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The Void Review

Note: I spell like thart guy from berserk! Wrong Void!!

Thge Void

This Is My Review On The Void From 2016 (The Year Of Cr-p In Robotech And Eaeth Folk Goping To Mars In Mazinsaga On Sega)

Its based on a story by H P Lovercraft and was directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski who did Leprechaun Returns and PG: Psycho Goreman

It stars Kenneth Walsh from the day after tromorrow/Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferFantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer/Survival of the Dead, Kathleen Munroe from Survival of the Dead, Ellen Wong from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Art Hindle (Niot Art Fortunes from Beetleborgs or Pat Hingle from the good/bad Batman filmsa) from Black Christmas and the 1993 tv movie liar liar, anbd a buncha guys I never heard of

It was made by crowdfunding like toejam and EaRL 4 AND a bunch of Piko Intreractive games, and filmed in soviet canada

reviews say its abovew average but imma do this cuz my wisconcuion homie wants me to dop this

maybe now he'd finally watch dbgt for me

So after like a minute of credits we get this guy running around as someone taker down this chick with a shotgu

these guys dump gas on her and torch her with a cigarette (whish mythbusters proved won't work)

then we see this guy in a white rovbe and a blaclk triangle on the face like some kinda daemon group klansman but no pointy hood

then credits and title

btw this is widescreen and colored

then we get this cop in a car chatting on da radio and he sees this guy stiumbling around

he chex him out andf drives him while to a radio chick and brings him to the hospital

the sttaff takes wounded guy off and alsop is thuis teen guy and girl in there, boy is patient girl is friend, watching night of the loving dead

teen girl creeps him out with photoes in a book and hospital death facts and goes off but the power in the hosp[ital flickers

theres this pregnant chick wirth her dad and they say there was a fire in this hospital b4

wounded guy is freakin out and the drs drug him and check him out as hes got wounds on him

theres am 80s/90s computer whuich makes me wonder when this takes place

cop chats with nurse and she gives him coffe or something even though pop is better

i think they are kinda in love and head dr comes by and sez wounded guy is ok but needs rest

dr talks about a kid who got it and comforts cop which i think means his kid got it

so cop looks around the hospital aND SEES A woman shanking this guys eye with a skewer while her face is covbedred in blood

shes comfused and sez its noyt her and this isnt her face andf goes at cop, so cop caps her a55 to h e double french canada!

more staff come by and are f'd up by it and cop goes off to puke asnd water his face

after some shots of Darkened Skyes cop wakes up and is told he had a seizure by drs and that a st8 trooper is come hoimself, cop gets an axe

cop sez hesgood and goes to the trooper and hetts i mean tells of his shooting

trooprt sez there was a masssacre newwarby and he suspectys the wounded guy as most ofg the blood on him wasnt his so they cuffed him to the bed

why noty juist snap wouir hand so you can squierm out?

trooper takes cops weapon and sez cops dad was a good cop

they go over who's here and cop goes to call it in but da phone dont work

he goos to his car and trys the radio but it dont work eitrher butr he sees aguy in a white sheet with a black triangle over the face

the power goes oput anfd the guy comes at him with a knife anfd pokes him but he fights the guy off

then theres a pack of em there and he rubns in

1 guy in a room is kinda devolving and has tendrils spazzing outy in his mnouth and covber with blood likle John Carpenters The Thing

so da staff treats his knife wound which is shooting blood anmd teen, who i guerss is a nurse, is freaked out

so they stopped da bleeding and the whites are out there standing silent and wounded guy wakes up and dreams out

theres trhis fleshy creature comming for him and cop breaks the bed rod and saves him, then closes the door after getting out

cop gets an axe  from a fire thing and some guys with guns come in and 1  holds a girl captive at knifepoint

head dr talx with the knife guy who's kinda posessed looking and he shanks dr in da neck

da fleshy thing comes in and rifelman caps it and it goesaxe coip goes after tr and its tentacling this guy and going in his face as the lights spazz out

it gets axed and grows a human head looking thing as the head gets blown apart by a gunshot and the creature gets chopped up by axe shots as goo spills out

