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The Ace Of Hearts Review

 Note: I spell like an Ace in the Hole in my a55!

The Ace Of Hearts

This is mt revew on The Ace Of Hearts from 1921 (100 years before Johnny mnemonic happened where they had brain cyber implants, cyberization, and vhs tapes)

its based on the pulp novel the purple mask by Gouverneur Morris who as related to Foundingf Father Gouverneur Morris and wrote The book The Penaltry was based on (Also by Lon Chaney)

Its dircted by Wallace Worsley who did The Penalty and the 23 Hunchback of Notre Dame

It starsa Lon Chaney who was the undisputed King of Horror until he died with the Silent Era, Leatrice Joy from The Ten Commandments (20s ver) and Show People, John Bowers who was the inspoiration of the guy in A Star Is Born, Civil War Hero Son Hardee Kirkland, Raymond Hatton from The Cheat, In Cold Blood, Day the World Ended, the 11933 Alice in Wonderland, the 223 The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cullen Landis who was in WW2, and a few guys I never heard of

It orginnally had a differemnt ending but Sam Goldwyn thought it was unrealiatic and made em change it

I saw this b4 and its pretty good with some interenting ideas while stayng true to the Lon Chaney style

So after title aND CREDITS we get these guys gathering in a home for a meeting aand say the chick(Who's named after Adam's 1st woman b4 Eve) isn't there but they'll do it anyway

they decide that 1 guy who they say hAs power to make thew worl;d better, made the woprld worse (According to who?) and as 1 of the members has faked being his homie for 3 montrhs to keep tabs on the man lately

he thinks wacking him would make the world a better place and a guy named forrest who faked being his butler, says "he lived too long"

Then the leader asks Lon who was painting the targewts picture for 3 months and he sayys the ssame

they vote on it and all agree to put him to sleep like one of those european countries do to anyone who feels bad that day

they take a break til 10 and Lon and Forrest almost bump into each other and both go out

Lon and Forrest go to a home and flip a coin tto see who goes up,

Lon wins and goes up and in this plae we see a guy making something with a button that turns

Lon returns downstairs and forrtest goes up to the girl they both seem to like and he tells her one of them will be sent to wack someone and it might be a suicide mission

she's ok with this as the mission is important and he loves her but she never thought of love before cuz shes a commie or w/e

despite being a bad guy commie occupy movement dink; he loves her and took a license to marry her but she only thinks of their mission to wack peoplew the leader makes them think dont deserve to live

unlike today when the media tells us who to hate because that person doesn't agree with them

so the chick and the guys go out and she sez "don't take l.ife to heart! hear that wind? Who knows but the world may end tonight"

My ideas: 1: You mean the rapture? 2: Man, this predicted the Soviets in the 60s-90s!

So at the meeting place they have a device where you turn the monogram plate to the far left anbd 5 mins later it blwos

the chick and guys come by and are shown the thing, then chick shuffles a deck of cards and has Lon cut the deck

Whoever draws the Ace of Hearts gets the mission and she hands out cards 1 by 1 to the guys

no onew gets it the 1st time so she deals more cards and this is like that Yugioh ep and manga chapter where Tea was in the Ferris Wheel and this guy had Yugi lay a caRD Game where if he gets 4 of the same card on a thing; the wheel cart blows

foorrsst gets the ace and is spazzing out and chick likes him for it and he';s glad to go to h e double societ california for the cause

1 of tyhe members is glad its not him as he's got a wife and kids but forrest is happpy its him

he plans to put the thing in the table the target eats at for breakfast and they give him money in caSE He needs to escape after it blows

she's go gay for the cause that she's gonna marry him to giuve him courage to do it

lon spazzes out over it and forrest sez he feels sorry for him and they go out

Lon goes after saying sorry and he';s not sure how to last the night and outside shows really emotional distraught faces

In real life; Lon Chaney's parentys were deaf so he mastered nonverbal communication from birth

