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Something Borrowed Review

 Noye; i spell unborrowed

something borrowed

this is my revirw on Something Borrowed from 2011 (The year of the 1st Robotech War and Transformers The Headmasters)

Its directed by luke greenfield who did The Girtl Next Door, The Anbimal and Lets Be Cops

it stars Ginnifer Goodwin from zotopia, kate hudson, Colin Egglesfield from Drop Dead Diva, John Krasinski from the office, Steve Howey from DOA: Dead or Alive, Ashley Williams from The Good Doctor, Geoff Pierson from Designated Survivor and Jill Eikenberry from Batman Beyond

I never saw this but its on tv and is based on a book by Emily Giffin I never read

People say it s-cked but i like cr-ppy movies so i may enjoy this

so after some logos we get this chick hpoing to a club and in it is a surprioze b day

the credits go by and in thre ladys room jim from the office comes in to warn pain chick of a crazy chick

later cxrazy comes by and trys to seduce jim but he dont consent and this guy nasmed dex like the masked rides and his meathead homie talk to main chick about how main chick wasn't surprised

kate gives a slifdeshow about how she was bffs with main chick and they both knew jim

kate wound up falling in love with dex and she sez maIN CHICK I HER BEST HOMIE AND HAPPY 30TH b day

im reveals to meathead hes not i love with main chick andf the party goes on

kate is drunk and credits say hilery swank produced this

main chick whines about wasting her 20s and dex coimes back to get kates purse and main chick goes in to helkp him

dex andf main chick go out for 1 last drink and a 5kank trys to seduce dex but he dont nortice

dex sez he wanted to teach school anddrex jokes to 5kank that shes making his "gf" uncomfy

maimn chick sez she had a crusdh on him in school andf thery take a car and make out in the back seat

then title and chick wakes up in bed wirth dex implying they b0ned

kate calls them a bunch and worries he cheeted on her

dex boox it and maincjick answers da fone and kate sez dx never came home

dex calles k98 and main chuck flashes back to her law school days of wearing glasses and being a klutz and dex i think helps her

main chck watches a movie a guy driowns a paycho b--ch holding a knife and dex calls

kate sezdex sez he got driunk and blacked out at his meatheads place but axcts guilty

so later k8 is getting ready for her weeding and crying and worried anbd main chuk flashes back to her school days having a bad laugh and getting along with maybe dex

huh, in some scenes msain chick looks like the chick from the good spiderman movies

they talk about their 1srt kisses and dex meets k8 and k8 is a fun party girl

k8 dares dex to ask main chick on a realk d8 but when she sez they are just friends, k8 dares him to ask k8 on deal d8

they hot it off and back in present; k8 later sez meathead is into main chik

so jim and msaimn chick are going on a weekend away abnd k8 pullz up and in her van is meathead and dex

so they go to the hamptons in soviet new york and have fun in a montage

so after a day of drinking on the beach, k8 has a toast to her last suymmer b4 marriage  and they go to a party at a bar

jim worries about crazy chick and meaTHEADF  is more cheesy with girls

he tells mainm chik about him saving a croppled chimpmunk thsat fell outta a tree

he offers her chronic as he';s a  junkie and she sez no but then falls for his trap

latter k8 dex meat head and main chick are in a room and oh j--z in the a55! hes got  a man bun!

well, kind of a cr-ppy a565 gaijin topknot

k8 and dex go off to b0ne and crazy chick trys to sleep injims room but he tells her hes gone queer and isnt into her

she wants to turn him straight and will start tomorrow

try suckking it outta him!

