulder

claude rains has no power over a good man and muni goes out to talk to claude

after like 80 minutres with adds, muni finally puts 2 and 2 togteher and sees that as he's done nothing wront since being brougt back, claude can;'rt touch him

claude sez to get married and he goes to do it but at the ceremony he realizes that he can't do it as its wrong as claude wants it

gf can't take it and he explains in a weird way she wantgs fred parker(better than ben paker, he got iced)

she gets it and drives him home and at home he sees claude and smily on the couch sleeping

claude sez the gun he used to ice him is on him and to wack smily

muni takes the gun and recalls the Priests words and puts it back

muni nevcer iced a sleeping hguy and claude wakes him up

muni makes a drink and smily walkes up and smily sez he wanted to work with parker in his crime work

muni askes about mni and smily sezx munis dead and muni sez he knows about the wacking

muni shows his face and smily freaks outr seeing his face

muni bada55ly implies hes muni and smily backs up and smily drops the gun athis words

smily freaks out and backs up and falls out a window and splatters on the concrete like a sack of pasta offscreen

claude sez he cant go back without muni as no one escaped and only muni can go back by his own will

claude complains to God about howw this illiterate hick beat him at the plans of The Lord who's been pulling the strings the whole time

claude reasons that muuni needs to leave to free parfker and gf can be happy

and as muni isnt evil anymore, claude can;'t affect him

muni makes a pact saying if he goes back, then claude will leave parker and gf alone for life

muni agrees to go back after asaying bye to gf and wshe comes over and he sez bye and wait, what about smily splattered on the pavement?!

its kinda touching as he wont see her as she's going to heaven and he aint

so paul muni goes back to h-ll and she calls someone , oh its dr, and mnis spirit comesout and watches her

parker says her name for the 1st lines he had this whole filme and they reiunite offscreen

muni notices how good the world is and claude swears to torture him forever

but muni sez he has dirt on claude and says he's keep his lips sealed if he gets to be a trustee

the end

that was grande

its mostly lite, no swearing or violence(outside a fishfighty) aND good acting and writing

its got heart and makes you feel

its something i would reccomend to a priest as FamilyFriendlyGaming would say and it shows how The Lord is in command even if things seem bad

its well put together and has has good twists and looks great in b/w

i liked this and it holds up well today

its got some mild comedy and good heart

for Angel on my shoulder 2 I want it to be the 60s and one o judge parkers kids is being tempted by drug dealers and hippies to abandon his wholesome life and enjoy deviancy and sin. but it turns out they hippies and junkies are guided byu claude rains, now played by an even more birttish guy, and each 10 mins, the teen has to make a choice between virtue and vice and each one is based on the seven deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues. also its an 8 bit game on sega manster system and game gear, nes and game boy, atari lynx and 7800s and tg16 where each level you have a mini game based on the virtures and sins and which one yo choose determines which ending you get depending on which viurtue or vice you chose with dozens of possible endings

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