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Devilman Review

 Note: I spell daemonic


This is mny review on Devilman from the distant future year of 2004 (The year some Robotech Comics happened in)

Its based on a Manga by my fave author Go Nagai who did a lot of sexy violent awesomer insane sh-t

To quote Tom Green: Its like p0rn with murder!

Unlike some of his 18+ works like Violence Jack, Devilman Lady and Loevly Angel: Devilman was a Shonen series which means its for the samne age group as Naruto, DBZ, Bleach, Saint Seiya, Hokuto No Ken and Eiken

But then Netflix got it and made Crybaby which is a gay xxx (Like evertything else on there)

Its dirtected by Hiroyuki Nasu who did nothing I sAW and got f'd at the box office and in reviews as its said to be f--kin baD

It stars a bunch of Live Action Japanese dudes and is dubbed by the Digimon, Robotech/Eiken cast

So after some credits we see Ryo and Akira as kids (Da f--k?! They call him rai oh?! He's not that Yugioh Card!) where they look through a kids book of cry[ptids like wolfman and centaur and Ryo sez hre's one of em and wants akira to be one too

then they put on monsater masks and look through the book, wjich zooms inbto this demons eyer and we go through h e double england and get a title

years later, AKIRA and ryo are in teens in track and akira falls so ryo goes back for him but akira has him go on as ryo is better than him at everythiong and aklira likes him for it

also; like many japanese, Ryo has blonde hair, like Sauilor Venus, Rangiku Matsumoto and Naruto Uzomaki (Oh and Nami Koishikawa if you are over 18)

So Akiras gf Miki comes by and Akira is gay for her and Ryo don't like it aand Miki don't like Ryo as hes a jerk wjo don'rt smile

Often when someone does sometgiung i dont like, i domnt like em, and it turns out they are evil

I hated weinstein for changing movies w/o directors consent, joss whedon for being a c-ck sucker, kaiser neko for censoring comments he disagrees with, fauchi just runs me the wrong way and i sense he's evil

i got this sense that knows if someone is evil

oh and back door trudeau is just a candya55 but i didn't get the same sense

So Akira livers with Miki's fam as his renrts were iuced in a car accident (Like f--kin harry potter?! in the books it was daemons!!)

Akira forgot its his b day and they have a surprize party

also miki's hair is wrong

So then Akira is beat up by high school toughs like in f--king every anime, as Ryo beat em in a race

da f, they call him uh soo kuh!? Its Asuka! Pronounced oss kuh! tHEN AGAIN, theese guys pronounced the silent U in Densuke in Eiken!

Completly out of character; akinra atacks em to defend ryo and gets his a55 kicked, even though in the REAL version (The Manga) Akira was a timid candya55 like Shinji frolm evangelion

a teen sez ryo (Which should be pronounced like Neo or Geo, not bio) chopped off 2 of his fingers with hedge clippers for beating up Akira, and Akira saved his fingers\

Turns out: Akira is tryiung to save them fro Ryo, like how a serweration of church and state protects the church FROM the state

So Akira works out and pumpsd iropn but miki comes by and sees his wounds and he runs

Miki sees some teen girls bullying anotyher teen by throwing balls at her, so Miki nails 1 with a ball and saves her

btw, how come ryo wasnt arrested for mutilating a teen?!

is it cuz hes a "young offender" and gets all this legal protection to mutilate people cuz hes young?

So ryo com,es back to class after a week off and asks who beat up akira as he wants to mutilate them but akira sez its nothing

ryo is ok with that as his dad bit it and he and akira go in ryo's ferarri mustang and gives akira a vs thing to see his dads recording

dad found an underground antartic lake from 500 million year old energy thjing that can do fusion at room temp and is 8 million x as good as oil

But its actually a daemon life forme that posesses people so they shut down thing thing but it was too late as the workers fused with the daemons and were posessed, And so was Ryo's dad!

So Ryo takes Akira to his mansion and opens a door and its this big organic room like Splatterhouse 3 or Contra and its Ryo's dad  in it

Ryo sez hes been posessed and gets a knife and wanbts Akira to end him 

They badly fight over the knife and Akira throws Ryo despite Ryo not only already stronger than akira, but has daemon power now!

