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Master Of The World Review

 note i spell masterfuilly

master of the world

this i my review on mastrer of the world from 1961

its based on 2 books byu jules verne;  Robur the Conqueror and Master of the World

its got vincent prie, charles bronson and Ken Terrell from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Ten Commandments, Angel and the Badman

its wreitten by richard matheson who did a buncha twilight zone eps and drecied by William Witney who did nothing i ever saw or heard of

i never saw this b4 but i think my dad has a classics illustrated comic of it somewhere

so after footage of planes and a narrator sayiing how man always wanted toi reach the sky

spoiler; ancient aliens on the history channel says beople in the past hung out with space demons or w/e

then a history lesson about da vinci and vernes ideas and footage from the silent era of people trying to fly

this goees on for a while

eventuallly the right bros got it and man became: master of trhe world!

i wanna take his face... off

who am i? i';m spiderman!


so then opening credits and title

so its the distant futurew year of 1868 after the alleged civil war in pencil vania

2 guys whine about how nothing happpens and theres an earthquake and a voice quotes the Bible of tthe eend times

then its philedelphia and this club is having a meetiung about where a propeller should be on a balloon

bronson chats with a chick and says 2 guys areguing are her husbamnd annd fianncee

dad meets bronson after the meeting and sez the tiwn in penciil vania might have a volcano and he wants to uuse the clubs balloon to get up there

bronson ssez he wants to go up and use a telescope to see whaats up and dad and bf bicker over where the pro;pellor is

dad bg annd girl plan to go up with bronsson to check it out

they do so and dad sez the ballloon was made in his factory that makes arns

out of the volcano comes missiles and 1 hits tthe balloon and it goes dowen into the volcano

is this gonna be like journwey to the cemnter of da urth?

who will rule new urrth? primal rage!

so vincent preince comes by asas they are ko ed and they wakwe up ina room

bromnson trys to jimmy the locked door but cant and the dioor isnt wood nor metal

in comes a gun man who has em come with him and the guys finds its an airship

vin sez they are going 150 miles an hour and sez he brought em her to save em from da volcano andto keep[ em from telling of his sh-t if they survived

vin sez they can go when he sees fit and makes ewm dinner

is this like 20 000 leafues below the sea?>

later at dinner he sez he has no nationality and his crew are citizens of the world

vin sez sorry for making the quake with his ship and that a balloon cvan circle da uirth i 10 years but he can in 10 days

i question that numbering

then we see the ship and its sorta zepplin meets the yamato FROM THAT ANIME

so vin shows them around his battle fortress and its tech and its powered by electricity and magnetism

they by an armory and 1 guy wonders why he needs it

why have a fire extinguisher if you live without a fireplace?

the ship is 150 feet long by 20 wiide and is made of paper and hydrolically squeezed with clay and stuff

i wanna say that won't work, but after all the myth busters and thousand ways to die, i don't know whats real

he shows em a suiper telescope that uses priosmatic lenses and moves the ship around to show him drive it

chick accidentally turns on the voice  magnifier that was used to broadcast the message in pencil vania by mistake

vin speeds up and has a speed meter on the side measurted by wind to say its over 200 milres an hours

vin sez hew wpnt ell da gov of his sky base and shows them their rooms andgivees emn nerew outfits

bf abnd dad talk abouit what to do and byronson gets changed and bf wants to escape when it lands

bronson goes around and finds the kitchen where the frencxhie shef isa spaZZING out and asks about vince

frenchie covers the listening things and gives several possible backstories for him like with Tommy Wiseau

then he and chick wearing the unmiform thats blue and white styripes like the opposite of the red striped guy in 20 000 leagues and they notice they are leaving the country

dad yells to a boat like they can hear him and vin hears as he comes in

vin recogniases his name as an arms maker and sez its ironic

vin sees an American war ship and lowers hisd sky casatle and orders the ship crew to ditch as in 20 mins hes gonna blow it

he takes the ship up and the war shjip fires on him but dont do much as i guess paper beats rock

vin fires on em and nukes the ship  and saez its better destroyed than existing

later bf and chick chat about howe bf hates vin for being a coward and not following the rules of battle

at dinner dad bashes vin for nuking the ship and vin sez its worse that the war ship was built

vin sez hes declaring war on war and wants to end war by ordering da govs to stop their military ort he'd nuke em

good f--k this guys like those malcontents who wanna ban guns to stop people from dying, but ignortes that in jail people beat each other dead or make shanks outta toilet paper

trying to end war by getting rid of weapons is like attacking the arrow and not the aRCHER

h-ll even animals go to war!

chimps beat dead rival gangs AND TEAR OFF THEIR PARTS

ants raid other colonies and steal larva to use as slaves for their queen(like england in 1812

what abouit those fighting fish that spazz out seeing a mirror?

or dolphions killing sharks for fun?

and if we ban weapins, then people wil ise something else

look at how soviet england banned guns and han knife crime, so now they have " sensible knife control"

you gonna bnan anything that can be used as a weapon?

like a power rangers action figure you can hit a guy with? or a pencil like in the dartk knight?

also vin thinks if you serll something to someone, the seller isd responasible for whatever the buyer does

the only way that works is if you casn read minds or see the future

man vin's playing a nut

what next? animal rights?

plant rights??

