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Naked Alibi Review

 Note; i spell better than the naked men of europe

naked alibi

this is my review on naked alibi from 1954

i never dsaw this buy its public dimaon i think

its directed my jerry hpopper who did nothing iove seen and stars Sterling Hayden  and chuck connors and no one else i know

oh its got Gene Barry from the cr-ppy 2005 wr of the worlds

so aftercredits to 40s music and ttile we get some guys in a basement and 1 guy was charged with drunk and disorderly and not good ID

oh its the cops place and the drunk starts being b--chy and the cops beat his a55

he swears to get even and 1 cop says the guy is a suspect in rpobberies

turns out the guy is innocent

also tyhe paper says goodwin(like from yugioh 5ds?) wants to crack down on police brutality

later drunk says sorry and goes home to his wife and kid

wife is concerned about his being beat up and he's forgiving

later the cop is capped and the cops search anyone with firearms

1st; thats like saying anyoine with a car is a suspect in a hit and run

2nd this is soviet california so they dont' use logic

3rd; what about illegal guns? thats like going affter people who use the cross walk when someone jay walks

so the cops find the bullets came from a german gun and later the cops investigate the main guy

he dont wanna go downtown as he's afraid they'd beat him up and runs

they catch him and grill him and he says he's innocent and they think cuz he said something b4, hes ghuilty

so if i joke about cannibalism then i must ear people?

oh and the cops beat on him to catch him

a lawyer says he found 3 witnesses who confirm hsi story of beign at work and character witnesses

but the cop dont care and wants to nail him

a guy calls and tells him to ease up and let main guy goo

he lets him go and has a guy follow him

but then cops get in their ar and get blown apart

the guy tailing main guy says he lost him after a buit in his shop

the cops come in with a warrent and he says he was at churc h at night and a party

cop grabs main guyand trhhey struggle by an open fire and a guy takes a photo and the story makes him l,ook like he's brutal and cop gets fired

the media twisting things to make cops look bad? some things never change

later cop meets another cop and says he thinks main guy iced those cops

and now he wants to f with main guy to get him

later main guy looks outside and a cps watching him

everywehere he goes hes tailed

11 time at night he goes after a guy tauiling him and knoxz over boxes to dramatic music

jimmys goin mental

he calls the cops or his lawyer or w/e and figgers  its the excop behind it

so main guy goes on a business trip to get away from being stalked

so after a bus ride hes in a bar and some chick is singing in a DRESS THAT HOT IN THe 40s (but today isn'ty so great)

after her song she ggoes back and he meets her and thery makew out

but ur married!

this just went springer!

s0 da cops get there and rents a room for 3$ A NBIGHT

ex cop loox around for main guy and when 1 guy tells him whree to go, he goes and 3 guys beat him out and rob him

in the real bversiuoin they b0ned him dead

wait, hes alive as thiskid and hsi ucnle founbd him

the singer takes care of him and finds the wanted poster of main guy

later he comes to and talks with singer and kid comes back with some sleeping powder nand they give him a water with it mixed in

but he just woke up

later singer wantgsa to marry main guy but he avoids it

nowadyas they'd try to make him haveing several wifes look likea posoitive thing like in that degrassi erp with imogen was with that chick who was with other chuicks

or the italiano was with paiges bro but he was in bed with a big black guy and wanted to have morre giuys

so a guy comes on to singer and main guy defends her and they walk out

later she stops by her place and he wants to go up with her

at her placed she goes in and checks on excop and they alomost go romantic ans they talk abouty their pasts

she makes cofgfee and puts the sleep powder in his cup

like sleep water in the mad tv thing the rocket revengers?

also; 1s an upperr and 1s a doownewr, caffeen and drugs! wont that kill him?