so the next day main chickk is called in to work and dex drive her back to the furure city

in da car they talk aboiuy why he kissed her and he sez he wasnt that drunk

lateer main chick chats with jim and jims acting gayly

at a restrant k8 sez she thinks the furure husnand and bff are upset about the relationsjip change and they go with it

k8 jokes with them about main chick kissing dex and it makes her uncomfy

l8 they see disss 90z kover band and k8 skps it to get botox

dex is there and reveals e had a thing for her in school and he wishes she told him and now hes more into her and dont know what to do

she sez its too l8 and leaves but he follows and therry make out and sdhe sez she feels the same for him

this is going robotech with a love triangle

so later main cjhick and k8 are back at the hamptons and crazy chick went full sjw supporting gayness

jim sez his apartment flooded andlater dex sez himmoms doing better for being exicted of the wedding as she had depression

dex is worried he he cant make mom happy she's gonna seppuku

layer meat head goes in the ocean to get an octopu crawl up his a55 amd k8 wonders whats up  with dex

k8, in mimni shorets, plays by the sea with dex and main chick dont like it

at da partrty jim trys acting queer with meat head who dont conxzent to throw off crazy chick

main chick dances with meat head  and k8 and main chick try to out 5kank each other n the dance floore

main chick pulls something and falls and goes off as shes not used to being a h0

later at work sshe finds flowers from dex and she calls him and shhe sez she doont  like seeing him with him

he sez hes gonna take time away on Independence Day to see her and say ityts work

jim comes in and she sezthe flowers are from meat head, whos named marcus, which is the name of 50 cent in get rich or die trying, whos around as devolved as him

jim fiuggers it out and comfortsa her and she sez she dont want to want him and jim sez if thinbgs were the other way; k8 wouldnt w8

main chik sez k8 and k8 readsa a poem she wroe fior dex thats f'd

main chimp helps k8 write main chicks feelings as a speech and ten texts dex to say sjhe consents to Independence Day

So its the day and she goes down to meet him at her placew ands wears a flowery dress that shows off her pits

soviet new york is empty as the perople are out b0ning in a secks pit in the ritual that devolves them into the slug like ape daemons thy came from

after a nice dasy offscreen they talk about how when he met k8 he thought she set them up and she sed she never thought someone like him would like her

its like that yugioh zexal song; take a chance

k8 is having another drunk party and dex b0nes main chick

the next day they wake up togetehr IN BED and  he sez he loves her

on a walk his parents come by and they have a meal or w/e

mom seems happy and  dad sez he has to do whats right and stop b0ning main chick as itys not the kind of people they are

like in robotech with lisas dad not prtobably liking her involved with either kyle or rick(if he didn't wing up in h e double alaska b4 it was revealed)

laster he tells her he meant he loves her and later jim tells her not to go with dexc as he might be faking it or stringing her along

also jim is moving to london as a publichser is into his novel

at the park, meat head is sk8boarding and kinda s-cking at it and later tells main chick he tried tro j-rtk off but couldnt and now he's not into her despite her being hot as he connects her with failure

aso he sez his dad is dex's dfad';s realtor and dex's dad is buying dex and k8 a house for millions

latr k8 calls asking about main chick seeing meat head ans askis if hes got the skin on his man thing

dex talks and she sez meat head is cut

later main chick is at wortk and avoiding calls from dex as he got a house with k8

then she goes on a party time with the girls and later k8 asks if shes gonna marry meat head

dex calls and wants to come up but k8 is there and she sez its jim and k8 thinks she's b0ning jim

k8 yells out the windowe and dex hides and k8 dances to music like a rap 5kank

oh its the song push it

so they're sleeping on the floor and having a kind moment of k8 being glad main chick accepts her as she is (a drunk 5kank?)

