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The Great Ziegfeld Review

note; spelling right contains h I v
the great Ziegfeld
this is my review on the graet Ziegfeld(30s version
after flashy credits its the 1893 world fair(wo  d f ir)
ooh, frank morgan from wizard of oz is in it
this strongmN LIFTS 2 CHICKS in a barbell
people whine as he is said to be lifting 750lbs
maybe if the chicks were 300lbs each
Ziegfeld wants the platform the strong man was on remade higher
he talks with the strong man as he beds an iron bar
frank morgan  (f m,) talks to a chick
they talk about f m's friend Ziegfeld blowing his cash
like m c hammer
zigfeld (z boy) eats dinner with the strong man
someone wants the m and z boy to have their employees to fake a romance for publicity
f m and his chick join em 4 dinnur
big z tells the chick he remembers what she wore each time he saw her
sounds like rain man
after dinner big z touches an elephants trunk for luck
then strong man does it and the elephant blasts him with water
strong man complains about people seeing f m's female dancer and not him lifting weights
maybe they find chick hotter than buff dudes
he flexes his muscles to music and a chick lusts after his beef
she passes out after touching his arm
maybe she got a b0ner an had blood issues from it?
they put on a show later
also in somewhere else big z's dad is teaching piano to a little girl
she wants to marry him
child bride?
back in the 30s we joked about that
but nowadays...
a guy comes in and gives her a present
the guy is florenz zeigfeld, z boys bro
I think its not his bro but z boy himself
the dad disapproves of his son going out to the worlf fair as he trained him to be a great musician
big z explans he loves all females and wants to make pictures with em
this sounds like a p0rn0
he convinces the little girl to break their engagement so she ca be with other guys
sounds like a bad ep of maury povich
the we get a montage over the strong man
he goes to san fran sisco
big z spreads word of strong man fighting a lion
he tells the humane society saying its bad so they give him free press
at the fight the lion falls over b4 any blows
on a boat z big z talks with a homie of his
it might be f m
hes got a new actress from Europe
shes called Carlisle
later in England talks to f m about an act hes signing tonight
he sez hes broke but pretends to be needing a message for f m to find out where hes going
he has a French chick named anna held with big anime eyes
after a scene of her singing, she returns to her room and finds a lot of flowers
she cant read English despite speaking it and her main/slave reads the card
its from big z
big z and f m go to the anna
he compliments her hands
I heard of foot fetish
HAND fetish?
in that 1 ep of yugioh season zero was that prophecy guy feeling anzu's hand creepily
he gives anna accounts on America hat sound bad
also he gives conflicting views on her act
he sells her his pitch about being famous and loved In America but doesn't tell her how much he'd pay her
f m offered her 10 000 plus sallery for signing
he sez hes broke but will give her fame
she flips out and goes mental
I hate how french women always go mental for no reason
she kicks him out but sides with him
later after a show the rich complain
turns out they lost an a55load of money
later anna s given singing lessons to sound less accent
she goes mental and wants to go back to france
then changes her mind
1 french guy sez shes in love with big z
they say something about him getting her 20 gallons of milk
sounds like hes trying to fatten her up
fat fetish!
he wants her to bathe in it
milk fetish!!
big z comes in and shes going disgruntled and he wants her to say shes bathin in milk
also the milk company is suing em
she freaks out
oh yeah and the strong man turned legit
probably doing p0rn0
he wants it as a publicty thing
she agrees with his cr-p
at a show of her singing women talk about her milk baths
later shes happy big z likes her and sent flowers
later its revealed they made a profit of 5000$ and if he don't blow it he can do well
oh and hes married to anna
they talk about doing new shows
for some reason she goes mental and emotional
he points out shes being jealous and she goes metnal as she hates jealous people
they soon make up
later f m meets big z in f m's office
f m is broke and big z wants to do a female show with funding from f m's new partner
girls dancing in a glamorous thing
Ziegfeld's follies
the f m tells his new partner and they give him the cash
then at show a gy does a song in black face
hes talented and can dance well
b4 the show the partner wont give him the costumes until he gets paid
big z is chatting with will rogers and giving him advice on giving jokes in his show
wait its not the partner its a costumer
he tells he costumer the dresses aren't the ones he wanted
the costumer begs not to be rejected and gives in
I like this Ziegfeld homie
hes smarty and witty
sorta like bill murry in ghost busters
after a song by some guy the girls come on
this goes on for a while
wtf I think its all done in 1 shot
oh and a guy sings pagliacci
f u spll check!