so later ex cop callds in to his guys and says he thinks singer is connected to him i think and is near

later at a club, main guy is driunk and shoves a guy off a thing for bumping into him

singer is p-ssed at his drunken a55 holery and ex cop sees em and books it

this is why i dont drink

alcohol not only is a poison that damages the organs, but makes you say and do stoopid things

weird al dont drink, he's outlived most o the people he parodied

eli wallach never drank he made it to 98

errol flynn drank and bit it at 50

later excop says bye to kid and is gonna go and ays bye to singer

she makes  him some coffee as thery didnt have pop in the 50s i guess

better than soviet england where they drink tea

the next day main guy dont recall last night as he wasa drunk and thinks  singer has another guy

bbtw this is in bw  but widescreen even nthough it wasaa originally made for proper full screen

he copnfronts her and she reveals she knows hes got a wife

he figures out cop is tailing him and he smacks her around

he sez hes ditching his fam for her and sez sorry for beating on her

later she comes out to ex cop over knowingf hes a cop and tells him to get out cuz mainm guy is gonna ice him

he sees shes beat up over not outing him and he tells his story

x cop reveals he found into that main guy is a crook and using a fake name and in a hi j-cking ring

so x cop goes oouyt and maiin guy catches him with his goons and bring him away

so he brings singer and ex cop to a restairant and is calmly menbacing and has dinner

he wants csinger to kiss ex cop but they dont wanna

kinda like in robotech

he wants em to b0ne (in a public restaurtant?! wekll, this IS mexico) and after they stand up to nearly fight, main guy walks off and tells a guy not to let em outta the table

after he gives a guy money, singer tells ex cop main guy dont go to church and x cop thiunks thats where the gun is

a fight5 breaks out as as cover to ice the good guuys but they ecasepre

main guy goes out to cap em buty x cop sneak attacks him and they fist fight

cop beats him down cuz he hasnt destroyed his nervous systemn weith years of booze and carrys the k o ed main guy out

kid gives the goons ther wriong direction and x cop escapres woith main guy and chick in his car

thegoons call the cops on x cop and say xcop kidnapped main guy

like in canada when that shoplifter got caught by the guy he stole from and the cops arrested the owner for infringing on the crooks "rights" and having a box cutter in his pocket

so after excaping cops and fiighting off main guy who went for da gun, galaxy eyes cifer x cop and friernds hide in a truck

x y z dragon cop says hes gonna make main guy get the gun he capped the cop with

after going through the check point,  later the 2 guys fight and the gun goes off

drtiver checks it out and the guys come out and cop tells him to coount to 100

main guy runs and x cop sez he s gonna get to the gun b4 main guy and nail him

but the cops arrest x cop and chick goes to the chuirch

so main guys gets the german gun at the chuirch and singer comes in and he catches her and grills her over where copp is

cop and cops come in and main guy fires but misses and escapes to another buoilding

he gopes on the roof and takes shots ast cops and caps the singer in the back and jumsp from rtoof to roof

x cop jumps across froofs like bvat man or the tick and they trade shots

ecentually main guy gets bcapped and falls off the rooof

singer says she wishes she could have met x cop sooner and bites it

they take her remains away and he walks off into the night

the end

that was pretty good

nic clean but cool 50s story

good twists i didnt see coming

good acting

pretty bada55 and dark for the 50s

shows the evils of alcohol and crime and how cops are treated bad by the press

its well done and tells a good story that fits today

for naked alibi 2 i want the crime ring the guy from the 1st movie was part of to increase attacks and its a war on the cops. also the ex cop has been hiured back and with the media making crooks look good and cops doing their job look bad, the cops are on edge. eventually they get the law passed to allow cops more power and give em military werapons like grenades and flame throwers and they bring it to the crooks on drug busts and secks rings! also its a 16 bit beat em up like alien storm on sega genesis, snbes, atari jaguar, tg16 and gba where you play as up to 4 giga cops and obliterate all the drugged up and dvolved criminals who often mustate into daemonic forms to bring down the crime group the guy from ther 1st film was part of

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