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Roman Holiday Review

 note; i speel right for me

roman holiday

this is my review on roman holiday from 1953

iots got gregory pecok, audry pepburn and no one else i know of

its written by commie dalton trumbo and was directed by William Wyler who did )Wuthering Heights from 39

i nver saw this b4 but hgear its good

after credits, a princess is in soviet london and goes around soviet west europe

eventually shes in italy (where chef boy ar dee came from) and its a fancy gathering

the commoners bow befdore her as they are subservient to the regent

more high rank guys come to see her and many are probably inbred(better know as, keeping it in the family)

she greets em 1 at a time and has issues standing in her cr-ppy shoes

her shoe comes off and she sits down and its out and later she dances with dudes

so later she is in her bed and wants to wear normal clothes instead of her mormon magic nightgpown

she wants to join the party and her slave wont let her as her whole day is planned out tomorrow

man being a royal must really s-ck

no wonder they turn evil and kill/oppress the humans

when G W Bush's daughter got married, no one cared

When g w bush got married, no one cared\

but when he became president, people cared of him

but in devolved countries, they spam news of their royals doing little things no one cares of

i got so sick of hearing of the royal weddings in soviet canada about tgaye olde england

its like the kardashians time 10!

if only we sided with Zee Kaiser in WW1, no england, no ww2, no commies, no candya55es

so she throws a spazz and goes mental over having too much stress and wants to be dead

just date outside the regentrs race and out their secxrets of lust, thats why diana got iced

so they give her the needle to i assume midewipe her so she wont recall this

after her slaves go, she puts on normal clothes, even thoguh shes a regent and has no need for human clothes, and sneaks out

she gets on a truck and it drives off from her safe palacer into the commoner world and slums

likre alector in Urotsukidoji 3

hope this don't turn out like suddenly last summer where the cannibals get her

so she gets out after a while and elsewhere is greg snegoff i mean peckl and he';'s playing cards

synchro summon!!

so 1 player has a photo thing with the princess the next day and when he goes out he finds her on a bench

and she's on drugs!!

seeing his chance, he takes her behind a shrub and starts b0ning her mouth

jk he really calls a cab and the driver looks like the guy from antropophagus

shes tootoo stoned to talk right and sez she lives in the collesuim and he has the cab guy drive him home

he pays the fare and gives him extra to take her where she wants and the cab guy doesn't want the responsibility

in the real version he;'d be b0ning her

so back at gregori rasputins place he brings her in and gives her jammies

she wants help getting undressed (which seems likeit would be in an anime) and she starts getting undressed

he sez to go on the couch and leaves her to cheange

at the castle, they find shes out and say to keep it secret

when greg ciomes back he sees her in bed and makes sound to wake her up

he flips the covers to get her to the couch and ther media spreads fake news of the princess being ill

the next day he wakes up and finds he mnissed his interview with ther princess

seeing his failure, he atones for his sins by comitting seppuku and pulling his guts out in the hotel

jk he goes in and finds fakes having been to the interview

the boss goes with it and eventually tells him the news sed shes sick and he's full of sh-t

when boss shoes him the paper he recognices prinmcess and gets the h-ll outta his office

greg calls his homie and sez to check his place and when he sez yes, he sezx to make sure no one goes in or out(like its his a55)

btw how did he not know what she looked like? wasn't her face in all the papers b4?

he asks boss how much for a secret intervierw with her on all her secret desires

boss offersd him 5 000 life points i mean $$ and boss bets dougary grant i mean gregorio 500 $ that he can't get the ntervierw

greg wants to go back to soviet new york and be a real reporter

greg comes back and offers his homie double his money if he pays him

greg pavich locks himself in the room with her and checks that its her, which he should've done b4 making the bet

later sher wakes up and is a bit confused and he fills her in

she sez to call her anya like that chick from drgeassi and wants to go but he sttarts her a bath

as she hoses herself off he goes out to a phone and calls a chum who looks like a more evolved seth rogan and sez he needs help

in da apartment, ther maid comes by and opens the windows and finds her in da batyh

maid b--ches out and chick hides in the bathgroom

greg comes back and finds her chopped up and her pieces decorating the apartment

jk shes out on the balcony and looking at the commoners beneihth her

he lets her go out and goers afgter her but she comes back wanting money

he offers her 1000 italiano money, which is under 2 dollers in real money and homie who lent him money thinks hes paying her for b0ning

she goers out in the outside and dont get how to functuioin or act out here in the human world

la blue girl daemon; you know we weren't meant to have secks with the human giurls

other daemon; if i could just get the clearence!