Then out of the contra level comes this spurm like thing that ghoes into akira and he devolves into devilman but is cr-ppy ps2 cgi

A daemon comes out and thinks hes still the demon who posessed him and akira fights him and easily slays him

then he devolves into a humanoid mode with cr-ppy make up and ryo is angelic with a bunch of wings and light and akira realizes he;s devolved and just killed thhat thinbg

ryo sez he kept hius human heart but has a demopn body so he's a delvilman whos demon outsiode and human inside

then akira wakes up in his room and is hugh mann but has some aids sores on his chest, but its just cr-p on the mirror

miki gets him a b day motor bike like in the 70s anime and some creeper with a campera watches akira and ther miki fam

akira reides with miki but they wear helmets and at school; akira almost askes her if she'd like him if he wasn't human

so then the teen punks are hassling ryo to get him beofre he chops em up but ryo walks off and they attack akira

Akira easily beats em with power rangers moves and slo mo sh-t and the teens dont notice anything wrong with this as i sgess in japan everyone has super powers

good f--k we';re onyl 20 mins in?!

So later Akira gores to ther beach and sees this guy sketching as he started drawing in therapy to get his motopr function back after ryo cut his fingers and hes got nightmares and ptsd from Ryo admitting to being evil when he chopped him up

fingers warns Goku I meanbn Akira that Ryo is dangerous and as Akira looks through the f'd up sketch book; sees something that reminds him of Ryo but looks kinda like Zasmasu from the Gay Dragon ball

Fingers admits he just picked on Akira to look tough and Akira helped him so he sez sorry and thanks

So a creeper tapes Miki taking a shower but as its not the Showa Era: Japan can't haver nude scenes so shes in a towel

Shiranui comes by and contacts Akira by his daemon name and akira meets her on the roof

she'ss in a modest sone spiece like thing instead of her white thong and nothing else like in the manga and sshe invites him to go where he was born and she takes his hand but miki shows up and sees em gone

btw this whole "Gf from past life comes back and giives him info on his daemonism to join her" was done in Demon Lord Dante

In Ryos palace Akra goes to semi daemon mode and shiranui bugs him about not remembering and calls him by his daemon name

Nowadays some tumbler malconttents would whine about her "dead naming" him and "not respecting his new identity"

but at least they aren't b0ning like in crybaby!

So they baCK AND FORTH ABOUT dEMONS AND HUMANS and she attacks him and they fight with shakey cam and cgi bursts of ki where blows connect

Shiranu digivolves into a bikini outfit  anfd Akira goes full CG and they have a big CG fight in the air and around the city that looks like bad PS2

after Akira is slices in the back, he falls and they wind up right back in Ryo's house and Akira goes back to Semi Devolved and Shirenu goes back to the 30s swimsuit and mocks him for fusing with a candya55 like Akira

she grabs his face and Ryp comes in and sez See Ren and Akira wakes up in a misty place where Ryo sez Akiras demon powers regenerate him

Btw in the Manga: Akira got his arm sawed off, his body slices and a horn skerwering him, but here its just 1 back slash and he's f'd

So akira tells Ryo his demon name and ryo sez he was Cee Lin's butt buddy and she wanted him back and ryo sez he found akira by being a demon (i mean if he has esp or ki sense, year but just "deing a demon" don't exzplain anything)

they walk for a bit and akira is bummed that hes a daemon now but Ryo sez Daemons don't cry (which I think is wrong but I don't recall every Go Nagai Manga with Daemons but think maybe in Demon Lord Danmte it happened)

in a pizza shop or w/e akira asks why they posesses them and Ryuo sez they aint as strong as Akira thinks and they need to posess stronger life formes to get their genetic structure and Akira thinks idf a bird is posessed: the daermon could fly

Akira figgers he became devilman to save humanity and miki's fam and goes back to miki's place with dinosaur toys on the shelf

she's worried he was out and notices damage and he gets on her and she wonders why hes acting different and they have sort of a moment and make out (which is non canon!) and its implied they b0ned(which is double non canon but still more canon than with Shirenu b0ning him and dream b0ning him and he j-zzed all over the ceiling in his sleep)

Then we get Morrison's World News with Japanese Subs and in the Japanese version the big black guy was speaking English but they dubbed it here for some reason

he tells aboput murders and bodyparts found around japan and then we see Jinmen as a mailman or cop or something and wanting something to eat

he goes to a turtle zelling thing and eats a turtle in frong of a kid and his face deviolves intoi a turtle daemon face and fingers saw it

later Akira goes to see Fingers and its name i just looked up and itas Masao Ushiku and he's not at the beach but he hears his voice and dumps his head in the water and looks as if he;'d be there and calling