you don't have pagliacci
I had to type it into youtube to find how to spell it
my dad read me he story as a kid in the future year of 1999-2001
that was a pretty good show
after a blonde talks with anna we get another show
a guy who was previously a stage hand is now a singer
hes dressed like buster Keaton
once I was talking with my dad and he asked who was batman in the 80s/90s
I said keaton
he sez; buster Keaton!
yeah, maybe batman 1921!
although b k did his own stunts and was nimble
he could do it
good f
the buster Keaton dresser has epic dance moves
makes fred Astaire look like a cripple!
who plays him?
holy cr-p its ray bolger!
and hes playing himself!
this movie is instantly awesome!
hes like a friggin ninja!
like the chick from la blue girl or something
or the guy from shinobi on sega
then we get a long and very well made dance of chicks on beds
I kinda expect this to be a background in a 90s sega genesis game
I was reading wikipaedia about this film but when I looked back was chicks walking around in shiny flashy oufits
I kinda see where glam rock in the 80s came from
later big z gives a speech and tells this blonde to take a bow
they later sign a contract and photograph it
later a chick comes in and he don't recall her
she plays piano and her recalls her
its the little girl from b4
what year is this?!
as she leaves she sez; I forgive you for not marrying me
then a guy sez they found a  new act
her singing is good
her looks?
not too bad
the blonde is watching the show with em and seems disgruntled
I think big z is b0ning her
then some cr-ppy chicks come out with bad new York accents
then we get a scene of some chicks talking
big z comes in, sells her a mink coat and leaves
they are shocked to find its real
they think its stole bt they find it really was the real big z and he wants to use her in his show
she comes on stage all dressed up and he takes off the extra cr-p
the part she plays is a poor
he sings the song well
later big z don't wanna do another follies
he wants something with a plot
he gets a song; always look for the silver lining
later he ha the costumer (or is it the partnr)wanting money
he sez hes good 4 it but later he don't know how to get it
btw anna held I looked up and found was part polish
in the dressing room was the blonde and shes drunk
he helps her down and his woman anna seez
she ditches him
this is like springer
later the blonde goes mental on him, and busts is stone elephant
oh and z boy is broke
he gets wired money and makes stage shows
later at a dance he meets billy burke (a chick)
they gradually fall in love
they hold hands near grants tomb
I assume they were b0ning In the real version
btw there were 2blondes and I don't recall which is which
meanwhile ana is sad her man got a new woman
the I think she bites it
or just blacks out
I'm not sure
after some talking we get another show with chicks In poofy costumes and long white things hanging from the ceiling
then theres some cr-ppy reviews of the shows and they don't do so well
but he is able to make more hits later
he offers people who thought he was washed up tickets to the new shows and asks if they still think hes washed up
he reveals hes been buying stocks
the the 1929 stock market crashed
2 years later he reminisces with frak morgan
btw I read big z was in the Chicago fire of 1971
I mean 1871
I'm from Chicago in the 19th
why not do a thing of dat?
big z wants to do another follies
was frank morgin his friend or rival or foe?
maybe they were like naga and lina from slayers
or Yuma and kite in yugioh zexal
big z wants to do one mega show with all his stars
then admits him and f m are broke
his butler sez he left a great legacy
the bitler phones billy burk(not billy blanks the tae bo guy)
then phones a dr  and we get a montage of big z;s shows
he sez he needz more steps
gotta get higher
then bites it
that was moving
the end
I liked this
it had heart and love
good story on a mans life
for the great zigfeld 2 i'd like it to be about the after effects of the people in the shows and how they deal with him biting it (like in superman how after doomsday iced him the homies of him spend several issues moping around) then one of em starts searching the world for a way to revive him and goes on a crazy jungle adventure to find some black magic item.

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