oh and its not cop chopping it

so its dead and so is dr and shank guy is let the chick go after beingf pulled off

the guys beat out cop with an axe handle hit wjhen he wants em to calm down and get out and nearly axe his neck but is stopp[ed by a girl and guy

cop asks wtf is going on and leader of the guys wants to torch the body of the thing and guy who went urotsukidoji

so he's dumped out on a gurny on fire and 1 guy is smoking and a chick b--ches at him

leader tellsd em they won't stand a chance against another of those things and cuz he comments on the pregnant teen being a sl-t, the chick b--cheres out at him

pregnant teen is having womb issues and needs to nor be moved too much

cop terlls her to try to stay calm her dpown buyt chicxk sez the teen and kid in hewr are in danger and need help

cop tells the gang the teen and her kid need help and wants em to help em get supplies but they dont wanna

he says they can help eachortherr get more ammo and a gun and they agree ifd they get da gun

so thery go out and its pitch black but no vin diesal, deisal, deezel and the place with da sh-t is a bit away

preggo teen is on ther floor being cared for and worried aboyut her kid

wounded guy is handcuffed to a wall and is out cold and ther guys out there are at a car as cop trys to use da keys

nursde gets medical sh-t but a guy is behind her and it cuts to outside where the ghuys are at the car and it turns on

thertes robe guys all over and cop cap 1 with a shotgun like its devilman ova 1 and they get inside

cop sees nurse is gone and the gang is p-ssed she went off, also 1 haS a hanbd cut

cop and leader go to find chick and leader sez the cult iced the cut guys fam, but wot say what his backstorey is

its revealed that nurse chick is cops wife and after ghetting sh-t from the supply room, they go out and find a ringing phone calling from the morg

a voice calls him by name and offers to show him more and his wife had a hard time unbderstanding but he has good intentions

the voie is the dr who got it and asks if he wants to wind up like his dad and how his daugfhter getting it changed hiom and cop will understand soon and hes gonna help em

also in a box are photos olf the triangle thing

cop returns and tells teen nurse to handle things but she dont know what to do and worries about the cult comming in

cop is gonna do down somewhere and the gang interrogates the wounded guy with a hammer

wounded guy sez its the dr and he did em a favor by icing em but hes not dead now

they swing the hammer on his finger like johnny depps french wife who used a liquor bottle but just missed to scare him

he sez he went with a chick to get drugs but it was really to a farm house where they'd b0ne them in and were dressed in the robes and sacrificed people and devolved others

they are gonna throw him to the cult outside and the blankewt over the dr is there but his body aint

they go in te basement or w/e and teen nurse tels em to go to ther morg

its all dark and bluish and looks like a f--kin slup but i think rhey went down a place that shouldnt be there

yeah its a new staircase going down and and they go on it

you know, a good katana can slice through 3-5 guys in 1 swing, if they had 1 and knew how to use it, they could cut through the cult members like Golden Axe

wife wakes up in some kkinda operating room and is doozy and talking to dr about how he knows what its like to be cut up asd he talks about studying hjis own transformation

he wants to save someone he couldnt and how losing a girl ruined him as he does surgicval sh-t to his hand

imagine if you edited clips of doogie howswer in this?

so they find a room with a bnig a55 trtiangle in it that wounded guy was in a similar place b4 and the gang cleaned out a place like

wundefd guy sez they made em look at awful things wordse than people being devolved and f'd

so 16 and pregnaNTR IS POOPING OUT THE BABYAND TEENURSE TRYS TO GIVE HER A SHOT (f u caps lock) and she mellows out

in da basement is a door with the black tir angle and trhey go in with coip sdaying "this is it"

dr tells wife that after you bite it you get reincarnated and he trys tracking the steps and the body has to adsjust and i'm kinda lost

also he did black experiments that caused the fire that f'd the hospital

the creations wanna die but he wont let em and he's gonna end the tensei rebvirth thing

also he tells of her kid biting it cuz when it was born the cord strung it up

and now he's gonna bring back his daughter and when he pulls off her blanket, her but is pulsating like ther alien lair in some Contra Games