Hew goes fdull cg and flies to the woods and then devolves to semi fortme and runs around with 1 arm up like hes got a shield and finds him sealed in this big a55 daemon shell with other peoples faces cr-ppily edited im it

he sez its ironic that he wanted to be his friend and now is gonna bite it, then jinmen comes to life looking like cr-ppy Contra Shattered Soldier CG and akira wants revenge for eatingh his friend

Ushiku sez h'es already dead (nani?! Ohhhhhh1 Hidebuuuuuu!) and the face is his last traced of consciousnous and won't last and he sez bye

Akira sez it was an honor being his friend and jinmen wants food so akira goes full cg(is this like wedding peach with the human, dress and mini skirt outfits?) AND 1 hit kills him with a back shot

Jinmen sez "Why'd you kill me? we're both daemons and we ain't supposed to fight" but Akira sez he's not a daemon but is human like the guys Jinmen iced and jinmen sez he didn't kill em, just ate em, like Humans eat animals to survive

Funny thing: Once they gave a Turkey a vaccine in its back and when the farmer checked on it days later: It ate a hole several inches in its own back as it liked its own taste!

So i think that disproves the myth that "Eating meat is mean to animals"

So Jinmen goes on with how He only eats and Satan wants to wipe out humans, and then, he dierd, AHHHHHHHHHH!

So the big black news guy is revealed to be Bill Jackson (Like Michael Jackson??) and sez theres reports all over da world of people devolving into monsters and wastinmg people, and the f bi is looking into it

So in class they have a bummer moment for Fingers and Akira remembers him saying Ryo said he was evil

How did they know he was dead Did trhey find his parts in Jinmens Shell?!

So Akira looks atr Ryo cockeyed and later in Computer class, Miko (Not Miko Mido)( comes by as it ends and goes in but isn't in uniforme and miki wonders where she was

a bully mocks her about dropping out and they joke abouit her being a demon like on tv and take her to another room to take off her clothes like its f--kin kekko kamen

miki just stands there until miko shoves 1 away and she attacks, onmly then does miki do anything, but miko's sleeve was ripped and shes all devolved under it on 1 spot and the teen bullys dreak out

then her aerm p-sses acidf on a globe and its acid fire and it buirns it to dust

miki trys to help her and says "oh miko" like its la blue girl and miko walks off

then the cops come and the studdents swarm out and its night now and akira comes in, sees miki is ok, and miki sez cuz miko cryed at being called a daemopn, it means shes still human

how da f did miki know about that?! the whole "demon people dont have feelings and sh-t"??

Jackson shows footage froim soviet los angelas where a cowvboy looking guy takes a shot gun to the cops and his face opens up like beetlejuice in that 1 scene and he caps the dumba55 camera man who ran up to a posessed cowboy dressed like marty mcfly in back to the future 3, with guns

here's an idea: is dawemons are real, don't that mean God is too? Can't you pray it away?

I mean alienns are daem,ons and aare rebuked by Jesus's Name

so later miko is by a swing in the middle of these tall buildings and hangs out with a grade schooler as i guess anyone a day under 18 is a child and thus: exactly the same

he's got bruises and his rents dont believe him, but his mom comes by all creepy saying dads home and is waiting for em

oh and his name is susumu and when he gets home, his dads eyes spin and have multiple pupuls and his mom has a snake tongue

in the manga they chopped him up and ate him and we see his head on tthe floor in a poole of bloode

but here its just implied

So Action Jackson says the gov sez demonss are another life forme faKING BEING HUMAN and will work with other govs to save humanity

Kinda like fighting the virus in 2019-20xx

and japan has an anti daemon force to fight em, then we see these daemon guys wacking people in the outside in the open with swords

What is this? England?

So Akira and Ryo are there and ryo says to leave em as they're scum but akira goes semi devolved and turns hgis hand into a spike club like some kinda Cobrala thing and busts em

then takes out another with his own sword and we got some decent gore

so later miki goes to see susumu who's not dead and hes not afraid of her as she saved him (da f--k?! did she ice his rents offscreen?)

