Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easy Rider Review

note; I probably will have typ[oes
easy rider
this is my rev iew on easy rider
ive never really seen it b4 other than the last few mins
ooh, its a biker movie
I loved mad max/fist of the north star and violence jack
its got jack Nicholson and dennis hopper(bowser/koopa from the super Mario bros movie and the guy from water world)
it starts wityh bikers going to a mexico bar
they speak mexicoese and theres no subturles
the bikers are offered and do blow(cocainum)
I assume theyre the bad guys
as all arcade m machines said in da 90s; winners dont use drugs
then theyre at a airport and have a box of drugs
1 guy snorts blow
he gives it to someone and they get a load of cash
then we get a song about using drugs
the dealers get motorcycles and drive off into the wastelands
we then get the opening credits to the song "born to be wild"
I didn't know that song was from the 60s
I thought 80s
they drive around and when a private citizen declines them using his motel they begin swearing
so they start a fire in the wasteland and do drugs
I wouldn't want druggie bikers in my home either
they might b0ne me dead
the next day they wake up and are in burned out ruins of a village
they walk over to a farm and meet some good cowboys
1 cowboy agrees to fix his flat tire
but the horse is scared
it can sense the demons in them that got em when they were on drugs
they have dinner with the cowboy and his fam
they admit to being from l a
I've seen the crow city of angels
tatace tes infwerno
they compliment hfor being independent and drive off
we get another song
this is like the transformers movie(1986) with all its songs
along the way they pick up a hitch hiker
I wonder when the good guys come in
we just got these druggie bikers
I assume they killed and ate/b0ned the family they were with offscreen
at a gas station the druggies worry about the gas guy finding their drugs in the gas tank
not sure what happened to the hitch hiker
I assume they killed and/or b0ned and/or ate him
oh wait, he's back
teres another song about taking a load off "fanny"
I always thought they said "manny"
maybe the captions are off
at night they start a fire in the wastye land and talk with the hitch hiker
hes going to mardi gras
also theyre doing drugs
all this film is, is drugs and time wasting and songs
its like a millennial just wrote his diary and they made it a movie
but added traveling and bikers
cuz 2 dudes smoking chronic in their toilet and burning things isn't good for a film
they stop at some trailer area and1 druggie plays cowboy with the kids
it seems to be some small town like in pokemon or phantasy star
but I think these guys are hippies
to think; these kids would be voting Reagan in a decade or so
also are actors who are over the top but not like tommy wiseau
the hippies came there and planted crops after a failed winter andf assumed cannibnalism
after planting they pray but I'm not sure to whom
they then sing a song about "does your hair hang low"
but I always thought it was "do your EARS hang low"
and maybe sometimes nipples
do your nipples hang low?
do they wobble to and fro?
do ya tie it in a knot?
do ya tie it in a bow?
1 druggie wants to leave but a chick and her chum wanna go across the canyon
hope they don't jump it
well, they ARE on drugz!!
they go swimming nuude in a river pool
I assume they b0ned
the hitch hiker gives a biker a small item(computer chip?) and they go to marti gras
they get locked up for parading w/o a permit
wait I think its just a normal parade
in prison they meet jack nickleson and don't like him
the guards are nice to him but not the bikers
jack stands up 4 em and they like him
jack dont know what the term "dude" means
he otta watch bill and ted
jack sez they shaved the heads of the last 2 hippies in there
I assume they had parasites
jack is a lawyer and gets em off easy
jack shares his booze with em
but they might have hippie b0ning diseases
jack goes with em to a wh0re h0use amd on the bikes does tricks and stunts like in a tony hawk game
they have a fire in the wasteland and offer jack drugs
he turns em down and gives good reasons for not doing it
but gives in to peer preassure
1 biker sees a thing in the heavens
might be space daemons
jack tells em about the daemons living among hu mans and his info on em being commies
and the guv being hiding it
how did jack get this info?
I think he's got conecktions
the next day they drive as a drug song plays
then another song plays
I think its sung by a blackguy
they go to a restaurant and people comment on them
the chix are into em
but the sherriff and a redneck are ready to bring em down
other townsfolk poke fun at em
the bokers leave and the chix follow
they leave and start a fire in the wasteland and whine about people fearing em
maybe if biker gangs didn't attack towns then people wouldn't be afraid of em
I saw that marlin brando  film of him as a leather bi ke r
jack thinks the people are afraid of freedom and how "free" the druggie bikers are
I think hes on drugs
at night some guys beat em up with sticks
I think jack nicholson bit it
I suspect they were so drugged out they b0ned him dead
they go to a restaurant and then some kind of wh0re h0use
the editing is rather weird
some h00kerz come in and 1 wants the tall one
giantess fetish!
the other guy d0nt wanna b0ne so rthey go see mardy gras
its done in low res film
this looks like a weird 80s anime thing with its weird costumes
the next day they pray and theres trippy effects
also 1 chick gets nude
and 1 guy b0nes the other chick
this is like the tape from the ring
1 girl wants to get pregnant
I think theyre being f'd with by daemons
that's the  doing drugs
they drive off as if nothing happened and the next night start a fire in a wasteland
1 druggie sez theyre rich and the other sez they blew it
the next day theyre driving and some rednecks drive by
he gives the rednex the finger and they cap his a55
theother biker drives at em but is capped too
the end
not much happened in that film but I was entertained
like watching people do weird stuff on youtube
for easy rider 2 I'd like for the bikers to have been rebuilt by the space demons following em but as the bodies were damaged, they combined both bodies with each being half and them having 2 hot dogs and 3 butt cheecks. they also have motorcycle parts added to em and use the weapons to fight the redne\cks who killed em b4. in here the red necks are heroes fighting the space daemons invasion attempts and try to break their faith as their faith protects em and they cant directly attack em (so they use the druggies)

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