so bf and dad return to the room and tell bronson cave that the water tanks re gonna be refilled soon over soviet ireland

and they wanna escape then but bf dont trust buronson and sez if he tells vinny then he's ice him

then dad tells bf years ago he sold arms to the devolved country of soviet england and it moves to bronson chatting to chicxk

bron sez cuz he works for da gov he has to stop vince and chick thinks vins ideas aint so bad

then bf and dad wanna escape and want bronsons knife and he letys em have it

chiuck tellss bf  bronson is trying to stop vinny but he dont buy it

so bf cuts through the net and  the sahip is not landing but will suck the water up like that alien in calvin and hobbes

thenn the guards catch them and bring em to vince and bf sez the escape was all hisa idea

turns out broinson outed em if they wouldnt be punished but vcin has bf takes to the ropes instead of executed

the men put a rope on him and llower him ouyyt the ship, which seems like some kinda ride

vin wants him there for 15 mins but dad attacks vin and vin sez to send dad out too

bronny takes dads place and is lowered but bf trys to kill him cuz hes a hothead

thery go lower and nearly hit treez and something in the ship f'd out and it goes down

evewntually they're by the artic i think and vin has his crew to emergency positions

chick cant see the guyys as dad sez "they're below the clouds" even though they were  going by rocks a sec ago

1 rope breaks and vin sends his men to save bronsonb and bf

they bring emn up and bron saved the bf

dad comes to vinny and offers him 10 million dollers to return them and vin sez he can get more and didnmt do this for money

he reads the message hes gonna send to england ordering them to end their military and dads sez vince will be stoppped

later chick cghex on bron and he sez he outed em to save em as they wouldn;'t make the jump

later vince comes in and checks on bron and sez sorry and admires him for doing what he must even if it drives em away

vin knows broin wants to stop him and should ice him but he wants to have breon  join him for world peace

bron dont wanna join so vin has bron promise not to interfere AND bf wakes up

vin goes and bf bashes him for submitting to vincent price but bron sez he wont follow giving his word as he thinks its ok to lie to stop a bad guy

also bron sez he should've faked joining him to find his weakness soooner and dont care about honor

you know the samurai would pull out their guts over stuff like that

chick comes in and bashes  bron foir being a p-tz and bf for being b--chy to bron after brin saved him

so then the ship in in soviet england and drops leaflets over it

oh no! words disdagreeing with them! thats deadly to englishmen! thats why they have laws against dangerous speech there!

vinny tells n the megaphone that they they have 20 mins to escape b4 hge blows their fleet

they fire on him and he drops a deuce on them and they blow  back to h e double french canada

so the paper spreads word of him blowing countries armed force and we getta montage to show his advance

bron sez they gotata take out the ship and maybe go out with it

they vote to do it and after f--kin up europe, the ship heads for Americvca

wait, they are heading for egytp ands theres a battle gonnas happen

2 groups battle from footage from the four feathers or w/e and vinny drops missiles on em

he loweres thew ship and the recoil from his asttacks damages the ship

vince and chick took damage AND dad is having viet nam flash backs or something and looks on spazzy

the ship can't go higher or turen around as itys in a tall rocks place and some propopellers are f'd out, and if they go slower they'll fall

they have da crew use poles to push the ship as thery go by and bf's ribs are butt f--ked from the rope thing

vin fires the rocket and blows the hill ahead and bf sees chick hugging bronny after they got by

so vin has em work through the night to fix the ship and anchor by an island

how does the ship stay up if its stopped by an anchor?

dont it gotta keep moving to stay up?

so bron and friends go to the armory to blow the ship and kill everyone on board

2 blades are fused togrether and a crewguy gets some gunpowder to blow it

he goes by the armory and ;leavves b4 the bf shanks him wiith broinsons knife

bron gets gunpowdder annd as they go they beat out another crew man

bron uses powder and towel to make a 15 min fuse and they sneak around and dad goes doowen the anchor rope

bron is gonna stay berhind to plant the fuse and chick goes down

bron goes to the skarmory aND LIGHTS it up but therwes crewmen there outside

they hear the guy bron beat ouyt and bron escapres as they helpo him

but whrenbron gets back, bf beats him out and escapes down da rope

vin figgers that bron ands his droogs did it and sends men looking

bron comes to as thery see him and gets shot but walks it off

vin finds out amnd has the crew crang the ship down, which i doint think will work

bron cuits the rope butgets capped so bf helps huim and the shjip flies off

vincento circles around and the rmnory blows and creww tellsa vincent the ships f'd

vin tellls his men to evacuate aND sez thnx for their loyalty and wanbnders around to his room

the crew comes to him and sez they can't leave him amd theres whast i think is a bible verse and the ship blows

then an on screen quote from Jules Verne about hios dream going to an educated world who wont abuse it

the end

thast was pretty good

i never read the books but the movie was good

nice acting, writing and music

good effects

simple but effective

good ideas and not really having a BAD guy but different sides fighting foir whats  right

sorta like robotech or gundam

hees not eviul, just does questionabnlre things to acheive what he sees as good

like magneto in x mnen

overall its a good movie and was by american international piuctures who i thik did those roger corman classics

its well made and tells a good story that fits well even in this era

Also the captain down to h-ll with his ship to stop war was used in 20 000 leagues and I think the mysterious island

For Master Of The World 2 I want vincent prices back up plaN TO KICK IN AS he had a second ship built in case and run by his sister who has been working on upgrades and lauinches it to wipe out the militaries. but shes less honorable than her brother and has gone vegneful against the world for driving her brother dead so she just blows apart cities  if they don't obey her. also there are steampunk power suits that America has developed to fight back and prepares a new group of elite soldiers to train for it at an academy before the sister reaches America! Its also a 16 bit Shmup like buurning Force on snes, sega genesis, gba, tg16 and atari jjaguar where you play as a new recruit and work your way up in training missions and the final level is the boss fight against the sky fortress

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