So action jackson sez the gov changed the law to let them arrest anyone suspected of being a daemon, asnd to let em ice any suspected daemons

Why not taX EM for being demons like french canada?

so miki's dads kinda bummed cuz his friend was arrested by the demon hunters for susp[icxian of being a daemon and if he interfered, he'd be arrested too like its the ussr

turns out one of his enemy's outed him just cuz he didn't like him and iit was probably a lie

all it takes is an accusation and their life is ruined, like how anytime someone famous causes issue; the media or someone says "he's a racist/mo lester" and he's fired and ruined without a trial or hearing

so susumu and miko are arrested and later akira and miki go by miko's place andits all grafittied like the germansd hgouse in passchendaele

this rich lady comes by wanting Akira to move his bike from the road and asays Miko's fam skipped town as they had a daemon in their house

then freaks out at the idea that miki MIOGHT be a daemon and books it like she's someone who got a buncha shot but fears those who dont

miki and akira go to church as i ghuess they're catholic and Go Nagai is their Priest in cameo

Miki prays and akira looks at his keychain of a goblin or something and its for miki's cellphone but she dont want it

miki aSKS AKIRA to pray and says she prays to marry Akira in tjhis church (which is weird as in 1 manga:Miki's a witch or something) and she wantgs to have a buncha kids with him (didn't chichi say that aFTER MEETING GOKU?)

akira thinks thats too far away to imagine and leaves and later its night and ryo picks him up in his non korean car

btw; In Cyborg 009 Vs Devilman: Akira is voiced by Brice Papenbrook, Who was Densuke in Eiken, but in Devilman Crybaby: Silene/Shirenu is voiced by Cindy Robinson, who was Kirika in Eiken, and was into Densuke, And in Crybaby: Shiranu f'd Akira! So its like Kirika f'd Densuke!!

on the news the anti daemon troops go into an alleged dfaemon coven and shred all thes epeople with gunfire

ryo gets a machinegun and wants to go around shredding people but akira wont go and gives him his

ryo goes by a blue bug guy who asks for help and calles jhim Satan and Ruo goes around swinging 2 machineguns and shredding the anti daemon team

spioler; Ryo didn't know his true identity until near the end as he was mindwiped by Psycho Jenny/Genie to take the persona of the Dead Ryop Asuka so he copould fiond the humans weakness

But here it seesm like there never was a Ryo and its just Satam knowing the whole time he's gonna bring down humans

also he was a hermaphrodite in the manga with b00bs and a long weener

sao in the movie this fat load in an afro comes out and is shredded for a while by gunfire like in Violence Jack H-lls wind

the next day Father go Nagai reads the newspaper and akira is in this cafe thinking of this wheelchair guy getting a gun and these fat f--ks bodyslamming as guy

he thinks about how if you were a bit different, people would accuse you of being a daemon and f--k u up

also nations turned on each other and at miki's dads work in the fields later; akira brings dad his lunch and its real fancy

miki's mom is worried of miki's dad and he sez the other workers queered out and hes got nothing better to do and someones gotta trend the farmland,m so akira hel;ps him even though he's non union

but miki's dad sees akiras arm scales and he makes a moan like he just j-zzed on the ceiling

but miki's dad is ok with this even though in the manga he turned his shotgun on Akira for being outed

later in the mall people are looting and the cops take a shotgun to em and akira beats on em until they run

why didn't they shoot?!

also; cops capping shoplifters?! is this mad bull 34?!

so akira jumps like 30 feet like he's Sailor Venus and tells a sniper to stop instead of using his fists like he's brittish or something and its ryo wjhpo sez hes Satan

then parts of the town blow and ryo ruins and action bill jackson sez japan was declared a daemon nation and got missiled, but Japan counter attacked for being missiled by nations without warning!

so its ww3 and miki has the goblin on her phone and  wonders when thje war will end

Miki asks if Akira believes in God and she says she does, then smooches him as missiles go off outside

gotta say, in the 2020s, this is kida fdreaky, with the world being f'd up

Akira vows to protect miki and the later day; the demon hunters are shredding people with machineguns and miko and susumu have escaped  somehopw and go around the f'd up city like diet hokuto no ken

they remind me of ryo takuma and his sister a bit from violence jack

so they go around and the creeper is looking at miki and sees miko and susumu going by

miki goes out to help her and miko sez to help susumu as hes human and his life matters

miki lets miko come in and carrys susumu in and wait, where's tare?! miki's wiener kid brother?!