k8 and main chick are glad to be in all each others big moments and main chick is gonna trell her but k8 sez they'd never let anyone hurt each other and main chick queers out

da next day k8 asks if she should marry dex and she trusts her as she knows her well and is smart

k8 sez she's like no one dex knows and they balance each other out

k8 wonders if her love for him is enuff for marraige andmasin chick sez to marry him

also k8 reveals she cheeted on dex with a guy from work and felt bad about it as i guess she's a 5kank

l8 jim ants her to end the engagement and trys to get main chick to rebel against k8 like some k9nd of devil on her shoulder

also k8 made it to notre dame and turned it down but jim sez she lied as its not possible and the letter she had was a denial

jim sez that they are all going to h-ll anyway so she might as well do something for herself

l8r they are on the beach again for like the 6th time and playing badsmittien and k8 lets on that she thinks main chick is b0ning jim

also jim has a yugioh thing where they play badmitten and every point makes em spilla secret and jim and main chick play k8 and dex

k8 gets a point and tells kim was b0ning main chick and crazy chick is shocked hes not queer but meat head sez that makes sense that he is

after an epic duel, jim gets a poiunt and is gonna tell the secret and main chick nails him with the racket

later jim is p-ssed about her involving him in her cr-p and not choosing a side and sez even if she asks; k8 wont let her have dex

main chick has enought of his sh-t and strikes him down with a fatal blow to the face

jk really la8er at a bar crazy chcik is bummed ji isnt into her

she breaks a ptucher and slices her bellw op[ewn as her guts spill on the floor and she saysb "it was all for you"

jk but dex sez k8 is bummed about something and she sez tyo man up and make a choice on what to do with his future

she storms ou in the rain and has a flesh back about when k8 met dex and how she left him to that bimbo

but dex followed her to see if shes ok and asks if she's ok with them being together and she sez yes

seeing the error of her ways, she goes back todex and sez she shouldn't have left him with her and tells him to cancel the wedding and say he cant marry her

good for her to grow soem testrickles for once and tells him she loves her

he sez he cant and she walks off

the next day dex xomes over and sees her hanging from the traffic light with her guts spilling on the floor

jk really we get A MONTAGE OF HER BEING BUMMED AND later its soviet london with the gaijin knifing guuy all the time

in the air porte she sees jim holding a sign and its a few days b4 the wedding and she sez to k8 she needed time despite being the maid of homor

medal of honer gear slog xx

crazy chick agrees to be the replacement and later main chick sez she wanted to be dex's 1st choice and not by defaulty by outing them cheeting

jim reveals hes gay for her and she dont accept it and he regrets not going for the crazy chick

so maimn chick sez k8 is not bad and goes back to soviet new york to be in da weeding and dex is at her place

dex called off da wedding and sed he cant marry her a few hours ago and k8 chimped out

he thanks her for being in his life wen he made bad choices and they kiss

then k8 comes over and dex is gone and k8 sez she called off fass wedding and dex was thinking the same thing

k8 knows main chick wasnt b0ning dex and meat head as crazy chick told her and she b0ned meat head on independence day and saw hes uncut

alsok8 b0ned her a lot and they get along as both are bimbo air heads

also k8 is pregnant and fell for his story of the chipmunk

better test for hiv too

k8 leaves and comes back seeing dex's jacked and knows main chick is up to something

shhes not stoopid

she looks for him and b--ches at him despite her being 5kankier and sez she hatews her and dont wanna see her again and storems out

so 2 months later k8 and maion chick meet and she sez sorry to k8 for hurting her and k8 sez she's been jealous of k8 since k8 got into notre dame

she sez she mnisses k8 and k8 sez shes happpy now and walks off wavcing bye

maiimn chick gers a call aND GOES TO DEX WHO'S JUST EATEN FERGUYS AND thry go off and hold hands

then credits bit a mid credits scene of jim in soviet england and k8 comming after him

to be continues

the end

that was pretty good

nice fun, good jokes, nice music and visuals

itys got good color and while beinng crude, is pretty good

i enjoyed it despite these people being 5kanks

good friendship and feels and some good themes

glad i saw it

for something Borrowed 2 i want it to be a year later and kate brings the meat head and dex over to a talk show and tries to find out who is really the baby's dad. also its a point and click adventure fmv game on tg16 cd, sega cd, sega saturn, playstation, panasonic 3do and phillips cdi where you choose different answers to questions and get different endings with the other freaks on the show like inbreeders and guys in love with their pets.

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