16 and pregnbant has blood on her groin and in da basement room; the gang interrogates wounded guy as this woman in red light does some psychic thing on gang leader and he starts beatibg on wounded guy

they stop him and see a devolved corpse guy banging his head on a spike in the wall and these silenty hill looking f--ks come out and the guys blow the heads with gunshotsd

teenurse is gonna c section preggo but cant

wounded junkie guy trys to garrot cop and this corpse comes up fromunder a sheet al;l twitchyt and spazzy

cop fights off junkie and they leave as the spazz corpse ghets junkie

grandpa tells teenurse to do it to xave preggo and his throaw is sliced and blood gushes out,kinda like in pewt semetary

oh it was preggo who did it who sez she was carrying the drs baby

the lights go out abnd the cult guys are there abndpreggo goes with em

teenurse goes around, uses the axe to block 1 door with 2 cult guys behind it, despityer there being more in the area and thats her only weapon, and locks heself in some room

cop goes through this house in whitye light and findsgang leader who blames him for it and fights him sayibg "you shouldve protected them"

he is pinned under an axe with the gang leader on him so he lights a flare and cooks his body

they they're back in the basement and in th uipper part, teen nurse is hiding as someone drags an axe around like its silent hill and she calls on the walkie talkie for help

cop goes around the lower area with an axe and finds wife nurse in the room with a huge gut

they have a moment and then the light goes ouyt an she's a pile of guts and tendrils and slop and dr sez he saw cop was revlived his kid bit it

cop somewtimes sees her as she usedto be and choips her up offscreeen with the axe

then theres an outline of the triangle on the wall and cop sez he sees dr as a monster who thinks he's God

dr tries to defy God and says he gained powers from forces beyond and neds 1 more thing

preggo and cult guys are behind him from outta nowhere and she shanks him in the lower right back

then preggo goes to the triangle and dr is skinless and sez his daughter will be reborn and hios followers will be transformed, including cop, who has to bite it 1st

then he does a chant to the triangle and poushes it with ki or we/e and beyond it is a white light

he puts his hand on hert head and sez to put his daughter in her and she spazzes outand ger gut pops in a bloodspray and this abomination comes out

it head crushes a clut guy and gang leader and 1 other comer in opening fire on the abomination

as it gowews after em it grabs leader weith a tentacle andleader shotguns its face but its stuff spills on him and he soaks himnseldf in lighter fluid and his homnie eventuallty uses a flare on him as the thing jams its tentacles in his body

other guy runs off as abiomionaTIUON GOES AFTER HIM and dr sez he sees the infinie astral workings as his body comes apart in the light

then cop axers him in the body but he tanks it and offers hi his wife back if he surrenders to him

he shoves thje dr through the trtigate and its gone like it never opened

remaining guy runs from trhe abomination as the walla closer behind him and helooks back to findits a solid wall whwere he just left and the hospital is normal

grandpas still dead and he finds tyeen nurse and both nearly wack wach other

then in this place like alien 1 or the doom dimension in bakugan, the cop and his wife are and theres a huge black puramid

thery hold hands and it goes black

the end

oh and credits to a 40s sounding bible song

pre production key set designe;r; damian fuchs

carpenter; keith bowser

digital matte painting; rui wang

brad jones? the cinema snob?

gary woodc-ck

this is why you should read the credits

theres some great names in there

but overall i liked this

giood 80s style horror

nice effects and gore

good creep style

nice story

good mystery

its well made and has good twists

glad i saw it

thanks to my wisconsion homie for showing me this

now watch dbgt!

For The Void 2 I want the couple from the 1st movie to be in this dark dimension and gradually be devolving into some kind of squid monkey bug creatures and the loner they stay, the more they devolve. Also its a 16 bit game like qwop on Sega Genesis, Snes, TG16, Atari Jaguar and GBA where you play as them and go across the weird landscape and each level changfes the controls as your body is devolving into some kind of abomination and you gotta relearn how to move

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