Friday, March 25, 2016

Gay Purr ee Review

noytr; my typing isd bad
gay purr ee
thisd is my reviewe on gay purr ee
that sounds like a p0rn0
its animated by the great chuck jones of loony toons fame
and stars the mnoustache gut from beetle juicve and the lead from the weizard of oz
I missed the 1st fewe minsi came in when the white cat is talking to a orange cat
they are in love and I think they are b0mning in the real version
this small cat sees a mouase and the orange cat goes after i9t
the white cat goes home and has a song about being in france and holw good it is
then the small cat and the orange cat come by and gives her a mouse
shes grossed out and sez shes not a cat but as feline
she mentions being fat and goes kinda emotional
this is just like the frenxh women I know
she then goes into a carriage with a wo man going to some where
orange cat talks to the mouse but its trying to escape
he finds out she left for paris and runs after jher
he talx to a blue cat who sounds like boris Karloff about what is paris
the bloo cat follows but is slower
this rem,inds me of all dogs go t5o heaven wherte Charlie is big and itchy is small
he catches up to orange cat and blax out so orange cat carry7s him
then the white cat goes on a train and sings about loving paris
she meets a creepy cat but she trusts him
he suggests helping her in a creepy way and sez his sister can help her
this is how p0rn0's start
meanwhiole the orange cat is on train trax and nearly gets cruished by a train
he also nearly drops the small cat
the small cat wants to go home but
the creepty cat takes the white cat to see his sister the fata55 pink cat
but they aint really sisterts ansd its all part of a scheme
he has a song about money and its very like halloween
the moon and orange and black
I think the lion king ripped this off
the orange and small cat arrive in paris and look for the white cat
white cat is bashed by pink cat for her natural way of doing things
she also trys to be sexy
this is turning into a p0rn0
thern she has to walk with a bowel of mlk on her head
but she spills I and gets sad
she leaves but creepy cat stops her and thery go see the town
theres a lot of dancers
I assume in the real versiomn they took off their clothes
she sees people kissing and don't know wat it is
just like in robotech
the creepy cat singas about not telling about kissing
I assume its b0ning in the real (purr) version
she goes back to the pink cat and orange/small cat arrive just as she goes in
they see the word "feline" on the door and knock on it but a black shadowcat from the song of money pulls him into the sewer
orange cat saves him and misses white cat getting the door
wait, cats cant read
later creepy cat writes a lettwer to a guy about sellingwhite cat as a bride
just like in that p0rn0
as he mails a letter, orange cat catches and releases a mouse
creepy cat wants to sell him as a ship cat
they talk and he trys to seduice him to doing stuff 4 him
thery go to a bar and have champaige
nowadays they couldn't have that as its booze and people are homophobic of alcohol in kids shows
they get drunk and sing
remember that yaoi anime kizuna where that guy goes to a bar and a guy drugs his drink and he Is taken to the back room but his brother saved him?
they wake up on a boat and hungover
orange cat is giving up but small cat trys to cheer him up
then the white cat sings a moving song
very meaningful
nowadays films don't do this
the sad moments are forced and the heart is tacked on
then the boat man sez they are going to Alaska for rthe gold rush and will return to paris in style
gold rush?!
what year is this>?
orange cat continues the song and its really wonderdful
then creepy cat describes various painting of the white cat by famous people
1 guy draws her chubby
I haven't heard of most of these guys
piccasso's art is freeky
also, I thought he was italiano
not spanish
or van gogh was a dutchman
he also wants to sell thwe white cat soon
he writes the pink fata55 cat a check and when the white cat comes out he gets a b0ner
they leave and the check writing vanishes from disappearing iink
she wants to get back at him
white cat finds shes gonna be married off to a fata55 and freaks out
she trys to escape the black shadowcats but falls out a window loony toons style
she lands on a horse and is run away
if this were made today she'd be more tough and kung fu
I can see finists whining about her being girly
after a chase,through town they bump into a big bulldog and run away
he sez hes gonna tear off and eat their tails
creepy cat gets his a55 chewed
he bashes the shadowcats and they go off to find her
back on my grampa's farm when my dad was a kid, this cat was by the pig pen and a pig ate half its tail
so they called it; halftail(in Slovenian)
dogs have manly names like spike and rex and killer. where as cats have sissy names like snowball and mittens and cuddle-bum
half tail sounds bada55
like a wasteland warrior name
but for furrys
the frenchie and orange cat find gold in alasjka
6 weex later creepycats tail his healed and the white cat is a hobo
she sings a down song
this goes o for a while
the bad guys arrive and he trys to suicide like yurua ihn Hokuto no ken
but is saved by the shadow cats catching her in a sack
the orange and small cat retuirn and meet the pink larda55 but a shadow cat was listening
he tells creepy cat but white cat writes a message on the floor
the good guys arrive and find the message
on the train the bad guys are gettong away and good guys are tired from rinning
but orange cat imagines creepycat is a rat and whizzes over
small cat bites creepy cats tailad orange cat  him outta da train
orange cat beats the shadowcats and creepy cat gets back in
he lets white cat out and gets a b0ner
creepy cat drops a crate on him but then they kung fu fight
blows to the face, and such
this cant be shown nowadays
they'd censor it
hes gonna kill the creepy cat by throwing him out of a train(maybe off a bridge_)  but instead sends him in whute cats place to be b0ned by a fat guy
the film ends with them singing in a carriage
the end
I loved thuis
bright colorful animation
good voicing and music
I didn't even mind all the French
for gay purr ee 2 I'd like it to be set in ww1 where the kaizer attacks them and the cats are in a resistance but in the end its revealed they were the bad guys and the kaizer was stopping them to save the world from the commies(like a twilight zone twist)

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