Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Baby Review

note; I has no plans on spelling right
the baby
this is my review on the baby (1970s film)
I saw it b4 and its f'd up
it starts with a chick going through a file
\it stars anajette comber
and ruth roman
and a buncha others I never heard of
david manzy is the baby
\she looks through photos of a mentally disabled CHIld
I should mention its in fullscreen
as she goes through yhe photos it shows the kid at different ages
it has him in his 20 in a diaper
then she goes up to a house and comes in
shes a welfare worker
they talk and do updates for the status of the fam
she is the baby's new worker
she only calls the baby "baby"
as he never got a real name
the mom has 2 grown daughters with bad 70s hair
her husband ditched her b4 the baby was born
shes malcontent over it still
the social work has an innocent kind face
after  resistance, the mom shows the worker the baby
later big hair sister feeds baby
she seems unsettled when worker feeds him
the mom rubs baby's muscles to keep em from going bad
but worker sez its odd he cant walk as he seems to have normal muscles
later the worker's boss pressures her to ease up on it
also she sez someone disappeared
later the worker play with baby and sez he seems smart
the big hair sister shoots that idea down
worker plays with a baLL With baby but the sisters take him for a forced nap
big hair sister talks with worker about her husband
she sez he was a architect who did good buildings
big hair tells worker about hiking in the mountains
when worker asks about baby having tests to see his level the sister gets defensive
she sez the tests were done years ago and nothing changed
later worker and her mother in law look at pix of her husband and she vaguely is unhappy about something happening and it being her faULT
later the blonde Is on the phone then changes the baby's diaper
after dat he wants to get out
she eventually lets him
he tries to get to the door but she stops him
she tricks him into banging his head on the wall
he cries and it sounds like a real baby
she comforts him and he tries drinking from her t-ts
then the mom and sisters return and find them
they beat her up
oh and I think the head bang was an accident but just badly filmed
btw, it doesn't show her big long shoelace nipples
and shes actually a babysitter
I f'd up
later the worker is working with the bby and the blonde Is also there
they talk and the blnde is b--chy
she goes to answer the phone and the worker helps the baby stand up
but then the mom comes and b--ches at her for it
se sez she wants baby to reach his full potential
the mom sez she raise 3 kids and thus is superior
worker suggests putting him into a clinic to help him advance
the mom shoots I it down and all options down
worker tries to get him to do a simple task
but the mom intimidates him into failing
this is pretty smart actually
a metaphor on parents holding back their kids
my mom complains when I wear shorts in the fall cuz its "to cold" out
maybe for her
I can take it
imagine if everyone had to use wheechairs cuz some people can walk?
same logic
or in I am sam with that malcontent sean penn playng a disabled guy who's daughter is smarter than him
but don't wanna read words he cant read
so then the sisters torture him with a cattle prod to punish him for walking
later at a school for handicapped kids, the worker reveals he might be normal but forcibly disabled by negative reinforcement
and its cuz shes mad at her husband for leaving her
I like how the good guy is someone with a job and the bad guys are deadbeats
nowadays it would be the evil worker trying to steal the kid from the innocent malcontents
so the worker has a meeting with the fam but they skip it
we're already 40 mins in
that felt like nothing
the mom somehow gets the worker in trouble with lies
she confronts the fam and sez she's gonna try to save baby from them
by using the law
nowadays she's go outta her way and break all the rules to save him
maybe kidnapping or assassinations
and kung fu
later the mom calls the woker and sez sorry
she invites her to the baby's birthday
I gotta say this is well cast
the bad guys look bad and the good guys look good
at the party a guy smoking what might be chronic hits on her and she sez her husband was in an accident
she tur him down and he accuses her of being a femminst
no need for insults sleazoid
later the woker and blonde play darts
the worker is skilled
as they play, a bad hair chick switchs the works drink
the mom plays up the "self sacrificing" card to look like a good mom
after she wins, the woker gets woozy from the poison drink
the blonde and bad hair take her to the basement where they bnd and gag her
is this were made today she'd get b0ned
the mom sez she's gonna make look like an accident
the sleazeoid knocks on the door wanting a dance
so the blonde goes
the other 2 leave and baby crawls up and opens the locked door
he finds her tied up gets the gag off
the guy playing the baby is pretty good
meanwhile the blond sleazoid make out
she gets him to touch a lighter flame
they must both be on chronic
the worker meanwhile
uses a aw to open the ropes
everyone else went home and she gets out with the baby
they find out too late as she gets away and their car has a popped tire
later the worker gives him a bath and a suit
the fam cant go t the cops as they tried to waste her
the blonde sez they should've let the circus have him
the mom goes mental at the idea of her son being a freak
good character note as it shows she has some care for him
although its all twisted and warped
like liberal claiming to help people by keepimg them weak and dependant
the worker sends a letter saying shes gonna help him advance beyond being a baby and into a real man
the fam is disturbed by this and at night they go to ice the worker
they go in but the mom late finds her daughters shanked
the mom gets an axe but the worker gets a fire poker and they battle
they fight on the stairs and the workers mother in law comes in with a cleaver
the mom jumps off the stairs and shatters her legs
should've had more milk
they take the mom and bodies to a dirt place and berry them
i'd feel sorry for her but shes a b--ch
the mom in law and woeker get home and the wrker introduces the baby to her brain damaged husband
ses very nice and loving to em
later they play in the pool
the end
a 70s film with a good ending
that's not common
I liked this one
t has a cr=ppylicious low budget feel
and the bad guy were women
I mean yeah the hero was a kind hearted woman
but people said mel Gibson's the passion was anti jewish despite the main character being jewish and sacrificing himself to save everyone (even those who mutilated him gleefully)
this movie also reminded me of this clint eastwood film where he's crippled and these chicks f him up
for the baby 2 I'd like it if a hyper "big gov" guy got into politics and enacted a tax on newborns that says when a baby is born, if the parents don't pay a tax, the gov disables the kid. they say they are doing this to "make everyone equal". its also there not only to leech more money from the people, but prevent the people from being self sufficient and thus dependent on big guv. that would "justify" taxes to spend on more wasted programs and make immigrants more needed for the country to survive. (I got this idea from Justin trudeau of soviet Canada cutting funding to help autistic kids get treatment to help them live normal lives)

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