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The Giant Behemoth Review

note; im like nearly 20 hours w/o sleep. theres typoes
the giant behemoth
this is my review on the giant behemoth
it starts with an ocean view and quote about the bible about the behemoth
then some island gets huked
but its just a film showing by an anti nuke commie
he uses his science to make it sound like nucular power is bad
but a brit counters him
btw this is widescreen
and the commie is a marine biologist
and he sez something might strike back against man ruining the enviroment
later some brits are getting fish for their village
but the guy gets microwaved or something by something offscreen
later his blonde daughter is wondering where he is
she and her boyfriend go look for him but they find hm cooked
he sez its the behemoth
then bites it
at huis funeral the priest mentions the behemoth from the bible
then the blonde and bf find a beach filled with dead fish
and a white thing that harms the bf's hand
later the news tells of the fish and a sea monster
this guy who I don't recognize decides to go to check it out but his colleege sez theres a natural excuse for it
they get to England and find the fishermans are disgruntled over the fishing thing doing bad
1 guy sez he saw lights and clouds underwater or something
they go see the dr and he sez he didn't do much b4 or after the man bit it
the dr thinks its allergys or jellyfish
but the bf from b4 shows his cooked hand
they check the cove where it happened
1 guy is wearing thigh high rubber/leather boots
sounds like a p0rn0
the blonde tells them about the dad saying behemoth
also theres no radiation traces on their scanners
they get things checked at a lab and dissect some fish
they use a thing to chek the fish for radiation
1 x ray seems off and they check the area for extra light by turning off the lights(but theres still light to see outlines)
they find a thing is glowing
and its from a fish that was from some place(Plymouth)
they go out to find the thing that caused the radiation
while going across the sea they hear a boat is missing
then the scanners go nuts
and they see a bit of this monster
they chase after it and it gets away
when they return they hear the missing ship was found on a beach
they check it out then return to englind
this is just like those monster hunter shows where they look for monsters like bigfoot and find nothing but get closed and some near evedence
the main guy tells the ys his findings and they say that they analyzed something and found it has gut cells from an unknown monster
they spread the word to the world and we get a few European guys talking in their languages
I wonder what they said
was it real Europe did the words match the story?
or was it just random european
later a guy's dog attacks the unseen monster and he shoots the monster
but it microwaves him
later they find footprints of the behemoth
they take it to a scientist and he sez its a dinosaur who;'s 150-200feet long
the dr is shocked they hear the monster is alive
he sez he always knew they were still alive
is he a creationist?
something being around that long unknown for milions of years seems not very possible
the dr is sad that the monster has to get iced
well if theres 1 theres gotta be more
plus the mokelembembe in Africa
the main guys say to evacuate but the brits dont wanna
btw the monster has electric powers
they see it(the creationist is with em) and its just an outline
but the HQ cant see it on radar
then the chopper with the creationist gets busted
so they launch the jets
but it gets away
later people are driving cars onto a boat and it goes off
then the monster attacks and it looks really cr-ppy
it flips the boat and the peo are in the water
reminds me of my childhood when in the 90s I was in Windsor and got tinker toys and made a power ranger gun/blade and it fell in the Detroit river and floated out
the people try to be ready for the monster
the troops knock on doorzs, see people, then leave
then they bring people in truckas and drive off
I think they're evacuationg the city so they can go all out fightuing the thing
they consider blowing it apart but that would just spread its radioactive bits
so they use a torpedo with radium in it to make it br out like with Godzilla and desutoroya
but the monster reaches England and goes Godzilla on it
although it don't look as cr-ppy
ever notice how in the bible they give a pretty accurate depiction of a dinosaur in Job with the behemoth?
too accurate for something dead millions of years
then the monster uses its microwave powers to cook poeple
the troops open fire but it does nothing
it then super microwaves em and they are dusted
this reminds me of the 1927 ww1 film wings where the last act is just the main character killing people
the mainys are malcontent over not being able to do anything while they make the torpedo
'its like in dbz how when the bad guy is ont he attack the heroes not fighting need to wait while recovering/training
then its night and this thing was attacking England all this time
later this other chopper is tracking the monster and they reuse stock footage from earlier of its outline underwater
then the main guys get in a sub and fgo on the boss fight
I just noticed how phaIIic the sub looks
well it IS England
man this thing rips off Godzilla
the monster even swims
the monxztseer uses its microwave powers on the sub t starts leaking
they eventually fire at it and it starts boiling
then it bites it
they get out but find theres dead fish in america
the end
this film wasn't that bad
but theres better
kinda like aero the acrobat 1
for the great behemoth 2 I'd like the ziz (the 3rd thing besides the behemoth and leviathan)to attack England as its actually right above h-ll and its gonna pop like a zit with evil coming out(as englands evil has h-ll closer to the surface) and in the end they drop old atom on England to pull a Sodom and Gomorrah to save the world. also the people microwaved by its powers become mutated into abominations and start b0ning everyone they can

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