so u s grant i mean greg tails her a55 and her being royal and not knowing how the humans work is like in aladdin

she goes to an italiano barber and she gets her hair cut

she comes oiut with an itAlaino swear word shaved into her head

jk really its like betty from the 60s spider man

gregotries to take a camera from a kid but the teacher stops him

so her hair is cut more and sher looks like a guy and the barber tries to seduce her

shge dont consent and she goes out and the barber looks kinda like super luigi

greg folows her and 1 flower guy who looks liek falcone from gotham on fox offers her a flower

gre catches up to her and she sez she ran away from school and was drugged

gregg offers her to hang out on holiday all day

so its ferris bueler?

so they go to a cafe/bar like in art of fighting 1 and she wants champaign and they chat

he sez he sells fetilizer and chemicals and chum rogan comes by and almost spills the beans of knowing she looks like the princess

grag  spills his drink on chum to keep him from sayting the job and knocks him over for nearly saying she looks like the princess

he takes chum rogan out back and reveals the plan and deal hes got and get 50 american dollers and he;'s pay him back 1250 $ later

they go out and she has her 1st smoke and she doesn't have any issues

so chum rogans gf comes by and greg and chick leave

meanwhuile, the regent sent in his goons to help bring her back

so greg and chick drive around and chummer snaps p[hotografs

1 part has chick and greg outta control on a scooter

in the modern version they'd be driving up wal;s and using cg and slo mo

btw this is like not even a decade after mussolini was running things

they get arrested and greg and chummer smooth it over

they italianos shake her hands and 1 smooches her, then gregs cheeks

now they are gonna turn italiano in the next fuill moon

then they go to the mouth of truth and she puts her hand in this carved face on a roick wall

if shes a liear it bites ur hand off

she survives but his hand it bit off

but he was faking as a joke

they get driven around in a small car that not much bigger than a power wheels thing and they go to this place where people were nearly killed a while ago and if you write on the wall, ur wish might come true

she sez at midnight she'd turn into a uimpkin as i guess shes got a plant tf fetish

maybe thats weehere the killer tomatoes cartoon got it from

so its night and they go on a boat for dancing and the royal guards are under cover with them

so they dance and shes glad he spent the dasy doing sh-t she always wanted to dop

then she meets luigi the barber and his name is really mario and he dances with ehr

chummer rogansnaps a phopto graphe of barber mario and princess dancing

in danced barber combs her hair, then his, with the same comb

now we haver things like hair aids so we dont dothat

a suit goondances with her and sez hes got a car waiting for her

she dont consent and a fight breaks out and the band plays action msuic

carerful, they have a license to kill

the greg the girl and the chummer seth rogan escape and jump in da water as the cops arrest the rolay guards

on the shore they smooch and eascape back to his apartment and change

the radio sez princess is still ill and she sez she learned to sew clean and cook but has no one to do it for

she sez shes gottas go ANDSS THEY hugg and he drives her near the palace

she sez she has to go and wont see him again and they hug and smooche

this is seeming like student prince in old heidleberg

the 20s ver was wonderful and i cried at it

she goes out and he waits for a whiule then drive off

she sez she dont recall the last 24 hours and she sez she came back as she knows of her rolay duty

latert at gregs apartment his boss comes by and wants the story

boss dont buy it when gred sez he dont got it and knows word has it princess was out all day

chummer comes by and greg uses vaudville sticks to trip and spill on him to keep him from outing it

greg sez he was wrong and had no lead and will lose 50 $ a week for 500 $ of money

greg tells chummer seth that theres no story and shummer shows greg the phgotoes

so chummer sez princesses are faIR GAME and leaves and later greg oes to the interview of the chick

she notices greg and the reporters ask her questions

chummer is seenn by her taking photoes and later she greets the reporters

chummer gives her the photoes and she sez hi to greg

she smiles with kind of a joker grin and afterward, greg walks out to silence

the end

that was actually pretty good

nice, mild, lite, positive, and a bit sad in a heart moving way

nowadays they'd ruin it with swearing and drugs and blood and lust

but this was cleaner annd more wholesome

and not even a decade after the itaklian stallion ruled

itts a well done movie that has been ripped off and took inspiration from greats

glad i saw it

its pretty good

also its in proper full screen and has classy b/w

for Roman Holuday 2 I want the photo guy to have kept a copy of the photoes and released it tyo the media to get rich! the royals send their goonms out to execute anyone involved and princess escapes to save gregory peck. its aLSO  an 8 bit game on nes, game boy, sega master system and game gear, tg16 atari lynx and 7800 where you play as the princess and use the magic jewwels of the royals to gain the power to get through these cities and fight off the hit men after gregory peck by useing them to get past obstacles and powering up in jewel armor to beat up the goons. Also the princess is arranged to marry her cousin and he's a devolved looking guy from all the inbreeding and is the one who sent the hit men after greg outta jealosy

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