Which explains why he's one of the best silent actors

so lon goes to their place and asks if they married and they sez =yes nd fopprrest gave her his moms ring (like in forrest gump?) ands they go in

i thiunk for a marriage to be official you gotta b0ne

lon waits outside like a stalker and a storm startts

inside they are romantic in a clean way and he dsez he gotta be at the restaurant by 7 or it would be suspect

sher thinks he's a hero for wacking a guy thhey dont like and the next sday the storm stopped and he trys to get up b4 chick but she wakes and sees him

now that they have lovbe they quersation theirt kommie teachings and chick thinks icing that guy might not be good

he wishes he had a normal job instead of kult hit man and wishes that only the bad guys wiould suffer

she suggets dumping the item in the river and running off toi the west and changing their names but he sez whereever they gom the group would find em

lon is nice to a dog outside, whiuch kinda predicts hitler and peta as both hate people and love animal

forrest dont wanna break his oath as even thoguh he';s the bad guy, he has some honor.

sorta like how in reddit and tumblr they have these malcontents who have a weird honor code but are on with ruining people they don't like

once i saw a show wherte Rabbi's talk and 1 said: no one doers anything knoiwing its bad, hitler thoguth he was doign good, stalin thought he was doing good, peta thinks its doing good"

so he has his woman go to bed and sez he only has enough courage to do thign and can't kiss her

he goes out and meets lon and they go off to the mission and he has lon promice to takje care of his woman if anything happens to him

lon returns to the klub base and tells em forrest is doing the mission anfd the klub goes to have breakfast

later chick comes  to the base and tells lon that forrest won't do it and lon sez they execute traitors

sher sez if lon had drtawn the ace of hearts then she'd have married him and be asking forrwst for help to save lon

lon sez cuz he loves her he;'s gonna help her but if forrest gets it; she'd marry him

she consents and trys to escape when lon isnt looking to warn forrest so he'd betraY the klub but lon locks them in

She admits to have been lying so he'd help them and she could sdave him but the thing about if Lon got the Ace of Hearts in Attack Mode was true

lon opens the door but its too late now even to phone him to save him

at the restaurant the forrest sees a lovey doveey couple who''s running away to get married as he plants the item

the targewt comes in and tells forrest to stay eright next to him until he ortrders breakfast and its almost time for it to blow!

laater the kommie Klub is together and tthe paper comes in saying the president will force packers to end wage fight and coommie strikes sweep the nation

forresty comes back andf has the item and says he was moved by these 2 lovers at a near table who wanted to be bmarried and he couldn't blow the area

the head of the group sez to take the chick wjho ruined him and go and they'll decide in cult wway how to end him

he says to do him here and get it over with but they dopnt and he and chick leave

he sez its better he gets f';d than to ruin those innocent loving children (Are they 17? and legally the same as age 7?)

outside he tells chick his love gives him courage but only for good things and they go off

later its night or something and lon is pleading wiith the group emotionally and sez he's not sure the world can be fixed wiith violence but instead needs love

wasn't this the plot of Monsters Inc?

lon ttakkes the device and puts it away but turns the knob so its activate

the headmaster sez to wack the target later ands now they gotta decicde who ends forrest and they deal cards

Lon gets ther Ace of Hearts and is happy and laughs and when asked whats so funny, he sez he'd tell em in 2 seconds

lon laughts like the joker and then the item blows and blasts em all to h e double california

didn't White Heat do this too with James Cagny Top \Uh Da World Ma!! ??

later the cops cheecxk the place and we see lon chaney's arm holding the ace of hearts

later its the country and the chick and forrest read a paper abpout a place blowing in the city with 7 guys wacked in it and 1  hand was holding the Ace of Heartsd

they realize they sare fre and walk off

the end

but in the real version; they ssee the ace of hearts in a tree and when forrest returns home, he sees lon who is mnissing an asrm and says he saw the error of his ways and is good now

but goldwiyn didnt like that

overall its a good movie and holds up

great expression of the tormented lon chaney and the other actors are good

nice filming and it tells a clean story that is cool and mature but not explicit

good twists and i like how it shows the goodness inside bad people winning

Well done film that is from the bad guys pov but stiull has a positive look

glasd I saw this one. its worth watching

and its public domain and only like 74 mins

For The Ace Of Hearts 2 I want the couple to have a kid but he's all devolvved and daemonic and it turns out that their invoolvement in thast group was a fortme of daemon worship and it corrupted their dna, so they gotta find these holy ityems needed to restore them and their kid in holy temples in Eastern Europe. Also its a 16 bit game of Sega Genesis, Snmes, GBA, TG16 asnd Atari Jaguar where you play as the hugband or wiife and go througfh temples and beat guardians to get the holy items, and as the game boss, you fight the daemon that the group worshipped to free yourself and fam.

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