so they feed miko and susumu rice balls and miki asks her rents if they can stay, and they say yes

akira sez he's glad she saved susumu and at night; miko uses skin cream on her devolved arm and miki seez

miko sez shes a monster but miki comforts her and wasn't miki a tough bada55 chick in the manga? i mean she's not a wiump here, but we  don't see her badda55ness here

so miki gives miko a make up thing and sher feels pretty

the next later; these citizens want miki's rents to help them hunt the uninjected i mean deamons and miki's dad refuses so they suggest he might have daemons with him

miki's dad sez they gotta leave as they might have been reported and akira is in his 70s anime outfit, which makes me wish they had alphonse in here as some bad cameo

mikis dad gives miko and susummu the keyt to the institute and sez he';s gonna help ewm later and miki gives her lipstick and mimi's mom gives em food

so miko and susumu flee and akira goes out to check but the demon hunters swarm in at gunpoint and 1 beats on miki as they look for daemons

the hunters think they are daemons and mikis dad says hes the one and to get him, but akira comes out to them and goes full cg and knocks em away with his wings b4 goes to semi devolved and they freak out

miki  sees and hugs him and sez akiras not evil or a daemon and smooches him and feels his arm scales

then akira sez he's gonna return for them and she is sad she's not gonna see him again

the demon hunters arrest him and he consents even though he has the power to waste em and save his loved ones and they drive him away on a Y cross as miki sez she loves him

so they open firwe on akira and hes dead and later at night the townsfolk go to lynch miki's fam for having a guy the gfovb told them tyo fear in their home but this yellow hat ghuy who i think was the creeper tries to save her with his words

mikis rents tell her to hide as akira will be back for them and she goes upstairs and the lynch mob comes up as mikis mom asks if he cheeted on her

he sez never and they break in and swaRM em as miki is in her room with a big a55 knife

if miki;'s dad had a sttong firearm, he could have defended his family and sent those killers to h e double australia

so meanwhole; miko and susumu are on a train and guys are after em and they run

miki's rents are iced and they come for her and she sez if humanity has devolved this bad, she'd rather be a daemon and when a guy comes in her room, she tries knifing him and claimns tyo be a daemopn

miko and susumu are on top of a buiding and they jump but she grows butterfly rings like the f--kin dark crystal and saves them as susumu thinks shes a pretty angel

she then pulls a kataka and flies back up and sez the humans are the real kilelrs ands cuts em down with a katana that just was there asd i guess its japan, and she uses ones of their guns against em 

1 guy isn't dead dead so she throws a katyaka in his back b4 he caps her like a bada55

so the ciuty is gioing f--k and susumu sees it blow as global war starts

action jacksion sez its fun as people ice each other and takes off his shirt and grows 2 more heads like i guess Xenon?

the media news is daemons? what a shock!

so akira gets better from being dead and pukes bl;lood and sees a lot pf people iced near him

the next day he goes home and has a shirt now somehow and, wait, how'd his pants stay on?! didn't he hulk out 12 feet tall?!

so at home he sees em but its just in his miond and he finds em, dead and the place f'd

then sees miki's cellphone and video of her being knifed by the guy she told she was a demon and then says shes' not one and bites it

Akira then sees miki's head on a stick and screams and walks out with it (didn't this happen with Blue in Violence Jack?)

so akira walks through the ruined city and to the undamaged church and puts her head on the alter

akira thinks of miki's dream of having a happy family and crys and Ryo comes in church asking if there isd a God (Which he sdhould f--king know) and if humanity is worth saving

akira asks if he was always Satan and how could he lie like that (The fathjer of liers is lying?! What a Shock!)

Ryo sez its who he is and he hates humans except akira as he wanted akira to live so he devolved him into a daemon

then asks akira to join him to rule the world with only daemons. but there were too many to desttroy, so the humans wiped eaCH OTHER OUT (like that twilight zone ep??)

Akira looks at miki's head and asks ryo to ice him aas hes the last human and hes got nothing to live for wiithout miki and (like in the Bible) its not good to be alone

Ryo dont get it and aklira sez he';s the dumb animal like ryo callers humans for turning on each other

ryo wants akira to join him and (unlike in devilman lady) akira turns him down and won't jooin him so ryos gonna ice him

thern they transform into ps2 cgi and have a grey tone fight where ryo easily beats him down and no matter how epic aklira gioes; he can't stopp him

Why not say a prayer? Won't Holy do something?

