Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Moon Is Blue Review

note; I spell cr-oppy
the moon is blue
this is my review on the moon is bloo
I recall it being a big deal in the m*a*s*h* ep[ where the guys wanted to see it cuz its really 18+
at the end they said it was clean and the Priest said; they do say "virgin". and a guy joked ; "that's cuz everyone is one"!
in sonic games pretty much everyone is a virgin and everyone likes those
although theres a lot of 18+ fanart of them b0ning
ooh, the catholics of the 50s thought this was immoral
I'm sure they had a good reason
although family guy is pretty much p0rn0 compared to it now
its fullscreen
no black bars
it starts in this building and this chick is w;alking around
she goes into a store and walks out
a guy follows her
he loses her in the elevator but he persues
she goes to the  the building ad looks o the vewmaster or w/e the looking thing is
he catches her andf talks to her about mild things
hgives her cash for paying for her ticket after saying to the woman he was her b\f and he paid for hers
im not sure how dat worx
she sez she feels for poors in brooklyn
shes from brooklin
I assume she escaped those slums and rose to become a higher rank
like jack atlas in yugioh
the guys button falls off but she finds it and sews it back on
but he dropped the needle and they go to his office
hes an archetect
like art vandelay
they look  a needle cuz he knows his secretary has 1
when he did his 1st building it was a cr-ppy brick warehouse and he used to drive over there and stare at it
that sounds unbalanced
I think hes some kinda mental patient
he offers to take her to a steak place but she usually goes for spaghetto
spoiler; spaghetti is better than steak
you don't gotta chew it for 5 mins per bits
on the way to the club he offers to bring her to his apartment
but she don't wanna go
he might try to b0ne her
he sez he wont try anything and she believes him
her dads a cop
hes gonna stick a night stick up his a55 for b0ning his kid!
she reveals shes a virgin and he seems creeped out
in wedding peach they had that concert about "virgin love" whwere the chix dressed in pleather miniskirts and high heels
in his apartment a chick wrote "stinker" on his mirror
I assume it was c=== s==ker in the real version
also she don't wanna smoke or drink or do drugs or b0ne
this sounds like me
she asks if he has a mistress and he goes mental over it
its like in the room where tommy wiseau asks greg sestero; any wai hao eez yoor secks laif?
greg sestero sez he cant talk about t and tommy wiseau sez; wai nott??
also he broke up with a girl in the apartment last night and she wrote stinker
she worked on a tv show that's gonna be on again at midknight but shes gonna be asleep by then
also the guy don't eat meals in his own place
she makes him a shopping list
she calculated hes exactly 1/2 her age + 7
and shes 22
do da math homie
later a brit comes in and flirts with her
she asks if the ex gf is a "pill" but the brit sez shes his daughter
then sez she is a "pill"
and the main guy played "fast and loose" with her affections
we're like 40 mins in and nothings really happend
nowadays thered be more crassnesss and b0ning
she asks the brit if his daughter is pregnant cuz that's what fathers worry about
he sez no
after more talking the main guy comes back and they dispute with the brit
but the girl fixes it
the brit is mad about his kid spending a night with the main guy
the brit sez his kid sed the main guy "did her wrong"
the main guy sez he never touched her and the brit is somehow not happy about that
then the daughter comes in and whines
the main guy sez when he dropped the daufghter oof she came back to him cuz she saw her dad b0ning a younger woman
they dispute using football metaphors
like in life with louie where his dad tried to explain breeding with a flaming minefield in france(ww2)
the daughter goes out down the fire escape In the rain
during dinner the girl gets ketchup spilled on her b00b so she goes to change
and when changing the daughter sees em and goes back in upstairs
at dinner the brit sez his ex wife was being a d-ck so he smacked her a55 with a muffon thing and she claimed it caused damage
the daughter calls and is taking a bath and sez if he wont come see her shes gonna suicide
he goes out and they share an elevator
I assume theyre b0ning in it
the brit asks the gurl to marry him
but she sez no even if hes the last man on urth
he sez if he was the last man, all the women would be fighting to be his woman
sounds like a bad street fighter clone
the top women have a tournament to see who gets the last man
asnd each woman is a fetish
like giantess, fat, buff, big feet, ect
they talk about if he marrys heer the the daughter will be her daughter(whes 3 years older than her) and if the main guy marrys the daughter she'd be his mom in law
that sounds like a weird cult family tree
theres something about the brit offering the girl money but I wasn't really paying attention
the daughter and main guy return but the daughter starts listening in on the girl and her dads convorsation
also the girl and the brit smooch
but she did something wrong so they do it again
and again
then the main guy returns and sees em
after some disputes he goes off and she's worried of him thinking shes a tramp
the brit sez she should let him think bad things and wonder cuz it makes him more aroused
sounds like the human centipede how the 1st one was normal and the 2nd showed everything
the main guy returns and talks to the girl
she eggs his suspicions on with him thinking the girl and the brit were b0ning
but she stops and they talk
he sez he don't think the brit asked to marry him but just wanted to b0ne her
she gets offended and runs out
then a big guy comes in and looks through every room
when he sees the girl changing he slugs out the main guy
its her dad
he brings her home and leaves the brit and main guy alone
the brit and main guy tlak and the main guy watches tv
later she comes back and the daughter calls
the main guy explains that people who advertise being a virgin are wanting to sell
my mom sez I shouldn't tell others imma virgin cuz people might wanna a55 raepe me
then the brit comes back
after some fun, and the girl hiding for a bit, the brit sez something that offends her when he didn't know she was listening
she gives back his money and he don't want it but he takes it back
she then has some booze and smokes
shes trying not to be so nice
like a malcontent teen
the main guy leaves and the brit gives her good advice
later the girl and main guy meet at the building and talk
they kiss and make up
then agree to marry
the end
that was tamer than shows from the 90s
but I liked it
the issue the catholics was its use of the word
in my experience, its better to be a virgin
you survive horror movies and lessen the chance for aids
back in 87 I almost got aids
I was born too much Bilirubin and was so jaundice I was yellow
I needed a transfusion and being the 80s, my rents worried of me getting the aids
I was ok though
for the moon is blue 2 I'd like it to be set in the distant future year of the 1980s and cuz of aids, their daughter is the last woman on earth who can breed. her grand dad wants her to marry the strongest man so he can protect her from the wasteland warriors and holds a fighting tournament to see who the strongest is. the movie follows several glam rocker/bodybuilders fighting in the tourney to win her hand. but also are some daemons who wanna ruin the last pure human bloodline by getting her pregnant with daemon babies.

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