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The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

noyte; who cares about spelling?
the nightmare before Christmas
this is my eview on the ightmare before xhristmas
I loved this film as a kid
when I saw it as a trailer in the 90s I knew I had to have it
I has it on vhs
walt disney pixcyures?!
that should be touchtone
after a rhyme of this beinf where holidays, wee get a creepy awesome stop motion song
is this is Halloween
I still sing this song decades after I 1st saw it
on the vhs was an add for gargoyles(the disnwey cartoon from da 90z)
halloweentown has a weird Addams family/cabinet of dr caligari vibe
I love it!
and I still recall lines from the 90s
sally the rag doll/goth chick
she escapes her creator by removing her arm
jack the king of Halloween town escapes the fans
jack sings a kinda emo song about getting tired of Halloween all the time
I love it
really good scenery with the full moon and the spiral extending hill
sally returns home and her creator reattaches her hand
they argue like teen daughter and dad
is he her dad or husbando?
jack has a ghost dog called ZERO
the next day the mayor goes to jacks place for plans for Halloween in 365 days
but jack is off for a walk
btw, the mayor is the fat guy from Beetlejuice and sally was the mom in home alone
jack walks all night and finds a gateway to other worlds like in Urotsukidoji
he gets sucxked into the Christmas one amd fals in love with the happy world of Christmas
although I'm more into Halloween
more fun
but I still like xmas
jack is the anti grinch or anti scrooge
he sings about how its different thAN Halloween
he loves it
sally adds deadly nightshade to the soup to k o her creator
she adds frpgs breath and worms wart to cover the shae
she gets him to eat it by faking drinking it with a holed spoon
btw, this is kind of the last of the animated stop motion xmas specials
like santa claus is coming to town or Rudolf the red nosed reindeer
after this it was all cg
the stop motion is perfect
better than cgi
its better with actual matter on film
so ack returns with xmas cr-p
he calls a own meetimg
wtf the moon is crensnt
it was full 2 days ago
jack sings yet another song
this one about xmas town
explains xmas cr-p but the Halloween town homies think weird creepy Addams family cr-p
so jack descrines santa as a big bada55 who goes out on a horror movie thing
santa is pretty bada55 though
I want a game where santa and Krampus team up and beat people up
we the get a montage of jack trying to get Christmas and explain it logically
the dr(the sally creator) locks her up for poisoning him and jack comes by
he wants science cr-=p
we get a montage of him doing science to find xmas stuff
he tries cutting a snowflake outta paper and gets a spider
I tried that in the 90s
didn't work
he also busts a glass thing on a microscope
I did dat too
sally jumps out of her tower, busts apart and sews herself together
the dr comes in and finds her gone
sally gives him a bottle that makes a smoke butterfly come out
but shes gone when he looks back
he pulls a flower and it becomes a tree
but it catches fire
in the AM he sings about how he just don't get it
he knows theres more to xmas than the items
but don't get what it is
he decides he wants to do xmas
he gets all the freaks of halloweentow to help make xmas cr-p
but with a Halloween accent
he hires 3 malcontent kids to capture santa
they sing a fun yet f'd up song about doing f'd up cr-p to santa
often involving eating him
btw pee wee herman plays the one dressed in red
btw these are some ugly a55 kids
jack wants sally to have saly make a santa outfit
se tries to stop him but he don't listen
then the kids bring back the holiday guy they caught
but its the easter bunny
oh and the dr is making a new female
we get a montage and song of these Halloween pepe making f'd up xmas cr-p
even a duck with bullet holes like the penguins one from batman returns
we also see santa at xmas town making good cr-p
oh and the dr makes skeleton reindeer
and jack has a coffin for a sleigh
the ugly kids catch santa
they bring him to halloweentown where jack jacks his hat
they take him to oogie boogie(the boogie man)
hes played by the guy who played the alligator in all dogs go to heaven
also the dr takes half his brain and puts it in the new woman hes making
oogie boogie sings an introduction song like in the WWF
hes also a gambler and lives in a sonic level like casino place
why wasn't there a nightmare b4 christmas game on sega genesis and snes?
tat would be perfect
get VIRGIN to make it
they did Aladdin, the lion king and the jungle book perfectly on sega
sally uses fog juice to make it fog but ZERO has a glowing nose and lights his way
strange, that sounds somewhat familiar
sally sings a kina emo love song
jack goes off and gives presents
1 kid gets a human head
his rents freak out
the rents call the cops
he give weird Halloween cr-p for xmas to everyone
even a weird a55 snake kinda like in beatlejuice
and jack dorsnt get that hes ruining xmas
they call in the military
over cr-ppy gifts?
kinda over the top
he didn't kill anyone
they open fire on him
he thinks its fireworks
sally seduces oogie boogiew with her leg and he tickles her foot
foot fetish
he catches her
jack gets blown outta the sky
in Halloween town they watch on a cauldron
\everyone thinks he bit it
the cps say xmas is cancelled this year
man, jack f'd it all up
in a cemetary he sings a song about how he f'd up
as he goes on he realizes that he meant no harm and he truly is the pumpkin king
he had a good run
and its not over yet
he goes through a door in the cemetary
he gets to halloweentown and runs
he finds oogie boogie abut to cook sally and santa
hes gonna eat em
he sends em down but they don't fall in
when he turns the table jacks there
oogie activaes his level traps
bk dodges em
oogie activates smething but a string on his cloth gets caught
jack pulls it and it comes off
hes just bugs and falls apart
santa goes off and saves xmas
sally(who's hands and leg are back on despite being of b4) shows she loves jack
b4 they b0ne, the mayor and kids arrive
everyone celebrates his being alive and santa brings snow to halloween
its snowed on Halloween b4
so much for global warming
the dr has a female form of him to b0ne
sally and jack sing about being together and admit their love
they kiss and ZERO flies to the sky and makes a star
I think they started b0ing after dat
and hes a skeleton
the end
I always loved this film
its art
based on actual events
tim burton was walking In November and saw xmas things replacing Halloween decorations
it sparked his twisted mind
put this on the history channel
ern the mummy; tomb of the dragon emperor
or deep impact
yeah, those were on it
for the nightmare before Christmas 2 i'd like r humans to find out about Halloween town and Christmas town and the malcontents who hate holidays cuz they aint "PC"ry to attack them in violent attacks. halloweentown is stronger than them as they are bad a55 demons and vampires and sh-t and its a violent Claymation splatterfest of people being bust apart by these Halloween monsters.

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