So the fight is sdo DBZ strong that it f--ks the planet and makes it go f--kin hokuto no ken as all these daemons swarm together and form a huge abomination like that scene in Urotsukidoji and Akira stands alone against the enmdl;ess swarm

he blazes his cosmo to maxiumum and goes as a blue fire colossos andnujkes all the enemies as Ryo goes in for a kick

spoiler; in the REAL version; Akira and an army of Devilmen fought Ryo for like 20 years and the war wiped out everything

So Akira punches a ddent in Ryos b00bless chest and Akira is kicked through the gut sideways and both fall

Then we get a fleshbeck of Ryop and Akira making a Sand Tower of Babel (Which expla\insd a lot) and they wish it wont be knocked down and wou;ld last forever

then they cover it with their bodies to protect it from the rain and akira wakes up on this rock in the sea and they say each others names and rypo wants him to live

akira sez its ok if ryo survives and its shown that from the waist down; akira isnt there

then the island turns in the sun as we see ryo's shadow move on it and ryo pukes blood and ryo sezx if akira bites it, so will he

so akiraS DEAD and miko and susumu are somehow alive in this apocaLYPSE ZERO ruins and miko sez in her heart she sees a pretty world but susumu sez its gone

miko sez they gotta go on even if they're the only ones as they promised miki they'd not give in and a japanese song plays and they go off holding hands in the post apocalyptic ruins as the credits roll and it zooms out showing the nuked area

btw ryo's REAL reason for hating people is never stated. God let daemons evolve but didn't like em and was gonna wipe em out, so he rebelled and was sealed away for millions of years.

Once he came out; he saw humans took over and wanted to wipe em out to give the earth back to daemons. But after seeing Akira dead; he saw he was doping what God did and regretted it as the Angels came down to make the Earth go Violence Jack

Could be worse

Coming soon, from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney's Devilman! 

Kieron French is a shy teen who don't fit in, and his friend Michelle took him in after his parents disappeared in the Himalayas, 

But when his friend Roy Oskar comes back, he reveals Demons are coming! So he uses a Machine to turn Kieron into a Half Demon to fight them! 

After a few fights and getting used to his powers, Roy shows a Broadcast of the Demons and says they can be anyone and the town breaks out in Chaos! 

So Kieron faces him and finds he's really the Demon King who used Kieron to get to know the humans and find their weakness! 

After Kieron saves Michelle and her family from the (Racist ) Cops, he fights Roy in his True Form, a big purple Monkey Sasquatch! 

After being beat down, Michelle plays the recording of Roy admitting to having turned the people against each other and the people stop fighting after seeing they were being used! 

With no Chaos to feed off of, Roy loses his power and is sealed back in the Himalayas and Kieron and Michelle get married and have a kid who becomes the hero in the Sequel! 

Rated G as there's no blood, gore, death, swearing, nudity or mature themes!

Wait, What about Shirenu?! Rid Ryo kill her? She's just not there after the fight!

The end

honestly; that wasn't bad

as someone who saw it in ther 2020s i gotta say; its pretty relatable in showing fears people deal with

war, paranoia, big gov, ect

yeah it dont touch pon Go Nagai's anti war feels as much as it should, but its got some decent for its time effects and tells a decent version of the manga

yeah it cut stuff and changed things, but all books are changed for the screen

and unlike crybaby and bram stokers dracula; its not devoolved into f--king p0rn0h!

yeah soime stff was werid, but it shows the dangers of what wqe may face in the near future and i hope its words don't fall on deaf ears

aw F! thats usually what people who were ignored are quoted as saying after the world gets f'd!

but i didn't hate it and the mon colle knights and apocalypse zero actors did a decent job

the ending is more hopeful than the book and yeah it could have been better, but its not hateable and ends in a good place to do violence jack

also the ending of susumu and miko being at peace together \despite being from opposite sides in the war was used in Robotech with Scott and Ariel

For Devilman 2 I want miko and susumu to be wandering the wasteland and its like a dacade later so they are like 20 and really muscley. they come across a band of survivors from the war but somethings not right about them., turns out; they are cannibals and lurte in people who come by to feed on and b0ne as they eat them alive. So Susumu and miko go around their carnival ruins base and take em out one at a time in epic fighjts. Also its a 128 bit fighting game on Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox where you play as Miko who uses her powers or Susumu who uses his self taught psychic powers and bust through them

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